tagInterracial LoveWimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 05

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 05


As the young Je'Quon flipped open his cell phone to take the incoming call, Mona took another small sip from her wine glass. She was flustered and weary. The music was soft and relaxing, and the hot summer sun and the presence of such a masculine and powerful man had all but taken it's toll on her during the long walk to his car.

"Hey, girl. Why don't ya' kick those feet inside and give a brotha a little more room here." He directed firmly, tapping Mona's silky soft legs with his firm hand.

"And, ya' better git' some more lipstick on those lips so they don't git' all dry." He suggested.

"Oh, um-yes. I'm so sorry Mr. Je'Quon." she whispered passively, pulling her feet inside the car.

Myron's beautiful blonde wife was in another world. Without even thinking through it, she removed the creamy drum-beat red L'Oreal lipstick from her tiny beach purse and began applying it. Je'Quon had directed his caller to hold on as he stopped to watch the beautiful blonde wife of his subordinate doing as she was told.

Mona continued slathering her perfect and pouty lips as the young black boss cooly suggested to her that she "pop open" the glove compartment of his shiny, black Corvette. She did so without hesitation.

As it opened, Mona was startled to see a faux gold clip holding three perfectly-rolled marijuana joints in what looked like thin mini cigar wraps.

"Oh, what's this?" she asked softly.

Mona was a bit taken back by the boldness of this young black man. Her partially tipsy state caused her to respond slowly.

"Hand me one of those blunts, girl." Je'Quon said firmly. "Let's fire one up." He strongly suggested.

The 38-year-old Mona had never even considered smoking anything like that for her entire life. She was shocked by the young black stud's mild suggestion and had a worried look in her eyes as she handed what he referred to as a "blunt" to him. Mona had hoped that the young black stud was simply wanting the weed for himself. She slipped back into the passenger-side car seat once again as Je'Quon stood above her. He lit the blunt and took the first two hits of it.

"Ya' know, girl ... you should try this shit. It'll make ya' nice and relaxed." He said, handing her the lit marijuana blunt.

"Oh, my god! No. I couldn't!" Mona cried.

Mona was already tipsy and not thinking straight. When the black adonis moved it even closer to her hand and further insisted, she felt as if she had little choice.

"Well, o-okay ... but, just one." she tentatively stammered.

The beautiful blonde wife of Myron, at the age of 38, finally took her first drag of a marijuana cigarette. She began coughing loudly from the harshness of it, which brought a knowing grin to young Je'Quon's lips.

"Good girl!" He said, as he too the blunt from Mona's delicate fingers and finally went back to his call.

The dark-skinned stallion then leaned forward, placing both of his powerful arms onto the roof of his Corvette. The beach towel he had placed on top protected his bare arms from the hot steel roof. Non-chalantly, he began speaking to his caller and taking small hits of the marijuana blunt as if it were a plain cigarette. Mona, with the passenger-side seat already placed into an unusually upright position, was once again facing the collosal bulge of Je'Quon's cock packed within those flimsy, light purple-toned nylon bikinis he wore so well.

Mona was speechless. She was growing more light-headed from the combination of the smoke, the wine, the soft R&B music and the heat of the sun-drenched car. But, she sat there almost frozen in a panic as the massive bulge of this young, black stud was now merely a couple of inches from her nose and soft lips. She could barely hear the muffled conversation of Je'Quon and his cell caller from above the car roof.

"Yea. I'll be around tonight, bitch." Je'Quon said as he spoke to his caller.

Mona wasn't quite sure if she had heard that right or not, but she was now feeling the full effects of the wine and the weed. She seemed to drift in and out of thought a lot as she stared straight at the enormous bikini bulge right before her eyes. She could see that parts of his stretched out bikini crotch were wet from sweat, and his bulge seemed to be getting even bigger and thicker by the moment.

Ten minutes had gone by when Je'Quon put his hand back inside the car and handed Mona the blunt to take another "hit" off it. She paused for a few seconds, reluctant and confused.

"C'mon, girl!" Je'Quon shouted. "Don't let my shit burn out." He said in a light-toned warning.

Hesitantly, Mona inhaled the strong cigarette a second time and returned it the black man's hands as he continued his call. It was if he had not even missed a beat with his caller. The beautiful blonde woman coughed even harder this time but soon regained her breath. Her dazed state heightened.

Je'Quon continued leaning over the top of his black 'Vette. He was extremely cool and casual with his actions. He didn't seem to care to much about time, or anything else for that matter. For him, being there with his white wimp of a subordinate's wife was no big deal. Actually, it was somewhat amusing for the black adonis.

Mona was now in a very uncharacteristic somber state. She never one experienced being "high" before, but now she was. All Mona could see and smell was the gargantuan size of Je'Quon's massive cock in the neon purple bikini pouch two inches before her blushing face. Suddentl, and without notice, she felt the left side of Je'Quon's bikini-clad bulge press right up against her lips.

Mona just sat still as the young, black man boldly rubbed his montrous bikini-covered cock on her lipstick-covered lips. It started casually and non-chalantly enough where she tought for a moment it could have been accidental, but the firmness and intensity of his rubbing kept increasing. This continued for the next fifteen minutes.

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