Who is the Real Luke Davis?

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A babysitter, a single dad, fantasies, and secrets.
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Who is the Real Luke Davis?

A babysitter, a single dad, fantasies, and secrets

"Hey Mr. Davis!" Kyra bounced in through the front door like she always did, breezy, perky, a blonde splash of sunshine that never failed to brighten Luke's day.

"Hi Kyra. Thanks for making it on such short notice."

"No problem at all. You know I love watching Ethan, and after he's asleep I've got a test to study for. Nothing like getting paid to study!" She laughed. "Hope it's OK if I use your laptop again."

"Of course. You know where it is."

Kyra was the primary babysitter for Luke's son, Ethan. She was the only person other than Luke on the list of people approved to pick Ethan up from school. She had a key to the house and usually watched him when Luke was called out of town for work, which was fairly often, or when he went out on dates, which was rarely.

"Where you off to this time?"

"Catching the red eye to Boston. Should be back before dinner tomorrow. So if you could just drop Ethan off at school in the morning I can probably get it from there, and you can tell him to go to aftercare. I'll text you if I'm going to be late."

"No problemo, Mr. D."

And with that, Luke was out the door and off to the airport, again.

Luke was the Systems Tech for a company selling pressurized display cases to museums, archives, and private collectors. Anyone needing an oxygen free, temperature and humidity controlled environment to preserve paintings, documents, or historical artifacts, Luke was the guy for installations and repairs. When the systems fail, they typically want somebody there fast. There are only a handful of people in the world qualified in his specialty. Luke was always on call.

Kyra was 18, a high school senior. She had been watching 6-year-old Ethan ever since Luke's wife left three years ago. Kyra was five foot two, blonde with a few freckles on the bridge of her nose, and cute in more of a girl next door way than drop dead gorgeous. Over the years she had been watching Ethan, and getting to know Luke, Kyra had gradually developed a bit of a crush. Because of recent developments, what started out little, instead of passing, seemed to be growing bigger.

Luke was 36. There were a couple of times when he wondered, just from the way she smiled at him, and the way her pupils dilated when talking to him, if Kyra might have a little crush. But he really didn't give it much thought. He had known her since she was just a kid, and although he certainly noticed that kid was turning into a beautiful woman, he knew she'd be off to college in a few months, with her whole life ahead of her, and plenty of boys falling all over themselves to get into her pants.

Even if she was "legal" now, in Luke's mind, she still felt off limits. Yes, he sometimes noticed the swell of her nicely-shaped breasts, the alluring curve of her ass, and the warming effect her smile seemed to have on him, but he tried to push past it. He didn't seriously think about doing anything with her. She was his babysitter, that's all. If he was noticing her in that way it was only because he was a healthy male, she was an attractive female, and he hadn't had sex in almost two years. There'd only been that one woman since his ex left him, and that had been a mistake.

But Kyra had slowly worked her way into Luke's fantasy life, even if it was indirectly. She was the inspiration for a story he had written. As his real life sex life fizzled, Luke's fantasy sex life thrived. Luke had become an amateur author of erotic fiction, short stories he was submitting under a pseudonym to Literotica.com. He'd been writing for about a year. Although he didn't feel like he had serious aspirations to become a professional writer or anything, he did feel like the quality of his writing was steadily improving. Plus it was fun to dream up new horny fantasies and share them with the world, even if he was doing it anonymously. Luke's most recent story—his most successful story so far—was about a babysitter and a single dad.

Luke may have thought his fantasy life and hobby was a secret, but Kyra found out. Recently, the WiFi went down while Kyra was doing homework on Luke's computer. She checked to see if the computer had saved a cached copy of her file. While she was looking, she found a copy of one of Luke's stories. Luke was careful to keep all his files password secured so Kyra and Ethan could use the computer without worry, but at some point, something similar must have happened, and that cached copy got overlooked.

