XAd, Inc Pt. 04


When the show ended Catlin had expected to be taken to the dungeon once again, but instead she was led to a different room which turned out to contain a variety of leather covered furniture. Well, maybe not exactly typical furniture. There were a couple of vaulting horses, three low leather-covered longues, a leather-covered table, a couple of footstools, and several other pieces. Catlin, Meg, Tyra, and Mary were all bound to various pieces. Catlin found herself tied on her back on the leather table, arms and legs spread and tied to the corners.

For the next two hours the four were teased continuously. This time there was no whipping or other pain, but constant stimulation was nearly as great a strain. Catlin had fur covered gloves used to stroke her body, the tips of the fur just touching her. It felt like a million butterfly wings were caressing her in all her most sensitive places and had her squirming and straining against her bonds. The edge of a large feather was drawn up between her spread legs, tickling the insides of her thighs, her sensitive pussy lips, and her swollen clit itself. She was also stimulated with light strokes of leather thongs, silken cords, and the slightest touches of tongues and finger tips. Several times ice cubes were used to touch her nipples, clit, and anus.

During all of this Catlin was driven to and held right at the edge of orgasm, but not allowed to come. She could hear constant cries of frustration and several times was surprised to discover some of them were hers. At last when she was nearly delirious with arousal, Linda, now also naked, mounted the table and kneeled above her mouth as James thrust his hardened cock into her dripping tunnel. Catlin immediately began to come, straining against her restraints and screaming in release. She came. And came again. And a third time. When James began to spurt inside her, she was not even aware, so lost in her own sensations that she was nearly unconscious.

When she did come back down to earth, she saw that James and Anne were standing beside her engaged in some discussion while Linda slowly stroked her sensitive breasts. Linda saw she was once more aware of her surroundings and said, "Welcome back. I've never seen a woman come as hard as you did, Catlin. I think even among this select group, you stand out as more highly sexed."

Catlin answered, "I really don't have much to compare with, but I can say I never dreamed I could be as turned on as I have been here. I guess this kind of sex really does get to me."

"I'll say," Linda replied dryly.

James and Anne finished whatever they had been discussing and he turned back towards her. He bent forward and sucked at each of her nipples, causing a sharp intake of breath and making them instantly hard once more and then he and Linda began to release her from her bondage. When she was freed and sitting up on the table, Linda gave her a hard kiss on the mouth and then went over to talk to Anne and John.

James sat on the table beside her and said, "Catlin, you seem to take to this kind of sex better than almost anyone I've ever seen. Tell me, has there been anything we've done that you didn't like?"

"Not a thing," Catlin replied. "Before I came here I knew I liked some bondage and spanking, but I had no idea how much. I still don't think I'm a masochist, but I'll admit that being whipped and so on makes me hotter than I ever thought possible. But I wouldn't want it to go any further - I don't want to be branded or anything like that."

"No, I wouldn't think so. Catlin, I'm going to make you an offer. Don't feel under any obligation to accept unless you really feel you want to. Anne was just talking to me about something we both saw when we came here on an earlier adventure, and then it was done as one of the shows that were put on for us. She suggested she might like to try it as a participant if we could find another girl."

"Just what was this?" Catlin asked cautiously.

"I guess you'd call it a contest for want of a better word. The way it works is like this: Two women are tortured and used non-stop until one calls a halt. Of course, I mean torture like we've been doing - no real damage, but definitely some pain. If you and Anne agreed to such a contest you'd be teased, whipped, and otherwise abused by all of the rest of us as well as taken sexually again and again. You've said you wished this could go on and on. Well, I can promise you it might seem like it. And I can guarantee you will be exhausted and very sore by the end of it. But I would guess you would also be pretty sated."

Catlin was looking at James, but it was obvious she was seeing other things in her head. She shook it slightly and asked, "I could stop any time I wanted?" He nodded. "And no real damage - no scars or broken skin or anything?"

"No, but things would be more severe than what you've done so far. No real damage, but you will hurt."

Do you mean right now?" Catlin asked.

James laughed. "No, not right now. Even if you could handle it, I doubt if the rest of us could. If you want to try, we'll do it tomorrow, starting after lunch and continuing until one of you calls a halt."

