tagBDSMXAd, Inc Pt. 04

XAd, Inc Pt. 04


XAd, Inc. - Ch. 5

The next morning everyone slept late, until nearly noon, in fact. Not surprising if the others had gotten no more sleep than John, James, Catlin and Meg. She was still sore everywhere - not really sore enough to be actually very uncomfortable, but enough to remind her that her body had gotten quite a workout. The group had a late brunch instead of lunch and afterwards everyone went back to the hot baths to relax. This time, while there was, of course, some playing, there was not the intense sex there had been the afternoon before.

By the time she had spent a couple of hours either soaking in the hot water or swimming to loosen up, Catlin felt considerably better, not to mention, aroused once more. When she thought about it she found it hard to believe she had been anywhere near as turned on as she had been the past few days. She was a girl who liked sex, no doubt about that. But until a few days ago she had confined herself to one man at a time (except for that incident at the frat party) and, while she had had some hot fantasies in her imagination, her real life sex was not nearly so wild. But in the last few days all that had changed. She had had more sex in more variety than she would have thought possible in six months. She had experienced a number of new things: real spankings and whippings and a whole lot of bondage; anal sex; sex with women; sex with more than one man, not only serially, but even with two or three at the same time. And somewhat to her surprise she had loved every second of it! She still had no desire to try such wild things when she went back: she was all too aware of the vast risk this behavior would entail there. But here, with the assurance that everyone was safe, both medically and psychologically, she could give herself over to pure pleasure.

When at last everyone climbed out of the water and began to dress - that is, everyone except the four captives, who remained naked - Catlin felt relaxed and fully ready for more sex play. She and the other three were taken outside into the warm sunshine and tied spread eagled on the soft grass. Catlin felt herself flood with moisture as her arms and legs were stretched wide and she was very ready to be taken by one or more of the men (or even one of the women!), but she was soon disappointed. That is, she would have been disappointed if she could have stopped to think about it. For the next two hours the four girls were tickled and sexually teased with nearly constant stimulation, but never received enough to push them over into climax. Their anguished cries indicated their frustration each time one of their tormenters stopped his attentions and withdrew. Finally, with all four of the women nearly hysterical with arousal and frustration, everyone stopped and backed off, leaving them squirming against their bonds. Their bindings were loosened slightly and then the lords and ladies disappeared, leaving them tied and frustrated, lying on the soft grass in the warm sun.

To her own amazement Catlin suddenly realized she had been asleep. She looked around and saw the lords and ladies returning and guessed that their talk and laughter were what had aroused her. At least aroused her from sleep. She was aroused in other ways even more than she had been earlier and twisted and pulled desperately, wishing she was being soundly fucked.

The women were untied and taken inside for a bathroom stop and then into dinner. After a light meal, their hands were bound, and they went again to the music room where the curtains had been pulled back from a large window. At least Catlin thought it was a window at first glance, but when she looked closer she saw that beyond the "window" was really a rear projection screen with a film of the outside grounds showing. Everyone was seated, with the four captives still bound. The room lighting was very dim and now even that was removed except for one small candle. As they watched the window, two bound and nude women were led into view by four young men. The women were tied with their hands raised above their heads to a pair of what looked like whipping posts and soon the men began to administer a lashing with a variety of whips. For nearly an hour the assembled group watched as the two women were whipped and otherwise abused as well as used sexually by all four men in a number of ways. Catlin realized that they were watching a custom made porn tape, but admitted that it was still a really hot experience. By the end she was squirming in her bonds - not to mention under the teasing hands of Thomas and Edward - and wanting to be laid even more than she had earlier.

After the six figures moved out of the scene, the lords rose and pulled Catlin and Tyra along after them. Linda and Anne took the other two girls somewhere, but Catlin and Tyra were led downstairs to the dungeon once again. They were allowed a bathroom stop along the way with the warning that it might be a long time before they got another chance. When they arrived in the dungeon the men quickly tied them spread eagled on their backs atop a thick pad - or thin mattress - and began to play with their exposed bodies.

