tagInterracial LoveYou Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 02

You Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 02


Gail stepped out of one of the rooms accessing the work that she would have to do and thinking of so many ideas that would be great addition. She couldn't deny that there was so much potential here especially with since it's like working with a blank canvas. She couldn't help but notice the work her brother in law had done was phenomenal. Normally, she didn't mind this part, in fact she loved it, but not with him right at her heels. No matter how she tried to shake it off, she felt his eyes on her the entire time as the toured the place and he rattled off ideas that he had.

She cleared her throat once they got back downstairs and she jotted down a few more notes, "So, what do you think Ms. Young? Is it something that can be done?" he asked not enjoying the taste that it left in his mouth to call her out so formal.

"I believe so. It's going to take time, effort and money of course, but if we really work on it then it could be a big success."

"I told you that it would be a good investment." Mara said with a smile.

Patrick was about to say something when his phone went off, "Excuse me ladies, I have to take this." He said moving away from the group.

Gail couldn't help but glance at him a little as he walked away. He still had that tight ass, she thought and then immediately shook her head. What was she thinking?

"Yea, he seems to have that effect on women." Mara said and Gail immediately jerked her head up.

"I don't know what you mean." Gail shrugged.

"Come on now. I saw you checking him out. I mean, I'm the first one to admit, that my boss is really cute."

It was at that moment that Gail started to question what this relationship was with his assistant. They seemed really close and she was a beautiful woman. The thought sparked a hidden jealous that she swallowed.

"So, you and Mr. Adlam have known each other for awhile?" Gail asked.

"Oh yea, for awhile now." Mara said and Gail just nodded, "And then there's the sex we've been having."

"What?" Gail immediately said snapping the pencil she had in her hand in half.

Mara just started laughing, "I'm kidding. There is nothing going on between us. Patrick and I went to college together and pledge the same fraternity."


"Yea, who said that it was just for the boys? I don't play those games. Patrick was the only person that really pushed for me to get in. We have been good friends every since."

"Oh, wow so since college, you have known him?" Gail thought of the many conversations that she had with him back in those days, "Are you M?"

"So, he did talk about me to you? I always wondered about that."

"Yea he did. Now I can finally put a face to the name; although, I did think the face was a little more masculine." Gail smiled and then swallowed hard before asking again, "So, nothing ever happened between you two?"

"Oh no, he's not my type." She said shaking her head, "We like the same thing."

"Oh." Gail said slightly confused and then it finally clicked, "OH!" Mara started laughing again, "Not that it matters if anything is going on between you two."

Mara just shook her head, "Sure, I can tell you really don't care. Well, believe me, he told me many stories of you. So much so that I had to constantly tell him to shut up when he talked to you for hours on the phone."

She remembered that too; the constant hours they spent on the phone with each other talking about nothing and everything. No use reliving those days.

"I imagine it must be kind of hard working with him again." She said and Gale took a deep breath.

"Somewhat, but I can handle it. Everything we went through is in the past."

"So, you grew up here?"

"No, I moved here after my divorce. I was staying there because I thought my mom needed me but every since she got her new boyfriend, I decided to move here by my sisters."

"That's right: Jade and Nicole, how are they doing?"

"Well Jade is still in her honeymoon stage with James and Nicole is doing very well in college."

"Has she decide what she is going to major in?"

"She decided she is going into sports medicine."

"Oh, she can go pretty far with that especially getting a doctorate. Does she plan on interning?"

"I hope so. She has been real dedicated with school and she was working for my sister's best friend."

"You have any friends around here?"

"Here? Not so much. I have one best friend I trust that lives back where I'm from but she is talking about moving here with her daughter."

"Your whole family is here? I wouldn't be surprised if your mom moves here soon."

"You know what? I wouldn't be surprised by that either." They both laughed.

"I hope I'm not interrupting any girl talk." They both looked up to see Patrick at the door.

"No, I was helping her with some decisions." Mara smiled.

"Right, Mara, I have a conference call in 10 minutes, you mine taking over for me?"

"My work is never done. I swear I should make you give me a raise."

