tagMind ControlWish Box Ch. 03

Wish Box Ch. 03


The weeks following my first two experiences with the box I had put it to the test a few more times and started to understand how it worked. It seemed that any wish would come true but the exact outcome would be hard to predict. At one time I left a wish that I could fly, and the next day my dad came home with a huge surprise for me. He had signed me up for a class over the summer where I would get an amateur pilots license. Another time I wished that I would win on the lottery, and I sure did. I won another lottery ticket. To my best understanding the box would pick the most plausible way to fulfill a wish so I had to make sure I made them all specific enough. At the same time it seemed there could be long term consequences as well. After our day together Cathy treated me much better than before and we at time exchanged knowing looks and sometimes she even flirted with me. She had obviously remembered our encounter but it all seemed to feel natural to her. All this put together made me decide to use to box carefully. If I used it correctly I was sure it would provide me with a fantastic life.

During this time I had also been in and out of court a few times, wrapping everything up with Trey and the rest of the basketball team. As I had promised I had convinced the school to drop the charges and thus Trey was off the hook. During the final court session Trey's mother was there of course, wearing a fancy grey dress suit, looking hotter than even. I was so busy pretending not to stare at her that I missed most of the actual trial. Even in her wide suit pants and a matching jacket and buttoned up blouse I could still imagine her large breast and her lovely full ass.

I assured the judges that I had made a private arrangement with the Douglas family and Trey made a feeble attempt at offering an apology. Mrs. Douglas was flushing red during the entire process and looked both angry and embarrassed at the same time. After everything was settled and we could leave the courthouse Mrs. Douglas made sure to avoid me. As we were leaving the court house I could see her drag Trey along and drive off quickly. I left with my dad a few minutes later and we were small talking about school all the way home. I kept telling him that I was okay, and I think he did see the change in confidence in me because he didn't press the matter any further.

After dinner I was back in my room playing computer games and once more I started thinking about Trey's mom. She had been ranting all through the court process about her son's excellent basketball career and how he really was just a misunderstood young man. But he was an asshole, everyone knew it. I wished she would admit that and as my thoughts went on I realized, all I had to do was to use the box. I was also feeling the urge to be with a woman again and figured Mrs Douglas might as well fulfill those needs too. I took a new note and wrote, "I wish Trey's mom would come over and admit Trey is an asshole, and then suck my cock." After that I played a few more round on my computer before I went to bed.

When I woke up next morning I was alone in the house again. I had been excused from school all week for the court sessions and since it was a Friday both Cathy and dad had left for work early. That would give Trey's mom an opportunity to come see me, or so I hoped. After a shower and some breakfast I went to watch TV and a few hours later I could hear the doorbell. It had to be her I figured and ran over to the door. I was right. As I opened the door Trey's mother was standing there.

"Sorry to bother you again, but can I come in?" she said.

"Mrs. Douglas? I suppose you can." I said, trying to sound surprised, and let her enter. I closed the door behind her.

"We need to talk, are you home alone?" she continued.

"Yeah, my parents are at work," I said, "come on in."

With that she relaxed a bit and she followed me into our living room. I gestured for her to sit down in a chair and sat down in the couch myself. She sat down and adjusted her skirt, looking as calm and confident as the last time she was here. She was wearing a business suit, just like the ones she had in court all week, but with a skirt instead of pants. When she sat down it stretched up and showed off a fair bit of her long bare legs. Under her buttoned jacket I could see a white silky blouse and like in court I could still see she had a magnificent chest underneath.

"So what can I do for you Mrs Douglas?" I asked, trying not to get caught staring.

"I'm here because the city's district attorney called me yesterday and said they consider filing an appeal. I thought we agreed, last time, that you would let Trey off the hook. I mean..." I cut her off here.

"I don't know anything about an appeal. Must be the attorney that feels Trey got off easy."

"But you have to call them off. We had a deal!" She looked upset now and sounded angry. I just stared at her for a while instead of responding and this obviously ticked her off even more.

