Whores Next Door


"Anything you want... I'm all yours... Ugh... Oh I'm gonna.... Gonna cum!"

"Get off! I get a taste!" Jan pushed Monica off of Jim. Monica did not seem pleased. But she moved with Jan to lick and jack his dick off onto their faces. His cum shot up and plastered their tongues and cheeks. The girls then licked the juice off each others' face and then exchanged what they could with a sloppy kiss. Jim was exhausted and almost fell asleep with an arm around each lady. But he came to his senses, put his pants on, took his wallet and left their apartment. He creeped into his marital bed where his wife was sleeping. He lifted the sheet, looked at her body and almost laughed. It seemed pathetic to him that both Jan and Monica had superior bodies and were better lovers than Mary.

* * *

"Bye, Honey. Have a nice day at work." Mary said to him as she left their apartment. Not one minute after she had left did he hear a knock on the door. He got up and answered it to find Monica standing there in a tight fitting black dress.

"Good morning, Lover." She said and they embraced. They exchanged spit in a nasty tongue kiss. Jim picked her up and she reached her hand behind her and closed the door. Wrapping her legs around him helped him carry her into his bedroom. "Yes! Fuck me where you sleep with your wife!"

"Where's Jan?" Jim pondered to her as he shed his pants off. She just lifted her hem to reveal her bare twat.

"Just like your wife, she's not here. It's just you and me now." She grinned evilly.

"You want me all to yourself?" he asked while putting his dick inside her. The squelching sounds of their sex organs were drowned out only by their moans.

"Yes! You're mine now! All mine! Jan doesn't get to have you again and neither does your wife!" Monica came.

"But... but..." Jim closed his eyes and tried to think. But Monica's cunt was too persuasive and too powerful.

"I'm hotter than Jan... Ugh... I'm much hotter than your wife! So I deserve you more! You can't even love your wife now that you've been inside me... You're the one I've been waiting for! All the others were just practice... Now give me your married seed!" Monica was the devil and Jim loved it! He came inside her at the same time she orgasmed again.

* * *

It was two weeks later. Mary noticed that Jim seemed to want to spend less and less time with her. He rarely even looked at her much less touched her. Something was wrong.

Jim had been acting even funnier since Jan had moved out of her apartment and left Monica alone just a day before.

"I got that promotion today." Jim said with a weird smile.

"Oh my God! That's huge, Honey! We should celebrate tonight, just the two of us..." Mary tried. Jim knew what she was implying.

"Monica's having dinner with us tonight." He stated plainly. Mary was a little taken aback but agreed. She cooked for the three of them.

There came a knock at the door and Jim answered. It was Monica of course and she was dressed very sexily and inappropriately. Mary couldn't hear what they were saying to each other.

"I have to help Monica with something at her place real quick alright, Honey?" he said to Mary.

"Oh, Al..." he slammed the door.

Ten minutes later the door opened again and the two entered. Monica walked right up to Mary.

She dropped something metallic and bent over to retrieve it. "Excuse me, Dear." Monica said to her. She pointed her ass straight towards Mary.

Mary couldn't help but notice a tattoo above her ass and what it said: "MARY, YOUR HUSBAND IS MINE!" it read.

Mary dropped her cooking utensils. She started to feel nauseous. Monica stood up and turned around. "So what's for dinner?" she asked. "Whatever it is... it can't taste as good as your husband's cum!"

Monica shoved her tits up towards Mary. Her black breasts were covered in semen. She took a finger and scooped up a gob of sperm and sucked it off the tip.

"Mmmmm...Tastes so good..." Monica smiled evilly at Mary. Her pussy was dripping wet and she was near explosion.

"Jim? What... What is this? You... Please tell me... it isn't... it can't be true..." Mary started crying once she saw the look on her husband's face. He was staring at Monica with lust in his eyes. His pants were down around his ankles and he was stroking his penis.

"It's true, Mary. Her tattoo says it all. I was the one who paid for it!" he said with venom.

Mary started hyperventilating and broke into a sweat. But she watched Monica walk sexily over to her husband and put her arms around him while he put his around her.

"Do you love me, Jim?" Monica asked him.

"More than anything!" he growled like an animal.

"More than Mary?"

"I don't love her anymore! I care for your tits more than I care for her." He said with a serious tone in his voice.

Monica laughed wickedly and put her left hand out for Mary to see as she crumpled to the floor. It was the object she had picked up when she showed Mary her tattoo. It was a diamond ring.

"You like it? It's my engagement ring from Jim... It's bigger and more expensive than yours was." Monica came at last when Jim dug his fingers into her pussy while she hazed Mary with her poisonous words.

"Jim... How could you?" Mary said, running out of breath.

"How could he? Have you looked at yourself? I am a hot, young, black nubile girl with a body that puts any wife to shame, especially your frigid, white outdated one. And just look at your tits! You think he could possibly desire you after he had seen mine?" Monica unveiled her big breasts at that moment and then pulled Jim into a sloppy kiss.

It was then that Mary feinted. And her world went black.

* * *

Mary opened her eyes at an unfamiliar room. She saw her husband sitting down next to her. She knew she was in a hospital bed.

"Jim? Jim, what's going on? Am I in a hospital?" she asked him.

"Yes. You feinted..." he said, taking a hold of her hand.

"Oh Honey, I had the worst dream..." she put her head in her hands. Tears ran down her cheeks but she smiled, believing it never happened.

"What happened in the dream?" he asked her.

"It... it was awful... But it wasn't real... What's important is that you're here with me now." She sobbed tears of joy.

"You really scared us there." Monica said from the door. Mary looked up startled. The black vixen was dressed to kill. And she was wearing the engagement ring!

Jim let go of Mary's hand and stood up. He and Monica met in the middle of the room.

"No..." Mary started to sob in pain now.

"Yes! It did happen. Your husband is mine, remember?" Monica laughed and lowered her pants down and off to reveal her naked below the waist and her immoral tattoo. She turned around to face Mary and bent over for Jim. He took his hard cock out and inserted it inside her.

"Please stop... Don't make me watch this!" Mary whimpered.

"Sign the papers then and we'll leave." Monica said in between moans. She loved the feeling of Jim's cock inside her.

"What?" Mary asked, looking then finding documents on a clipboard next to her bed.

"They're divorce papers. Sign them then we'll stop and be out of your life forever." Monica moaned as she came. They were shaking the bed. Mary signed the papers. Monica took the clipboard.

"Now leave!" Mary yelled. But they didn't stop.

"The sex is too good to stop now. Fuck me harder, Jim!" Monica hissed. And her lover obliged.

Jim came inside her. They put their clothes back on in front of the distraught Mary. Monica's pants were wet in her nether region from her and Jim's sex juices. She approached Mary one last time, took her hand and put it on her smooth black belly.

"Feel how smooth it and flat it is... Well it won't be for long... I'm ovulating and odds are that Jim just impregnated me right now, in front of your very eyes... So long Mary." Monica bid her victim farewell and took the papers and Jim by the hand and led him out of the hospital. The divorce papers gave Jim everything. Mary had signed her life away, even her clothes.

Jim stared at Monica's sexy black ass as she walked in front of him. He never looked back.

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