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Xena & Gabrielle Ch. 04


Author's Note: This is the fourth section to the "true" story of Xena and Gabrielle. You will find this story extremely subtext-friendly. If two women showing their love for one another and making wild, passionate love is not your cup of tea, please find another story you'd like to read. This story will be submitted in several parts and is based off the series, yet the "history" has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of this story. Not all sections will contain erotic sex scenes as there is a plot.

Also, I'd like to note that I do not own Xena: Warrior Princess, the series, or the characters and I will not be receiving any payment whatsoever for writing this story. It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Hope this section was worth the wait!!!

Gabrielle felt her heart skip a beat as Xena gazed at her breasts. The look of passion on Xena's face made Gabrielle feel hot. She wanted Xena more than anything, and with all her heart, she wanted to become Xena's. She loved the Warrior Princess and wanted nothing more than to give the gift of her innocence to the raven-haired beauty.

"You're so beautiful, Gabrielle," Xena murmured in a hot whisper, kneeling down beside the blond bard and spreading kisses down the column of Gabrielle's neck, each kiss moving down a fraction more, toward her goal, Gabrielle's breasts.

"Mmmmm..... Xena, your kisses feel soooo good," Gabrielle responded, caressing her fingers thru Xena's long dark hair as her body arched to the fiery kisses.

Xena didn't say a word. Her entire concentration was now on Gabrielle's soft skin. Her kisses moved down, over the tops of Gabrielle's breasts. Gabrielle moaned feverishly, feeling her nipples become instantly achingly hard as the Warrior Princess began moving her silken lips over the peaks. She shivered with desire as she felt Xena's hot breath against the hard pink nipples. Still yet, Xena had not touched them, only grazed them with her breath and a soft brush of her lips. She pulled back for an instant, looking into Gabrielle's face, seeing the look of bliss and complete ecstasy there. Gabrielle's green eyes came open, meeting Xena's. "Please Xena... I need....... YOU," came the soft, insistent whisper.

"And so you shall have me," Xena promised.

Gabrielle's breasts were so soft, the skin so warm and pliant against Xena's lips. Finally then, Xena drew a taut nipple into her mouth, brushing her tongue slowly and sensuously against the little peak. "Gods!" Gabrielle cried out, softly pulling the Warrior Princess's hair and arching up to Xena even more, her entire body tingling from head to toe as Xena traced the tip of her tongue around the nipple.

Xena wasn't anywhere near finished. She placed her large hand over the other breast, kneeding and squeezing it softly as her mouth locked over the the nipple of Gabrielle's other breast. She began to suck upon the nipple like a babe. Massaging Xena's scalp and tugging lightly at her hair, Gabrielle cried out, begging Xena not to stop.

Xena could feel Gabrielle squirming beneath her. Gabrielle responded to her touch as though she were made for her. It made her feel powerful and passionate, knowing the little bard was hers, and she would soon be the first to bring Gabrielle to ecstasy. Nothing would ever be the same after this. Gabrielle would be hers.... and she would never let her go. The two would become one.

Xena nibbled softly on the hard little peak, listening to Gabrielle cry out in surprised pleasure. Her hot mouth then trailed to the other breast, capturing the other nipple she had been lightly pinching with her long fingers. "Xena..... ohhhhhhhhh Xena," Gabrielle said in a strangled moan, as Xena latched on to the second peak, nursing upon it as though she were a hungry babe.

Gabrielle caressed Xena's hair, holding her against her breast as though to never let her go. Everything felt so good. Her entire body was zeroed in on what Xena was doing to her. This pleasure was more than she had ever imaged. It was so much more, and the young bard could not get enough. She was so incredibly wet, and feeling the length of Xena's gorgeous body against hers was driving her absolutely wild. She loved everything Xena was doing with those skillful lips of hers; it made her entire body quiver with want.

