tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWith Strings Attached Ch. 03

With Strings Attached Ch. 03


Alice was awakened from her slumber by the sound of a truck. Still groggy she started to stretch and was reminded of the rope binding her wrists, elbows and ankles. In a flash the memories from yesterday came flooding back, the party, the pictures, the bondage and the licking. It was at that moment she realized she was not alone. Nicole was with her, in her bed, spooning her from behind.

Alice tried to stay as still as possible, Nicole was still asleep and she wanted as much time alone to think as she could. Yesterday had been horrible. She was coerced into going out on a date with a girl, a girl with some very unusual tastes as far as relationships go and after spending an evening being 'womanhandled' by her Susan threatens to have her parents arrested if she does not continue the relationship until she leaves for college. Then there was the ride tied to the back of Nicole's motorbike. Without underwear she knew her ass was visible to anyone they happened pass. And there was the kissing and the dreaded photo session. Something Alice now regretted ever agreeing to. Because now Nicole had very damming material of her own. Even though Nicole thought this was a mutual relationship she was still in control of those photos and if they ever got out would hunt her for the rest of her life. And that is without considering the pictures Nicole took of her tied up in her living room; who has a hobby of tying people up! Now Nicole not only has pictures of her dressed slutty and naked but also of her trussed up like a Christmas bird. No those pictures are far worse than the first set.

As she was pondering her situation Alice began moistening her dry lips and gauged when she realized she still had Nicole's dried juices on her face. She had oral sex! Oral sex with a girl! Granted she wasn't in a position to say no but she did not even try. In the span of one day she had her first date ever, her first kiss and her first sexual experience. Alice tried to suppress her emotions for fear of waking her 'mistress'. She was not ready to tangle with the girl yet. However her gauge had stirred Nicole.

"Good morning puppet," groaned Nicole. "Did you sleep well?"

"As best as can be expected mistress," answered Alice moving her arms to show her point. In truth Alice was so drained, both mentally and physically, from last night's activities the she fell into a deep sleep as soon as she hit the pillow.

"Well it takes a little getting used to," replied Nicole stroking Alice's arm. "We will see how it goes by the end of next weekend."

"Next weekend," questioned Alice. She plans on keeping me restrained until my parents return thought Alice in a panic. She was hoping to get some free time, time away from this demented girl so she could work on getting her life back in order. How was she supposed to do this if she spent every moment at the hands of a demented mistress.

"Of course puppet," answered Nicole rolling Alice on her back and leaning in for a kiss.

"What better way to use the opportunity before us," continued Nicole, now slowly caressing Alice's right breast.

Alice was unsure she was going to be able to manage a week let alone eight months.

"Don't worry puppet we are going to have lots of fun," said Nicole as she helped Alice to sit up and started to untie her legs. "However it's almost noon and we have to get showered. I have a busy day planned," finished Nicole as she led Alice to the bathroom. Nicole reached into the shower to turn on the water and started to undress. Alice was at a loss. She was already naked and with her hands tied behind her back all she would do was stand still waiting for Nicole to finish.

"Okay puppet turn around and let me untie you," instructed Nicole.

Alice obediently turned around and waited for Nicole the finish releasing her from her bondage. Once released Alice immediately stepped away from Nicole and brought her hands around and rubbed her wrists.

"Yes puppet very nice," said Nicole as she slow examined Alice standing naked before her. "I don't think I could ever get tired looking at our body."

Alice's mind was still in a tornado of chaos and was just happy to have her limbs free once again. She was no longer processing Nicole's comments just attempting to rationalize what was happening to her and listening for commands. Until she would be able to fully grasp the situation this was just easier. Her mind had too much the think about without having to confront Nicole. Not knowing how to respond Alice simply covered her body.

"There goes that modesty again," laughed Nicole pulling Alice's arms away and guiding her into the shower.

Steeping in behind her Nicole started to lather Alice up and wash her body. Alice instantly became ridged at Nicole's touch. She had taken baths as showers alone for as long as she could remember and this was the first time anyone, other than when she was a baby, attempted to wash her.