The name of the file made it impossible for Kyra to ignore, "The Babysitter's Secret Boyfriend." What she found when she opened it certainly fit the title, an erotic story about a babysitter whose description Kyra recognized as a flattering version of herself. "Short, blonde...lips that promised fun...eyes to get lost in...breasts made for nuzzling...hard nipples begging for his tongue...an ass a guy could bounce off all night long." Is this the way he thought of her? Kyra couldn't help but suspect this must be Luke's fantasy. But how seriously was he fantasizing?

At first, Kyra wasn't certain Luke had written the story, but the description of the babysitter, and a few other details, like the descriptions of his house, were just too close to be coincidental. Then she wondered if maybe he had published the story somewhere. A simple Google search led her straight to Luke's story, under the pen name, SurprisinglySexy. She saw there were other stories he had written there too, fourteen in all. Over the next two nights, she read a few of them. They weren't all about the babysitter, named "Kara" in the stories, or about the single dad, named "Lance," but three of them were. Of course those were the ones she read first.

In one story, Lance's car broke down while he was taking Kara home in a snowstorm, and they had to huddle together to keep warm, which eventually led to Lance getting an erection that wouldn't go away until Kara took care of it with her hand. In another, Lance came home early while Kara was in his shower, which led to him secretly watching her while she fingered herself to an orgasm. In the third, Kara accidentally left her diary out, and Lance found out she had a crush on him. That one ended with them making out, until finally she gave him a blowjob. The "Kara" stories were together in a series. Something always happened to interrupt Kara and Lance's encounters before they could go farther. The story series seemed to be leading up to the two of them fucking. Tension was building, but through three stories they hadn't gotten there yet.

Luke texted Kyra the next morning. "Hi Kyra. Sorry. Delayed in Boston. Can you pick up Ethan after school?"

Kyra didn't reply right away. She was in class. But after checking her phone during lunch she replied, "No worries. I got you."

"Thanks Kyra. You're a lifesaver. Don't know what I'd do without you."

"IDK. Miss me? LOL"

"For sure. Thanks again. See you tonight."


Since finding out about Luke's stories, Kyra had been thinking about Luke a lot, and cautiously trying to amp up her flirt game, both in texts and in person, but she was still cautious. She hadn't done anything dramatic.

At first, Kyra wasn't sure how she felt about Luke writing the stories, especially the ones that seemed to be inspired by her. The whole idea of it was a little creepy. But she felt like she knew Luke, and Luke wasn't a creepy guy. Luke seemed like a pretty normal guy. He was a great dad to Ethan. He was always nice to her. He was polite. He always paid promptly. He was cute too, in kind of a DILF way. He had a great smile. He was funny. He was easy to talk to and easy to be around. Honestly, she was shocked that a guy like Luke would write stuff like that, or even think like that. But then again, she supposed, he was a guy after all, and she knew guys think about sex all the time. Kyra thought about sex a lot too, sometimes in ways that she thought would probably be shocking to people if they knew.

As for the stories themselves, the more she read, the more she realized she liked them. She especially enjoyed that on the one hand, she knew Luke, and on the other hand, he had this secret side. That secret side was like his pen name, surprisingly sexy. It was fun to feel like she was inside Luke's head, and the sex scenes and emotions he wrote about were pretty hot too. The way he wrote about sex was also kind of romantic, The women in his stories weren't just toys for male gratification. Sex by itself was great but when you could combine sex with love, that was the ultimate. Luke's stories made Kyra want that for herself. Sometimes she touched herself when she was reading them.

Kyra noticed on the website there was a way she could send a message to the author of a story, even if the author was anonymous. She decided it would be fun to write one to Luke.

Dear Surprisingly Sexy,

I feel like I had to reach out to let you know how much I enjoyed your story, "The Babysitter's Secret Boyfriend." It's like my perfect fantasy. I am in a situation very much like the one in your story, except we haven't yet had any kind of sex. I am the babysitter, and I am strongly attracted to the single dad who hires me to watch his son.

If my guy was fantasizing about me the way your main character, Lance, fantasizes about and then acts out things with the girl in your story, that would be my dream come true.

The emotions and situations in your story seem so real. I've read a couple of your other stories too. I plan to read them all. I love the way you write. I get wet when I read your stories, but I feel like I get more out of them too. I feel like I understand people better and what makes them tick.

