tagNovels and NovellasYearbook 2005--ow/ym

Yearbook 2005--ow/ym


*Author's Note: Any persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

CH 1

Other than in the group photograph of the St. Thomas Aquinas graduating seniors, his individual photograph, and the St. Thomas Aquinas Basketball team, there were no photographs of Jack Vogel in the St. Thomas Aquinas yearbook of the school year for 2004-2005.

There were a few of his beautiful younger sister, Julie Vogel (she always seemed to be around whenever the two male students on the Yearbook staff had the Yearbook camera.)

"Y'all are such dorks," Elise good-naturedly teased them.

"Ooh, here's a good one of you," Tommy McElroy said and enlarged the digital photograph of Elise Simone, pulling her gym shorts out of the crack of her buttocks.

"Tommy! Don't you dare!" Elise screeched and attempted to strangle the laughing eighteen year old.

"Miss Simone!" Sister Beatrice hissed as Tommy easily pulled the girl onto his lap.

"But, but," Elise sputtered. "HE did it!"

"Uh huh, both of you behave," Sister Beatrice said and resumed her task of cropping the digital photographs that had already been selected for inclusion.

"Butt hole," Elise hissed to the smirking Tommy.

"Whole butt," he hissed back and tried to cut and paste yet another photograph of his girlfriend, Kaitlin Monroe into the file that Sister Beatrice was working on.

"Uh uh, drop it," Elise warned.


Jack did notice the lack of photographs of himself in the yearbook and was hurt by his exclusion. He had been the star basketball player; surely they could have found at least one photograph of him as he scored a basket? He had dated many of the girls in the senior class and many of the girls in the junior class as well; didn't three of the senior girls work on the Yearbook committee?

He joined Mike Chamblee outside of the school office as Mike glumly looked at the glossy pages of his own copy of the yearbook.

Both boys sneered at Gretchen Dunbar as the unattractive girl waddled out of the office, carrying two yearbooks; hers and Becky's.

"Fucking ugly ass cum dumpster. Any of you in it?" Jack asked.

"Ain't seen none yet," Mike admitted.

"Man, what the fuck, huh?" Jack asked. "I mean, you and me was the best fucking basketball players on the team, and nothing?"

"Sucks, but you know what? Fuck them," Mike said, slapping the book shut.

"Want to go shoot a few?" Jack asked.

"Your house; my mom's got another one of her migraines," Mike said.

The summer sun bore down on them and the humidity made the air almost too thick to breathe as they dribbled the ball and shot baskets on the goal Jack's father had hung for his son.


"Son, you're probably one of the best basketball players, at least for a white kid," the scout from LSU had said.

Jack smirked; this guy wasn't telling him anything new.

"But your attitude sucks," the scout said, closing his notebook.

"Uh huh?" Jack said, not seeing any point to the man's comment.

"You're not a team player, you're a hot dog," the scout went on. "Your grades are bottom of the barrel, barely enough to get by, and you're a discipline problem; how many times you been in detention this year?"

"Um, I don't know," Jack admitted.

"Make it easier on you, how many times you got a detention this month?" the scout went on, walking toward the door of the guidance counselor's office.

"Three," Jack admitted.

"Uh huh," the man said and nodded with his head toward the door, indicating that the interview was over.

"Aw, kiss my ass, ass hole," Jack sneered. "Go play for the Ragin' Cajuns; beat LSU any day of the week."

"What'd you call me?" the man yelled, getting right in Jack's face.

"You heard me," a frightened Jack bluffed, not backing down.

"Uh huh, and that's why you're not coming to LSU in the fall, punk," the man sneered.

But the University of Louisiana at Lafayette didn't want him either.

True, he could have gone to any of the colleges that would accept him; the University of New Orleans had agreed to put him on academic probation for the first semester, as had the University of Louisiana at Monroe and the University of Louisiana at Shreveport.

The problem was, Marnie Vogel didn't have the money to send her son to college and she made too much as an insurance agent for Jack to qualify for a grant; he was in that limbo of too rich to get assistance and too poor to go without assistance.


Anna Gimmeli loved the Kawasaki 900cc crotch rocket. Her niece and niece's husband, Alicia and Cris Dumas rode Harleys, and Cris also rode a vintage Indian Chief from time to time. The two of them scoffed at her Japanese bike, but Anna didn't care; she loved her bike.

She zipped up the leather shorts and pulled on her white tee shirt and headed to the door.

"Where you going?" Paul Gimmeli asked.

"For a ride," she said, glad the visor of her helmet hid her face from view; she was rolling her eyes at his stupid question.