"You know puppet I really enjoyed last night," cooed Nicole as she slowly rubbed Alice's breasts, "and given how hard you came last night I take it you enjoyed it too. Am I right puppet," inquired Nicole as she pinched Alice's nipples.

"Yes mistress," gasped Alice concentrating very hard not to interfere with Nicole's actions.

"I'm glad to hear it," said Nicole. "With bondage either you are into it or you are not. Sure some people enjoy it occasionally or are willing to put up with it but it's the people who have a bent for it that really enjoy it." Nicole finished washing Alice's stomach and lowered her hands to Alice's crotch and began a gentle rubbing.

"Yes mistress," replied Alice. Truthfully she didn't care one way or another why people enjoyed being bound and helpless she was only interested in what Nicole was doing and continuing her charade.

"And we're two sides of the same coin aren't we puppet," continued Nicole now slowly sliding her middle finger up and down Alice's inner lips paying particular attention to her clitoris. "I mean I love to watch and you love to show off. I greatly enjoy tying people up and you greatly enjoy being tied. I'm bossy and your submissive. I'm your ying to your yang."

"Yes mistress," was Alice's reply again. She was back on autopilot. Her hands pressed against the wall for support as the water sprayed over her body she showily worked her hips in sync with Nicole's hand. She was wet. Nicole's actions had once again aroused her and now all her body and mind wanted was for Nicole to finish what she was doing.

Nicole could not have been happier. Every aspect of Alice seemed to make her the perfect match. She had pushed Alice hard and had her experience everything she dreamed of doing with a girlfriend and Alice after a little resistance willingly accepted it. Yes she was glad she had pressed her desires last night. Now that they had all come up winners she could pursue the type of relationship she wanted and knew that Alice would be willing to follow along. However it is always good to throw a loyal puppy a bone just to make sure they keep coming back for more. With that she started to rub Alice more forcefully over her swollen lips to bring Alice over the edge.

Alice was thankful for the extra force from Nicole's hand and pressed harder against it hoping it would be enough to bring her over the edge before it was taken away. "Ahhh yes, yes YES," screamed Alice as she dropped to her knees unable to support herself after her climax.

Alice hung her head in shame. This was her second climax at the hands of Nicole, a girl, and again it was one of the best organisms of her life. Granted she was unsure how her body would react to the touch of a man but she was nervous that she was enjoying Nicole's touch too much that by the end of the summer it would be all she craved and nothing else would be as enjoyable.

Did you enjoy that puppet," asked Nicole stroking Alice's hair.

"Yes Mistress," panted Alice.

"Good, now its my turn," said Nicole as she guided Alice's mouth to her pussy. "You know how I like it."

Once done with the shower both girls dried off. "Don't forget to put on some make up puppet," instructed Nicole as she exited to bathroom. "You are always expected to look your best."

"Yes mistresses," replied Alice. She had only been out of bed for less than two hours and she already felt like she had been totally used up for the day. Now here she stood in front of the mirror fixing her hair and make-up so she would look her best for a girl who was planning who knows what for the afternoon.

After applying her make-up and giving her hair one last look over Alice walked back to her bedroom wearing only a towel. Upon entering she saw that Nicole had finished getting dressed in a pair of jeans and a black corset top and was looking through Alice's closet. Alice just stood at the doorway unsure of what to do. She did not see any cloths laid out for her but Nicole did not know how she stored her cloths, and she should really help her find what she was looking for. However Nicole did not seem like the type who liked being interrupted and would ask where something was located if she really wanted it. Nicole know she was there so if she wanted her input or for her to do something she would have said so. Alice not wanting to fall from Nicole's good side and decided it would be best to wait for Nicole to make the first move.

Nicole noticed Alice had finished and returned to the room and was standing patently in the bedroom door waiting for her next instructions. Nicole could not help but smile at this behavior. Here she is naked in her own house in her own room waiting patently as someone casually goes through her closet. The thought of the level of control she had in this relationship was making her aroused once again. However Nicole could not let that happen now. No she had to keep a level head and focus on Alice and what she needed to do to help strengthen the dynamics of the relationship. First she had to keep Alice submitting to her judgment. Second they needed to eat something as it was already well into the afternoon. Third she needed Alice to give her a complete tour of the house. Fourth they needed to start going through Alice's clothes. If time allowed perhaps some more photos and lastly they needed to get ready for their date tonight.