So I was hoping maybe you could help me. I'm asking for your advice. How can I get "my" single dad to feel about me the way Lance feels about Kara in your story? I think I've caught him looking at me a couple of times, but I haven't had anywhere near the kind of signs I'd need to be brave enough to just put myself out there the way she did. If I did that and he rejected me I'd be so embarrassed I'd have to stop sitting for him—and I don't think I could stand to stop seeing him. I want him so much!

The email was signed, "Confused." It gave an anonymous email Kyra set up where Luke could direct a reply if he chose to send one.

In Boston, while Luke waited for his flight he decided to kill a little time by checking his email. What he found was an unexpected surprise, a message forwarded to him from Literotica, a direct message from someone who had read one of his stories and was trying to contact him.

"The Babysitter's Secret Boyfriend" had gotten a good reception. A few thousand people read it. A handful offered comments, mostly positive. But this type of contact was rare. He'd only had a couple of these direct messages before, both from fans who wanted to know what sort of stories he was working on or planning to post next, and who offered suggestions. Although Luke was certainly happy and appreciated receiving the positive feedback, he didn't have much to offer them. He rarely planned stories out in advance. He just wrote what came to him, on an irregular schedule, whenever he felt inspired.

This email was different. Luke felt flattered someone would reach out for advice, but he didn't know if he should respond, or what advice to offer if he did. Of course there were probably a million single dads out there hiring young babysitters. Some of them, both dads and maybe even babysitters too, had probably read his story. Still it shocked him a little that someone might see themselves in his story. Was his situation more common than he imagined?

Luke knew he was not a counselor or any kind of licensed psychological professional, so he was hesitant. Still, he persuaded himself that since "Confused" had reached out to him, he owed it to her to give her his best advice, not as somebody who claimed any special expertise, but as a friend, from one friend to another. Luke decided to write her back. He began drafting a reply on his phone, and finished it on the plane.

Dear Confused,

Thank you for reaching out to contact me. It makes me happy to know you like my stories. You can probably guess that I am not a professional therapist, so any advice I can give you is strictly from one friend to another. You should feel free to completely disregard anything I say.

In stories an author can control people and their actions and reactions. Real life is a lot messier.

In real life, a decent man of 35 or so (or older), if he has any kind of moral character at all, is going to be very reluctant to become romantically or sexually involved with a girl of 18, even if he finds himself attracted to her. There is a natural power imbalance between the two just as a result of life experience, if for no other reason. So if you don't sense him coming on to you, that's a good thing, and a point in his favor.

I'm going to assume you have the maturity and psychological stability to know what you want in this relationship, and to be prepared to accept the consequences. If you have ANY doubt about this you should stop right now and try to find a guy closer to your own age, probably no older than about 25 at most.

But I also think it's likely that if you're reaching out to me in the way you have, you've already made up your mind to pursue this. If you do, you must remember the man in question gets a vote, and if he doesn't reciprocate, I trust you will know when to stop. Especially as a man with, presumably, more life experience, he should be able to figure out how to stop this too, if he wants to.

So here are a couple of tips. You can find the same kind of information in many other places too: great novels, self-help guides, even other stories on Literotica. Please also seek out other sources. But as for my advice, here goes:

● Wear clothing that is subtly, not overtly, revealing. Maybe go braless or let him look down your shirt. Subtle gets his imagination going.

● Look at him just a little too long before looking away. Better yet, make him break any eye contact. Smile at him often.

● Brush against his hand or leg or arm or back, anywhere you can, as often as you can, as naturally as you can without being blatantly obvious about it. Touch has hidden powers.

● Find a way to tell him you don't think he's too old.

● Tell him the things about him that you admire.

If he's attracted, all these little things will raise the stakes, especially when repeated over time. If you can see by the bulge in his pants that you're really getting to him, the odds are in your favor.

I sincerely hope things turn out for the best between you and your guy, however it goes.

Luke signed the email, "SS" and hit send so the email would be sent as soon as the plane landed and his phone connected to a signal again. His real name wasn't part of his email account, so his anonymity was preserved. He wondered if he'd ever hear back from "Confused" again.

