tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWilla Ch. 06: Trouble Sleeping

Willa Ch. 06: Trouble Sleeping


It was an unwelcomed reminder of her exhaustion, Willa couldn't sleep. The Benson baby "Grace" had woken up from evidently a nightmare. Coddling her in a rocking chair beside the infants crib gave her time to think.

Nick was down in his office re-writing his latest chapter of that day's events. As she rocked, there was a deep reality sinking in. Willa reflected upon her actions yesterday at the beach. What possessed her to agree to such an extraordinary series of events. A mere four days ago she began her job here for the Benson's. When she called about the job she had no clue the celebrity nature of her bosses. It was suddenly all sinking in.

Over the years her shyness had slowly abandoned her. Her teen years were developed nicely by her mother and stepfather. Her mother was a Fashion Model who religiously made Willa maintain a strict routine of dieting and exercise. Willa's beauty was certainly in her DNA. Even without makeup or perfect hair she was a lithe busty goddess.

Her stepfather on the other hand prided himself with giving her a great education. Even if college didn't work out for her. She still had a near perfect grade point average before stepping away from academics.

Her desire for independence led her to giving the Nanny occupation a shot. She had done a short stint in Chicago for a Doctor whom luckily gave her a brilliant recommendation.

Was it that reference that got her this opportunity or the sheer nature of her beauty? She had posed this question twice to Nick who gave her mixed answers. It was awesome that her beauty was being observed but at the same time in four short days it had been abused. She knew there were reasons that she let everything play out as it had.

One, Nick's book was so intense that her hormones constantly tormented her when she would think of certain chapters. Two, Nick himself was a handsome, muscular, if not much older man with a mind that made her sweat. Thirdly, she had essentially promised Nick's wife Claire that she would keep inspiring Nick any way she could. That meant to her that she might need to go above and beyond the call of duty.

She certainly did that. In spades.

Still, yesterday was the most extreme thing she had ever done. Laying naked on the beach as stripped by six strapping young men and seduced, she still had visions of it. She was wet almost every second since.

The downside of that event was her sunburns. She had gotten a nice all over tan but she knew that she could use more sun still. She told herself she wanted to be as golden as her flesh would allow. Even her reddish brown hair was growing redder in the sun.

She told herself that she would lay out by the pool every day for an hour during Grace's naps. Or better yet on the beach below. She had yet to even feel the ocean on her toes. Nick had kept her too busy yesterday.

Once Grace had fallen back to sleep she placed her back in her crib and crept away. Wanderlust took over. Wearing red boy shorts and a white tank top she shuffled through the home bored and slightly lonely. She wished Nick would stop writing and come talk. She felt the need to discuss everything. Her mind was reeling.

Barefoot she took advantage of the greenhouse gym. Hoping to wear herself down she spent thirty minutes on the exercise bike and lifted weights for another thirty. Sweating heavily she dried off with a towel and drifted toward the outdoor swimming pool where she sat dangling her feet in the water.

She noted lights coming on from the kitchen and Nick realizing where she had journeyed. Stepping out he made his way to her side.

"Grace back to sleep?"

"Yes, finally. I worked out some I hope you don't mind." She looked up at him.

"Of course not. You should keep that up."

"Rewrite of the beach chapter turn out to your approval?"

"That turned out much better than I imagined. I told you beauty gets away with murder in Cali. You had those guys eating out of your hand."

"About that. I took a huge risk for you Nick/ Dorian. Neither Wes nor Zane used a condom. That's got me scared. I'm on the pill and luckily Wes didn't cum inside me. Still, it has the potential to be bad if they're not healthy."

"Do you wish you had told me no at the beach?" He leers down at her.

"No. I loved the attention they gave me. I'm just amazed that I'm past my embarrassment stage. Walking naked to your car had me shivering more. Children could have witnessed that. Doesn't that bother you?"

"To a degree. However, risk is everything. I'll ask you again. Do you want to go back to Chicago?"

She sighs, "And, I'll tell you again, No. I trust you to keep me out of jail Nick. And the hospital. I've never even had a parking ticket, let alone an indecent exposure charge. Or worse. My family would have a cow if they knew what I've done."