Taking a deep breath Nicole turned to face Alice and was very pleased with the results. Her face had a natural beauty but with the proper make-up she could be a model for Avon. "Puppet you look beautiful," said Nicole as she walked over to Alice. "However there is just one minor touch and you will be perfect."

Alice blushed at the comment. She called me beautiful. This was the first time someone other than her parents had told her she was beautiful. Again Alice was conflicted by her emotions. On the one hand she felt pride that someone thought she was beautiful. On the other that person was a girl who she had to please if she hoped to keep her parents out of trouble but was really not interested in sexually. However no matter how she felt Alice knew she had to play along, at least until she could get out of the situation.

"Thank you ma'am," replied Alice with a smile on her face. Alice stood at attention feeling a bit of pride from Nicole's complement and the fact that her hunch to wait for Nicole to make the first move was the correct choice.

Nicole stopped in front of Alice and slowly rubbed her hands over Alice's shoulders. Then down her arms and back up the sides of her torso before pulling her in for a kiss.

Alice knew what was happening and the act of kissing Nicole was no longer an emotional event in her mind, given the number of times she had done it over the past 24 hours, not to mention the other things they had done together. She just closed her eyes and waited for Nicole lips to touch hers. The kiss started off slowly and sensually with Nicole in control. As the kiss progressed Nicole pushed Alice's arms up and placed them around her neck. With her arms up and out of the way Nicole had free rein over Alice's body and she used the opportunity to refamiliarize herself with Alice's backside and thighs. Just as Alice was falling into a familiar grove with the kiss Nicole quickly pulled back taking the towel with her.

It took Alice a few moments to realize that she was no longer being kissed and groped and was standing in front of a fully clothed Nicole completely naked. Attempting to cover herself, Alice stared at Nicole trying to formulate a response to Nicole's action. However Nicole beat her to it.

"There now you are perfect," stated Nicole tossing the towel on the bed and slowly walking around the now naked Alice pulling her arms to her sides. "I must say I don't think there is a single blemish anywhere on you body. I can not remember the last time I saw such perfect skin."

"Thank you mistress," crooked Alice trying hard to keep her hands by her sides. "Having such fair skin I have to stay out of the sun which is not an easy thing to do in Phoenix. I actually have to spend most of it either indoors or covered in one way or another."

"What a shame," stated Nicole grabbing Alice's hands in hers. "But it is the price one must pay for perfection. But enough talk about your superb body, I'm hungry so lets eat and then you can play hostess and give me the grand tour," directed Nicole pulling Alice out of the room.

"Like this!" inquired Alice with a concerned look on her face.

"Why yes puppet, with the shear drapes in the front window I doubt anyone walking down the street can notice that you are not wearing anything. So the question is how nosey are your neighbors?"

Alice did a quick turn to look out her bedroom window. The layout of her house was such that her bedroom, kitchen and living room were viewable from her neighbor to the North, Miss Caroline Belmont. Now widowed, Miss Belmont first moved next door when her husband Arnold retired ten years ago. Miss Belmont had always kept an eye on Alice and her house. Alice always assumed it was because she used to baby-sit her when they first moved next door and she just liked to make sure Alice was behaving. However Alice did not want her neighbor looking in and seeing her prance around the house naked or worst yet under the control of Nicole. How would she be able to look the 72 year old grandmother in the eye and explain what happen to that sweat little girl she used to watch. The rest of the house was pretty protected from being viewed by the other neighbors. The back yard was also pretty well secluded from the neighbors, except for Miss Belmont's home.

"Actually Miss Belmont has a habit of keeping an eye one me, mistress," replied Alice as she still looked out the window.

"Your neighbor likes peeping in on you," inquired Nicole as she walked to the window.

"I wouldn't exactly call it peeping, mistress," responded Alice. "When I was eight she used to watch me after school. In a way I think she sees me as one of her grandchildren."

