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WWF Hardyz Caught in the Act


"Are you serious?" I asked in disbelief as I was talking to my best friend Sarah on the other end of the Phone.

"Yes, Mandy! My friend who works at the hotel told me that they were staying there!" She answered. I couldn't believe it! A WWF RAW IS WAR Event was coming to my hometown this week, and Sarah, had just told me she knows what Hotel and Room number the Hardy Boys were staying in! The Hardys were my all time favorite wrestlers. At age 18, Sarah and I both agreed that they were the hottest men on earth. Their hot muscular bodies! Their smiles! Their hair! Everything about them was awesome. "So what is the plan?" I Asked.

"Well, my friend told me he could get us a key to the room. But we would have to be careful about it so we don't get him fired." She explained.

"A key?! What will we do with that! Just let ourselves into their room and say 'Hey guy's we want you Soooo bad!!'. They will call security and we will go to jail!" I demanded.

"We aren't going to go in their room while they are there Mandy! We are going to wait until they leave, and then, using my brother's camera equipment, we will set some cameras up in their rooms real quick, take the remote back to our room and hook it up to the TV and wait for them to come back and get undressed!" She explained excitedly!

"What!! That is insane!! Do you even know how all of that high tech shit works?" I asked.

"I will make my twerp brother show me! Come on we can't lose! My friend can get us the room right next to theirs! Are you gonna miss the chance to see Matt and Jeff in the nude!"

That was it, like I could say yes to that question! "Hell no!!! Lets go then Sarah! This better work!" I warned her. We said our good-byes and then got off the phone. We planned to head to the hotel first thing tomorrow, because Matt and Jeff were set for an autograph session at a local Mall that afternoon. So we could set up our plan then. Finally the day rolled by and it was time to go! Once we got in the hotel we sat impatiently in the lobby watching for Matt and Jeff to leave for the autographs.

"Where are they?" I asked, beginning to get spectacle. "Are you sure your friend wasn't lying! We haven't seen anything yet! They probably aren't even in this hotel!"

"Be quiet! They are here! I can smell my Jeffy..." Sarah answered.

"Now if that wasn't the lamest thing I've ever heard I don't kno..." I was cut off by a frantic Sarah smacking me in the arm. "Shhhh shhh!!! LOOK!" She pointed toward the elevator, where I watched in awe as Matt and Jeff Hardy got off, wearing sunglasses and trying to go unnoticed, slipped out and headed for the front door... When they were long gone, and we wiped the droll off of our chin we got up. "Lets move!" Sarah Commanded.

We quickly went back to our hotel room and got the camera gear. Sarah took out the key card her friend gave her to use to open Matt and Jeff's room door. We slipped in and quickly went to work. We went into their bedroom, where there were twin beds, and began setting up the mini-camera's. I really didn't know what we were doing, and as we slipped back out of their room I wasn't sure if it was even going to work. But when we went back to the room, and Sarah set some weird remote up to our TV and turned it on, I was dumb founded to see a nice clear picture of Matt and Jeff's room that we were just in moments ago.

"OH MY GOD IT WORKED!!!" I exclaimed jumping up and down holding Sarah's hands, who was also bouncing about. "I told you it would Mandy!" When we were through celebrating, we didn't budge from our bed, staring at the screen waiting for our lover-boys to return and hopefully undress for us. Finally, after a few hours, My personal favorite, the older black haired stallion Matt Hardy appeared in the room and we both squealed. Then Jeff appeared in the shot of the camera. "Oooooo! There's my honey!" Sarah shouted. I smacked her in the arm signaling for her to settle down and watch. They began to talk for a few moments. But the camera's didn't pick up any sound.

"Too bad we can't hear what they are saying!" I exclaimed. Sarah nodded, and kept on watching. Then, suddenly, when they were through talking they both pulled off their shirts, exposing their nice fit hard upper bodies. We both squealed in excitement again as Sarah reached in her bag and popped a tape into the VCR pressing Record. "I want to get their sexy bodies on film!" She explained. Then they both reached to their pants and unbuttoned them, letting them fall to the floor. Matt and Jeff Hardy both stood there, both in their tight jockey shorts. giving us a perfect view of the package inside the underwear. There were two huge bulges. We stared in disbelief at what we were catching on film, unable to utter a word.

