tagLoving WivesYou Only Turn 50 Once

You Only Turn 50 Once


It's my birthday, again. And as the old line goes, you only turn 50 once.

I told Rita I didn't want anything. Money's tight, and I really don't need much but a good book, a decent bottle of wine, and a reliable internet connection. I would love a nice blow job, though. Of course, I've told her that every year for the past 27 years. Some years I get some good head. Some years I get a shirt.

This was going to be one of the good years. The kids were farmed out to friends' houses for the night. We enjoyed a nice dinner, just Rita and me. We got home a little later than planned after a half-moon lit walk on the beach on a surprisingly uncold winter night.

She poured me a tall glass of organic port and we went upstairs. When she stepped into the closet to change, I quickly stripped, kicked my clothes under the bed, and slid under the comforter. Rita walked back out of the closet in a new, smooth, silky floral nightgown. The gown ended just moments below the apex of her thighs. The neckline plunged deep between her shallow, small-breasted cleavage. The thin material did nothing to hide the stiff nubs at the end of her tiny tits. I haven't seen her in lingerie in years. Yes, it looked to be a good night.

She crawled cat-like up on to the bed, on all fours, then slowly peeled back the blanket. "You didn't waste any time", she said as scanned my complete nakedness. She gripped my already hard cock in her long, thin fingers. Her eyes focused in on my shaft, stroking me with one hand and running her fingertips across my balls with the other. A fingernail scrape along the base of my shaft, teasingly close to my butt hole, sent an erotic shiver through my body.

"Stay here", she gently commanded as she reversed course off the bed. She reached into her top dresser drawer and pulled out several long strands of cloth of different colors. "Get off the bed for a moment", she told me.

I complied with a smile. She smoothed out the down comforter and positioned a single pillow at the center of the bed. "OK, lie back down here," she said.

"You're being naughty tonight", I grinned. "What's gotten into you?"

"It's your birthday. Be patient," she replied. "And lie down."

She leaned down and kissed me while taking my left hand and stretching it out to the corner bedpost. Two quick loops around my wrist and a knot around the post. I laughed. "Oh my god. What are you gonna do?"

Rita never said a word. She slid herself across my chest letting me see that there were no panties covering her blonde mound. I felt her damp hairs as she moved to the other side of the bed. She grabbed my other hand just as my fingers reached the edges of her pussy. She pulled it away from her and repeated the strapping. I was completely stretched, yet not all that uncomfortably, across our small queen sized bed.

She did the same with my feet, two loops around the ankles before securing both legs to the bedposts. I'm naked, spread and exposed. I feel a cool breeze against my balls. My cock lies rigid now against my stomach. Rita kneels at my side admiring her work. "Comfy?" she asks.

"I think so." I watch her eyes in anticipation. She bends over, taking my cock back in her fingers. She licks slowly up the full length of my dick. She does it again, and then one more time. The sensation is overwhelming. I can't move and I can't react physically to her touch. The cool air in the room rolls in on the wet side of my cock. Then her mouth envelopes my cock, taking in the head, then down down down until a full portion of my seven inches is inside her.

"Oh god, yes", I moan. "Do you know what you're doing to me? I'm not going to last long like this. You look so hot doing that. I like my birthday present," I grin.

"Ahhh," she sighed. "But what if you couldn't see what was happening?"

With that, she reached over and grabbed the last sash, the black one. Straddling my chest, she placed it over my eyes, covering my eyes from the top of my forehead to the tip of my nose. "Lift your head," she asked, and I did. She wrapped it twice around my head, and tied a snug knot at back of my neck.

"Oh, Rita," I whispered. "What's gotten into you?"

"It's your birthday," she whispered softly in my covered ear. "Now stay here for a moment."

Rita turned off the bedroom light and left the room.

I was naked, bound, spread-eagled, and blindfolded in the dark. Fortunately it wasn't too cold, but as the moment turned into minutes, and minutes turned into a quarter hour, I began to worry. Is she getting back at me for something?

I hollered for her a couple times, playfully. There was no response. I heard no movement downstairs, in the hall, or in the bedroom. I tried to move, but she'd done a good job in strapping me down. I wasn't going anywhere without some help. In the long wait, my cock, achingly hard a few moments ago, softened and fell across my leg.

Just as I'd about given up hope and started to feel a bit annoyed, the door opened. "Are you ok," she asked?

"I'm fine, but what're the plans here? Are you coming back?"

"Maybe. Just a couple minutes longer," she whispered. And she closed the door again.

"Rita!" I whined. But all was silent once again.

In the dark and sudden silence, I heard her breathing in the corner. Soft footsteps padded slowly across the bare oak floor. I grinned and let out a quiet, "Hmmmmm." The small lamp on the other side of the room clicked on. Only a veiled brightness penetrated the dark blindfold.

"I can hear you," I sang out. My cock twitched once again, and began to refill. Her footsteps walked slowly around the bed, from one side to the other. I heard her breathing softly, quickly. I felt her come to her side of the bed and sit down next to me. She didn't touch me, yet. She just sat there, quietly, not saying a word.

Fingernails raked softly across the underside of my now rigid cock. I shivered instantly. Then it was the soft pads of her fingertips...tracing the length of the shaft, from the edge of my balls to the tip and back down again.

"You're teasing me, hon," I said. "And it feels so good."