The flight gave him a good couple of hours to think about "Confused," even after he'd sent his reply. He briefly considered, but then quickly dismissed the possibility Kyra had written the email. He still believed his secret life as an author was safe behind password protected security. He had no reason to think otherwise. To think she might have stumbled across his stories on the website by coincidence seemed likely too far-fetched.

When Luke got home it was after 10:30 p.m., Kyra was on his couch, fully clothed, asleep in front of the TV. Her book had fallen to the floor in front of the couch as if she'd fallen asleep reading it. In the soft glow of the lamp, with a blanket wrapped around her from mid-chest on down, she looked completely adorable, peaceful, beautiful. Luke had to suppress the impulse to wake her up with a kiss on her perfect lips. He settled for gently shaking her shoulder.

"Hey Kyra."

She woke quickly, saw Luke gazing down at her, and smiled. "Hey Luke. You're back. How was your flight? What time is it? Sorry I fell asleep."

"Flight was good, just delayed. It's about 10:30. Ethan give you a hard time? Wipe you out?"

"No, nothing like that. He was great, like always. More like this Economics book is just so boring." Kyra smiled and rolled her eyes in mock exasperation as she sat up.

"Yeah, Econ was never my favorite either." There was an awkward silence, as neither could think what to say next, yet both felt like they wanted to say something more. They both felt comfort in the stillness of quiet conversation at the end of the day, just a man and a woman speaking softly to each other alone in a room. They had done this many times before. It was almost like they shared an easy domesticity, but this night there was a little more tension. Luke broke the silence. "Can I get you anything before you have to go? A cup of tea maybe?"

"I'd take a beer if you had one...but you don't have one." Kyra laughed.

"Sorry about that. You know I'm not much of a drinker, and especially not if it means drinking alone."

"But you're not alone. You've got me here."

"You're not supposed to be old enough to drink, at least not last time I checked."

"You don't have to worry about corrupting me, you know. I've had beer, and wine, and vodka, whiskey and tequila too."

"I see high school hasn't changed much." They both laughed.

"I'm not a kid anymore, Luke. I'm eighteen and I'll be going to college in the fall."

He noticed she used his first name but decided to let it pass. "You do seem like a girl who's got a good head on her shoulders. I'm sure you're more mature than most. But don't be in a hurry to grow up too fast, OK?"

"What do you mean? I bet when you were 18, you didn't feel too young for anything."

"You've got me there. I sure didn't. I guess there are some things you have to learn the hard way."

"Like what? What do you wish you could tell your 18-year-old self, if you could talk to him now?" Kyra looked directly in Luke's eyes, challenging him.

"Be careful of girls with big eyes, for one." Luke laughed, and broke eye contact with her. But he recognized he'd just flirted.

"Oooh. Sounds like there's a story there. Please tell. I'd love to hear it."

"Not a very good story I'm afraid. Maybe some other time."

"I've got plenty of time."

"Doesn't school start at 8:00?"

"Yeah, but I only need about six hours sleep. Really. I like talking with you, Luke, if you want to talk."

"I like talking to you too, Kyra, and what's with this 'Luke' stuff all of a sudden?"

"That's your name, isn't it? I like your name. It doesn't feel right calling you Mr. Davis anymore. I call my teachers Mr. this and Mrs. that, not my friends. I'd like to think you're more like my friend."

"Yeah, you can call me Luke. It's OK. I just wondered why the change all of a sudden?"

"Well a girl has to grow up some time."

"I suppose so. It seems like you're doing a pretty good job of it too, Kyra."

"Thank you for noticing, Luke. Pretty soon I'll be almost as grown up as you."

"I don't know about that. I've got quite a head start on you."

"You're not that much older than me. You're way younger than my parents. You're only a couple years older than my sister. And if you don't mind my saying so, you're way cooler too."

Luke laughed. "Thank you, although I don't know your sister, so I'm not exactly sure how much of a compliment that is."

"She's pretty dorky, so it's not much of one." Kyra laughed at her own joke, and then Luke laughed too. The light reflected in her eyes when she smiled really caught Luke unaware.