tagGay MaleWrangler Butts Ch. 04

Wrangler Butts Ch. 04


The next day found both guys wrapping up their data collection on the station. As they packed everything and stowed it away for the trip back to the university, the realization that their relationship was going to change once they got back was weighing on Darrin. They wouldn't be living together; it wouldn't be the same as it had been for the last couple of weeks. The more Darrin thought about it, the more obstacles he created. He decided that he was just being foolish and after yesterday's disastrous melt down he didn't want to talk to Mitch about his fears and have him think Darrin he was some mushy flake that couldn't be depended on. As he put the last of the luggage and equipment in the pickup, he had decided that it would be best to keep these thoughts to himself. He would just swallow them like he had so many times before.

Mitch walked up, took Darrin's shoulders in his hands and started rubbing them. He moved closer and inhaled.

"College, you smell damn good. I love your smell."

Darrin smiled and leaned his head over as Mitch started kissing the side of his neck. "You're going to start something if you keep that up," said Darrin.

Mitch bit down on Darrin's neck and sucked hard, knowing it would leave a mark. After a few seconds he released his hold and chuckled at the darkening that was already forming. He stroked his finger down Darrin's neck,

"What if I don't care if I start something," asked Mitch.

Darrin pointed to the gathering cloud of road dust that indicated someone coming. "I think you would have to explain to them why my dick is in your mouth," said Darrin with a smirk.

Mitch reached over and grabbed Darrin's package and squeezed. He loved the little mewing sounds that came from Darrin's mouth. Releasing him, Mitch moved so his mouth was fractions of an inch from Darrin's ear and whispered. "At least I'm not going to have to explain how I got a huge ass hickey when it's just you and me here."

Darrin gasped and grabbed his neck where Mitch had worked him over. "You asshole! Did you really give me a hickey?" Darrin turned and ran back into the house so he could see the damage in the mirror. Looking at it, Darrin's mouth dropped open as he saw the silver dollar sized purple bruise on his neck. Desperate to cover it up, he pulled on a shirt and buttoned it all the way to the top. Walking back out, Darrin glared at Mitch as he started to snort.

"You jackass! What am I gonna tell them if they ask?" said Darrin.

"They won't ask. You just need to relax," said Mitch with a smile, as the pickup rolled to a stop in front of them. Wade stepped out with one of the hired hands and the two walked over.

"Hey. Ya'll about ready to head out? Anything we need to help you wrap up?" asked Wade.

"Naw, We've pretty much got things packed up. A few more minutes and we'll head out," said Mitch.

Darrin stayed in the periphery of the conversation as Mitch and Wade did the obligatory 15 minutes of small talk. Darrin had started to relax when he happened to glance over at the other guy and saw that he was staring at Darrin and had a huge smile plastered over his face. Darrin's face glowed a cherry red and he tried to pull the shirt collar over the hickey, which only made the guy grin more. Mitch and Wade finally wrapped up the conversation and Wade turned to Darrin,

"Well drive careful Darrin. I guess we won't see you again until the fall."

"Nope, I probably won't be back until then. I've got my orals next month so I've got to get ready for those," said Darrin.

Wade reached up and squeezed his shoulder. "Well take care of yourself. And this guy too," he said with a backward motion of his head toward Mitch.

"Ah, yeah, sure. I'll do what I can," stammered Darrin.

With that the two of them walked back to their pickup. The hand turned his head to smile at Darrin again, but to Darrin's surprise Wade reached over and smacked the back of his head. He was still rubbing the spot as he climbed in and they drove down the road.

Darrin turned to Mitch with his arms crossed over his chest. "You happy? They did notice. Did you see the smirk on that kids face?"

"Whatever. He just has the hots for you," said Mitch.

Darrin's mouth opened and closed a few times, at a complete loss for words. Finally with an inarticulate grunt he stomped in the house to finish packing. Mitch chuckled and followed after him. Mitch was glad Wade straightened out that kid or he would have talked to him about flirting with Darrin.

