tagErotic CouplingsYou Can’t Stop Me Ch. 02

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 02


*Ghosts are spirits of passions; be it regret, love, or anger and sometimes they are made up of all three*

We stride into the noisy press of bodies. We are equal parts confident and docile. To me it is another party, but it appears to be a major step for Carmen. She clasps my hand in a grip of iron as I maneuver through the crowded narrow hallway. We fight our way to the kitchen where I get Carmen a beer and myself bourbon. Some people come up talk and I introduce Carmen around.

I see Steve and my female buddy Ashe making it over to me.

"Carmen, I think you know Steve and this is one of my best friends Ashe. She's like a brother to me," I tell my companion. Ashe looks like, and is a volleyball player; tanned blonde and nearly as tall as I am. She and Steve are fuck-buddies but I know they will never be serious.

Ashe is a motivated woman and Steve's inherently lazy. If it wasn't for the sex, and me, I don't think they could stand to be in the same room together. I find Steve yanking on my arm and pulling me away from Carmen. I stretch out as far as I can, but Carmen isn't letting go.

"Bro," Steve whispers, "that's that chick."

"Which chick would that be?" I whisper back over the music and the human babble.

"Remember a few months back – your birthday; she's the chick your rescued from that guy."

Chick – birthday – guy; Steve's descriptions aren't all that helpful but I finally figure out what he's saying. This was the girl that nearly got raped at my party. Oh fuck. That explains some things.

"And?" I respond.

"She's smoking. Did you hook up here, or did you bring her?" he wonders.

"I've seen her around," I try not to lie. Carmen pulls her way to my side, Ashe in tow.

"Hey little girl," Steve leers, "you're looking good," he tells me date.

"Her name is Carmen," I inform my buddy.

"And her eyes are a little higher up," grouses Ashe. Carmen pulls close to me.

"Fine, Carmen, if you ever want to step up to the big leagues," he hints, "I'm right down the hall from Romeo here."

"I'm with Robert," Carmen states intently. Ashe gives me a curious look to which I shrug.

"So Carmen, what year are you and what are you majoring in?" Ashe asks.

"I'm in Material Science as a freshman," Carmen grins. Ashe has a way of being able to get people to open up.

"Wow," Ashe grins suspiciously, "Rob is a Material Science major too. How weird." I have nothing to say since this is the longest conversation I've had with Carmen since I've known her. "Has Rob told you he's going to start his Masters here next year?"

"Really," Carmen brightens up, "that's great news," Carmen gushes as she hugs my arm extra tight.

"Trouble at twelve o'clock," Steve warns us. He's lousy at telling directions but I can spot the target of his worry. It is Lindsey and two of her pals. Lindsey is looking like dynamite and I feel myself stirring in response.

"Hey Lindsey," I respond dryly. Lindsey glares at Carmen but lets her gaze softens when she sees me.

"Rob, can I talk to you for a moment – alone?" Lindsey purrs. I'm thinking of the nicest way to say no when Carmen slips past me like a blur and slaps Lindsey so hard I feel the impact. Lindsey is a much bigger girl, but the blow knocks her back into her friends. She barely has time to react before Carmen backhands her.

"Get away from him you savage bitch! He's with me now! Me!" Carmen screams like a wild woman. I grab Carmen around the waist and yank her away because Carmen is following the drooping form of Lindsey to the floor screeching and clawing at her. I have to lift her bodily off the ground and back us to the nearby laundry room. She is still clawing and flailing about.

Ashe and Steve cover our retreat. The attack was so sudden that most of the people in the kitchen don't know what's happen. I think you can add me and my friends to that number.

"Carmen," I say in a soothing tone as I set her down, "what just happened?" Carmen is shaking and vacant eyed, tear streaming down her face. She doesn't respond.

"Rob, what is going on? Do Carmen and Lindsey have a history?" Ashe inquires.

"None that I know of," I reply. Steve chuckles; which is standard operating procedure for him.

"Carmen," I start to kiss away her tears. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm here with you. I'm not leaving." That earns me a reaction. She folds her arms around me and starts crying into my shoulder.

"Dude, your bitch 'be crazy'," Steven comments. Ashe elbows him in the ribs. I shoot Steve a dirty look as well.

"Come on Carmen, let's get you home," I say softly. She nods and we head for the back door.