Where did he think she was going, dressed in her tight tee shirt and leather shorts and leather boots? The helmet alone should have been a dead giveaway.

"I can see that," he snapped. "I mean, 'where are you going?'"

"Out. For. A. Ride. Out for a ride," she said, exasperated at his behavior.

Paul Gimmeli was one of the most insecure men she'd ever met. She'd been engaged to him when she was nineteen and him a twenty year old man-boy. His immaturity, coupled with his boorish arrogance, along with her drunkenness had thrown her into the bed of Tony Clark. She gave Tony her virginity and then discovered that she was pregnant.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome took Lucille from her and a string of affairs took Tony from her. Her second husband committed suicide, leaving her with a stack of bills and very little possibility of paying them off.

Paul hadn't spent his time pining after Anna Scandurro; he'd gotten married as well.


Paul had met Nellie Skovinski when she applied for a credit card at DeGarde National Bank and asked the stunning blonde for a date.

"I'll be honest with you," Nellie said over dinner at Radcliffe's, the trendy restaurant of DeGarde, Louisiana. "Don't expect me to fall madly, hopelessly head over heels in love with you."

"Oh, okay," Paul said, dejectedly.

"As long as you can keep me happy," Nellie went on, smiling and showing her perfect teeth. "As long as you're bringing home the bacon, I'll make sure you're happy."

"Oh, okay," Paul said, brightening a little.

"Do we have a deal, Mr. Gimmeli?" Nellie smiled lecherously.

"I think we can make some arrangements," Paul agreed.

She was true to her word; as long as Paul kept the money flowing, Nellie kept the pussy flowing. Paul found out that nothing was off limits with Nellie, as long as he could buy a ring, or a bracelet, or a Mercedes-Benz for his wife.

"Ooh, a diamond necklace?" she'd croon. "Does Paulie want to stick his great big thingie up my little bitty butt?"

Tony Clark came back into the lives of the Scandurros and the Gimmelis and in a very short amount of time, Paul found himself bankrupt.

"I was completely up front with you," Nellie said coldly when Paul announced the state of their finances. "As long as you bring home the bacon, I'd make you happy. You can't bring home the bacon? I'll find myself someone who can."


Last he'd heard, Nellie was now Nellie Gamble, married to a Texas oilman.

But marriage and divorce had done little to help Paul Gimmeli grow up.

Anna had found that quality somewhat endearing, cute when she ran into him at the Yellow Rose nightclub in Lafayette.

She was there with a group of women from her A.A. home group in DeGarde; Amber was getting married on Saturday, so the girls were 'cutting loose.' As they were all recovering alcoholics, none were drinking anything stronger than coca cola, but they were the loudest in the nightclub, shrieking, squealing and laughing.

"Hey!" Paul said as Anna turned back around and ran right into his chest.

"Hey!" she laughed and surprised him by giving him a light little kiss on his lips. "How you doing?"

"I'm good, I guess," he agreed. "Buy you a drink?"

"Don't drink, but thanks," she smiled.

"Wait, what?" Paul laughed out loud. "You're kidding, right?"

"Nope, got three years," Anna said and proudly showed him her three year medallion.

"Um, wow, okay," Paul said and then glanced over her head to his date. "Well, um, I got to go, but hey, great seeing you again; you living here in Lafayette now?"

"Nope, still in DeGarde, still with Mom and Dada," she said, losing her smile. "But great seeing you again too. See you around, okay?"

"Who was that?" Amber asked. "He's kind of cute."

"Yeah, old boyfriend," Anna said, her happy mood gone. "Soon as he found out I don't drink no more, he wanted to get the fuck away from me as quick as he could, though."

"Really?" Amber said, smiling. "Then why's he keeping looking over here?"

"What?" Anna said and quickly glanced over her shoulder at Paul, who quickly looked away.

They spent the rest of the night making eye contact and quickly breaking eye contact with each other.

"Oh my God!" Amber screeched. "Want me to go over and see if he likes you? Or you want to pass him a note or what?"

"Shut up," Anna demanded, and then giggled.

Nearly three years later, the insecurity was driving her crazy. That and his small penis.

"Why I can't fuck around?" Anna asked Jamie, her A.A. sponsor. "I mean, Come on; he's a shitty fuck."

"Because, Anna," Jamie Baggett explained patiently. "We're trying to live our lives on a spiritual basis now; that means 'rigorous honesty,' remember? And you ain't going to tell me that fifteen minutes of fun is worth throwing your sobriety and your marriage away, huh?"