The rest of the packing was uneventful and the two were soon on their way back to the university. Driving through the empty rural highway, Darrin was lost in thought as he deliberated on how things were going to work once they were back at school. He finally decided that they would probably just go back to the way things were, and get together whenever they could. Definitely the most practical way to deal with it, Darrin decided, that way it wouldn't impact either of their lives. Yes, they had told each other that they were in love, but in Darrin's experience that wasn't really a long-term thing, so practical and logical was certainly the best solution. Just look how long it took them to get together. If they were soul mates or some such crap it would have happened in a few days instead of the months that it did take. Yes, he knew that fear, bad past experience and a host of other issues had kept him from pushing their relationship sooner, but Mitch could have initiated it. Damn it, it wasn't his fault. The other crap just should not have affected anything if it was a for-real-long-term relationship. Settling it in his mind, he mentally adjusted to the fact that they would just keep things the way they had been and maybe they would still have a few intimate moments when it could fit into their schedules.

"You're thinkin' too much. Nothing good comes when you are this quiet for this long," said Mitch, "Tell me what you're thinkin'."

Darrin glanced over at his traveling companion and nodded. "No, nothing big. Just thinking about needing to renew my lease on the apartment once we're back. I'll only need it for another year and I'll finish."

Mitch gave him a confused look. "Why would you do that? I figured you'd just move in with me."

Darrin gave Mitch a dumbstruck look and then yanked the pickup back onto the road as it drifted toward the ditch.

"Pull over Darrin, before you wreck this little thing and kill us . . ."

Darrin slowed and carefully pulled to the side of the road. His knuckles were leached white from his grip as he stared straight ahead.

"So, why are you going to renew your lease?" asked Mitch.

"Well, it just made sense. I assumed that we'd both keep our own places, cause, you know . . ."

"No, I don't know. Why don't you explain this to me," said Mitch as he raised his eyebrows to look at Darrin. "And look at me. Don't go fuckin' staring into space."

Darrin turned to look at Mitch, his hands still locked on the steering wheel.

"Well, I thought. I assumed. It was just logical . . ." stammered Darrin.

"What was logical? And you know what they say about 'assuming'."

Darrin breathed out a shuddering sigh. "I guess I didn't think you'd want to live together. Now that we are back at school."

"Where in the hell did you get that wild ass idea? I'd prefer to live with the man I love."

Darrin felt a tear roll down his face and clenched his fists and screamed, "DAMNIT!"

Mitch jumped at his outburst, "What the fuck! Did I say something wrong?"

Darrin finally released his grip and wiped the moisture from his eyes and let out a weak laugh. "No, but I swore I wasn't going to bawl in front of you again. I didn't want you to feel like I was some helpless baby."

Mitch reached over, gripped the back of Darrin's neck and started rubbing it. "You are so fuckin' weird sometimes College. Did it ever occur to you that I like that you are a little sensitive and emotional?"

Darrin laughed, "No, it didn't. And I'm not sure I believe you. But thanks anyway." He drew in another breath, "So. . .we're going to live together? At your house?"

"Yup, that was the plan big boy! I don't think Storm and Lady would be welcome at your apartment."

"No, I guess not," Darrin replied with a chuckle.

"So it's settled? And you're finished worrying it to death?"

"Yes . . . It's settled and I'm finished with my worrying."

"Good! Cause I gotta pee." Mitch grinned at Darrin as he opened the pickup door.

Darrin laughed and then climbed out too. Moving around the pickup he had a moment of déjà vu. As he fished his cock out of his jeans, Darrin recalled his furtive glances at Mitch's equipment on their way to the station, and how much things had changed in the few weeks since.

As he heard Mitch's strong stream hitting the ground, Darrin turned to watch. He was aroused again at the sight of Mitch urinating beside the pickup, but this time when Mitch smiled at him, Darrin returned it and continued admiring the view. As Mitch shook off the last drops he asked, "Did you enjoy the scenery?"

"Damn right I did! You are so incredibly sexy," said Darrin.

Mitch smiled and walked over; taking Darrin's cock in his hand he held it while Darrin finished urinating. After shaking it dry he slowly started stroking Darrin's dick.

"Oh fuck Mitch, that's not fair! I have to drive the rest of the way with a boner now."

Mitch chuckled and then stuffed Darrin's hardening cock back inside his pants.

"Maybe not, get in the truck." said Mitch.

Darrin moved awkwardly back into the driver's side and watched as Mitch moved back into his seat. Cautiously moving back onto the highway, Darrin felt Mitch's hand moving along his thigh.

"What are you doing?" said Darrin.

"What does it feel like I'm doin'?" said Mitch with a grin.

"You know what I mean. And what happened to your concerns about safe driving?"

"Don't wreck and it will all be good."