"Damn you," she screamed and jumped up from the seat. She was heading towards the door but stopped half way there and folded her arms. She stood with her back towards me and I could not help to admire her round tight ass. I knew she wasn't going to leave anyways. She stood silent for a good while before she let out a deep sigh.

"Alright," she finally broke the silence, "what will it take for you to call of that attorney. He can't have a case if you don't cooperate right?" She still stood with her back towards me and from her voice it was obvious she was upset.

"What it will take?" I asked. "After hearing all about how wonderful Trey is this whole week and how everything has been a misunderstanding." I also got up now and walked closer to her, but she didn't move or react at all.

"What I want is for you to tell me what you really think about this, how you honestly think Trey's been acting."

"What?" She said and turned her head to look at me. "I don't understand." She looked confused now and I just stood there and tried my best to look upset and nervous. She then turned towards me and unfolded her arms.

"What do you want me to say?" She asked.

"The truth," I answered her, still a bit of tremble in my voice. I really was angry that Trey had been off the hook completely and I used that to fuel my performance.

"Alright," she said, and before I could react she stepped in and embraced me in a soft hug. I could feel her body gently against me and she let one hand curl the hair in the back of my neck. She gave me, for lack of a better word, a motherly hug. It was nothing sexual about it but I still felt my cock stir in my pants. She held me like that for a long time and I just enjoyed the soft touch.

"Trey is a bastard and I can never make up for what he did," she whispered, her arms still wrapped around me in the comforting hug.

"We all know he is a jerk and I can only hope he has really learned his lesson from all this. But as his mother I will do anything to make sure he doesn't screw up his life, and I do mean anything."

"Like what?" I asked, standing still with my hand by my sides. She still had her arms wrapped around me but now I could feel her push herself a bit closer, letting her breasts slide over my chest.

"I might be able to do something to make you feel better, like last time. If you help me get the district attorneys off my back." This was it, the box was working it's magic once more.

"I can do that," I answered, trying to avoid a huge smile.

"Good," she said. She then moved her head back and looked me in the eyes. As I didn't move she leaned in and kissed me. Her lips parted and her tongue met mine. She kept her hand at the back of her neck and also started to move her body, slowly grinding herself against me. My hand instinctively found their way to her hips and then trailed down to her ass.

"I know Trey's been a bastard at school," she whispered between the kisses, "but it's not your fault. He's the one to blame, and now I am here to make up for it."

She leaned in again and our tongues met in another deep kiss while my hands grabbed at her firm ass. As we made out I let one hand off her ass and instead tried to move it in between us to squeeze her breast. She turned a bit to give me more room and my hand found its way inside her jacket. She broke the kiss now and moved back a bit and let her arms casually rest on my shoulders. This gave me perfect access to feel her up and I took the opportunity to run both my hands up inside her jacket to feel her tits. Her silky blouse and bra held them in place but I still loved how they felt soft and heavy in my palms.

"If you want to, I can use my mouth this time," she said softly and licked her lips. "Would you like that?"

"Yeah," I let out with a moan.

"Good," she said, and with that she leaned back in and gave me another kiss. This time I could feel her hands run down my chest and she started to pull open my jeans. Once they were unbuttoned she let one hand slide down inside my pants to grab my cock. She held it in a firm but gentle grip and looked me right into my eyes with a calm expression on her face. She stood like that and ever so slowly started to squeeze and jerk my shaft. I was rock hard and almost in trance as she slowly bent forward, hoovering her mouth over my raging hard on.

From here I could see her skirt had risen high up her tight ass but and I was about to reach out and try to grab it when I felt her tongue flick over the tip of my cock. My hands instead fell to the back of her head and as she felt me curl my fingers into her hair she opened up and sucked the tip into her mouth. She continued to tease me like this until I started to move my hips, trying to jerk more of my cock into her mouth.

She let go of my cock and slowly got down on the floor in front of me and adjusted herself on her knees. She then looked up at me with her dark brown eyes as she moved in between my legs.