Gradually, the suction on Gabrielle's nipple had ceased. Xena continued with her sensuous exploration of Gabrielle's curvaceous body. The scent of Gabrielle's desire urged her downward, so with soft sexy kisses, she pressed her lips against Gabrielle's abdomen, brushing her lips against the firm flesh there. Gabrielle's belly muscles tightened, feeling Xena's playful kiss. "Ooooo that feels good," she said breathlessly, watching Xena kiss all around her navel and over every inch of her flat belly.

Xena gave Gabrielle a half-grin, thinking the little bard's body had become quite toned and muscular since they had been together. She was no longer the tiny little girl from Potediea with a bit of baby fat and the strength of a small mouse. Gabrielle now had the body of a warrior and growing strength and fighting skill, and this woman was all hers.

Xena's eyes then went very dark, knowing that soon she would have her first taste of Gabrielle's innocence. She had been prolonging this moment, trying to make this sheer pleasurable torture for Gabrielle. Now the moment was at hand, and Xena's need was almost wild. She didn't want to scare Gabrielle, but she almost wanted to take the beautiful bard fast and hard, as she might have done with her countless lovers in her warlord days. But this was her love, and she would take her slowly and tenderly. She would make this moment beautiful for Gabrielle.

"Xena?" Gabrielle whispered, seeing that look of wild passion in the Warrior Princess's eyes. Xena had paused in the sexual exploration, and Gabrielle wasn't sure what was wrong. Had Xena changed her mind about making love her? Surely she would die if Xena stopped now. She didn't want to beg, but she had to have Xena. She had to become one with her... right now.

Gabrielle needn't have worried. Xena immediately resumed making love to her beautiful bard. She broke away from Gabrielle, situating herself between Gabrielle's long sexy legs. "Open for me, Gabrielle. Let me see all of you," she said in a hot whisper, parting Gabrielle's legs, so she had a clear view in the firelight of Gabrielle's dark golden curls and the pink feminine treasures the bard had to offer.

"Beautiful," Xena breathed, seeing the glistening womanly flesh which begged to be touched.

Softly Xena traced the seam of Gabrielle's feminine lips, feeling the moisture there that spoke of Gabrielle's arousal. The beautiful lips seemed to part at Xena's touch, not unlike a flower unfurling toward the warmth of the sun. "Did Perdicus touch you here?" Xena asked as she ran her finger up and down the supple flesh, sudden jealousy clenching at her heart.

"No, Xena," Gabrielle answered, shaking her head as she let out a sexy whimper needing more of Xena's touch. "No one has ever touched me there.......... only you........"

"And no one ever will again," said Xena with determination. "You are mine, Gabrielle. Say it.... you are mine......."

"I'm yours," Gabrielle promised. "I only want you. Please, ohhh please... I want......"

"You want what?" Xena asked, lowering herself so that her face was only a few inches from the bard's innocence. "Tell me what it is you want, Gabrielle...."

"I ---- I .........." Gabrielle could not speak, she could only FEEL. And right now she was feeling Xena's hot breath on the apex of her thighs. Her whole body became taut, needing Xena's touch, but Xena wasn't touching her. Except for her hands which were pressed to Gabrielle's inner thighs, holding them apart, Xena was not touching Gabrielle.

"Do you want this....... my kisses?" Xena said in a hot whisper, pressing heated kisses to the dark golden curls now exposed to her gaze.

"Yes, yes...... I want your kisses. Please don't stop, Xena... I need you so much. I need you......." Gabrielle pleaded, reaching down to grasp Xena's hair and hold her head against her throbbing flesh.

Xena felt so powerful, hearing Gabrielle begging for her touch. Knowing that Gabrielle needed her so much and very much longed for the intimate pleasure she was about to receive.

"And do you want my tongue?" Xena coaxed, lightly flicking it over Gabrielle's tight little seam. The dark pink flesh quivered, the lips unfurling, revealing a very aroused tiny clit. Xena quirked an eyebrow, looking at it, then glancing up at Gabrielle.

"Ohhh yes...... pleaseeeeeeeeee."

Not a word came from Xena, as her fingers shifted. She no longer held Gabrielle's legs apart. The bard wouldn't close them now. In fact, Gabrielle pulled her long legs up and open, letting Xena have full access to her innocent delights. Now Xena's fingers pressed those slippery feminine lips apart, exposing Gabrielle's clit for her tongue. Her tongue snaked out, tasting the bard, but yet avoiding the clit for now, driving Gabrielle wild.