He crossed his arms across his chest as he smiled at her, "I'm already overpaying you."

"I didn't say anything about over paying me. It's just the point I should ask for one." She said walking past him and he just shook his head.

"Great girl." Gale said packing up her stuff.

"She is a jokster but no one works as hard as she do for me."

"You're lucky. Well, I'm going to put some samples together and bring them to you." She said heading to the door.

"Gale, I am attending this party. It's full of investors and advertising people and I want to pitch the idea to them about the hotel. I was wondering if you would come with me?"

"Why should I?" she sighed looking over at him.

"Trust me, it's not anything romantic going on. It will be strictly business, besides there will be a lot of investor's wives just itching to redecorate their house."

Gale sighed as he obviously tried to bait her with that, "I don't know about this Mr. Adlam. I mean..."

"If it makes you feel comfortable we don't have to ride together or anything like that. I know you started your business here, you need some clients, and everything to start it off. At least let me help with the clients part."

"I didn't say that I need your help with that, but considering the type of party that it is, I will take you up on that offer." He gave her that award winning smile that used to make her weak, "When is it?"

"It's tomorrow night at the Hilton downtown." He went over to his briefcase and handed her a invite, "Here is an extra invitation, so you can get in and it is nothing extremely dressy so don't go out and buy something out the way."

"I get it Mr. Adlam; like I said I will go. I guess I will see you tomorrow and I will start working on a profile."

"Gale, thank you so much. I really owe you one."

"Oh, you really do and I will get it in my paycheck." Gale smiled briefly before storming past him, leaving him smirking to himself.

She's still sassy as hell, he thought as he listened to the click of her heels grow fainter. It was becoming harder to be so close to her. She was everything to him, from the moment he saw her. He kicked himself everyday for letting her go. A mistake he vowed he would never make again when he gets her back.

"So, what's the plan on this one?" Mara asked as she walked up to him.

"I just have to go with the flow. I have to let her lead everything until she opens up."

"Good, I'm glad that you aren't trying to play games or anything like that."

"I already hurt her too much and I promised myself that I wasn't going to do that again."

And he meant that, he just needed a chance from her.

Gale got back to her house kicking her shoes off as soon as she got in the door. Long day, she sighed looking around. She felt like she was holding on to so much stuff and that everything had her bound. She never thought she would be this close to Patrick again. Even though she accepted this job she still felt like either punching him or crying every time she was around him.

She took off her skirt and jacket looking at her face in the mirror. She had to be strong. She wasn't that same girl anymore. That same girl that was so head over heels in love, that had nothing but high hopes with the man that she thought she would be with forever. She unbuttoned her shirt and turned on her radio. She stopped when she heard that song, their song. She remembered that night perfectly. She collapsed in the bed as the harmonized voices wrapped her up in the memory of this song playing during their first kiss.

Gale couldn't believe how much fun she was having with Patrick. This was the sixth night they had snuck out after hours at the camp to hang out. Since during the day they spent their time with the kids, they would sneak away to be with each other at night. They would either take walks around the campgrounds or sit by the lake and talk. She been on plenty of dates with guys, but she never really allowed herself to enjoy it much. They had so much in common and she enjoyed how passionate he talked about his career goals.

They didn't do anything much but hold hands and he held her at times, but no kissing. She wanted to kiss him! Every time that she thought he was moving in for the kill, he would back off. What was the deal? She knew he wanted it too. That's fine, but she was determined to be kissed by him tonight. She had her hair pulled back away from her face, because he always complimented on how bright her eyes were and that he loved looking into them and she wore her favorite lips gloss that made her lips pop. He brought his radio and they had been talking and just enjoying the scenery.

"Did you see the picture that Jade drew today?" he asked.

"I did. I know mom would be so proud of her when she sees it."

"Yea, she said tomorrow, she was going to make me one."

"You really do have a way with kids." But I don't really want to talk about my baby sister, Gale thought.

"Not really, just a way with girls." He said giving her that sly smile, pulling her closer and she shook her head.

