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Young Couples Rally


You've heard it before I guess but once again this story could have ended up in several categories. The original idea was aimed at E&V but as it evolved First time seemed more accurate. When it was finished I saw it more as Romance.

This is a work of fiction, though the Family rally really took place for - at least - a few years.

Much nudity but limited sex I would say. With a livid imagination I hope you will think it is sexy anyway.

This is written for the Nude Day competition 2017.


- - - - - - -

Where I grew up in Sweden there was a thing called 'Family rally' on Sundays in the summers. It was kind of like a quiz walk but by car and with practical tests as well as questions to answer. To involve all family members some tests had to be performed by the kids. I might add that high speed driving was not part of the rally...

These were usually arranged by small local sports clubs to earn some money, and the participating families paid a small amount, got to see interesting places, had the chance to win a price and -- perhaps most importantly -- do something together.

This was back in the late sixties and early seventies when TV was evenings only, one channel, black-and-white: I would say we were easier to entertain back then...

I don't know if it was a local thing only or occurred in other places, other countries, but that doesn't matter really. For four or five years as a kid I enjoyed this very much and felt like an important part of the family.

Why we stopped doing this I can't say either. Maybe they stopped arranging them or we got other things to do. Some years later, when I had turned eighteen and had a car of my own I got the chance to participate in another rally though, and it turned out to be a bit different. Back then that particular date -- July 14th -- didn't hold any significance but had I known then what I know now this had probably never happened.

- - - - - - - - -

It began when I eyed through the local paper one morning. Local papers back then weren't all that exciting but like I said, we didn't expect much either. News about this farm or that, an auction held or other everyday occurrences, the main news from around the world and then there was the ads.

I almost missed it because it was small but there was an ad about a 'Young couples rally' being held that Saturday by an organisation called OFSL. I hadn't heard of either the organization or the rally before, and so I had a closer look with the old 'Family rally' in mind. What the ad said was this:

"OFSL will hold a Young Couples Rally Saturday July 14th. Take the chance to get to know each other better! Starting fee 400 of which 375 will be returned after finishing the 12 hour rally. Prices to win. Own vehicle needed. Ages: 18 -- 25."

Then there was the starting location and the time with a two hour window.

400? Gee, that was a lot of money! It was Swedish 'kronor' of course -- not American dollars or British pounds -- but it was in the seventies so it was a considerable amount, like a fourth of my monthly salary. Then again, 375 would be returned after finishing. I wondered about that.

I had a girlfriend since six months back and dated her quite frequently. You may think 'seventies, hippies, free love, use drugs and fuck like rabbits all the time with anyone and anywhere'. Do you?

Not in a Swedish small town like ours I can assure you, and not while living with our parents. Perhaps we were unusually well behaved also, I don't know, but we went dancing, going to the cinema, things like that. We held hands, smiled at each other, kissed lightly once in a while, and I do mean lightly without tongues being involved. That was it.

I thought about the ad until that afternoon. It cost a lot to begin with, but not after the refund. It sounded like something for Annie -- my girlfriend -- and me, an opportunity to be together away from home. And it promised that we would get to know each other better. I decided to ask her to go with me to at least see what it was about. She said yes.

The start was between seven and nine in the morning some thirty miles from town at a small mountain. We were there early, ten minutes to seven, to ask for more information. A table had been set up behind a barrack by the shore of a small lake, and a man and a woman rummaged through the trunk of a car. The four of us were the only ones in sight.

"Excuse me." I said "Are you with the 'Young Couples Rally'?"

"Oh yes." the man said looking up "You want to go?"

"We're thinking about it at least, that's why we're here. The cost is a bit hefty though. Is it hard to finish and get the return? If it is I think we'll find something else to do."

"No no no! Piece of cake! Piece of cake I assure you! Everyone can finish all tasks easily."

"Why the system with refunding then, if everyone will get it?"

"The purpose is to motivate participants to go through with the whole day. We're afraid the young couples may go off on their own before they get to know each other and that would be a pity, for them and us. We will sign an agreement, all four of us, before you start. You drive from one task to the next and after the last one you return here. We estimate that it will take twelve hours with a margin of say two hours either way."

"And if we don't know the answer to a question? Do we get hints or can we find out some way?"

"There are no questions, only tasks to perform." the woman clarified "You will be told what to do by OFSL members and as long as you perform them you can't fail."