Catlin thought about it for a few seconds. "Anne wants to do this?"

"She was just saying how hot it was when she watched and how she'd like to try it herself if we could find someone else."

Catlin seemed to come to some decision. "Could I talk to Anne about it for a minute?"

"Of course. I'll get her." In a few seconds he was back with Anne. "Did you want to talk to her in private?"

"No," Catlin answered. "I don't care if you stay. Anne, James says you want to try this 'contest' with me."

"I want to try. If you're interested, I'd be happy to compete against you, Catlin. I think you are as into this kind of sex as I am. As to the contest. I guess part of it is against myself, to see how much I can take. You've probably observed yourself that you can always do better, keep going longer, take more - sex or anything else - if there's someone else putting up with the same thing. It's a way to push your own limits."

"I can understand that," Catlin replied. "It's just that you're a client, paying for this stuff."

"For this, we'd both be just victims, neither client nor employee. I get part of my fun from the challenge."

Catlin suddenly broke out in a wide smile. "I'm willing. After all, I came here for an adventure. What better adventure than to be tortured and fucked by eight or ten people - and get paid for it."

Anne laughed. "When you put it like that, I guess I can't argue. But in my case, the money isn't the important thing. It's the adventure."

James had been standing quietly by. "All right, since both of you agree, I'll announce the contest and we'll start tomorrow. To be absolutely fair, when we leave here you will both be treated the same. You'll spend the night tied to your beds and get uninterrupted sleep tonight. You can sleep late and have a brunch while the rest of us play or something and then at one tomorrow we'll take you to the dungeon and keep going until one of you calls a safe word. How does that sound?"

"All right with me," Catlin replied.

"Same here. But I'd like to make one small change. We need a prize for the winner. If I win I want to whip each of you other seven clients. Since Catlin isn't a client, I propose we make her prize something else - say financial. If Catlin wins, she gets an extra thousand dollars."

Catlin's eyes shot open at this. "That's not necessary," she said. I started this for the money, but now I'm doing it for the fun."

"I know it's not necessary," James replied, "but I think it's an excellent idea and perfectly fair. Don't worry, Catlin, if you win, you will have earned it."

James called for attention and announced the coming contest to the response of loud cheers, especially from the few who had seen a previous one. Meg and Tyra looked at Catlin as though they weren't sure of her sanity and Meg didn't help her resolve any by saying, "I was here when they did this before. If it's going to be like that, I don't think I would want to try it. Not even if they doubled what they're paying me."

But Catlin kept finding her mind going back to what might be taking place the next day and, although she was definitely apprehensive about how much she could stand, she found herself looking forward to it. She also found that what Anne had said was true: The real incentive was not the money, but to see how much she could take.

She and Anne were both taken to one of the bedrooms and, both naked, loosely tied to the beds. The lights were turned out and the men left. Catlin found she wasn't sleepy and when she heard Anne moving around slightly she quietly said, "Anne, are you awake, too."

"Yes," she replied. "I expect it will take a little while before I calm down enough to sleep. But they'll give up plenty of time so we should be rested tomorrow."

"Tell me, how did you get into this stuff?"

Anne gave a little laugh. "Just lucky. No, seriously, I have enjoyed bondage since I was a kid and we played cowboys and Indians and such. When I started to be interested in sex, I kept imagining scenes where I was tied or spanked or something and found the idea really turned me on when I masturbated. Sometimes I tried tying myself while I played with myself and found that made it really hot. When I started having sex for real, it was sometime until I tried anything like that and then it was just an over the knee spanking, but it did make me hot. I managed to get several guys in college to spank me and even a couple to tie me up. I loved it and a couple of them seemed to also, but some guys thought I was a little odd. Although one of them did even let me tie and spank him and I found I liked that side also."

"I did some reading and found out there were a lot of people out there who were into this kind of thing. Anyway, some time after I graduated I met a man who was really into it and he took me as his slave for awhile. I found that though I loved the bondage and punishments, I didn't really care for the domination, so we finally broke up. While I was with him I met a number of others and also saw that a lot of the slaves went a lot further than anything I wanted to do." Catlin could hear her shudder, even in the dark. "Over the next couple of years I played games with several different men who enjoyed them but weren't really into the lifestyle full time. That's also when I was building up my own business, so I didn't have a lot of time to devote to games, no matter how much fun. Then a couple of years ago I found out about XAd,Inc. The rest, as they say, is history." She gave a short laugh. "But I hope it isn't published history. I doubt if a lot of my clients would appreciate it."

