Worth It


"You wanted to see me?" I asked, peeking into your office and smiling at you, seated behind your desk, dressed up from an earlier meeting.

"Shut the door, if you would". Your voice is low and it catches me off guard. "I haven't seen you in a bit," you say, gesturing towards the armchair. I usually visit at the end of the day but I hadn't been by in a while due to my insane workflow. I blush immediately, apologizing and you shake your head before taking a second look at me, as if you didn't see me when I first walked in. "Is that a new dress?" you inquire, looking me up and down. The black 40's inspired dress hugs every curve of my body, the curls of my hair tumbling over my shoulders to an open back that shows just enough skin and my legs are creamy and smooth, shapely due to my matching black heels.

"Yes, a little Wednesday Adams, but I love a good skirt" I say, pivoting and twirling around in a circle, the skirt rising up like Marilyn Monroe and you can see the white lace edges of my panties hugging my ass. You lick your lips and try not to think about how good it would look bent over your desk as you've wanted so many times before.

You swallow hard, "It looks lovely".

I beam at you and sit down, crossing my ankles and leaning in. "Well thanks Hum" I joke, loving the way you call me Lo and grin at me like a hungry wolf at the same time. Without fail, the smile appears on your face and I can see you shift uncomfortably in your seat. Gotcha.

"Are you okay?" I ask sweetly, pursing my perfectly red lips at you and blinking my dark eyes slowly. You swallow again and try to regain a grip on the conversation, rerouting it to something normal and boring about the office and movies and episodes of Sherlock. I steal a look at the clock at it's getting late, you've surely missed your train by now. I ask you, "Don't you have to go?" and you look me up and down, from my heels to my lips and back down.

"Uhm ... I was working late anyway, it's no big deal. You're not keeping me here."

I grin that Big Bad Wolf smile right back at you and say, only half jokingly, "I could keep you here" and you blushed, squirming again in your seat.

"How would you do that?" you ask, licking your lips and looking over my body again.

My smile grows even bigger and I stand up to face you, "You tell me." You're losing control, I can see it. You want me, you always have. You put you hands on your desk, clasping them tightly and looking down. "Or I could go," I say, shrugging, acting as if you have no effect on me when I can feel my clit tingling with the tension in the room. I've wanted you since the first time I saw you, hair brushing against your face in the hallway. After that, it was all little things - touches, secret meetings, then talking more candidly and going out for drinks. You've never seen my whole body but I've given you glimpses that left your mouth watering and dick so hard you thought you might die. I turn towards the door and pick up my bag, preparing to leave you there with your filthy mind and sweating palms.

Seeing the skin of my back was enough to set you off apparently because suddenly your voice filled the silence in the small office. "No." Firm. Authoritative. Aggressive. Desperate. I fuckin loved it.

I spun around, letting my bag fall from my shoulder and took a step towards your desk. "What should I do if I stay?" I ask, prompting you to make the first move. I want you to ravage me, and you know it, but I'll never give up my game face until you've broken me down completely. You know what I like, I've told you over a few late night chats. You know how I like to be touched, treated, talked to. What words set me off, keep me going and send me over the edge.

Your mouth is so dry that you can barely get the words out "As much as I love that dress, take it off. Now." I unfasten the dress and let it fall off my body, exposing my black bra, heaving tits, exquisite body and black panties with white lace hugging my hips. You exhale so loudly that I'm not sure how long you were holding your breath. "Fuckkk," you whisper, looking me up and down, "You are amazing".

I smile and toss my hair back. 'Why thank you," I say smiling and taking a step forward, out of my dress and laying my palms on your desk. You stand up and I can see your cock straining through your pants. My turn to lick my lips. You walk around to my side and run your hands along my body, from top to bottom, feeling every inch of my soft, warm skin, whimpering every so often as you explore the places you've only dreamed about. "How bad do you want me?" I whisper softly, leaning in so you can feel my tits against your chest and my breath in your ear.

You groan just from that and suddenly, without any warning, you push me up so I'm seated on the desk and spread my legs. "SO. FUCKING. BAD." you growl, taking your shirt off and throwing it back behind your desk. I smile and pull you in. Your nails rake down my back as you kiss my neck wildly, biting and sucking the skin of my collarbone. You can barely contain yourself and suddenly, my legs are wrapped around your waist, pulling you in, grinding against you. My whimpers and moans fill your office as you push back against me, pulling my hair. I need you; your hands, your body, your cock. All of it. You unhook my bra and let my tits fall out, heavy and hot against my skin. You unlock my legs from your body and step back to look at me, shaking your head. "Breathtaking. Literally breathtaking." you whisper before leaning back in to play with them.