"XENA!!!" Gabrielle gasped at the first feel of Xena's tongue on her most intimate place.

Gabrielle bucked, pressing up to Xena. Wanting more.... and more and more. Xena obliged, exploring with her tongue, finding Gabrielle's clit and sensuously licking it. Gabrielle screamed.

Gabrielle's cries split the night. Never in her wildest dreams had anything felt this good. Xena's skillful tongue twirled around the little clit, making it stand up and causing Gabrielle to twist and cry out Xena's name in ecstasy.

After Xena had increased the passion to a fever pitch, her tongue slid downward, toward Gabrielle's virginal opening. She brushed around it with her tongue, making it very wet, readying it for what was to come. "Xena, by the Gods, what are you doing to me?!" Gabrielle cried out, her whole body ablaze and longing for ecstasy.

Xena inserted her tongue carefully, feeling the barrier of Gabrielle's innocence, testing it. Once again a feeling of power overcome her. She was about to take Gabrielle's virginity. Gabrielle was entrusting her innocence to her. It was a gift she would forever treasure.

Suddenly Xena withdrew her tongue. Gabrielle let out whimper. She needed Xena inside her. Why was she stopping? That had felt so delicious. She needed Xena........ NOW.

"Please Xena..... take me......." she cried out. "I am so ready. I am going to die if you don't take me......."

Tenderly Xena spread kisses over the bard's open thighs. "Relax, Gabrielle........" said Xena soothingly, her hot kisses moving all over the moist pliant flesh of Gabrielle. "I promise, I will take you in just a few moments...."

"I promise you pleasure beyond your most passionate dreams. I promise you absolute ecstasy," came Xena's hot whisper. "You will scream my name again and again as you cum." A soft lick against Gabrielle's clit permeated the Warrior Princess's promises.

"But you also know I must enter you and take your innocence first. There is going to be pain. You must relax. I do promise to be gentle......"

Before Gabrielle could respond to Xena's words, Xena moved quickly. Her mouth locked to Gabrielle's clit, sucking at the hard little diamond. Meanwhile, her long fingers pressed together, creating a phallic shape. She then saught Gabrielle's very wet opening, which was very tight though ready to be breached. Xena thought of her first sexual experience, how painful and uncomfortable it had been. She wanted Gabrielle's to be so much more than hers had been.

Xena's fingertips pressed downward, sliding easily into the tight crevice which lead to Gabrielle's innocence. Knowing no one had been here before made Xena very happy and proud. Gabrielle was hers........ and it would always be that way. Her tongue danced on Gabrielle's clit as she held her fingers carefully inside, starting to stretch the tender flesh, feeling that taut little barrier guarding the inner feminity of Gabrielle's body.

"Yesssssssssss......" Gabrielle hissed, feeling Xena's fingers entering her for the first time as her skillful tongue played over her clit. An orgasm was building, and it was so much more intense than the self-pleasuring she had experienced many times past.

Xena flicked her tongue harder against Gabrielle's clit, then her lips grabbed it, sucking wildly. Suddenly Gabrielle was cumming, her whole body flying off into the arms of ecstasy. In that moment her body spasmed, Xena forcefully slid her fingers deep inside, breaking the barrier in an instant. Gabrielle screamed, a mixture of raw pain combined with the orgasm which was fire-hot and breath- stealing. The scream went on and on, deafening in Xena's ears. She licked and licked at Gabrielle's clit, her fingers now deep inside and unmoving, letting Gabrielle adjust to the unfamiliar invasion. She tasted the musky sweetness of Gabrielle's orgasm, drinking it in, absorbing every drop.

After a few moments, the aching sensation of Xena's fingers inside of her had began to fade. She was stretched greatly, yet the pain was now little more than a raw ache. Although she had reached passion's pinnacle, she still wanted more. Something was still unsatisfied deep inside her, but she wasn't sure what it was. "Xena?" she whispered, looking up at the Warrior Princess who had stopped licking her between her legs and was now gazing at her with dark sparkling blue eyes.