Catlin told her about her experience with the frat party and then the on-line quiz. "I seem to have been very lucky, too," she said. "I mean to have found Xad,Inc. And also to have gotten away with that stunt at the party without getting into any real trouble."

"Yes, you do have to be careful. Accidents can happen easily when you play these games. You need to be sure that whoever you're with is very careful about safety rules. Things like safe words and never leaving anyone alone when they're helpless."

"Aren't we alone now," Catlin suddenly asked. She had just realized that both she and Anne would be unable to free themselves or each other in case of some emergency.

"Not exactly," Anne replied. Whenever someone is bound by themselves there is always a monitor - audio or video or both - turned on. Not that anyone is eavesdropping, but if you cried out for help, someone would be here in seconds. XAd,Inc. is very careful about stuff like that. If you're playing with someone else you need to be sure you can trust them to follow safety rules. Also, there are a lot of guys - well, men and women both - out there who get off on really hurting someone. You do need to be sure of what you're getting into."

They talked for awhile longer and finally, yawning, both drifted off into sleep.

As promised, the two women were allowed to sleep late the next morning, until nearly ten when James and Robert came to release them. After showers they were led downstairs where they ate a light, but filling, meal. Afterwards the two men took them into one of the large bathrooms upstairs where each was given a series of several enemas to "help them prepare" as James informed them. When both were thoroughly emptied and had taken another shower to clean up outside, they were allowed to rest until one, at which time the two men once again appeared and led the two women down to the dungeon, where everyone else was already waiting.

Catlin and Anne were fitted with heavy, but soft, leather cuffs on both wrists and ankles. Otherwise both were completely nude, as were Meg, Mary, and Tyra, as well as several of the others. They were then stretched spread eagled from the ceiling, arms and legs three feet apart. This time, Catlin realized, she was pulled more taut than any time before. The strain on her bonds did not allow her feet to rest flat against the floor, but forced her off of her heels.

The group assembled facing them and James explained the contest. "Lords, Ladies, and you other wenches. These two will each be subjected to various stimulations, tortures, and numerous sexual activities. As near as possible, each will receive the same treatment at the same time. The yellow safeword will be allowed in case of something like pinched skin in a tie or a twisted joint, but not to reduce or go easier on the torment. To stop, the red safeword must be used, and the first woman to use it will lose. Punishments will be more severe than usual, but not enough to do damage. No deep bruising or broken skin is allowed. Frequent and constant sexual stimulation is encouraged, but must be applied to both. John and I will act as final judges and may call some halts to allow the victims to catch their breath or have a drink, but otherwise the activities will continue until one calls the red safeword. If at any time one of you has a suggestion as to what might be done to them, feel free to tell it to John or myself." Then he turned to Catlin and Anne. "And you two remember that this is just a game. Don't push yourselves too far, OK? If there are no questions or comments, we will start with a mild whipping. So let the contest begin."

Catlin watched as James and John each shook out the thirty inch tails of a cat. The two men moved behind them and a second later Catlin felt a searing band of pain across her ass as one of the whips landed a severe blow. A sharp cry escaped her lips. Mild whipping indeed! There had been no warmup or teasing caresses, but only the sudden sharp bite of the lash. Several more followed, each as hard. Then the men delivered another dozen or so strokes, spreading these around their bodies, lashing legs, backs, stomachs, and breasts. When they stopped, Catlin had tears welling from her eyes and was beginning to wonder just what she had gotten herself into.

The whipping stopped, but seconds later a pair of strong nipple clamps bit into her flesh. She hardly had time to even begin to adjust to this pain when a tongue began to lick between her legs. Despite the pain Catlin was aroused and when the tongue first touched her clit she attempted to twist and strain against the tight bonds holding her, but they allowed almost no movement. She could hear Anne reacting to a tongue on her own crotch, but quickly forgot about her as Catlin herself was driven into her first orgasm of the afternoon.