"Yeah?" Anna asked, "How the fuck you make it last fifteen minutes?"

"Do it twice," Jamie said and the two women laughed.


The high pitched whine of the motor, the vibration of the road, the heat beating down on her and Anna forgot all about Paul Gimmeli, his constant whining and his small cock. On Highway 19, she really opened the bike up and felt her heart beating inside her head as the scenery around her became a blur.

She hit the railroad tracks at one hundred and nine miles an hour and screamed in exhilaration as the bike became airborne. She laughed as the bike again made contact with the road and she continued until she came to Highway fifty four and had to slow down. The town of Ellgee was no place to speed; speeding tickets were the town's main source of income and Anna was in no hurry to make another contribution to the town's coffers. She made a careful turn, making sure to use all appropriate signals, and then made her way back onto Highway 19.

The red flag on the fence post indicated that she was now safely out of Ellgee and she did not hesitate to twist the throttle of the powerful Japanese bike and raced back toward DeGarde.


"Dude, you suck!" Jack screamed in triumph as he watched Mike miss yet another basket.

"Aw, fuck you, ass hole," Mike spat. "It's just too fucking hot, man!"

Anna decided to see what was on Highway fifty two and whipped the bike around the turn, laying the bike nearly horizontal with the road as she did so.

She righted herself and then saw the slow moving flatbed truck ahead of her and, coming toward them, a fast moving mini van. She lay the bike down again and turned left onto King street, nearly laughing at the horrified expression of the young mother behind the wheel of the mini van.

"Let's see Cris or Alicia do THAT on their Harleys," Anna thought as she righted herself.

"Dude, did you see that?" Jack said as the bike screamed past the house.

"Oh my God!" Elaine LaPointe gasped as the bike turned directly in front of her, before she could even react.

A split second later, her foot reacted and she lurched to a stop, and then slammed her hand down on the horn of the mini van, but the bike was already too far away to even hear the horn.

"God damned idiot!" she screamed at the rider's back.

"God Dammed idiot," Charles LaPointe the third echoed from his car seat.

"Trey, that's enough," she warned.

King street was a dead end and Anna had to slow down, pull into a driveway and turn the powerful bike around.

"Dude, she's coming back," Jack said.

"How you know it's a, never mind," Mike said as the rider's impressive chest was now visible, straining against the white tee shirt.

Anna glanced over as the two young men, both shirtless stood in front of the house.

She slowed down and then stopped, millimeters away from Jack. She flipped the visor up on her full face helmet, revealing her pretty face and warm brown eyes.

"Hey, where's Highway 52 go to?" she asked, pointing toward Lafayette.

"Basin," Jack smirked, thrusting his crotch forward.

"Stops there?" Anna asked.

"Well, no, I mean, once you get past the Basin, there's Flowers, and then past that's Lafayette," Jack said, losing some of his bravado.

"And what's the Basin?" Anna asked, more amused than curious.

"Oh, you know, where you go when you want to come," Jack said, smirking again.

"And do you want to come?" Anna asked, enjoying herself.

The kid had no idea how old she was; the helmet, even with the visor up, hid most of her face. And he wasn't looking at her face anyway; his eyes had not gotten above her thirty four D breasts. The shirt was so tight she had not seen the need for a bra and Jack drank in the sight of her breasts and hard nipples.

"You?" he challenged.

Anna liked the lump she could see in the kid's shorts. Her pussy throbbed and she made a snap decision.

"Where was God in all this?" Jamie would have asked, but Jamie wasn't there.

"Uh, yeah, yeah, I guess," Jack said, looking at his friend for validation.

Mike had walked off, disgusted. It was like he wasn't even there, but it was always that way with Jack. Jack got what Jack wanted, and then if there was any left, then he would share.

"Where's your buddy going?" Anna asked.

"Fuck, how'm I supposed to know?" Jack spat, a little irritated at Mike.

"So, back to this Basin thing," Anna said, starting up the bike. "Where's it at?"

"Up Highway 52, right there on the left," Jack said.

"Put your shirt on," Anna ordered.

He did, and then looked at her. Impatiently, she nodded with her head to the rear of the bike.

Jack got on, found the foot pegs, and then held on for dear life as Anna whipped the bike down King Street and onto Highway 52.

She was sure that they could have simply gone into his house, but there was little thrill in that, especially since his friend left.

She slowed as she felt his left hand leave her hip and saw him pointing to a grassy strip of land.

She eased the bike through a small thicket of trees and stopped the bike short of the water's edge.