"Watch yourself," Ashe cautions as I head around the house with Carmen. I'm not sure what she means.

Back at my car, I settle her into the passenger seat then get in my side and head toward campus. All freshmen have to live on campus their first year. I ask her what her dorm is and she tells me in a leaden voice. We get there, I park and help her out hers side. On the steps up she finally speaks.

"Is this the place where we split up?" she asks. I'm not sure there was ever an 'us', but ...

"I was thinking we could pick up a change of clothes for you, since you shouldn't be tracking across campus in your little black dress come sunrise. That is if you want to crash at my place tonight," I add. She slowly wraps an arm in mine. Once we are outside of her room she makes me wait while she goes in. Carmen tells me she has a roommate and tells me she doesn't want me to see her naked. I grin at that.

Carmen comes out and we are heading down to the car when I finally break down and ask.

"Carmen, was that a thong you were wearing tonight?" She stops and smiles. Carmen turns away, unzips and lowers her jeans so that I can see more than half an ass cheek.

"I've been going commando," she grins shyly yet sexy at the same time. I still don't think I'm getting any action tonight.

When she cuddles up to me we are both totally naked and I'm totally rock hard. I obey the rules of our game. I'm silent and still, while she runs her hands over most of my body while she kisses my nipples and my chest. After a while, she moves my free arm (she's resting her head on the other) and places it on her lower back. Right before we drift off, she moves the hand farther down until it rests on her ass. I go to sleep happier than if I'd have a bonus round of sex.

I wake up to the normal round of face kisses. She goes a little farther by biting my nose then lower lip. Her hands never touch my groin, but she's getting closer than normal this morning. Carmen even goes so far as to reach around and grab my ass. I roll on my side to give her freer access. She smoothly caresses it.

"Carmen," I groan, "I can't hold back much longer." Carmen gives a cautious and frightened little smile and slips off. She gets off the bed then sits back down abruptly and kisses me again. No tongue, but passionate none the less. She hops back up and starts getting dressed. I can't think of many things sexier than a girl putting on a tight pair of jeans when you know she's got no underwear on. She put on an electric blue tank top that highlighted her large nipples and her delightfully curved breasts.

I struggle into some jeans that had only been worn once before and hand in hand we go down to the kitchen. It turns out that she is leading me. I pull her around to me and tap my lips. She nods.

"Have you wandered around the place much?" I inquire. She startles a bit then nods, taking in my reaction out of the corner of her eye.

"You know that is a little spooky, right?" I respond. She takes a tighter hold of my arm. "I'm okay with it though. You didn't hurt anybody." She turns and hugs me around my waist.

"Thank you," she says.

"What for?"

"For being you," she replies. I laugh it off and lead her to the kitchen for breakfast. We are finishing up when a bleary-eyed Steve in a bathrobe, and a far more alert Ashe show up. She's in his football jersey so I know what happened between them last night.

"Hey Rob; hey ya little psycho," Steve mumbles as he heads for the bowls.

I catch Carmen giving Steve a hard, measured look. Ashe seems a bit more cautious.

"Hey Carmen," Ashe says. "Can we expect more of you around here?

"That is up to Robert," Carmen replies quietly. Ashe looks to me warily. I try a dodge.

"If Carmen wants to hang around here I'm good with that," I offer.

"I want to be here very much, and good morning Ashe ... Steve," Carmen smiles for most of that. Ashe and I do our level best to keep Steve and Carmen going in different directions for the rest of the meal. After that I have to take Carmen back to her dorm, which Steve finds hilarious, and then I'm off to the labs for project work.

I don't get home until a bit past nine. I've grabbed some fast food and I wolf it down before going up to bed. I figure Carmen won't come padding around until later so I can plan to drift off to sleep unimpeded. She's waiting for me naked in bed. I groan. She lets me climb over her, which seems to scare the fuck out of her, and I lay down on my side of the bed against the wall.

Carmen wraps her naked body around me and I am centimeters from pressing up and penetrating the girl who has already started nodding off. Inwardly I scream in frustration. I slip over her, which scares the crap out of her again, grab some hand lotion and storm off to the bathroom for a little personal attention. Visualizing Carmen's naked body is all it takes. I'm back in ten minutes.

Those big brown soulful eyes are boring into me when I return. I go put the lotion back on the nightstand, but when I go over her for the third time tonight, she grabs me by the hips and slows my progress until I'm nearly hovering over her between her legs. She lets me pass and I come to rest beside her once more. She lies on top of me and glides off to sleep. This time I join her.