Soon all the men were naked also and Catlin was nearly ready to scream with frustration. Then suddenly Robert was above her, lowering himself, his long, hard cock sliding inside her and meeting almost no resistance. She came within seconds, but Robert didn't seem to notice and spent the next fifteen minutes driving her to one orgasm after another before exploding inside her himself. But it wasn't over. William quickly took his place. Then John.

At some point the thought crossed Catlin's mind that this day had been unusual in that she hadn't had any real sex for nearly eighteen hours. Not in itself surprising, but in this magical place where she seemed to spend eighty per cent of her time engaged in sex, it seemed very strange indeed. But she also realized that the relatively long deprivation had served to bring her to an unbelievable height of sexual arousal. She really did feel insatiable!

The parade of men continued, some of them using tongues or fingers or vibrators or other sex toys to stimulate her while others would fuck her with long, deep strokes, frequently withdrawing before they expended themselves. At intervals she and Tyra were unfastened and rearranged in different positions. Bent over the end of a padded table she was not surprised - or in the slightest disappointed - when the first lubricated cock pressed against her anus and pushed deeply inside. Once she was tied over a curved surface, like a large barrel or a small arched bridge, bent backwards into a tight bow while a steady procession of cocks and pussies - the two ladies as well as Mary and Meg had joined them at some time - lowered over her mouth and she used her tongue on whatever was within reach. As this was happening a variety of tongues - both male and female - stimulated her open slit.

She was retied in the spread eagle and was eaten by both men and women and engaged in sixty nines with both. With her hands tied behind her she was placed on the cock of a reclining James while another man - she wasn't even sure who - penetrated her rear. As they began a rhythm , rocking back and forth, plunging in and out, another cock was presented to her mouth and she eagerly began to suck at it.

After far more orgasms of her own than she could count - as well as many, many more climaxes of her partners - Catlin began to reach the point where, while she still felt interested in sex, her mind was becoming slightly dulled and her body nearly exhausted. After a series of several hard and hot fucks, she and Tyra were released and helped - they couldn't have managed by themselves - to shower and clean up. They were then taken, both half asleep from shear exhaustion, to separate rooms where they were lightly bound to the bed and went instantly asleep.

Catlin awoke late the next morning with a smile on her face, soreness in a lot of places, and feeling - astonishment! - horny again. She lay twisting against her bonds for a few minutes, unable to satisfy herself, until Robert appeared. "Good morning. I see you appear to want something."

Catlin stopped her twisting. "Yes, my lord, I would greatly appreciate being soundly fucked."

Robert threw back his head and laughed loudly. "You are incredible, Catlin. Last night you spent a total of seven hours being, as you say, soundly fucked. And you still want more this morning."

"Seven hours! Was it really that long? It's all a little mixed up to me. I remember a lot of sex and wanting more and more and then it gets a little fuzzy."

"Yes, it was really seven hours. And you spent nearly every minute of it undergoing some kind of stimulation, if not actual sex. And quite a lot of actual sex, I might add." He reached out and rolled Catlin's already hard nipple between his thumb and finger.

Catlin sucked in her breath and tried to arch her chest out to bring her breast towards his hand. "I would never have thought this kind of thing would have been possible, much less that I'd love it the way I do. But the last few days have been incredible. I wish it could go on for months."

Robert switched to the other nipple. "Actually you probably wouldn't want it to. These people - I mean the XAd,Inc people - have found that this level of sexual excitement can be kept up for more than a couple of days by only the mostly highly sexed individuals. You definitely seem to be one of those." He pinched her nipple, bringing another sharp breath. "But no matter how much people like sex, after much more than a few days of this the senses will dull and - don't laugh - but this stuff would begin to seem a little boring. That's why their adventures are limited to a maximum of a week. You've got a couple of days to go and I'll bet you spend those still interested, but sooner or later any of us would begin to wear out."

Robert had moved his fingers down to her clit and was beginning to rub that hard nub and let his digit penetrate her slightly every few strokes. Between gasping breaths, Catlin managed to say, "Maybe. At the moment I'm not sure I think I could ever get bored. Oh. Oh, yes, that feels good. But, whatever I'll feel like in a few more days, now I want to be really, really fucked. Please."

