tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWork Place Encounters Ch. 03

Work Place Encounters Ch. 03


The following Monday when I showed up for work there was a large envelope sitting on my desk. When I opened it up I found Kay's cum stained bra from our previous week's encounter and an bill for the cost of a new bra. I quickly called her up and just told her to be ready to go out for lunch at 12:15 and hung up.

She showed up at my office door right on time and without asking any questions had her coat in hand and was ready to go. I drove about 20 minutes to what many consider a "seedy" part of town and stopped in front of a store that sells adult toys, videos and lingerie. It wasn't until we had stopped that she asked me if this was where we were going for lunch. I explained that since she needed a new bra, and was expecting me to pay for it, then I wanted to be able to pick it out.

We went into the store and the women who owns the business greeted us and asked if she could help us find anything. I told her we were out shopping for some sexy bras and she directed us to the display right in the middle of the store. That conversation was loud enough that it got the attention of the only other people in the store; 2 single guys.

I quickly went to the rack that held the half cup, or shelf, bras and picked out 3 of them that were Kay's size. I handed them to her and shoved her toward the small dressing room on the side of the store. It was pretty simple, about 3 ft square, with only a curtain for a door. I told her to try the black one first.

After a couple of minutes Kay called out that it fit fine, but she wasn't sure about it. I told her to open the curtain and show me, so she did. The bra had done wonders for her figure. It proudly lifted her tits up and it perfectly exposed her nipples above the bra cup. It looked like she had gained 2 inches of breast. I asked her to try on the white one next, and to leave the curtain open.

By now the store owner had come over to stand by me, and both of the guys were looking at the dressing room. We all watched as Kay changed from the black to the white bra. I asked her to step out and show it to us, and she quietly took a couple steps toward the store owner and I.

The owner quickly moved over to Kay and made a couple adjustments to the straps that pulled her tits up a bit more. I asked her to cut of the tag so she went to the cash register for a scissors while Kay waited. This was much like the time she exposed herself in my office as all she could do was stand still and start to blush, while everyone looked at her.

The owner came back and cut off the tags and I handed her the black one as well and said we'd take both of them. As she went back to the cash register I asked Kay to step over to the rack and see if there were any panties she would like that matched her new bras.

I was really proud of her as she walked over to the rack and picked out several pairs of lacy panties and thongs that would accent her new bras. She did this while the two guys and myself watched very closely. She surprised me when she took them over, and handed them to, the the store owner who was standing by the register which was near the front door. Just as she had put them on the counter the front door opened.

That froze Kay in her tracks, but it was just another lonely single guy that was coming to look at the adult videos. He stopped just inside the door and after getting a good look at Kay's tits she turned and walked back towards the dressing room. When got back I asked her how brave she was feeling, and she told me she was very excited, but very nervous. I asked her if she wanted to do more, and after a few moments she just nodded her head yes.

I asked the 3 guys if any of them would like to play with her tits for a few moments and all of them crowded around Kay and quickly started to grope her tits. She remained cornered in the small dressing area, but since it was so small she felt a bit protected since none of them could get in with her. I waited a couple of minutes and then the store owner suggested that we should stop in case somebody came in that didn't like what was going on. So, I had to tell the guys to stop.

Once they finally moved back I could see that they had taken full advantage of the time they had as Kay's bra was down around her waist and her jeans and panties had been pushed down to her knees. I pulled the curtain shut and told her to get dressed, but to wear her new bra on the way back to work.

In a couple minutes she came out looking very composed and had somehow found the time to quickly fix her makeup and brush her hair. I had already paid for her new clothes so we quickly went to the car.

As we drove back to work I asked her if she'd enjoyed the lunch, and she told me that it was the most exciting thing that she'd every done, but that she didn't get anything to eat and she was still hungry. I asked her what she would have thought if I'd asked her to give blow jobs to the 3 guys, and she surprised me when she said that's what she thought I was going to do!

I remarked that at least that way she'd have gotten some lunch!

I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at work as the sweater Kay was wearing was a light color and it was very easy to see the outline of her white bra, and her exposed dark nipples, showing through the fabric. She also seemed to enjoy the fact she was showing off, but acted totally oblivious when some of the guys were caught staring at her tits.

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