The next few next few nights follow the same routine. I'm jacking-off every night at bedtime and again after she leaves me in the morning. The third morning after she gets dressed but before she leaves she comes over and kisses me,

"Thank you for being so patient," then she gave an unforgettable French kiss.

Later that day in the afternoon Ashe flags me down. She looks concerned.

"Robert," she says. Calling me 'Robert' and not 'Rob' is never a good thing. "I know where I've seen Carmen before. Do you remember Freshman Orientation back in early July? She was one of our kids." Steve, Ashe, Vince, and I had done the orientation for several groups, I sort of lost track of the faces.

"I can't remember," I admit.

"Well, she was one of the quiet ones, but you took her and one other on a trip through Physical Sciences buildings," Ashe informs me. She has a way with faces, but she plans to be a MD one day so I can see how that works for her. I plan to work on nanotechnology where the faces are too small to be seen.

"If you say so Ashe, but is it really relevant? So we crossed paths before. We must have run through two hundred students," I respond.

"I agree, but don't you think that her reaction to Lindsey was a bit off?" Ashe asks

"I think it was totally off, but I haven't been able to talk with her about it. She's very shy."

"Rob, has she done anything that's weirded you out, besides Lindsey," Ashe inquires.

"We haven't had sex yet, if that is what you mean," I offer up as proof.

"That is a bit weird. You normally never go past the third date without her giving it up."

"It is complicated," I confess.

"Well, you be careful with that one. There is something about her I don't like," Ashe informs me.

"Jealous much," I grin.

"Rob, why would I fuck up a perfectly good friendship?" she grins back and she is right.

I'm laying down trying hard not to think about being hard and my little ghost-ninja is dry-humping my thigh and hip while she kisses and licking my nipples. When she got here I asked for three more sentences tonight, but I have yet to receive a reply.

"Do you like this?" she whispers. She looks with those liquid earthen pools she has for eyes. I nod repeatedly and smile. She pulls herself up my body and kisses me on the lips.

"Soon, I promise you. Please be patient a little longer. I am really trying to not be afraid anymore," she continues in that soft desperate but sexy voice. I nod. "What do you want to ask me?"

"Do you remember me from Orientation?" I begin. She stops moving her hands around my body and they slowly recede until they are huddled between us.

"Yes," she sighs.

"Did you come to my birthday party to see me?"

"Yes," she barely manages to get out.

"So I'm the reason you got attacked by that guy," I reason.

"No," she insists, "I was ... I was ... trying ... I'm sorry," she starts sobbing. "It was never your fault." I'm powerless. I can't touch her and I've run out of words. She is shaking against me. She keeps weeping forever then she whispers something.

"You can hold me if you still want to."

I wrap her up in my arms and rock her from side to side.

"I'll do whatever you want me to do," she sobs. I hold her to me and rest my head on hers. We drift off to sleep that way which suits me just fine.

Ashe flags me down coming out of the labs the next day.

"Rob! Hang on a second," she pants. She has apparently run across campus to catch up with me.

"What's up Ashe; problems with Steve?" I ask.

"Forget Steve; I looked into your girlfriend, Carmen Santos" she starts. I audibly groan, but she continues. "Do you know that she started out in Geology but started the transfer process into Material Science during registration?"

"Maybe I gave a good tour; Jesus Ashe, so she likes the same stuff that I do. Does that make her weird?" I counter.

"Rob, sometimes you're dense. If she's not putting out, what is about this girl that has you with blinders on?" she teases. I blush which causes her to arch an eyebrow in curiosity. "That good eh? Some day you are going to have to tell me about her techniques."

"Ashe, I talked to her about it. She came to my birthday party to see me, but things didn't work out. She ran into that asshole first. I just happened to show up in time," I said. Ashe gives me another curious look. We part ways yet are looping around on a collision course.

Carmen is snuggling with her back to me. She wrapped my arm around in front of her and was sucking on my forefinger and thumb. Being naked and pressing my dick against her ass is driving me nearly insane with lust. I can't even speak to her.

"You ... you make me very happy Robert. You make me trust again," she murmurs.

I start to wonder if this is the end of the waiting and now we can get down to business when she figuratively slams me upside the head.

