tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorking Hard or Hardly... Ch. 03

Working Hard or Hardly... Ch. 03


I didn't think my pussy could get any wetter than it was last night, but I was wrong. I reached for a tissue by my bed to catch the excessive liquid excitement that had built up between my pussy lips from an exhausting night of tossing and turning. When I would wake up all hot and sweaty, I could not remember anything accept that I was horny as hell! I would roll over, wrap my limbs around a body pillow, and give it a few grinds until I would fall back into a fitful sleep.

Once up for the morning I rushed around, chastising myself for not having everything laid out last night. The whole ordeal with my new employer hitting on me really threw me into a tailspin. I am still not sure if I was imagining things or not. However, I do remember exactly how she made me feel when she groped my bottom and gazed at me with her smoldering green eyes. I felt like this very seductive looking woman was hunting me and I had nowhere to hide from her.

Michelle said she was going to be training me herself starting at 7:45, so I made sure that I was there at 7:30. I looked over my things and made note of them all like it was the first day back to school. The security company was right off the meridian road going into the state's capital city. It was placed right next to large woods that looked untamed. My mind slipped back to a wonderful memory of when Allen and I went hiking in a thick wood where we found a clearing and made passionate love in a stream of sunlight. It was like something you would see in a romantic movie, it was such a wonderful experience. I wondered if we could ever get away for lunch in those woods someday.

My enchantment of that memory was shattered by a boisterous group of employees trying to get in a few last drags off their cigarettes before heading in for work. I had the feeling they were talking about me, because when I looked up at them, they all stopped talking. Finally, the comfortable moment was broken when one of the girls waved at me and called out Hello. I smiled and waved back at her, she was dressed in a tight knit dress that did not leave much to the imagination on her skinny frame. They all eventually turned and continued with their loud banter.

As I looked at my watch for the 100th time, I noticed I should gather my things in my car and head to the door. I looked up and saw Michelle on the other side of the large glass plate. She slid her card and turned a knob on a lock to let me in. She greeted me in a very professional manner. Matter of fact, she was very professional all day long. She showed me the ropes of the switchboard, along with keeping track of all the incoming and outgoing mail. She told me all about the company's long history and went over all the rules and benefits of the job. Everything was very composed the first two weeks of my employment there. I hardly ever saw Michelle after my third day. She was quickly assured of my skills as a receptionist. I had finally convinced myself that I must have just misunderstood her actions that first day.


The switchboard had been uncommonly quiet on the start of my third week with the company. Allen wasn't kidding when he said it would be as if we were not even working in the same building. I hardly saw him at all since I started. I was missing him terribly and my body was aching for him as much as my heart. I was really starting to feel we were growing apart. Maybe I should have him move in with me just so I could see him after a busy day and night at work. A ringing line brought me back to the reality that I was at work and I routed the call to the proper person.

I looked at the digital read out on the switchboard and realized that twenty minutes had pasts and only one call had come through about fifteen minutes ago. I was about ready to call someone to see if there was a problem when I heard the door behind me buzz and click and Michelle walked through the door way. She was wearing that blue suit again, that hugged her form and made her green eyes even more penetrating. It was the suit with the uncommonly short skirt for business attire, with the very high slit up the back. She seemed to be walking like a cat on the prowl as she approached me and said,

"Have the phones been quiet for you this morning?"

Surprised, I replied,

"Yes, they have almost been completely silent this morning; I was about ready to call someone to see if there was a problem."

"There is no problem. It's the end of the month and I need to show you a few things that I have not trained you on yet." She said this with an emphasis on the word 'trained'.

"Oh. Umm, Okay." I stammered, I had that strange feeling again that I was becoming a creature of prey again and she was the predator.

Michelle continued,

"At the end of the month your paper work will double because you need to send out reports to all the other satellite offices. On the last day of the month, I will transfer all your calls to the secondary switchboard that is located near Connie Smyth's office. Since you're familiar with how the mail works and how to handle the protocol of the front desk, its best to let you work up here and not be distracted with calls. The paper work will more than likely take you all day to sort, stuff and get the mailing papers filled out for pick up."

She was talking quickly and I scrambled to find my note pad and pen to take notes on what she was saying. While I was doing that she pulled a chair up next to mine, almost too close for comfort. I would find moments to interject an "alright" or "Okay" into the pauses of her fast moving instructions until she settled into sitting closely on my left side.

"Oh," she said as she stood up once more. Her breasts were right at my eye level, "Let me help you out of your headset, you wont be needing it today."

She gingerly took the headset off of me. I felt strange, as if she was belittling me like a child who couldn't do it for myself, not to mention her breast right in my face. There was no reason for her to be that close but she took the head set and placed it on my right hand side. This caused her to bend her whole body across my lap. I could see the roundness of her ass and the slit up the back of her skirt showed off her inner thigh, it was almost possible to see where her legs would have come together, but I tried not to look.

As she sat back down in her chair, she slid her breast against the length of my upper arm. Then she whispered in my ear,

"There, now isn't that much better... Melody?"

I looked at her out of the corner of my eyes and answered.

"Um, yes. Thank you."

OKAY, I know now she IS hitting on me, especially since I could feel her hand starting to rub up the inside of my thigh! My hand moved in a flash to on top of hers to stop her from making her way up my skirt. My terrified eyes met her smoldering green intense gaze.

"Oh! I'm sorry." She said coolly like nothing really happened. "I was going for the drawer over here. I guess my hand slipped."

Mischief danced in her eyes as she reached over to the hanging folder drawer on my right hand side. She got out a large batch of delivery slips. I could feel her breast pressing on my arm and lap now. Finally, I pushed my chair back and out of her way.

"I'm sorry, I guess I am in your way, would you like to trade chairs or something." I asked, trying to act cool in this most uncomfortable sexual situation.

"I would like something," she purred, "And I will move to get it." With that Michelle dropped down before me on her knees. She took her hands and quickly forced my knees apart. I gasped at this bold move by her and let out a little yelp.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she hissed, "It's ok... your shy... we can fix it." With that she crawled under the desk and with both hand on the arms of my chair pulled me towards her so quickly that my feet drug under myself. She quickly grabbed me from around my ass and pulled my hips forward and to the edge of my chair.

"AH!" I cried. She was much stronger than I had ever imagined a woman could be. Or maybe just the shock of what was happening paralyzed me.

"Shoosh shh shh shhhh shhh." She continued to murmur to me as she put one arm around my waist and the other hand pressing two fingers over my lips. I was out of my mind trying to process what was going on. I was trapped in my chair underneath her. Her face was now close to mine. She wet her lips before she spoke,

"Melody," she paused as if to waiting for me respond and I let out a whimper, "My dear, dear Melody." She gazed at my lips under her fingertips, "Don't disappoint me, my dear. You don't want to go back out into the world looking for a job again do you?"

I whimpered a 'no' and shook my head accordingly.

"Melody," she said my name again and paused as if she just liked to say my name over and over again, "Mmmm, play nice and you can keep your job. Besides, you know no one would believe you if you ever told about what just happened, or should I say going to happen? Just be quiet, relax and just enjoy it."

End of Part Three

(Yes, there is more to cum, baby. Stay tuned)

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