"I've almost forgotten how to do this," she said, "I haven't done this is years." I looked down at her in disbelief. It had never occurred to me giving head might not have been a regular thing for her. I now knew she was a single mother but with her looks she just had to have men that were interested. But anyways, here she was on her knees, her gorgeous face just inches away from my manhood. She pouted a bit with her full lips and formed a curious little smile as I pulled down my pants and shorts. My cock was fully erect and she immediately took it in her hand and began stroking its full length.

"I think it's like riding a bike though," she said and winked at me. She then held the shaft up against my stomach and leaned in to lick my balls. I could see her pink tongue gently teasing me and my cock twitched as she worked on my balls, slowly jerking the stiff rod with her hand. She then started to lick her way up the shaft, down both sides, and then up again until her mouth was right above my head. She rubbed the tip softly against her pursed lips and horny as I was I jerked my hips forward making my cock slide up against her cheek.

"Easy there," she said but smiled a little. She then took my cock to her pursed lips again and this time when I jerked she let it slide over her lips to the other cheek. I kept jerking my hips trying to aim for her mouth and my cock ended up sliding all over her face. All through this game she kept her warm brown eyes locked on mine and I could see she enjoyed teasing me like this. Finally she parted her lips and let my cock slide in between them.

I could feel her full soft lips slide against my shaft and as she took me deeper and started to suck I also felt her tongue gently press against the bottom of my cock. She made a faint slurping sound each time my cock went in and I continued to jerk my hips, making her take me deeper and deeper into her mouth. My hands again fell to her head and I tried to hold her still to really savor the feeling of her wet warm mouth around my cock. She kept her lips tightly wrapped around my cock but hardly moved, instead she responded with suction every time I pushed forward into her mouth. The feeling was so intense and I was so horny I was about to lose control. She let me fuck her mouth like this and I kept increasing the pace and I started to feel ready to cum. Mrs Douglas must have felt I was close and instantly slowed me down and pulled back from my cock.

"Don't cum yet," she said.

"You're making that really hard you know," I answered with a moan.

"Yeah, but I want to make this special for you," she said.

With that she stood up and took my hand. She guided me to my dad's large living room chair and there she pushed me down.

"Sit," she said with a small grin. She then turned and walk a few steps away making sure I got a full view of her magnificent ass. She then turned her head to look at me and slowly started to pull up her skirt. My eyes were fixed on her and I sat mesmerized as her skirt went up her legs and finally exposed her perfectly fully shaped butt. She only had a white thong covering her shaved pussy.

Equally slowly, she now turned and started to unbutton her jacket. When all buttons were open she let it slide down her shoulders and threw it on the living room table. I watched in excitement as she continued to unbutton her white blouse. More and more of her dark skin came in view and I could see she had a white bra under it. She let her blouse fall down her shoulders too and she threw it down with the jacket. From here she let her hands run down both her sides up her chest and then back down again. I leaned back in the chair and took in the sight of her full figure as she continued to seductively run her hands over her chest to cup her breasts.

Our eyes met again and she looked very pleased as I watched in excitement how her hands moved to the side of her skirt. I almost gasped as she pulled down the zipper and let her skirt fall down on the floor. Now she stood in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but a white thong and matching push up bra. She held a pose where I could enjoy the view of her toned legs and belly.

"Now we don't have to worry about you staining my clothes," she said before slowly kneeling down again on the floor.

From there she started to move towards me on her hands and knees, her eyes locked on mine and biting her lower lip forming a knowing smile. My cock have had a well needed break. As much as you can call having a mature woman strip for you a break. But I was now eager for her to continue her blowjob. As she reached me she let both hands slide down the sides of my legs and as she moved in she opened her mouth and didn't stop until she had my hard cock deep inside her mouth. I moaned out load as I again felt her lips wrapped around my shaft. She opened her mouth wide to guide as much of my cock she could take into her mouth and then closed her lips around it and pulled back up until it fell out with a popping sound. As she repeated this maneuver I let my hands reach for her chest and as she felt my hands she leaned up from my cock and reached behind her back to open up her bra. My hands instantly moved to her bare chest as her bra came off and I took one breast in each and squeezed them gently.