They spill out of your hands as you play with my nipples, hard from all your kisses. I moan loudly when you tighten your grip on them and your growl comes back, "You like that?" I nod and arch my back so my tits press into your hands harder and you dig your nails in, causing me to moan out loud again.

I un-do your belt and let your pants drop to the floor but you swat my hand away before I can touch your underwear. "Bad girl," you scold. "You don't get to have your fun until I have mine or until I let you, understand?" Your voice is harsh and I am melting in your hands.

I nod again, whimpering slightly. "What do you want me to do, sir?" I ask, looking up at you with doe eyes. You hook your thumbs on the sides of my panties and motion for me to lift my ass up so you can take them off. I obediently do as I am asked and you slide them down my legs, revealing my soaking wet pussy to the cold air of your office. I shiver and position myself on the edge of the desk, ready for whatever you'll give me.

You don't break eye contact as you get on your knees, "I have wanted to taste this pussy for so goddamned long" you say, running your finger along my slit. I'm shivering and so fucking turned on that I may cum the moment your tongue touches my clit. You tease me for two unbelievably long minutes before hooking your middle finger inside me. I let out a gasp, involuntarily pushing my hips forward for more but you scold me and push me back. You part my pussy lips with your other hand and dive your tongue directly into my clit. I can't even control myself and cum directly into your mouth, my hands gripping the edge of the desk, moaning and whimpering. I can actually feel your lips curl into a smile as you suck on it, causing me so much pleasure before you slide another finger into me, fingering me relentlessly and sucking on my clit in tandem, causing another orgasm to wash over me quickly and I grab the back of your head to grind it into me harder.




You finally pull away, your chin covered in dripping cum, your tongue licking it up like candy. Your smile is indescribable, "Totally worth it," you say, panting. I smile back before sliding off the desk.

I look at you and motion for you to sit in the chair, "I want you to watch me." I say softly. You look confused but sit down anyway. "Take those off too" I say, pointing at your underwear. You grin and slide them off, your amazing cock popping out and standing at attention just for me. That right there could have set me off again but no, I know what you want. And I'm going to let you have it. Because I'll be a good girl for you. I have to be. I nod and get on my knees, turning around so you can see my ass and drop down onto my elbow.

I can hear you gasp "No fucking way, no fucking way, don't you dare" but I'll be bad just this once. I know you love it. I start out slow, teasing my clit before slamming two fingers into my tight, juicy pussy. You moan so heavily I'm tempted to turn around and jump on you but no, you want to see me cum like this. I know you do. I keep going, harder and harder, slamming my hips back against my own hand until I'm screaming out your name and cumming all over my hand and the floor.

Our mixed panting is the only sound in the room until I hear your knees hit the carpet and you are suddenly behind me. "Don't move slut" you command, placing your hand on my back and pulling me close. You tease me repeatedly with the head of your cock before slamming the entire thing into me. I scream and you pull my hair back like reigns, telling me to be quiet. You stay like that, your hand in my hair, your cock all the way inside me, my pussy pulsating around it.

I can barely stand it but I stay still and stay quiet. "Anything you want," I gasp, "I'll be good". You finally start rocking back and forth, fucking me slowly but with enough force that I rocked by every little movement of your body.

"I've wanted this for so long" you moan, touching me all over while you rail me from behind. "Fucking stand up NOW bitch" you command, dragging me over to the desk and bending me over it, never taking your dick out. I groan as you start pounding into me, another orgasm coming over my body like a fucking mac truck. You smack my ass as I scream your name, cumming so hard, I can barely stay standing.

You flip me around and fast, edging me back onto the desk, still making me take it. "You want me to cum for you, slut?" you ask, right in my face, my tits bouncing. I nod fervently, needing to feel it so bad.

"All over me" I stutter, barely able to breathe. You pull out of me and put your hand on my shoulder, slamming me down onto my knees. Your cock is covered in my pussy juice but you shove it straight down my throat without another word. You close your eyes and start fucking my face, over and over until I can hear you moaning my name and your grip on my head tightens. Suddenly, you whip your cock out of my mouth and spray what seems like gallons of hot, white, sticky cum all over my face and tits. I moan and slip my hand into my pussy, cumming one last time, gushing all over your office floor. You fall back into the chair, exhausted and messy as I crumple up on the floor.

"Definitely worth it," I hear you say, "Definitely"

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