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I am ninety-nine years old and tomorrow is my birthday, so I will be a hundred years old in the morning. The big ten-0!

I have all my faculties and even my own teeth! What I don't have is all the dear ones I have known in my life. My daughter Polly is now gone and her daughter Jenny too. As for her daughter, my great granddaughter Polly, she is now in a happier place than she has been for most of her life and for that I am truly thankful. It is hard to lose children, who should outlive their parents.

Jenny is my name, too. Jenny Prosser I was born and Jenny Tatt I am now. What a pair of names to have had! I can tell you I was called all sorts of rude things at school, and then later always embarrassed by my married name! Went from Prosser to Tatt! Tom Tatt, the old bastard, died 30 years ago. Oh well, things like that don't bother me now.

I am able to write because of a young male friend, a lad of 35, who is a computer expert and has given me a programme which allows me to speak and then makes the words appear on the computer screen. It works well even though I mumble and slur my words a bit. He is a clever lad, although he has a rather silly-looking beard, and he has helped me to find people and information on the internet.

I have written a story. It is a true story, although much imagination has been required to flesh out the bare bones of fact and make it readable. I really had to try hard to get into the mind of the leading male character, and that was very difficult, but I tried because I wanted to be fair, and I hope you will agree that I have been. I have never written anything like this before, but in my old age I find I have a good recollection of past events and a good imagination too. Since I am more or less bedridden and encumbered by tubes and other medical gadgets, I don't get out and about any more. So, I have taken to visiting a "chat room", for amusement and company. I have "met" some strange people there, and one of the strangest "meetings" was with someone I once knew; someone I only met once long ago, but who had a big impact on my life. Thanks to my young male friend I have even been able to trace the someone I once knew, address, e-mail, the lot! I have also been able to eavesdrop on other people's chatting and to record them, too. And to chat a bit myself, as you shall see.

As I work on this story I do a bit, then painfully re-read everything I have written and re-speak any mistakes. It is laborious, but I don't feel I need to rush despite my age. It works very well, I think you will agree.

I think I shall try to write a bit more "literary" now, to make this seem more like a real novel and not just some old woman's ramblings. Mind you, the main part of the novel won't be literary! People in chat rooms don't write literature. Lol! (That is chat slang for "Laugh out Loud"!)

The story that follows will contain strange material come from the depths of people's hearts, bodies and souls. There will be truth and lies; love and lust; hatred and affection; openness and deception. The anonymity of pure chatting (as opposed to chatting with cameras and microphones) means that there is never certainty as to the true nature of those you chat with. Men can be women and vice-versa. Young can be old, and old young. Fat can be thin, ugly can be beautiful, tall can be short, 36FF can be 32A. And so the list goes on. There will be foul language, loving language, dirty talk, sweet talk, clean friendly talk and abusive obsessive talk. If you are hoping for sexual stimulation and sluttish carryings-on, you will find plenty of it here. If you are looking for a story of love and tragedy and revenge, then you will find it here too, god help you!.

Some of my "research" has been painful to me. I am not used to the way modern people talk about sexual matters. But I have forced myself to become acclimatised and immune to dirty talk and the sluttish ways of some women and the bestial ways of some men. I tell myself that these people are in the minority, but in the chat room they seem to be the rule rather than the exception. I have had to learn many strange terms and abbreviations, and the language of sexual depravity. But despite my distaste for all this I have tried to write a fair account, not a biased and bitter tale.

And it's all in a good cause!

Chapter One: Day 1, Saturday.


Tim (59) Hello. How are you? I love your name. Couldn't resist telling you!

Velvet cream (36) thx

Tim (59) And are you well?

Velvet cream (36) ok u

Tim (59) Fine, thank you, but a bit lonely. My wife has left me and I still miss her!

Tim (59) Not to worry! I mustn't burden you with my problems! Lol.

Tim (59) We didn't get on well for a long time, so it's probably all foot the best!

Tim (59) for the best! Lol.

Velvet cream (36) ok

Tim (59) And why are you here in the chatroom?

Velvet cream (36) bored

Tim (59) Sweetie, there's someone phoning me, I really have to take the call, sorry! Bye. X

God! That was hard work. What is a person like that doing in a chat room? Grunt room would be more appropriate. Hard to imagine what two of those would say to each other if they met. However, It had been him who started the chat and Velvet might have been terse because he was too old, or not her type. Best to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Such was Tim Bloomfield's introduction to online chatting.

There was a startling little Pinggg! He looked at the screen. Someone had actually chosen to speak to him. Skye (41) UK.