Robert laughed again. He stood and began to remove his clothing. "Ah, wench, such talk to your lord. You'll get your wish, but I suspect we'll need to punish you later for your words." Then both of them forgot about talking as he mounted her and drove his stiff member into her hot core with hard, almost brutal, strokes which Catlin echoed with her own manic thrusts, until both of them climaxed in noisy satisfaction.

Later he released her and both of them cleaned up in a long and playful shower.

Catlin and Robert went to the dining area where they found Tyra and Edward just sitting down to eat. No one else was around and when Catlin asked, Robert explained, "You two had quite a workout last night so we let you sleep late. Everyone else is either outside or in the baths."

By now Catlin didn't even seem to notice her own or Tyra's nudity even when, like now, others were dressed. Being naked had become a natural state to her and, if anything, added to her nearly constant arousal.

After they had eaten, the two men led the girls outside where Meg and Mary were spread eagled on the lawn and being teased by the others. Catlin watched as Anne and William knelt on either side of Meg. They donned fur covered mittens and began to lightly stroke her bare body. The gentle slide of the fur over her naked skin caused an instant reaction and by the time they began just skimming over her erect nipples, Meg was straining against her bonds and crying out in frustration. They kept it up for a good twenty minutes and then yielded their places to John and Thomas who began to apply a couple of vibrators to her more sensitive spots. Anne and William moved over to Mary and began to give her the fur treatment.

When they had left the dining room the men had placed padded wrist and ankle cuffs on the two girls and clipped their wrists together behind their backs. As Robert and Edward watched the two other bound women being tormented they both causally stroked and teased Catlin and Tyra. The girls both responded and were quickly in a high state of arousal themselves. After about a half hour of voyeurism, Robert suddenly said, "I believe you are beginning to enjoy this too much. I seem to remember something about your needing punishment for some bold words this morning, don't you?"

Catlin, already breathing fast and heavy, sucked in her breath. "As you will, my lord."

Robert grinned and took her wrist, leading her away from the group. As she started to go, Catlin saw James and Linda coming to join Edward in teasing Tyra, but then her attention was drawn to where Robert was leading her.

In front of her were two posts, about eight feet high, set in the ground about ten feet apart. There was a beam fastened between the tops of these, and from the top of one post hung a light chain fastened to the end of what looked like a thick plank with a rounded edge. The board, which was polished smooth, was six feet in length and about six inches wide by two inches thick. One edge - the edge to which the chain was fastened at one end - was rounded into a near semicircle and covered with thin leather. Another chain was fastened to the rounded edge at the other end.

"We call this the 'horse'," Robert explained, "and I'm going to let you take a little ride."

Catlin had seen a reference to a similar horse on the net and had an idea of what was coming when Robert had her stand between the two posts with her legs spread on either side of the board. He uncuffed her wrists and then refastened them in front of her. A single strand of chain hung from the center of the crossbeam and dangled above Catlin. Robert raised her hands and attached them to the chain so that she was not stretched, but couldn't move her hands more than a few inches. Next he placed two wood blocks, about six inches thick, on either side of the board and had Catlin stand on these. He took the free end of the chain which was attached to the end of the leather covered plank and, using a small stepladder, pulled it through a ring at the top of the second post. As he pulled on the chain end, the plank rose between Catlin's legs. He continued to raise it until the rounded, leather-covered edge was pressed firmly, but not uncomfortably, against her pussy. He spread her pussy lips so the rounded edge slipped into her slit and moved her back along it until she had to lean slightly forward because of her bound wrists. Next he took a pair of nipple clamps with small lead weights attached. Catlin's nipples were already rock hard, but he sucked them and rolled them firmly between his fingers before snapping on the tight clips, bringing a gasp from the bound girl.

"One more thing," he said, and picked up a small butt plug. He smeared it with lube and used his finger to press some of the slick substance around and into Catlin's anus before pushing the plug in to seat its flared base against her ass cheeks. "Now you can ride," he said, and removed the two wood blocks from beneath her feet.