"Really, and you see nothing wrong with an older person peeping into the bedroom of a teenager be it for personal gratification or just plan nosiness?"

"Well mistress when you but it like that it does sound weird. But this is Miss Belmont. She used to invite me over for cookies, she was married, has three kids and four grandchildren. She is not interested in me."

"I'll tell you what," said Nicole taking a hold of Alice's hand and walking out the bedroom door. "We will keep the windows not facing her house effectively covered but the ones facing her house open and I bet she takes a very keen interest in what we do in here. Mark my words Miss Belmont will really take an interest in keeping an eye on things. But now you will need to refresh your lipstick before lunch, it got a little smudged."

As they proceeded to the kitchen Alice started to rethink Miss Belmont's intentions for the past several years. True she was the dominant force in their marriage and that her husband Arnold was an afemininite man and he did dress well. Miss Belmont also really did not have any patience when it came to men. Could it be that she was spying on her.


"And here we are back at my room," stated a naked Alice as she completed the tour of her house. While she still felt uncomfortable walking around her house naked it was much better than how she felt just hanging around the kitchen naked. Yes she had walked from her bathroom to her bedroom naked a number of times when she knew no one else was home and she was adventurous. Kim even dared her to walk to the kitchen for some snacks naked when they where freshman and she was spending the night but this was different. This was a sexual act: not a fun dare and it was with an audience. Nicole seemed to spend as much time watching her as she was looking at the house. And then there was the Miss Belmont card. Alice could have sworn she saw movement from her house but was unsure if it was Miss Belmont or just her imagination. Still she kept looking out her window for her neighbor.

Nicole was very pleased with the tour. Alice was nervous about walking around the house naked but did it without attempting to cover herself up. Also Nicole was very pleased with the house. Alice's parents taste in décor ran into the contemporary and everything was steel and glass and offered numerous opportunities for securing a person. Looking around the bedroom Nicole took a critical look at the furniture and decoration.

The room was painted a soft pink and was dominated by a Queen bed with a cast iron headboard and footboard. The rest of the furniture included a dresser, an armoire, a make-up table and a desk. One of the walls as also dominated by a set of mirrored closet doors, a touch Nicole also liked. However the one thing Nicole felt needed changing was the art on the all. They where currently reprints of famous paintings and needed to be replaced. The one exception was an enlarged portrait of a ballerina wearing a tutu standing bent at the waist to retie one of her slippers.

"Very good, thank you puppet," said Nicole as she walked to the closet and tested the door. "Your house is very nice and has lots of .....potential," added Nicole as she turned towards Alice and smiled.

Alice understood what Nicole meant and lowered her head in embarrassment. The way Nicole tied her up yesterday she could just imagine the 'potential' Nicole was referring to and made the already uncomfortable moment feel down right edgy.

"However I think your room can use a little updating," said Nicole. "I mean your art work looks a little generic and we need to express a little more of your personality, make it more of a play room."

Now the edginess took its toll. Alice did not want to redo her room and she certainly did not want Nicole to be the designer. Given her experience with the girl from the past day Alice was worried about all the strange pictures that would soon be hanging on the walls.

"Mistress shouldn't we wait," inquired Alice. Quickly adding that they should wait until after she announced their relationship to her parents. "You do not want to make too many changes at least not until they understand it first."

Nicole thought for a moment. Alice did have a point. Waiting until after they came out to Alice's parents would help Nicole gauge how far she could push the design envelope.

"Puppet your right," answered Nicole pulling Alice in for a quick kiss. "We'll wait until after we talk with your parents. That way I can spend some time acquiring the right pieces and see just what your parents will allow in there little girls room."

Alice was relived, she had finally won one, even if it was only a temporary victory, but it was a win.

"Okay, lets get started on reviewing you cloths," announced Nicole as she walked to the closet and opened the doors. "We already went over the pinkie rule for your skirts and dresses so we will go over the rest and then we'll have a fashion show to see what you'll keep, what gets modified, what we will get rid of and what will be thrown out.

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