Darrin let out a gust of air as Mitch's fingers opened his fly and then moved inside. Darrin gasped slightly as Mitch fished out his hard dick. Glancing down he saw Mitch moving closer and his body convulsed as Mitch blew across the tip.

"Oh god Mitch, that's not fair!"

"Life ain't fair babe. Just enjoy the ride."

Mitch moved closer and touched Darrin's cock with his hot tongue. Sliding his hand up and down the stiff shaft, he added to the massive quantities of precum that were flowing down the side of Darrin's dick. He leaned in and sucked the tip, draining it like a straw. Then he moved down and started circling his tongue around the sensitive ridge. Varying its speed, his fist continued to slide up and down the wet surface of Darrin's now throbbing dick.

"Shit Mitch! You're going to make me cum if you don't stop."

Mitch pulled off Darrin's cock, licked his lips and smiled, "That was the general idea."

Mitch dove back down, licking and jerking Darrin's cock with gusto. Darrin felt his body respond and he knew he wouldn't last long as Mitch's head pistoned in his lap. Just then they were passed by an 18-wheeler who honked and gave Darrin a two-thumbs up as he drove past. Darrin turned crimson with embarrassment, but was too close to even consider stopping Mitch. Darrin felt Mitch's hand slide under his ass, causing him to struggle to focus as he anticipated what he knew was coming. Just as he expected a finger began to slide into his butt, finding his prostate with the accuracy of a guided missile. Darrin moaned louder at the intrusion and his legs locked.

"Damnit! I'm coming!"

Mitch drove his finger in as far as he could and swallowed Darrin's dick. Darrin thrust his hips forward and emptied his balls into Mitch's mouth. His body trembled as the last of his semen flowed into the hot mouth surrounding his cock. He shook a final time and then collapsed back into the seat.

"Oh holy shit! That was amazing."

Mitch rose up, licking the remnants from his lips and smiled. "It was damn good, wasn't it?" He glanced at the speedometer and chuckled,

"Babe, you might want to slow down. You might have trouble explaining to a cop why we're going over 110."

Darrin gasped and removed his foot from the gas, letting the pickup slow back to the speed limit. He then recalled the truck driver and started laughing. Mitch turned to him with an inquisitive look.

"Did you hear the truck go around us?"

Mitch nodded.

"Well he got a free shot and was cheering me on!"

Mitch collapsed on the seat in laughter as Darrin blushed again.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. They discussed the upcoming semester and Darrin's orals at the end of the summer. But mostly they planned how to move Darrin into Mitch's house. Normally they would invite all the other grad students over, provide food and beer, and it would be done in no time. But neither of them was certain how the other grad students were going to react. They mutually agreed to work out the details later, but in the mean time Darrin would live at Mitch's house. The last of the immediate details were decided just as they pulled into the departmental parking lot.

Mitch opened his door and turned to look at Darrin. "So you'll be over in a few minutes?"

"Yeah, I'll drop off my dirty crap and grab some clean clothes and be over shortly."

"Might as well bring the dirty stuff too. You can use my washer."

"Yeah, I guess that's true," said Darrin. "I think it's going to take a little getting used to huh."

Mitch flashed his million-dollar smile at Darrin. "Yup, it will. But it will be worth it."

Darrin glanced around and then landed a quick kiss on Mitch's cheek. "Yes, it will be worth it."

Darrin arrived at Mitch's house about an hour later. He grabbed the dirty clothes, his clean clothes, and a few groceries he had picked up, and walked into the house.

"Mitch? Hey Mitch!"

"I'm right here babe. Come on and I'll show you where you can put your stuff."

Darrin followed him into the bedroom and was surprised that Mitch had moved his clothes around so that Darrin had half the closet and a couple of drawers in the dresser. He leaned over and kissed Mitch and then quickly put his clothes away. He picked up his bag of dirty clothes and looked at Mitch.

"Beside the kitchen. It's one of those little apartment sized washers."

Darrin nodded and moved to find the washer. Slowly they both worked back into the rhythm they had established at the ranch. Mitch fed the horses while Darrin fixed supper. They enjoyed a shower together; washing and touching each other so that both were chubbed by the time they dried each other.

Eventually both guys put on shorts, in case someone dropped by, and settled in to a night of mindless television. After some good nature teasing about the whether to watch the Food Network or ESPN, they turned off the set and moved to the bedroom. Both of them were tired and neither minded when they silently agreed that some kissing and cuddling was enough for tonight. Darrin fell asleep very content with Mitch spooned up behind him.