She leaned further up the chair and let me play with her tits and nipples for a while before she once more moved down to suck on my cock. This time as she closed her lips around my shaft she didn't slide up, instead she pushed forward and swallowed my entire length into her mouth and throat. I felt her lips push against the base of my cock and her breath on my belly as she kept me like this. Suddenly she gagged a bit and moved back but before I knew it she was down on it again, sucking me deep and hard into her mouth. I was in heaven and again felt I was about to cum and just as last time Mrs. Douglas moved off my cock.

"Come over here," she said. Her voice was dark and she was a bit out of breath. But I got up and we went over to the sofa and there she laid down on her back and motioned for me to come closer. I of course followed her and she motioned me to climb on top of her on the couch. Her head was leaning against the arm rest and she guided me until I was sitting on my knees over her chest and by leaning down my cock would be right between her tits. She pushed them together with her arms and my cock could easily slide down into her smooth cleavage. Wet from both pre-cum and saliva my cock slide nicely between her tits. She was so smooth and warm and I kept rubbing my cock against her cleavage and also against her stiff nipples, making them wet with pre-cum.

I then started moving further up which made my cock poke against her chin. She tilted her head a bit and let me jerk my cock first over her lovely tits and then up against her tongue and wet lips. I then stayed with the tip of my cock just between her lips and slowly started jerking it with a free hand. I moaned and she responded by pushing more of my cock into her mouth. She then took it back out until it just barely touched her lips.

"You know," she whispered, "I figured I would let you cum on my tits," she hesitated now, "but."

"Yeah?" I moaned, still rubbing the tip of my cock against her lips.

"I have never let a guy cum in my mouth, and definitely not in my face. But I think you should do it."

"Really?" I said, amazed at her suggestion.

"Really, cum on my face, do it," she said and then put my dick back into her sucking mouth.

This was really only my second blowjob ever and even though I knew she would finish me, just hearing her say I could cum on her face made me even more excited. She jerked my cock firmly now with her hand and held it pressed against her mouth. As I felt my orgasm coming I pushed forward and she opened her mouth and took the first load straight into her mouth. She quickly closed it though, making the next two shots splash against her lips and nose. The third, and largest load landed between her eyes and splashed up her forehead. I squirmed in her grip as she kept jerking me, sending more strings of cum all over her beautiful face.

When I was finally spent she took my cock and rubbed it from cheek to cheek as she had done earlier. She then let go and spat out what I shot into her mouth, making it drip down her chin. I grabbed my cock and jerked it some more, making a final drop of cum land on the tip of her tongue. All spent my dick was still erect and I kept rubbing it against her while Mrs. Douglas let her tongue out and licked the bottom of my cock clean. She parted her lips again and played with her tongue licking both her lips and my cock clean of semen.

"I'll make sure to kiss Trey with these lips when he gets home from school. But then I expect you to stay away from us," she said, while still letting her tongue circle her lips, gathering the last of my load into her mouth and swallowed.

I let out a deep sigh and fell back into the couch. She got up after a while and went into the kitchen. I followed and watched as she wiped her face and chest clean with a paper towel.

"I'll call you if Trey gives me any more shit in school," I said.

"I will make sure he doesn't," she answered and started to get dressed again.

She didn't say much more but quickly waved goodbye before hurrying out the door. I made sure to clean up any mess we could have left before I went up to have a shower. Later in the evening I was lying in bed, examining the box, I realized I had only used it to get back at people that had been mean to me. I didn't feel bad about it, after all, they did deserve it. But what struck me was that I could do so much more, and with that I meant I could fuck basically any woman I wanted. In that regard the box had never failed me. That night I made a long list of women, both famous and people I knew, that I wanted to fuck. The next day I would start my conquest.

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