"I'll be meeting with my Editor next Monday. To give them the chapters I've completed. I might just take you with me."

She grins, "To show off Sara?"

"Absolutely. Having props to go along with the pitch and presentation helps." He winks.

"Whatever I can do to help." She winks back, "Can we go shopping for clothes that don't seem so slutty? I mean I'll keep things sexy but most of that new wardrobe has less cloth than my entire suitcase of clothing I brought with me."

"We can do that. I want to try another beach with this rewrite. Are you too burnt to give it another shot?"

"I get to relive this a second time? Oh my!" She shivers excitedly, "Nick? Be honest, you hired me to be a slut right?"

"Would you rather just be the Nanny?"

"Here's a thought, hire Charlotte during the day to free this slut up for you and your dramatizations. I'll be Nanny in the evenings and overnight."

"Charlotte can be utilized a few days a week. We'll go out today because I've actually hired Charlotte to watch Grace for a six hour period. I'm glad you feel the way you do."

"Ok, so we repeat yesterday today. What are the differences?" She puckers in thought.

"From everything you told me of yesterday I think you should play even more naïve. Let them sense you fear them to bring out their dominance. Turn them on more by carefully thought out flirtations. Don't go overboard so that they think you planned everything."

"Can I join their volleyball game?" She hints.

A moment to ponder Nick offers, "Yes. Enjoy yourself. Lose your top by getting feisty."

"I played volleyball in High School. I'm really good. Very competitive."

"I think you should take control of today. You know the routine of yesterday. Add your own touches. I'll incorporate what I find appealing."

"I wish there was a way you could hear every word I say. And, what the men say." She fidgets.

"I'm way ahead of you." He chuckles, "I added something special to that choker I bought you. Perks of having a wife in the Government. I added a microphone that nobody will notice. Just don't lose that choker. that baby was not cheap. Claire had to sleep with some Fed's to get this stuff."

Her jaw drops, "Holy sheet. Really?"

"I think it's pretty obvious we lead a very open life. She's on the road a lot. I allow her to play. She gives me gifts such as you. Even if you are the Nanny."

"I'm more than that Nick. So far I'm having the time of my life. All I want is to take care of Grace, keep inspiring your muse, and be everyone's friend. I really like Claire. I hope when she gets home to know her more than like ten hours."

"I'm sure she will share those desires. You should get some rest Willa."

"I can't sleep. My minds traveling way too much. I thought that workout might tire me out. Not yet at least. Let's keep talking."

He nods, "A bit longer."

"Will things change while your son is home?"

"In the summertime yes. He will be home for a few months. I hope to get him involved with something other than video games."

"What do you think his reaction to my being around will be?"

"Don't be surprised if he falls in love with you. His old Nanny was a grumpy old Hispanic senora named Maria. You're a whole new breed." Nick chuckles.

"He's 18 right?"

"Just turned 18."

"I'm only 20. Two years older. What do I do if he does? I certainly don't want to lose my job over something like that."

"I'm going to say this. I forbid you to fall in love with him. You can tease him some. Just keep things civil."

She giggles, "Come on Nick. I'm sexy. He's 18. He's going to have a hard on 24/7."

Nodding he sighs, "When I was his age I did too. My next door neighbor. She was your age. I spied on her every chance I got."

"There's a difference. I'll be living under the same roof."

"You can tease. No touching." He creases his brow.

"What if he touches me?" She returns with a raised brow.

"Don't encourage him to. Teasing can be done without getting out of hand."

"So, let's say he sneaks up behind me and squeezes my tits. Should I scold him? Tell you for punishment? or just let him get away with it?"

"I'll trust you to make the right judgment call."

"Ok. I hope you understand that he's not part of your book. I want to be as professional with your family as possible."

"Son of Dorian. Hmmm!" He bristles his goatee with his hand.

"Oh boy! Can that be for your tenth novel?" She giggles.

"I'm going to bed." He shakes his head smirking.

"Not taking me with you Master?" She sticks out her tongue playfully.

He exhales with a grimace, "The writer needs his rest."

"Night Nick. Sweet dreams."

He merely turns away.

Willa went skinny dipping.

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