tagInterracial LoveWimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 06

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 06


Fifteen minutes of the non-chalant and lackadaisical, yet firm rubbing of the young black man's massive bikini-clad cock onto Mona's face had passed.

To Mona, this was getting more surreal by the moment. Her somber and relaxed state caused by heat, wine, soft music and marijuana merely contributed to her existing state of passion and awe.

She had already been affected by a strong and masculine presence like she had never felt before. And, now this young stud was continuously and carelessly massaging his immense neon-purple, lycra-spandex covered shaft across her perfect lips and face.

Many fleeting thoughts ran through Mona's head. She reasoned to herself, just for a moment, that this couldn't be happening on purpose. The young black man had to be unaware of what he was doing.

"This can't be really happening?!" she thought.

Perhaps, he was too engulfed in his cell call conversation to know what he was doing? Maybe this was all just a mistake? Maybe it was just that ... accidental?

Mona's red bikini crotch continued to moisten as she inhaled the raw, musky and masculine scent of this young black man's sweat-dampened bikini crotch. The boldness and brashness of what could be happening simply overwhelmed her.

She now noticed that Je'Quon's neon-purple bikini covered cock adorned two full red lip prints and several smaller red smudges from her painted lips. Mona gazed upon them in her now foggy state of mind, almost in disbelief, as the thin fabric of the young stud's crotch stretched out even further.

Then, just as the beautiful blonde woman's eyes widened to the size of street lights and her sense of reality had completely faded, the unexpected became real.

Without even as much as a flinch of a break in the black adonis' cell call, Je'Quon non-chalantly moved his right hand downward and began readjusting his collosal sized cock within the flimsy bikini material. He did so until he flipped down the spandex fabric of his suit off to free his titanic cock from it's constraint.

Even in her near zombie-like state, Mona gasped. What she saw before her was a firm, powerful and dark 12-inch cock that was far thicker than her delicate wrists were. It was even larger than she had imagined it could ever be. Unable to react, Mona gazed upon young Je'Quon's cock in awe. Now, only partially erect, it was already preposterous and astonishing!

Je'Quon simply continued his call. For him, it seemed as routine as breathing air.

Then, without further hesitation, and without even breaking a moment's stride, the young dark stallion took his massive cock into his right hand and merely "plopped" it right onto Mona's pretty face. He did so as if it were a large, wet slab of raw meat. And, it now layed there runnning across the bridge of her aristocratic nose and her the flawless, pale skin of her forehead.

Mona could not move.

Her head now slightly-tilted back from the sheer weight of his cock and her vision partially-obstructed by what seemed like a three-pound slab of steak planted across her face. She could even feel the scorchingly-hot blood of the young black stud's huge veins coarsing through it as it continued to widen and lengthen.

Within seconds, the young Je'Quon took his enormous shaft into his own hand to control it. He directed it's monstrous head to the lips of the beautiful 38-year-old Mona and gently parted her full, crimson lips. Mona could now taste the strong, salty sweat of the young black's cock. He continued pushing it in a half inch at a time until his cock was securely anchored in the blonde's mouth. He grabbed Mona's brilliant blonde hair with his fist while simutaneously rotating his strong hips until he found the most comfortable position for himself. And, he pushed it in another half inch.

Mona now had 5 inches of the young black stud's mammoth-sized cock inside her widened mouth. Although it was the same length as her wimp husband's pathetic cock, she could tell that it was easily more than 5 times thicker. She could hardly breathe already.

Mona's soft hands remained down to her sides in complete and utter submission as the black stud calculatingly used her mouth. Je'Quon controlled Mona's head, still not releasing his firm grip from the blonde hair atop her head. He pulled her head in and then pulled her away, back and forth, repeating this motion again and again until his cock further hardened.

After a few minutes, the young black boss of Mona's husband finally released his grip from her head. She continued sucking his massive black cock as directed. Je'Quon moved his dark, muscular arms back to the top of his black 'Vette and continued speaking to his caller.

His bold, cocky and arrogant display of pure masculinity sent Mona into a pure state of emotion she could hardly believe. She didn't know what to feel. She felt as if she was merely a toy for this young, dark stud. Yet, she couldn't help but feel that she was also obligated to suck the cock of such a powerful man. Her mixed emotions combined with her altered state seemed to turn her into some sort of raggedy Ann doll.

