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Wild at Woodstock Ch. 02



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Chapter 2: Jimi and the Twins

"I can't believe we are actually in Jimi's trailer!" Moonbeam said to her twin sister Starchild. The two girls just finished fucking one of the roadies to get here and they planned to make the most of it. Although Dave the roadie was a pretty good screw he wasn't Jimi! The girls decided before they came to the festival that they were going to fuck Jimi no matter what they had to do to get their fantasy fulfilled.

"I am going to suck his cock so good he is going to want us to come on the road with him!" Star boasted. She had been looking forward to this moment for so long. The twins had fucked other rockers before but none of them held the prestige of the best guitar player in the world. And besides that he was black and if the rumors were true Jimi was very well hung.

Jimi was just starting to feel the first effects of the acid he dropped half and hour prior and could start to see the trails of colors coming off everything that moved. He loved the way acid made him feel. The music that would be dancing through his head made his hands magic on the guitar. The first time he dropped it brought his playing to a whole different level.

Jimi watched the hot twins as they bounced into the room. All blond and flower power cute, their tits just jiggling on full display. They had their bodies painted up for the big party and the colors were waltzing to the beat Jimi had in his hands. It was if some bright creatures were running all over the bodies of these two chicks. He could feel his cock getting hard as he watched the painted show in front of him. He didn't even take a second to introduce himself. He knew why these girls were here and so did they. He went right over to the one that called herself Moonbeam and drove his tongue in her mouth.

While Jimi frenched Moon, Star dropped to her knees and undid her guitar hero's pants. She marveled at the size of his schlong. So beautifully black and hard, it had to be at least ten inches in length. Holding it in her hands had made her mouth water. She took his cock and put it in her mouth; she finally got to taste what a real rock star tasted like. She swallowed as much as she could take, stopping just before it made her gag. Up and down his pole she sucked, loving the fact she was causing the superstar to moan.

Jimi loved what this groupie was doing with her mouth. The acid was making his nerve endings come to attention. He pushed his hips forward trying to get as much of his shaft in her mouth as possible. He was surprised he could put all most all of his ten inches down her throat. As he watched her bob up and down on his cock he moaned and was in awe at the golden trails that played of her yellow hair. Jimi was known as a stamina man but the magic of her mouth and the drugs soon had him ready to cum. He didn't want to blow his load with out fucking these two so he broke his tongue lock with Moon and pulled her sister's mouth off his cock.

He then got out of all his clothes and lay down on the bed. He pulled Moonbeam on top of his face and breathed in her sweet smell. She started moaning as soon as he put his tongue inside. Starchild straddled Jimi's huge cock sliding all the way down his pole. The twisting on top of his face, the slick juicy pussy sliding up and down his cock and the colors from the acid sliding all around in his head sent Jimi on an uncontrollable spin.

Jimi thought to himself what a great way to start a rock festival, he would have to be sure to thank Dave the roadie for picking the twins out of the crowd and bringing them to his trailer. He was thrusting harder and harder into Star, bucking his hips off the small trailer bed. She was slamming her body back down harmonizing with his thrusts. Moonbeam was in a world of her own as she ground her pussy all over the baddest guitar player in the world's mouth. She new she was going to cum soon, she wanted all three of them to cum together.

The three of them fucking and sucking, were covered in sweat, they each knew it would be short time before they had their release. Moon's breathing was really labored and so was Star's. The sounds of their panting soon had Jimi right at the brink of no return. The moans and yelps filled the room as all three of the Woodstock participants exploded in orgasmic bliss.

Jimi gave each of the girls a signed picture that said "to the hottest twins in the world. Cum and see me anytime, love Jimi!"

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