Then, we both got even more shocked as the two brothers came together in the middle of their bedroom and began making out and rubbing their hands all over their nice bodies. My jaw dropped as Matt Hardy got in a lip lock with his little brother Jeff and they began to explore each other's mouths with their tongues. Neither me or Sarah could think of any word to say as our eyes were glued to the screen.

Then Matt pushed Jeff down onto one of the twin beds and pulled off his underwear. I almost fainted at the site of his thick 7 and a half inch erect monster. Then we both nearly passed out as Matt got onto his knees at the foot of the bed and took his little brothers entire rod into his mouth. Even with no sound you could tell Jeff was moaning in pleasure as he got a blow job from his hot older brother. Matt bobbed his head up and down at a quickened pace as we watched Jeff's eyes roll into his head and actually heard a loud moan from through our wall that lead over to their room next door. Then on the screen we watched as Matt pulled his mouth off from around his brothers erect soldier as he began to stroke his meat at a lightning speed. We saw Jeff's mouth open and heard another scream through the wall as Matt jacked his little brother into a powerful orgasm shooting his white cum all over his own hot body and all over his brothers beating hand.

"Holy shit!" Was all Sarah could say as we sat at the edge of the bed. Then Matt licked Jeff Hardy's cum off of his hand and smiled as he stood up and pulled his own boxer briefs off. This gave us a perfect view of his giant engorged penis, and then of his tight packed ass as he turned back to his brother and spun Jeff over onto his stomach onto the bed.

"If he does what I think he is gonna..." I breathed and then watched in awe as Jeff took his brother's thick meat into his puckered asshole on their bed... I could see the look of pain in his face as Matt forced his dick farther and farther in. Then Matt began to pump his hips slowly at first, and we could see the pleasure building in his face. Then to my surprise as the pace quickened Jeff's face went from pain to pure ecstasy as his older brother rammed his large pole right into his ass hole. Then I looked over for a brief second, and saw that Sarah had taken off her pants and underwear, and was openly shoving three figures right into her pussy...

"What are you...." I started ... but her face was glued to the screen as her hand moved at a blurring speed in and out of her dripping wet cunt. Suddenly, looking back at Jeff Hardy getting ass fucked hard by his own brother, and then at my hot best friend finger fucking herself in pleasure, I felt myself let go as I ripped off my clothes and began rubbing my clit furiously. I screamed in ecstasy as I orgasmed immediately, as well as I heard Sarah also let out a yelp as she was pushed over the edge. The bed was now soaked by our pussy juices as we watched on the screen seeing The Hardys in a doggy style position. Watching the TV I could almost hear the sound of Matt's hairy balls slapping off of his brothers tight ass as he fucked and bucked his hips his hardest. And I could here Jeff's moan through the thin walls between us as I watched him grind his hips with the motions of his brothers fucking. The thin wall was literally shaking as the two WWF superstars continued their powerful fuckfest!

I felt myself get immediately turned on again watching the brothers fuck wildly on the screen and I can guess Sarah did too because in her sexual arousal she pounced on me, and I did nothing to stop her. As Matt banged the shit out of his little brother a room away and the walls were shaking Sarah and I watched and set ourselves into a 69 position. Soon, as my hormones raged I began licking the clit of my best friend Sarah's cunt. And I felt a tingle of pleasure as Sarah returned the favor.

Soon we were widely eating each other out and moaning and screaming in the process. Suddenly, as we both drove our tongue down into the depths of our dripping vagina's we both shrieked as we cummed at the same time. Just as we did this we watched on the screen as Matt was still fucking his brothers poor little ass out. They were both bucking wildly and suddenly Matt pulled out and began stroking his cock furiously as Jeff swung around quickly and opened his mouth wide.

Matt's cum shot load after load into the air and all over his brother Jeff's face and mouth, as myself and Sarah still convulsed from our own orgasms and our faces were flushed by each other's own cunt juice. When our surprise sex act was over, as was The Hardy Brothers; we rolled off of each other and panted loudly in our pussy juice soaked bed. Just as Matt and Jeff did on their bed with each others cum dripping off of all parts of their hot WWF superstar bodies...

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