Je'Quon had the beautiful blonde wife of his subordinate sucking on his cock, rhythmically, for more than 15 minutes. He gently, then firmly, began thrusting his hips towards her as if he were simply fucking her mouth. He continued on and on as two black passers-by approached nearer. They were colleagues of Je'Quon and the had just parked their car, on their way towards the picnic grounds.

"Yo' Quon!" one man shouted. "What up? You getting that dicked sucked or what?" he asked, smiling.

Je'Quon covered the speaker of his cell phone with one of his hands. He laughed.

"Yeah, well ... you know how it is." He returned.

The two black colleagues drew nearer.

"Dat' the same dumb white bitch you were wit' last night, nigga?" the other asked, laughingly.

The young Je'Quon merely smiled.

"Naw! This is a different blonde bitch. But, boy ... this bitch can really suck some cock .. I'm tellin' ya." Je'Quon stated.

The two black colleagues finally made their way to Je'Quon's car. Mona had heard only bits and pieces of their verbal exchange. Still, she was embarassed by their presence as she continued to suck on the black cock of her boss' husband.

The three young black execs exchanged a few high fives as they could hear the beautiful Mona nearly gagging and choking on Je'Quon's immense cock.

"Mmmpfh. Mmmpfh. Mmmpfh." Mona mumbled as she gasped for air.

That noise didn't seem to stop the young, black stud from thrusting his gargantuan-sized cock harder into the beautiful blonde's mouth. Actually, Je'Quon reached his right hand down again and placed it firmly behind Mona's neck, forcing his cock in deeper, rougher and stronger.

Mona began to choke. She literally began gagging and coughing to the point that the black stud had no choice but to release his herculean cock from her mouth. But, he did so for just a few seconds.

"Please?" Mona gasped in a faint whisper.

Je'Quon immediately shoved his cock back into Mona's mouth. He slid it down her throat and began systemically pushing it in and out. One of his colleagues spoke.

"Dang, 'Quon. Don't choke the bitch." he laughed.

All three young black men shared another laugh and a few high fives as Myron's young boss continued to rivet his huge cock into Mona's mouth.

"I'll catch up wit' y'all later when I'm finished here." Je'Quon proposed to his friends.

"Yeah. Catch 'ya later, J!" they replied, walking away.

With that, the young black stud returned to his caller.

"You still there, bitch?" He asked. The caller quickly responded. "Good. You better be." Je'Quon returned.

As Mona continued sucking the mountainous black cock forced upon her, the harder thrusts from young Je'Quon were becoming too much for her to handle. Her breathing became quite heavier than the first 15 minutes. She began to gag every other minute now, which caused the black stud to refocus his attention towards her.

"Hey, listen. I'll call ya' back, bitch!" He said to his caller.

As Je'Quon flipped his cell phone closed, he removed his massive cock from Mona's mouth. He smeared traces of his pre-cum onto the ivory skin of her face as she began coughing and panting uuncontrollably. Mona finally bent over in the front passenger's side seat, searching and gasping for her breath.

Je'Quon smiled.

He took his glass of wine and handed it to her.

"Here ya' go, girl. Drink some. It'll make you feel better." He directed.

Mona's face was beet red. As she gained her breath, she took the glass from the young black stallion's grip and took a sip. She coughed after swallowing.

"A little more. Drink the rest." Je'Quon ordered.

Mona complied.

She was just beginning to regain some of her senses back as she drank the remainder of the wine-filled glass. Her jaws ached, uncontrollably. She didn't have more than a few moments to recover when she felt Je'Quon's strong hand on top of her head once again.

The young black god casually and very firmly grabbed Mona by her long, bright blonde hair. He pulled her from the passenger's side seat of his black Corvette and, in one smooth and continous motion, moved her to her feet on the parking lot pavement, then back into the car face first.

Mona was now bent over with her back facing the powerful black stud with her face pressed into the leather of the driver's side seat. Her red bikini bottoms were noticeably dampened as Je'Quon positioned her in the manner he desired.

"Stay put, bitch. My dick is still hard ... and, I ain't leaving til' I'm done." He said, cooly.

"Oh, my gawd!" Mona thought to herself. "This can't happen. Please." she continued thinking.

But, the beautiful 38-year-old blonde wife of the wimpy Myron had dreamt about being with a "real" man for so long. She never thought it would be like this.

Despite the degradation she was now experiencing there was something she that she couldn't control.

END Ch.6

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