"You screamed my name......." came a husky voice.

Gabrielle tightened around Xena's fingers at those words. She was incredibly turned on and feeling the Warrior Princess's large fingers so deep inside her was driving her wild. "Please Xena... I need you....... your fingers.........." she moaned, gyrating her hips, sending those fingers even deeper.

Xena gave a sexy half-grin. "You're ready for me to fuck you with my fingers?" Xena asked bluntly, unmistaking the clenching of Gabrielle's feminine muslces on her long, penetrating fingers.


"Gods, Gabrielle. You are so hot and sexy. You feel so good around my fingers. I want move them hard and fast. Is that what you want?" asked Xena, slowly withdrawing her fingers to the mere fingertips, then every so slowly sliding them deep, deep inside again.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss Xena. YES... Hard and fast. I want it."

Xena immediately complied, shoving her fingers in and out of Gabrielle's tight little slit, completely taking it. Gabrielle began to whimper with the sensation of pleasure/pain. It felt like Xena was going to split her apart, but she loved it. "Don't stop.......... ohhhhhhhhh Gods......................... don't don't stop!!!!" she begged, arching her ass up off the bedrolls, taking even more of Xena's big fingers.

"It hurts.... don't stop.... ohhhh yes!" cried out the bard. "Ohhhhhhhh Xena!!!!" Suddenly the little blond beauty came again, all over Xena's fingers. Xena withdrew them slowly, seeing the slickness of Gabrielle's ecstasy as well as the pinkish fluid of her innocence.

"Thank you, Gabrielle," she said, gathering the young woman into her arms and tenderly holding her against her. "Thank you for the gift of your innocence. I will treasure this memory forever."

She kissed Gabrielle passionately, letting her taste her own muskiness in the kiss. Gabrielle pulled back, smiling at Xena. "You're welcome. I truly wouldn't have wanted anyone to share that with me, no one but you," Gabrielle spoke, tears shining in her eyes. "You made it so beautiful, just like I knew you would."

"Yes, but I also hurt you. I could feel your pain. You're going to be rather sore for a few days. Especially with the rough way I took you at the end. I didn't mean to be so rough with you, not the first time. But I wanted you so badly," Xena explained, easing Gabrielle into her arms onto the bedrolls. She pulled Gabrielle against her, so the bard's long blond tresses lay against her chest. Her lips smoothed along Gabrielle's cheek, soothing her.

"It's okay, Xena. I loved it. Every second. I really did," Gabrielle whispered, snuggling up to her warrior. "But what about you...... you didn't........."

"I found ecstasy at the same time you did, Love. I couldn't stop myself. Seeing you cum like that, it excited me beyond belief," Xena said with a little chuckle. "We have a long ride ahead of us tomorrow, and you are going to be sore so we will have to make a lot of stops. We always have tomorrow night...... to........ ummmm...... play."

Gabrielle let out a little protest when she heard of the long ride they had ahead of them tomorrow. All she wanted was to spend the next few days in her warrior's arms, making sweet love. She did not want to go anywhere.......... not now.

"Awwww, why do we have to travel so much tomorrow?" Gabrielle asked. "Where are we going??? And why do we have to get there so fast?"

"You shall see, my sweet one. All in due time," Xena spoke, caressing the long blond hair of her bard as she hugged Gabrielle even closer. "Don't worry your pretty little head about it."

"Why do you always have to be so mysterious, Xena? You never tell me anything, not where we are going........ nothing."

Xena smiled again in the darkness of the waning fire. "That's cause you talk too much......"

"What?" Gabrielle gasped, her eyes snapping open. "I do not."

"Do too."


"Shhhhhhhhh... stop talking, Gabrielle, and get some sleep," said Xena with a little laugh.

Gabrielle pouted a little, then curled up with her beautiful naked warrior, falling promply and deeply asleep.

(I promise... There is more to Cum... Stay tuned for Chapter 5 ::: A New Destination)

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