With Strings Attached Ch. 09


"Well I can certainly understand how you could fall under the charms of this lovely girl," replied Janet as she rubbed her hand over Nicole's bare arm, her eyes focusing on Nicole's exposed cleavage.

"Actually it was your daughter who fist came on to me," giggled Nicole as she gently rubbed Alice's thigh.

"My little girl the aggressor, I cannot believe that" stated a surprised Janet as crossed her legs exposing most of her nylon covered thighs in the process.

"Believe it," countered Nicole as she twisted to face Janet, her knee touching Janet's nylon covered leg. "We were setup by a mutual friend and she was dressed to impress, in what I later found out to be her school uniform, and approached me like a hungry vixen staking her prey. Needless to say I can take care of myself and we came to a mutual agreement on our roles in the relationship.

Setup was right, thought Alice. She would never had dressed like that or acted like that if she knew what was going to happen. She was just acting out a fantasy that first night, a fantasy she was then forced to live out. And as for roles Alice didn't remember any agreement. Nicole took the dominate role and pushed her into that of the submissive.

"Well I'm glad to see that you girls have been so mature in working this out," stated Janet. "Alice's father and I had been a little worried about her adapting to college life given her level of experience. She had always been something of a wallflower and a follower; that combined with her lack of any experience with relationships could spell trouble when she moved off on her own. But this relationship seems to be an answer too many of our concerns. Deciding to enter into a lesbian relationship, even today, is not an easy thing to do and that shows a level of determination and drive by both of you.

"Why thank you Janet," stated Nicole and she placed her hand on Janet's nylon covered thigh. "And I understand your concerns. When I first met Alice she was a diamond in the tough; A little scared, a little hesitant and a little shy. But underneath there was a very special girl hiding and waiting to get out and I took it as my mission to help her blossom."

Janet let out a small gasp as she felt Nicole's hand touch her leg, it felt so soft so soothing. "Well I must say you did a great job," purred Janet, as she fought to keep her imagination from running away on her. "I have never seen Alice looking so beautiful and I don't think I have ever seen that dress before."

"Yes she is gorgeous," stated Nicole as she started to rub Janet's thigh. "I took her to see my stylist earlier this week and she did wonders with her hair and told us exactly what make-up works best for her. I think the result is magnificent and told her she had to keep up the look."

"Yes she should defiantly keep up the look," mumbled Janet, her pussy quivering from the feeling of Nicole's hand on her leg making it hard to focus on the conversation.

"And I'm also glad you like the dress," continued Nicole. "Alice is a little on the small side and does not have much in the way of curves. But with the right cloths your eyes are drawn to what she's got, her face and her legs."

Her legs are certainly on display," stated Janet focusing on her daughter sitting quietly in the corner of the bed. Her nylon encased legs extending out from the very short flared skirt giving the illusion of hips and a waist; the hem of the dress giving the impression of a bust. "I see she kept her like for short skirts."

"You can say that again," giggled Nicole as her fingers danced against the hem of Alice's dress. "Alice told me all about her school uniforms and how she had always been comfortable in mini skirts. So when we went shopping for a new wardrobe to go with her new look I'm afraid I took advantage of her comfort level."

"Being comfortable with one's sex appeal is an important step in growing up," stated Janet, thinking of Alice's school uniform. "Whatever Alice is comfortable with is okay with me and I suspect that she wants to look her best for her girlfriend."

"Thanks' mom," answered Alice as she twitched her legs in an attempt to push Nicole's fingers away.

"Yes, that is so cool," gushed Nicole raising her arms above her head and pushing out her chest. "A lot of parents get a little apprehensive when there daughter enters into a new relationship and starts making major changes and we were really worried that you would not care for the changes. We really appreciate your understanding, thank you.