Darrin woke at his typical early hour and quietly got out of bed. After draining his bladder, he went into the kitchen and made coffee. As it was brewing, he quietly pulled out the pans to cook breakfast. Soon the sizzle of eggs and sausage filled the little kitchen. Darrin jumped when he heard Mitch clear his throat from the doorway.

"Shit! You scared the crap outta me!"

Mitch smiled and walked over behind Darrin and hugged him from behind. Soon he was grinding his cloth-covered erection against Darrin's butt. Leaning in Mitch whispered into Darrin's ear in a gravelly voice,

"Mornin' sexy. How did you sleep last night?"

"Good, I dreamed that I was in bed with this incredibly sexy man, and I woke up and you were still there," said Darrin with a smile.

"Hmm, right now your incredibly sexy man's mouth tastes like shit, needs to piss really bad and thinks those eggs smell incredibly good." He kissed Darrin on the side of the neck, "Be back in a sec."

Darrin watched as Mitch walked out of the room, enjoying the sight of his tight bubble butt as he moved to the bathroom. Soon he heard the sound of Mitch's morning piss hitting the toilet and then the faucet streaming out water as he cleaned up. Mitch walked back into the room with his erection only slightly diminished and sat down at the table.

"That smells so good babe. Is it about ready? I like my eggs runny so I can run the toast through 'em."

Darrin glanced over his shoulder and scowled, "Don't think I'm going to fix breakfast for you every morning. You need to do your share of the cookin' too!"

Mitch leaned over, pulled down the back of his shorts and kissed Darrin on the ass cheek. "Yes dear, whatever you say dear."

Darrin grabbed his shorts and pulled them back up. Flustered at Mitch's antics he tried to think of a retort. Finally he gave up, and realized that this was one of the things he loved about Mitch, his irrepressible sense of humor.

"Asshole." said Darrin.

"I'd be happy to kiss that too if it'd make you happy babe!" said Mitch with a chuckle.

Darrin sat the plates on the table and then smacked Mitch in the back of the head. "Just eat you smartass."

Mitch chuckled again and then dug into his meal. They both ate quickly, realizing they needed to be at work shortly. They did manage to shower again, but time was too short for anything more than a few stolen caresses. As he pulled on his jeans and boots, Darrin briefly wondered if things around the department would change. Realizing that for now their relationship was just between them, he was certain that everything would stay just as it was.

As they walked out the door, Mitch handed Darrin a key. "It's to the house. That's the spare so we'll need to make another one soon. But I thought you'd like to have your own key."

Darrin smiled and kissed Mitch gently. "Thank you, it does make me feel better."

"I thought it might," said Mitch with a smile. "Hey do you need your pickup today? Cause we could both just take mine if you'd like."

"Nah, I'd be fine riding with you. I shouldn't need a pickup today."

Both of them climbed into Mitch's monstrosity and chatted as they made the short drive to the office. Both were just settling into their desks when Dr. Koch's secretary stuck her head in their door.

"Guys, Dr. Koch wants to meet with you, both of you, right after lunch."

Darrin tensed and then asked, "Why? I'm not even his grad student."

She shrugged, "I dunno. But he was very clear that he wanted to talk to you both, in his office, at 1:00." And with that she turned and walked off.

"Damnit! What do you think that's about? And why the fuck would he want to talk to us both." Darrin leaned in to whisper, "Do you think he knows, about us?"

Mitch turned to look at him with an unreadable look on his face. "And what if he does?"

Suddenly Darrin knew he had stepped in it, and Mitch was not happy. "Wait, it's not like that. But we both need to graduate, and Koch could destroy both our careers if he wanted."

"I guess we'll find out at 1:00," said Mitch. He then turned and began working without another comment.

Time crawled for Darrin. He knew he had upset Mitch but he couldn't focus enough to think how to fix it. With each passing minute the scenarios running through his head became more and more ridiculous, and more plausible to Darrin. He worked through lunch, without realizing that Mitch had done the same. The final minutes had Darrin literally soaking his shirt with sweat. Mitch finally turned to him and sighed. He stood and closed the door. Turning to rifle through his filing cabinet, he barked at Darrin,


"Are you fucking kidding me! We can't have sex now! God damnit he's going to throw us out of the department and blackball us so we can't get into another school in the country!"

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