Skye (41) Good morning.

Tim (59) Good morning. How are you?

Skye (41) Fit and well. What about you? Oh, first: I get a lot of trouble from peddoes or perverts whatever. You aren't one are you?

Tim (59) No!

Skye (41) Good. What do you do? What are you like? Are you married?

Tim (59) I'm an architect. I am 6ft 2, greying, slim, brown eyes. Just divorced.

Skye (41) Why? Infidelity?

Tim (59) Not on my part! Are you Scottish?

Skye (41) No!! Why?? Oh I see. No, my parents just saw fit to commemorate the site of their first fuck by bestowing its name on me for life!

Tim (59) Oh. How interesting. And what do you do? And what are you like?

Skye (41) I thought you weren't a peddoe!

Tim (59) I'm not!

Skye (41) Well you're asking personal questions!

Tim (59) But, you asked me first!

Skye (41) That's quite different, I'm not a peddoe!

Tim (59) I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. I should respect your reserve and privacy. It's best not to give too much away here, I guess.

Skye (41) That's very true. I'm black-haired, size 12, 5ft 10, brown eyes, 34C, and half Chinese on my mother's side. I am a sculptor and poet, and connoisseur of refined sex. But it has to be adult and consensual. I don't hold with pedantry!! My home is in Chelsea and my studio too.

Tim (59) Oh I like tall women!

Skye (41) I'm not tall! I'm 4 inches shorter than you. I prefer short men. They are usually more successful. My mother always told me to marry a short fat man with soft hands, for obvious reasons!

Tim (59) And are you married?

Skye (41) Not any more, he died. And my mother's advice paid off. I am now rich.

Skye (41) But I am not susceptible to fortune hunters, so you can forget any plans you might have had for targeting me as prey and grooming!

Tim (59) I haven't got any plans for targeting or grooming. You are the one who said hello to me in the first place!

Tim (59) I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

Skye (41) Do you miss the sex?

Tim (59)???

Skye (41) Your wife! She's left you!!

Tim (59) Well, yes and no, to be honest. Difficult to explain.

Skye (41) I have been devastated since hubby died. He was a tiger in bed, despite his physical shortcomings. I need a man! Are you a tiger in bed?

Tim (59) Well my wife didn't think so. Not for a long time anyway!

Skye (41) You sound like a tiger to me. You have the talk of a tiger.

Tim (59) Really?

Skye (41) Yes, despite your obvious reticence I sense an animal lurking in there. I need to sculpt you! Will you sit for me?

Tim (59) I'm sitting now.

Skye (41) No you silly man. Pose for me so that I can recreate you in clay; mould you, squeeze and tease the living slime and pull you into shape and form your image in the round.

Tim (59) Well I'm very flattered, but...

Skye (41) Flattered? I see you as an animal whose form I need to capture, not as a sexual replacement for hubby. He made my rudies tingle as you never could! You are despicable and a pervo!! Go away! Fuck OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are not a tiger. I need a strong tiger in his fifties, but you're only half qualified!!

Was Skye real? If not, she was a bloody good improvisation. Will they all be inventing themselves as they go along? Will any of them be trustworthy? He knew he was trustworthy; he was logged in under his own name although his age was a bit understated. He had misrepresented himself just a little bit. He was finding the chatroom could be interesting. He wondered if he might encounter a woman who would be amenable to flirting. Friendly, no-strings-attached flirting just for the fun of it. He might even use a naughty word or two: Skye had said "fuck" after all, and nowadays that sort of language was more or less acceptable, especially with young people. He chose a name at random, Binomen (30) UK, and improvised an opening line.


Tim (59) Hello. How are you? Your name intrigues me.

Binomen (30) Fine, and you? Names don't matter. I call myself that to reduce the number of males approaching me. They can be so boring with their crude approaches.

Binomen (30) I hope you're more interesting, being older and I hope wiser.

Tim (59) Well I hope so too. I won't make crude approaches, would just enjoy chatting. I'm a bit lonely because my wife has left me. Been doing a lot of thinking and remembering. I don't think I'm very wise! Lol. Done some stupid things in my time

Tim (59) Especially in my youth!

Binomen (30) Like what? Stupid things involving women?

Tim (59) Yes

Binomen (30) And?

Tim (59) It's painful to remember some of them. One of them!

Binomen (30) Tell, I'm a good listener. Non-judgmental. We all do bad things from time to time. That's how we learn.

Tim (59) Can I trust you?

Binomen (30) Well I can't do you any harm, can I? I don't know who you are or where you are. Your name isn't really Tim, for example?