"Here?" she asked, looking around at the natural seclusion afforded by the trees and the water.

"Yeah," Jack said, voice shaking slightly.

The woman drove the bike like a woman possessed. He had no helmet on and could have envisioned his brains splattered on the hot, sticky asphalt of Highway 52.

"Nice," Anna said and jammed the kickstand down.

She got off the bike and pulled her helmet off. She smiled widely at Jack and he nervously returned her smile.

"Fucking she's a bit old for me," Jack thought as her face came into view. "But she ain't half bad for an old bitch."

She unlocked the small storage compartment behind the seat. She pulled out the blue tarp that she normally used to cover her bike and flicked it open and spread it on the ground.

"Now, let's see what we got here," she said and pulled the tight tee shirt off.

"Fucking nice," Jack said, looking at her large breasts with the large dark aureoles.

"Yeah?" she smiled, revealing the fine lines at the corners of her mouth and around her eyes.

"Yeah," Jack said as she unzipped her leather shorts, revealing the lack of panties as well.

She gripped his cock through his shorts and used it to pull him to her. He closed his eyes and imagined it was Elise Simone pulling on his cock, Elise's lips he was kissing, and Elise's hot tongue he was sucking on.

He felt the woman pull his shorts and briefs over his erection, and then felt the woman's hands cup his balls and squeezed them firmly.

Anna laughed as his semen splattered across her chest.

"Aw, man! Shit! I'm so fucking sorry about that shit," Jack gasped, horrified.

"No biggie," Anna laughed, wiping the semen off and flicking the strands off of her hand onto the ground.

I, I um," Jack mumbled, pulling his shorts up over his wilted cock.

"Aw, come on now, you ain't done, huh?" Anna asked, dropping her leather shorts to the ground.

"Well, yeah for a while, I mean, when I blow a load like that," Jack stammered.

"How are you at eating pussy?" Anna asked, preparing to lay down on the tarp.

"Uh uh!" Jack smirked. "I ain't putting my mouth on no pussy; fucking shit smells, know what I'm saying?"

"Mother fucker, I ain't got myself all hot and bothered here for nothing!" Anna snapped and grabbed Jack's scrotum n a fierce grip.

"Fucking bitch!" Jack screamed and raised his hands to push her away.

"Uh uh," Anna said, hooking a leg behind Jack's knee and bringing him down onto the tarp. "Better learn, boy, when a lady tells you 'eat,' you eat."

"Fucking bitch, get your fat ass off me!" Jack screamed, indignant as she covered his mouth and nose with her slimy pussy.

Fortunately for his testicles, Anna did not hear 'fat ass,' it all sounded garbled.

"Kid, you ain't getting up 'til I get off; better start eating, hear me?" Anna demanded, pushing her pussy hard against his face, and continuing her death grip on his balls.

Her pudgy thighs pressed tightly against is ears, but he'd heard enough to know he better begin licking her crotch or else.

"Aw yeah, that's it," Anna laughed maliciously as the boy's inexperienced tongue began to lap at her slit.

"See?" she cooed as she stroked his resurgent erection, and eased her weight up slightly so he could breath again. "It ain't so bad, now is it?"

He wanted to tell her she smelled like dead fish, but her hand on his testicles told him he'd better keep his smart ass comments to himself.

"Aw, yeah," she laughed and stroked his cock through his shorts. "I think somebody LIKES eating hair pie!"

She wiggled her hips, rubbing her pubic hair against his face.

"Give me a good one; I'll make it all right, okay?" she giggled.

He found her clitoris and she groaned happily.

"That's it, kiss it, baby," she groaned.

When she finished coming, she eased his erection out of his shorts and briefs again. She twisted around and smiled at his panting face. She licked her own essence from his face as she lowered her hot pussy on his cock.

"God damn, going to break the fucking things, grab them like that," she complained as he gripped her large breasts.

"Fuck! I know they big and all, but they like to be treated like this, okay?" she said, grabbing his hands and showing him how to caress her breasts and nipples.

She used her vaginal muscles to clamp down on his cock and shuddered in orgasm. She reached behind her and gently, but firmly twisted his cock at the base, stopping his impending ejaculation. She kissed him hotly and laughed as he groaned into her mouth. She milked him to two more orgasms before finally letting him come inside of her.

"Hey, how old are you, any way?" Jack asked as they dressed.

"Thirty one, going to be thirty two in a few months," she laughed.

"Oh, well, um, happy birthday," he said.

"Thanks," she smiled. "Why? How old you think I am?"

"I don't know, thirty, thirty one, I guess," Jack shrugged.

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