"Well at this point of her life she must learn to live her life on her own," replied Janet grinning from the complement. "And to that end we still have one thing to discuss." Janet uncrossed her legs and slide back a bit so she was looking at both girls, her chest pushed out to match Nicole's. "Alice you are now 18 and for all intents and purposes an adult and your dad and I feel we should start treating you as such. Your father has seen so many young women come to college totally incapable of handing the freedom they had just acquired. As a result they make some very bad choices as they begin a very important part of there lives. So we are going to give you your freedom now. We will be there for you but we what you to get used to living your life on your own. To that end you can dress as you want and date who you want, but I do not think we need to go over the need for protection while you are dating Nicole. Also we are going to remove your curfew, as long as you do not miss school and keep up on your school work. All we ask is if you are staying out past 1 a.m. or spending the night with your girlfriend you let us know."

Alice simply sat there in stunned silence as her mother continued. Her parents were going to let her do anything she wanted, that meant she was going to have to do everything that she had agreed to with Nicole. She would be trapped wearing the cloths Nicole had chosen for her. She was not going to be allowed to wear any underwear and worse taken out in public naked. She would have to clean Nicole's house and her own dressed as a French maid. She would have to make sure she looked her best no matter where she was going or doing. She was going to have to play Nicole's kinky bondage games and pretend to like it. She would be expected to kiss and be intimate with her girlfriend as well as with any other woman she choose. All under Nicole's camera lens. She wasn't even going to have a curfew or even have to come back home. The thought of being trapped in this relationship for the next eight months sent a shiver through her body and drained the color from her face, not that her mother or Nicole would have noticed through her makeup.

"Earth to Alice," inquired Janet as she kicked Alice's leg bringing her out of her stupor. "Are you okay with that?"

"Yes mom," stuttered Alice not exactly sure want she was agreeing with.

"Great," smiled Janet as she got up and strutted to the door. "I'm glad we had this little talk," she continued as she turned to close the door.

Janet fell back against the wall as one hand began rubbing her aching breast as the other found its way through the slit of her skirt to her soaking wet panties. She had not been this aroused in ages and the though of what these two young girls were now doing and what she did at that age, her mind awash with memories of her own time in college. How she was first seduced by her roommate and the relationship that progressed. How she was willing to do anything for Jessica and how Jessica was happy to make her do anything. By the time her senior year rolled around she was nothing more than a plaything happily eating Jessica's pussy on command and sleeping in a cage at the foot of her bed. When Jessica started talking about taking her with to grad school as her slave she knew she had to break free before it was no longer possible.

Soon after she met Paul but she never felt the passion she felt with Jessica. Those feels stayed repressed until Alice started high school. After seeing Alice and Kim in those sexy little uniforms she kept daydreaming of catching the two of them making out. Now her daughter had a girlfriend, a very sexy girlfriend. Now she had a chance to help make all those fantasies that had been running through her head a reality. Yes there would be fallout from Paul from giving Alice unlimited freedom but she felt confident she could get him to go along. After all she would be keeping a close eye on what was happening in their relationship, she would just have to keep him a little in the dark. However that would have to wait until she had taken care of her body's demands.

Meanwhile Alice was still trying to process what had just happen, it seemed so surreal. She had just been caught with her girlfriend without wearing any underwear and having her hands tied behind her back. Her parents were supposed to rescue her from this demented relationship not hand her over to her girlfriend, her mistress, bound. Now there was nothing standing between her and what Nicole wanted to do to her. Alice squirmed against the bed and gave a nervous smile as she looked up and saw the triumphant grin on Nicole's face as her hand slipped between her thighs.

"You are officially all mine now puppet," growled Nicole as she started to stroke Alice's upper thigh.

Alice closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she felt Nicole's hand push up to her mound. With her hands bound and pinned against the headboard there was no place for her to move she was fully under Nicole's control. Obediently she accepted Nicole's kiss and let out a low moan as Nicole's fingers penetrated her pussy.

Nicole could hardly contain her excitement. She had found the perfect girl and for one week she was living her dream. But with the return of Alice's parents she did not know what to expect, yes Alice assured her she would do what ever it took to make sure they would be able to continue to see each other but the question was under what terms. From what Alice was saying she expected they would have very little time to spend together and would have to greatly tone down there relationship. But not only were Alice's parent's accepting of there relationship but willing to allow her to spend her time before college free of any rules or restrictions, Alice's mother was even excited about her daughter seeing another girl. Now she had Alice as her very own to do with as she pleased as she placed her hand between Alice's thighs and leaned in for a kiss.