She sat looking out at the lake with his arms around her. There was a long silence but it was a comfortable silence. That's one thing that Gale really likes about Patrick, nothing was forced with them. It was a comfortable silence, but today it was a little uncomfortable only because she knew what she wanted. It was the perfect setting, the moonlight reflecting in the lake and the soft music playing in the background. She was so close to him and still nothing. What was wrong? She was for sure he liked her like that but nothing.

"Okay, that's it." She finally said getting up.

Patrick looked up confused, "What's wrong?"

"I think it's time I go to bed."

He suddenly stood to full height, "I thought we were having a good time, like always."

"Yea, sure." She said turning away from him.

He hooked her chin and turned her around to face those gorgeous eyes, "What's wrong?"

"I just feel like you know, that we should have kissed by now." She blurted, "There I said it."

"So, you want to kiss me?" he said with that cocky grin.

"Come on Patrick, don't tease. You haven't made no attempt or anything like that."

"Well, you are right about that, I haven't made any attempt, but that's because I have been waiting for the right moment."

"Well, when is the right moment? We have been having a good time for the past six nights and nothing. I mean I appreciate that you are being a gentleman, but I have wanted to kiss you for some time now." She huffed ready to head back to her cabin.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back to face him, "You don't think this has been hard for me too. I mean, to sit here and all I can do is think about your lips is pretty damn hard."

"So, why don't you kiss me?"

"I've just been trying to restrain myself because I feel like once I start kissing you, I'm not going to want to stop." He said staring into her eyes and she swore her heart started beating out of her chest.

She took a deep breath, "Well, that was the honesty that I was looking for." She smiled.


They stood there for a minute as he continued staring at her and she looked everywhere else. He was going to move closer until they heard Blackstreet's Before I let you go come on the radio. She took a deep breath as she finally looked up at him.

"Um, just so I can put it out there, I really like you Patrick."

"I really like you too, that's why I don't really want this night to end, but I do know why it has too." She nodded, "But...before I let you go away, can I get a kiss good night?" he sang just before planting his lips against hers.

She felt like he was taking her breath away. The way his tongue moved inside her mouth in slow deliberate strokes. She grabbed on to his shoulders as his arms wrapped around her. Her whole body felt like it was rejoicing and there was this raw urge that was bubbling inside her. This power that made her want to rip off his clothes and feel his body pressed up against hers; flesh to flesh. She just about came undone when she felt his wide hands palm her ass. She couldn't help the moan that escaped from her lips as they continued to explore each other's mouth. It was like they tuned out the outside world and just focused on each other. It wasn't till they felt a bright burning light on their face that they finally parted away from each other to see where it was coming from.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to come by and catch you guys. I overheard some of the adults doing a cabin check, so we better hurry." Tara smiled as she looked between the two.

"Yea, we better go." Gale breathed trying to catch her breath.

"Yea," he leaned in closer to her ear, "Told you I wouldn't want to stop." He whispered and her knees almost gave in. Oh, he is going to be fun, Gale thought.

Gale snapped back to reality as her eyes flew open. That's how they were, but that was then. Why couldn't she heal from this? She placed her hand over her stomach and realized why she couldn't heal from this just yet. She wanted answers from him. She needed it. She breathed as she cuddled up to the pillow.

The next day, Gale went to see Jade. Something about talking to Jade made her feel a little bit at ease about certain decisions. She called the restaurant and they said she was at the repair shop. Typical, she thought with a smile. She tried to call Jade's cell but she didn't pick up.

As she pulled up to the shop, her phone rung and she saw it was Tara, "Hey girlfriend." Gale said.

"Hey, I was checking on you, since I haven't heard anything."

"I'm doing okay." She paused and Tara laughed.

"You are a such a bad liar. What's going on?"

She sighed, "Patrick's here."

Gale can hear the wheels turning in her head, "Patrick Adlam?"

"The one and only."

"Oh my God. Jessica, put that down! I'm so sorry, how is it going?"

"He is pretty much my boss at the hotel that I'm decorating, but it will be okay."

"Are you sure? I mean after everything that happened with..."

"I know Tara and I just want to forget about it. I'm going to do the work and I'm going to finally put an end to everything between me and him."