"It makes me feel so safe knowing you are willing to wait," she moans. I moan but for a different reason.

I growl and climb over her. She no longer flinches when I do so which I count as a huge step forward.

"You have to go back again?" she giggles. I shower her with malicious mischief in my glare. My hand lotion and I go back to the bathroom. I hear her sigh sensually as I leave; she really likes my ass.

She gives me a guilty look when I came back in. It doesn't stop her from pressing herself back against me when I climb back in. I'm grateful to my fatigue that leads me off to sleep. As my eyes shut, I feel her turn over so that we are face to face.

"Can I touch it?" she whispers. My eyes fly open.

She's looking at me expectantly so I give her a little toss of the head. I follow her gaze down my body. I'm pretty sure that I can't get it up right until the electric pulse that passes between us when she takes a single finger and touches my cockhead.

"Oh," she gasps. I gasp too. "It's ..." I think the word she is looking for is 'growing'.

Carmen starts using to fingers on the head as it expands and pushes up toward her. She traces slow lines along my slit then draws out her touch to surround the edges of the head.

"I've never done for this before," she states softly but doesn't look up to see my response. Carmen surrounds my head with her fingertips and slowly moves her hand up and down until her palm touches the top of my penis.

The feeling becomes so intense that I have to lean my head back and groan. Carmen isn't done with me yet. As she increases her tempo I feel her take a deep breathe. I look back down.

"Robert ... I'm a virgin," she cringes. I'm not sure what she's cringing about. I clearly don't understand her at all.

"I'm sorry I'm not Lindsey," she sighs and the light comes on. I tap myself loudly on the chest. She looks up uncertain to what I want. I look into her eyes. She squints her eyes. "Yes?"

"Big damn deal; I'm not with Lindsey now am I? I'm here with you. Now I'll shut up again," I tell her. She kisses my chest and strokes me harder.

I'm caught up in one of the hard and painful realities of our game. I can't touch her to let her know I'm in pain from her vigorous ministrations. I can't tell her that, or that I'm about to cum. Next thing I know she squawks as my semen splashes her hand and arm. The look she gives me is one of 'Oh my God, I didn't know this would happen!'

It makes me wonder what she expected the results to be. She looks helpless and confused. I take a deep breath and reach for some Kleenex. She takes the tissues from my hand and gets ready to clean up.

"Should I taste it?" she asks. I give a long suffering groan.

She looks expectantly at me for an answer so I figure I might as well nod. Carmen tentatively licks her forefinger. She seems to mull it over and much to my glee starts sucking her other fingers. I can barely contain myself when she starts licking her arm clean then starts licking my cock, which is valiantly trying to make yet another comeback. Suddenly Carmen giggles. I look at her curiously.

"Now you don't have to rush to the bathroom anymore," she beams at me. I flop back on the bed and sob. It has taken us how many months to get here? Carmen goes back to cleaning me up. I begin realizing how tough going to class is going to be tomorrow. I'll live with being bone-tired if it means making progress with Carmen like this. When I wake up she's kissing me and whispering 'thank you' with this huge grin on her face.

I struggle through the day, but I'm happy. I'm so happy that I almost forget that I've agreed to earn benny points with my Course Councilor by starting to tutor junior classmen in some of the Physical Science classes that I've already passed. She tells me that it will help me when my application for my Master's degree comes up for final review in the spring.

My day goes downhill when I walk into the Library and I see the 'Oh Fuck' look on Ashe's face. For starters, I have to wonder why Ashe is here; she's Pre-Med then I remember the whole thing about her being a good person with people skills and who she actually cares that people learn something in college. I join the circle of about a dozen other tutors.

"Hi Rob," Lindsey says and Ashe give me an 'I told you so' shrug.

"Hey Lindsey, you are a tutor too?" I lamely say. What the hell else would she be doing here?

"Yeah, I'm starting to look to the future and being a tutor helps you get into Master's programs," she grins.

"Who told you that?" I ask.

"You did ... you know ... when we were dating," she smiles. Everyone else finds something else to look at.

"If you need anything, let me know," I stammer. I feel like an idiot, but I claim to be dazzled by her impressive rack.

"I'll do that," she promises. I retreat to Ashe who thankfully shields me. The look on her face is grim and devilish at the same time.

"It gets worse," she tells me. She hands me my list of my students to tutor. The second name hits me: Carmen Santos. I look at her with confusion.

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