The make out and groping session continued with Nicole's tongue taking possession of Alice's mouth her one hand slowly stimulating her pussy while her other roamed freely around her body. Alice felt she had no choice but obey as Nicole's possession of her mouth was occasionally broken by Nicole making a statement to which Alice knew her expected response 'yes mistress'.

"Are you happy with the outcome puppet?"

"Yes mistress."

"Are you excited about everything we are going to do?"

"Yes mistress."

"Are you willing to do anything I want?"

"Yes mistress."

Nicole let out a shudder at Alice's response. She wanted nothing more that to have complete power over Alice and she wanted to make sure Alice knew exactly what that meant.

"You will let me dress you as I please?"

"Yes mistress."

"You will let me tie you up?

"Yes mistress."

"However I want?

"Yes mistress."

"For as long as I want?"

"Yes mistress."

"Where ever I want?"

"Yes mistress."

"And you like it when I photograph you?"

"Yes mistress."


"Yes mistress."


"Yes mistress."

"Out in public?"

"Yes mistress."

"In front of your mother?"

"Yes mistress."

Nicole smiled at the thought. Janet was very excited about Alice being in a lesbian relationship and seemed very smitten with her. She liked other women lusting after her almost as much as watching other women lust after her girlfriend and Janet was not just any other woman she was the mother of her girlfriend. Having Janet attracted to her would be very helpful in keeping Alice under her control and allow her to have some fun on the side. She would just have to make sure Janet's infatuation with her was nurtured and continued and her husband kept away from Alice.

"I think your mother has a thing for me."

"Yes mistress."

"We may have to leave some photo's me around your house for her to find."

"Yes mistress."

"Do you think she would like that?"

"Yes mistress."

"Would she like it if I flirted with her?"

"Yes mistress."

"Would you flirt with her?"

"Yes mistress."

"Yes, you like flirting with other women don't you?"

"Yes mistress."

"Having them look at our ass,"

"Yes mistress."

"Wanting to caress your breasts?"

"Yes mistress."

"Kissing your lips?"

"Yes mistress."

"Wanting them to get wet thinking of you?"

"Yes mistress."

Nicole knew she was getting wet just thinking about it. They already had April and Vicky fully in their clutches and given the response they received from a number of the other women they came in contact with it was only a matter of time before Alice's stable of lovers increased. Alice just had to keep up the flirting and make sure their targets felt comfortable with the idea of being with her. She even planned on trying to ensnare whole groups of girls leveraging peer pressure to get them all to play with Alice. Nicole imagined Alice making out with every member of her volleyball team as well as her high schools cheer squad. With the help of the internet she even hoped to make being with Alice a badge of honor.

"Do you like of idea of making out with other woman?"

"Yes mistress."

"Are you excited about having an affair with your sister?"

"Yes mistress."

"Setup a date night with her for Wednesday night."

"Yes mistress."

"Tell her you are spending the night."

"Yes mistress."

"Tell her you have a present for her."

"Yes mistress."

Nicole smiled as she stood up and moved to the center of the floor. "We are going to have so much fun puppet. Now get on your knees I have you have a job to do before I untie your hands and let you get the DVD."

"Yes mistress," stated Alice as she used her legs to pull herself to the edge of the bed, her dress riding up in the process, her last hope of returning to reality drifted off into the distance. Even though it was only a week since she licked her first pussy Nicole's lessons had taken their toll. With her hands secured behind her back she knew she could not help Nicole disrobe and simply knelt in the middle of her bedroom, her back to the vanity camera and the closet and wall cameras on either side. Nicole circled her as she softly ran a finger along her throat, behind her ears and through her hair before stopping in front of her and turning to unbuckle her pants, bending at the waist Nicole's ass nearly touched Alice's nose as she pushed her jeans and panties down her legs. Alice could smell Nicole's aroma and knew it would not take her long to get her mistress off.

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