Tim (59) Yes it is. I never thought of using anything else. Am I naive?

Tim (59) But... I'm not really 59, I'm 61. Thought that over 60 would put people off.

Binomen (30) Tim, at my age (I am really 30 by the way) 59 and 61 are much the same. I like older men, they are more experienced.

Tim (59) I still feel like a kid inside.

Binomen (30) Tim, what did you do? The painful one?

Tim (59) Well, I was 20 and at art school in London and fell in love with a girl of 18. She moved into the flat I shared with some other students for a few weeks. In that time she fell for me and I for her.

Tim (59) I was so childish and inexperienced. She knew more than I did about sex. Tried to practice oral sex, but I was too shy and idiotic to relax and enjoy, and so we did the real thing. Not very well on my part, but we were young and it was exciting! Long story short, she got pregnant and didn't tell me.

Tim (59) I am welling yup a bit remembering things I haven't thought of for years.

Binomen (30) What happened?

Binomen (30) Tim, are you OK?

Binomen (30) Tim. Is it too painful?

Tim (59) She only had one kidney and I didn't know, and she ended up in hospital. I was too afraid to visit her. Her mother phoned me and told me her dad would kill me if he ever found me, and she said I should visit prostitutes if I wanted cheap sex. She had an older boyfriend with an E-type Jaguar, a violent arrogant bastard who she didn't love, and I was scared of him! I was such a coward. It all petered out. She will be dead by now, and the child, and I feel sick for being idiotic and cowardly.

Binomen (30) Don't beat yourself up over it. She did what she chose to do and you didn't know all the facts.

Tim (59) But she and our child are dead and part of me died too. I got married some years later and was faithful for all our married life. Now my wife has left me I am so lonely and have been brooding a bit. I am so sorry to pour out all this guff to you.

Binomen (30) Don't be sorry. You have life left to live and you must make the best use of it. You might find someone here! Possibly unlikely, as there are lots of fakes and phonies, but not all are like that. Some fun anyway!

Tim (59) Bi, Thank you so much for talking to me. I think you have really done me good by letting me get it out. I have to stop now, as I am wetting the keyboard (not like that!! Lol). You have made me feel better by letting me talk. Thank you my dear. I'd enjoy talking to you again some time. X

Tim (59) Any time you want to chat, Tim. Take care. XXX

He made a cup of coffee and sat for an hour until his emotions had settled a bit.

The screen of his PC caught his eye, and he had the urge to browse the list again. Sadangel (39) UK.


Tim (59) Hello. How are you? I love your name. Couldn't resist telling you!

Sadangel (39) I'm fine, thank you.

Tim (59) Why are you sad?

Sadangel (39) Over a man! As usual! But I'll get over it! Lol. And you?

Tim (59) Fine, thank you, but a bit lonely. My wife has left me and I still miss her! And I have just had a difficult chat where I poured out one of my sob-stories to a stranger. I feel better for having got it out, but it also made me feel a bit sad and lonely.

Tim (59) Not to worry! I mustn't burden you with my problems! Lol.

Sadangel (39) So we are both lonely?

Tim (59 Yes! I wish I was there with you. I'd kiss you better! Lol!

Sadangel (39) Mmmm. That would be nice!

Tim (59) Aaaaw, thank you. May I kiss you on the lips?

Sadangel (39) Yes.

Tim (59) I kiss you on your soft moist lips and look into your eyes. You are beautiful as a real angel!

Sadangel (39) I'm not really an angel! Not a good one, anyway! Lol! Mmmmm. And then?

Tim (59)??

Sadangel (39) What do you do then?

Tim (59) I kiss you again.

Sadangel (39) And then?

Tim (59) I run a knuckle down your back and you shiver.

Sadangel (39) Mmmm. Oh that's so nice! You are very kind. I feel better already.

Tim (59) What are you like?

Sadangel (39) 5ft3 blonde, green eyes, size 12, 36C. And you?

Tim (59) Well, ordinary really. 6ft2, slim, hair greying, 59 as you can see.

Sadangel (39) You sound hot!

Tim (59) Actually I'm 61, but I didn't want to put people off! Sorry! And thank you for the hot thing! So do you!

Sadangel (39) Thank you, and 61 is fine. Even more exciting!

Tim (59) It's a long time since I heard a woman say I was exciting!

Sadangel (39) You're sexy! I'm horny! Why not?

Tim (59) Really?

Sadangel (39) Yesss.

Tim (59) May I lay you back on the bed and stroke your tummy?

Sadangel (39) Yessssss!