Her weight sank onto the bar, and Catlin felt the pain as her sex pressed against the leather covered wood. Instinctively she stretched up on her toes to alleviate the feeling and was able to obtain some relief. Her pussy still pressed slightly against the leather, but without the pressure of her weight it didn't hurt too badly. But as Robert stood watching, she realized that her legs would soon tire and her sex would once more take the punishment when she could no longer hold herself up on her toes.

Robert grinned as her expression showed this revelation. "Makes an interesting dilemma, doesn't it? But don't worry. I'm sure I can find something to take your mind off it." He held out his hands which had been hidden behind his back. One hand held a long feather and the other a cat with eighteen inch lashes. Catlin's eyes flew open wide just before the feather began to trace small circles across her taut belly. When she could no longer contain herself she gave in to laughter, which caused her to drop to the bar. The series of emotions which crossed her face as she went from restraint against the tickling, to laughter, to the sudden pain of her weight on the bar was definitely something to behold.

Robert let her recover, but when she had again been standing on her toes for a minute or two, he suddenly swung the whip against her tight rear. This, too, caused her to drop down on the horse and just as quickly try to rise on her toes again.

For twenty minutes Robert teased her with the expectation of both the feather and the whip, as well as actually applying them at times. By then, even when he did nothing, Catlin was barely able to hold herself up for more than ten or fifteen seconds until her tired muscles gave way and her sex once again rode hard against the leather horse. Just as she was beginning to think about using her safe word, Robert loosened the chain and let the plank drop away from her crotch.

As Catlin stood catching her breath Robert asked, "Enjoy the ride, wench?"

Catlin opened her mouth to answer and a sudden look of astonishment crossed her face. "Actually, yes. I don't think I could have taken much more. In fact I was about to ask you to stop because it was hurting too much. It's not that I like being hurt, but riding it did turn me on. I can't believe I'm saying this. I don't really like being hurt, or 'tortured', but I love what it does to me. I can't believe I'm even more horny now."

Robert laughed. "Catlin, you are a natural at this. I can tell you're not a real masochist, but you do love this kind of play, don't you? Don't worry, most of us feel much the same way. I like both sides, myself, but I guess I enjoy tormenting a pretty girl more than having her torment me. But I'd never want to really hurt someone and never would I do anything to someone who didn't want it herself. However, I'm not quite finished with you yet."

He released her hands and moved her over a few yards to where there was a horizontal pole, sort of like an old fashioned hitching post, set thirty inches or so above the ground. He tossed a folded blanket over this and stood Catlin so she was facing it. He spread her legs a couple of feet and anchored them to stakes set in the ground. Then he bent her well over the rail, her stomach on the blanket, and tied her hands to other stakes set in front of her.

After running his fingers all over her exposed body he stepped backed and raised the cat. "I think maybe about thirty, wench," he said, and brought the leather tails down hard across her protruding ass.

He whipped her with strokes of varying strength, concentrating on her ass, but sometimes letting the tails fall on her flanks or the sides of her still clipped breasts. When he stopped, her bottom was covered with a network of red lines and he could see her squirming against her bonds. He slowly pulled the plug from her ass and immediately replaced it with his hard cock, slick with lubricant. Catlin hadn't realized he had shed his own clothing and was surprised when she felt his bare body press against her own hot and abused flesh. He fucked her rear for a long time, sometimes pushing in and out slowly and at others slamming all the way in to the hilt in one strong motion. Before he finally shot his load deeply inside her bowels, Catlin had come twice herself.

Compared to the her recent activities and those of the previous evening, the rest of the day was very tame. They had a light lunch and another nap which Catlin spent tied to Lord John's bed. Though he did take her twice, there was no whipping or other abuse involved. After another dinner which the four spent nude while the others were dressed in period costume, they retired to the music room where they watched the couple from the second night put on another show. Catlin was seated between Robert and James and was kept in a constant state of arousal, not only by the hot show, but also by their hands stroking her breasts and the insides of her thighs.

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