But it certainly wasn't to be her last. She hung there while three men ate her to more climaxes than she could count. Occasionally they would stop for a few seconds while a strap or paddle was applied as a searing counterpoint to her pleasure. Catlin was sweating and felt strained from the taut position, but hadn't even thought of a safeword. She suddenly realized that even this level of punishment was making her more aroused..

The two continued to hang there and be tormented for nearly an hour. Then the whipping and the oral stimulations stopped and their bonds were released. But only long enough to bind them into a new position. Catlin and Anne were placed at opposite ends of a leather covered table, each facing away from the table, their backs towards each other. Their feet were spread two feet apart and tied to the table frame. They were than each bent backwards onto the table and their arms stretched above their heads and tied. This placed their heads side by side and Anne turned towards Catlin and said, "Sorry you agreed to play?"

"No way," Catlin answered. "It hurts, but I love it."

"So do I," admitted Anne. "But sooner or later we're going to reach a limit. No one can take this kind of treatment indefinitely."

Then they were both distracted as leather tails landed across their breasts, stinging hard nipples. This was followed by hot candle wax, dripped on tits, belly buttons, and bare pubes. After some of these areas had been pretty well covered, the wax was scraped and pulled away and the leather flails delivered another half dozen burning reminders of their predicament.

Catlin was paying attention to the cat, trying to guess where and when the next blow would land when she suddenly felt a hard cock thrust deeply into her pussy. She looked down to see Robert between her legs, but suddenly another hard cock dropped across her lips from the side and her eyes snapped around to see Edward beside her, even as she opened her mouth and began to lick and suck at his hard member.

The two men fucked her until both sent streams of their juices into and onto her. Then they were replaced by others. Before Catlin even had a chance to swallow everything and finish licking her lips, John's cock was teasing her mouth. Robert's juices were just beginning to drip from her well used pussy when Catlin felt another hard shaft slide into her. She looked around John's hard shaft and saw that the intruder was attached to a harness around Meg's waist. Meg grinned at her and began to enthusiastically pound in and out of her hot slit.

Catlin and Anne were repeatedly ravished by cocks, strap-ons, and vibrators as well as being frequently whipped all along their fronts for what seemed like hours. Then they had their hands released and were allowed a few minutes of rest and a drink of water. But before much time had passed, the men were moving them into new positions.

They were taken to two vaulting horse devices. These were about three feet long and looked at though they were made from four by six beams, padded and covered with leather. The two girls were placed at the ends, facing down the length of the beam and the devices were adjusted so that the top of the beam came just to the top of each girl's pubic bone. Their legs were spread and fastened to the supports of the vaults and a wide leather belt used to fasten their waists snugly to the top of the beam.

The two vaults were standing in line with their ends spaced about three feet apart, and Anne and Catlin had been placed at opposite ends so they were facing each other. Catlin realized she would be in a perfect position for punishment on her back and ass as well as leaving her pussy and anus open and fully exposed.. She expected to have her hands tied to the support at the other end of the beam, leaving her stretched along its length. Instead, one of the men brought her wrist cuffs together and clipped a chain to them. He then pulled the chain high above her back, making her arch backwards, her waist held down and her arms pulling her up. Catlin's arms were pulled until she was stretched very taut and bent about as far back as she could stand. Then the chain was anchored to the ceiling.

Looking forward, Catlin saw Anne stretched into the same position and had to admit that not only was the strain on her body turning her on, but, if she looked anything like Anne did, she also looked sexy as hell in this position. She could feel the muscles in the backs of her legs and those in her stomach and arms already beginning to burn from the strain and the stress of being bent backwards. Two of the men began to roughly fondle her tits and soon Catlin could feel her globes swelling and her nipples straining to stick out, almost aching in their hardness. Then the men stepped back and Catlin saw a grinning Mary move up beside her as Tyra did to Anne. Mary was grinning because she held a cat with narrow fifteen inch lashes and was focusing her gaze on Catlin's breasts. Catlin thought that Mary might not like being whipped, but she certainly seemed to be looking forward to doing some of the whipping. Then the first lash struck directly against Catlin's sensitive tits, landing directly on a hard nipple and eliciting a scream which mingled with a similar cry from Anne.

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