Tim (59) I gently caress your bare tummy and then my fingers move nervously up towards your breasts.

Sadangel (39) Yessssssss! Don't be nervous! X

Tim (59) What are you wearing?

Sadangel (39) Bra and panties.

Tim (59) May I take them off?

Sadangel (39) Of course you may!

Tim (59) I undo your bra and remove it. Your breasts are full and beautiful.

Sadangel (39) Mmmmmm. My nipples are hard!

Sadangel (39) Touch me

Tim (59) I bend to take your left nipple into my mouth and I lick and suck it.

Tim (59) I caress then squeeze and milk your other breast in my hands.

Sadangel (39) Oh goddddd!

Tim (59) I slide your panties down over your thighs and you kick them off onto the floor.

Sadangel (39) Blow on me. Inhale me.

Tim (59) Your legs part slightly and I lean to inhale your sweet aroma.

Sadangel (39) Mmmmmm. Honey, cinnamon and lemons.

Tim (59) Do you shave?

Sadangel (39) Mmmmmm! Yes nice and smooth for you.

Tim (59) My fingers tease the soft skin each side of your pussy.

Tim (59) I stroke up one side, across the top just above your pussy, then down the other and round and round

Tim (59) Nice?

Sadangel (39) It's over Hun.

Tim (59)???

Sadangel (39) I came. You are bloody good! Sweet, but good! Bye x

He got up shakily and went to make another cup of coffee. Wow, what a woman! Bloody hell, that was quick! She must have been touching herself before she spoke to him. A real woman had just had a real orgasm in real time while listening to him! He had turned her on and made her come! He could hardly believe it. So exciting and, frankly, flattering. He wondered how he had aroused her so well, without really saying much. Perhaps he had a gift for seduction. Pity he hadn't realised it when he was younger!

He noticed that he was hard, and he felt rather shaky. He went back to his PC to see who else was available. This could be fun!

Search button, hmm. Sex? Female. Age? Lowest first I suppose, 18. Location? United Kingdom.

After a few seconds a list of names scrolled down. 38 in all.

l**k my p****y (18)

slut4u (18)

wetpuss (18)

rapemenow (18)

lilemma (18)

molly (18)

bigsue (18)

skoolsout (18)

Polly (18)

He flinched at the name. Even after all these years.

bigboobs (18)

liltits (18)

sklslag (18)

1.5slut 4dad (18)

And so on. 38 young girls, almost all apparently full of hormones and showing off and exploring the world of sex and grown up things. Probably learned all they knew about sex from watching porn. Trying to show all about it and that they knew what men wanted and were prepared to give it. They probably compared notes at school. Probably most of them well under 18, but that was the lowest age the chatroom listed. Well, he wouldn't be going anywhere near that lot!

Age? 19

This time only four names.

Joosyloosy (19)

Goodtimegal (19)

Nickersniff (19)

Poshgirl (19)

They sounded a bit less reckless. Fewer of them; suppose they go to work. Don't know why the young ones aren't at school. Bunking off, he supposed. The nineteens were still too young for him. It would be rather indecent talking to such young creatures. At his age.

Let's try 25. Only two this time.

Busty biNOMEN (25)

RPvictim (25)

biNOMEN? Again? Latin word for name? Mathematical formula? Ah, he realised, Bisexual, but No Men! Better not go there, despite the other one's kindliness.

RP? He clicked open a new browser tab and googled "rp slang."

Role Play. Ah. Could be interesting.


Tim (59) Hello. How are you?

RPvictim (19) I've just been raped.

Tim (59) Seriously? Do you want me to get help?

RPvictim (25) god ur rubbish. Fck off

Tim (59) Sorry. I'm new here. No need to be rude!

RPvictim (25) Do you want to rape me again? Gang bang with these guys still with me. Black. *I kneel before you and look up helplessly*

Tim (59) No thanks. Bye X

RPvictim (25) I'm a virgin. Was!! Lol sorry I was rude. You can lick my pussy while I suck black cock.

Tim (59) No thanks. Bye

What kind of weird world had he stumbled into? It was disturbing but exciting. He couldn't resist further exploration.

How about 30? 8 results.

Weeweegirl (30)

Game for gentleman (30)

Blak_slut (30)

Genuine Asian (30)

Phonemefors£x (30)

Scots lass (30)

Call me (30)

$kype$ex (30)

God, what a choice! There certainly was a lot of sexy sounding women out there. Unfortunately he must surely be too old to attract most of them. He could always give himself a really false younger age. No, he'd feel a bit of a cheat. Anyway, try 35. 4 results.

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