"I thought it was already over?"

"It is. It's just that it brings up bad memories seeing him. I'll be okay, I promise."

"If you need me, I'll be here. I don't know how comforting that is with me not actually being there, but..."

"It's very comforting. Besides, you will be here soon."

"Yes I know. The moving company already picked up all the boxes and furniture, tonight we are staying at a hotel."

"Okay, so what time should your flight arrive?"

"It should get there around 3, so just come by and pick us up."

"Will do. I will talk to you later."

"Alright, bye." Gale hung up the phone and got out the car.

She walked up to James' office and knocked on the door before going in. She knew better than to just barraging in on the two.

"Yea, come in." She heard James gruff voice.

She opened the door and saw James sitting at his desk with Jade behind him rubbing his shoulders.

"Gale?" Jades questioned.

"Who?" James asked flipping his eyes open.

Gale shrugged as she moved inside the office and closed the door, "Hey guys. I was wondering if it's okay I talk to you Jade."

"Yea, of course. You want to go back to the restaurant or some place else?" Jade asked.

"No it's okay. I kind of want a male prospective on some things as well since James is here."

"And you want me?" James questioned.

"Call it sudden confusion that I'm asking, but yea." She smirked.

"Wow baby, mark this on the calendar." James said.

"Honey, quit. What's up?" Jade asked.

"I need to tell you about me and Patrick. Um, remember when we graduated from college and we almost got the house?" Jade nodded, "Well, he came up to me the night before the closing and told me that he didn't love me and that I was just for fun. He pretty much said that he couldn't marry a poor black girl." She breathed as she said the words out loud feeling the lump in throat.

"What?" Jade said shaking her head, "No, he was always saying how much he loved you."

"I know, but he said it and pretty much called what we went through a mistake. About a month later I found out that he married someone else; some blonde chick."

"Oh my God. I had no idea."

"No one did besides Tara and mom. I figured you guys loved Patrick so much that I didn't think you guys would get it."

"But you never told us?"

"I know, I just kept it hidden for so long that I didn't want to deal with it till now." Gale looked down at her fingers as she tried to fight the hurt and pain that she felt years ago.

"I don't get it. He came to me a couple of weeks before I called you saying that he needed to talk to you and then he talked about the job. He told me he made a mistake, so I don't get it."

"It's nothing but regret for hurting me. Some things may have happened and he traced it back to how he treated me. You know, trying to clear his conscious."

"I'm so sorry Gale." Jade said coming around the desk and hugging her.

"He just came up and said this all of sudden?" James asked.

"Yea. I mean we got engaged and ready to start our lives together. Then he it was just like he stopped loving me."

"How did he seem the night he told you all this?"

"I don't know. He was cold, not like him." James rubbed his chin.

"What's up baby?" Jade asked.

"It doesn't make sense how you can be so in love one day for nearly what four years and then out of it the next."

Gale scoffed, "Believe me James, I have been stressing myself over that question for a long time and I don't have the energy to think about it like that anymore."

"I'm just saying sis, it doesn't make sense, unless..."

Oh goodness, it was just like James to try and figure everything out and not take her side, "What are you talking about? Unless what?"

"He was forced to do it."

"What?" Gale said shaking her head, "No, James I went through every scenario that I could think of about this and I don't think that is it."

"It makes sense Gale. You can't go from 100 to zero in a matter of seconds so it's obvious that he was either forced to do this or he was saving you from something."

No, that couldn't be. There was nothing that he needed to save her from. They were going to live a happy life, as far as she knew everything was great.

"We were in a good place, why would he try to save me and not tell me anything?"

"It's a guy thing, we sometimes keep things hidden to hide the bigger problem. It's selfish, yes, but it's something we do and I sense this here. Patrick is hiding something from you and that's the reason why he broke up with you."


Hey guys, thank you so much for being patient with me. I just checked and saw I went three months without an update and that's no bueno. I am slowly getting over what happened so I'm good finally. Hope that you like the new installment because I'm going to start updating regularly like normal. Later Dayz

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