She said nothing. She picked my cock up off my belly, wrapping her fingers around it. Squeezing and stroking. Her touch was different somehow...cautious...tentative...exploring.

"Rita?" There was no reply.

"Rita? Sweetheart? What're you doing?"

She leaned over me and a cascade of hair fell against my naked belly. You should know that my wife Rita has shorter, shoulder length hair. This was a lot more hair than my wife had. And just as I was about to say something, her mouth enveloped the head of my cock and took a full half length of me inside.

"Oh my god," I said out loud. "Who is this?"

There was no reply. Up and down this silent head of long, soft hair bobbed, hungrily taking close to the whole of my cock in her mouth. I struggled to loosen the bonds on my wrists, but they wouldn't budge.

Strange fingers squeezed the base of my cock and wrapped around my balls as she continued slurping the full length of my dick. I fully realized now this wasn't my sweet wife because I've never been sucked like this before. She moaned as I arched my hips upward to meet her downward push. I felt the very back of this anonymous sucker's mouth.

"Oh god, that feels so good, whoever you are," I said aloud. "Yes, just like that." My hips rose and fell with her mouth, pushing and pulling her with me.

Instantly, she was gone from the bed, but I heard her moving in the room. I couldn't make out what was happening. The door opened.

"Don't leave me like this," I cried out. But soon enough she was back, crawling up on to the bed. Her hair once again flowed over me, caressing my stomach, chest and balls. Then I felt her naked breasts against me. Full soft mounds punctuated by hard points pressed against my chest. One fear, that this amazing mouth belonged to another guy, was instantly relieved, but who was this sucking my cock?

"Let me taste your breasts," I begged. The body shifted and she guided a single nipple on to my lips. I licked the stiff nub and stretched up to suckle her soft tits.

Between moans and gasps I tried remembering who we knew with long hair and soft pillowy breasts. Dina? Katherine? Julia? Beth? I couldn't come up with a name, my mind as scattered by sex and confusion as it was. I didn't care really I suppose, as the pressure in my balls began to build.

"Who are you," I asked once more. Without a reply, her fingers squeezed my cock as she slid all the way down taking me deep inside her.

"Oh god, yes. I'm going to cum, whoever you are." I told her this out of practice since my wife hasn't swallowed my juices in years, and is always annoyed if I fail to warn her of the pending eruption.

In spite of the warning, her ministrations only increased. Her movements atop my cock accelerated, up and down. Occasionally I'd slip out of her mouth and she'd lick down my shaft to my balls with a loud slurp, before pulling back inside her lips. My entire body strained against the four straps that held me to the bed.

"I'm cumming," I all but yelled out, and the first explosion blew down her throat. She moaned at the same time that I did. It was her first vocalization of the night, but with no hint as who this glorious stranger could be. Then a second another shot, then another emptied at the soft edges of her mouth.

She pulled away then, stroking my cock fast and furiously. Cum poured over her fingers and down my shaft. It was so sensitive I begged her to stop, but she maintained her stroke. Soon enough, a second wave came over me, spilling even more cum across my stomach. I could feel cum dripping underneath my balls and into my crack.

I was spent, completely out of breath. She sat beside me and giggled softly, running her fingers through the streams of cum on my legs.

From the other side of the bed, Rita said, "Was it good for you?" I jerked my head away from my silent lover.

"Oh my god, what is this? Who...? What...? Jesus Christ, yes, it was amazing. But who..."

Rita said to her friend, "You're bad. You said you were going to leave your clothes on." The stranger laughed, but refused to speak. To this day, I don't know who it was.

"I think you've gone and spoiled him," Rita mocked. "You'd better leave before he wants more."

I heard her footprints leave the room, pad downstairs.

"Thank you," I managed to mumble.

A moment later the front door opened and I heard the sound of a car leaving the driveway.

"So, was she good?," Rita asked. "How was that birthday present?."

She removed my blindfold. Rita sat there next to me on the bed still in her floral nightie.

"You wouldn't believe what that was like, Rita. I couldn't move. She wouldn't talk. It was scary, wild, amazing."

Rita looked between my legs and flipped my flaccid cock from one side to the other. "This is pretty useless now, isn't it?"

"Can you untie me now?" I asked. "These straps are a bit tight."

"Not yet," my sweet wife whispered as she lifted the hem of her nightgown and straddled my chest. She lowered her slippery blonde bush down on my mouth, rubbing her pussy lips against my beard. "There's just one more thing you need to take care of before I set you free."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/25/18

Ordinary couples

Ordinary couples, continuariam Spike be no entusiástica.

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by Anonymous08/23/18

Listen up people!

People, this is a story of fiction and fantasy! As a story of fiction with no reality, it was pretty good. Yes, fantasy is very much different from reality and the warning about giving total controlmore...

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by oldbearswitch08/09/18

PS, sudden unplanned, unexplained tieing is

Different than restraint in a session with an established partner and safety protocols like safe call and safe word

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by oldbearswitch08/09/18

Thanks Pilg, pretty good, but the last paragraph took my 5 to a 3. Hinted of capricious inconsideration...

That can end up with having to hire big Merc to go to Belize on one's behalf.

SJ made a good point too, this IS cheater-lite, a-monogamy, trans-fidelity.

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by Anonymous08/08/18

So give her a hickey

And then find her the next day. A loop over his wrist wouldn't have held any normal man and even a moron turns his head sideways and slips the blindfold off on the pillow. One other thought. Most womenmore...

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