I looked at Annie.

"What do you say? Shall we do it? Sounds okay to me if we both agree to finish at all cost."

"Sure, why not? We're here after all so let's get started."

"Good! Good!" the man almost laughed "Just a moment and I'll have the agreement to be signed. One moment only."

When he found the paper he lay it on the table with a pen.

"This states that you are both adults and a couple between 18 and 25, that you have paid 400 and will get 375 back when you have finished. It also says that you agree to follow every direction given or you won't get anything back." he told us and signed.

The woman followed, then Annie and I. I gave him the money and he put 25 in his pocket and 375 in a box. The woman brought another box from the car.

"So, let's get started." she told us smiling "Put your arms around each other and kiss. Any way you want."

Annie and I looked at each other. Was it a test to see if we were a couple, or what? Seemed silly if it was, I mean a kiss? We had kissed in public before but not on command. We embraced a bit awkwardly and our lips met lightly like always. Then we let go.

"Well well." the woman snickered "Inexperienced I would say. Do it again but with feeling. Kiss harder with mouths slightly open. Let your tongues meet, move your hands over each others backs. Stay at it longer."

I thought I saw Annie blush, but we tried. Arms around the other, lips together, open up, tongues pushed forward meeting other lips and another tongue. My hands started to move over her back by themselves, going down almost to her ass even.

When we separated I had a strange feeling in my gut, warm and tingling. I wondered if Annie felt the same? There was no doubt that she blushed then anyway.

"Much better." the man approved "Now, if you follow us inside the changing rooms, gender wise, we will continue."

I followed the man and Annie the woman through separate doors, both of them bringing a box. Inside were small cubicles, like fitting rooms in a clothes store.

"Go into one of these and undress all the way. Then hand me the clothes and wait until I tell you." I was told.

Odd. Why enter the smaller room? We were both men after all. And why undress? Well, there was a small beach so maybe we would get bathing suits to go for a swim. On a clear and warm morning in July as it was I wouldn't mind that at all.

I removed my clothes and handed them to him over the wall that just reached the top of my head, then waited. A sound like metal against metal was heard, then a click.

"Right." the man said "Come out here now."

I did and there was no sign of my clothes.

"Look here now." he continued "Your money and clothes are locked in this box, perfectly safe. You'll get them back when you return tonight if you have the approval of each of our members. Just do as they say and everything's fine. The key to the lock is hidden away at our home, and we will bring it when we return here tonight. Let's go outside again."

"Outside?" I echoed, not understanding "But I'm naked, what about swim trunks?"

"Swim trunks? Where did you get that idea? No trunks but you may swim if you like, that's okay with us. Come on now"

"Hey, I'm still naked!"

"Of course, and you will remain so until this evening at least. Hurry up, there may be other participants on the way and we can't stay here and talk all day."

He took my arm and pulled me through the door despite me trying to resist. He locked the door to the changing-room before he let go of my arm. I lowered my hands to cover up at once, looking around for a place to hide. I didn't see one.

The other door opened and a naked Annie with her free hand in front of her genitals was pulled outside by the woman the same way I had been by the man. The door was locked behind them and she was released. The released arm moved to cover her breasts and the blush from earlier was nothing compared to the present one. I felt my face radiate heat too, and it wasn't all I felt.

I had to adjust my hands because of a rise down below. It started as soon as I was outside but got worse at the sight of Annie naked. She had covered her sex from the start, yes, but try walking -- or rather being forced to move -- at the same time and you understand that she showed a bit anyway. A full bush of brown hair at least, maybe a hint of the rest.

Her breasts had been on full display at first, an exciting handful of firm round flesh each. All I had seen of them before was the shape under her clothes, this was something else entirely. Even what I now saw behind her arm was.

I didn't mind seeing the rest of her either, not at all, but why settle for third price when first and second is available? Or, to be perfectly honest, I couldn't avert my eyes from her breasts even if I had wanted to.

So I stared at Annie, she stared at her feet, and all we had to hide our nakedness behind was hands and arms. The woman sounded peeved as she said:

"Come on now kids: you have no reason to cover up or look embarrassed! You're both young, trim and beautiful and you will show everything you've got to quite a few people today if you want your clothes and money back, so stop trying to hide!"

As if we cared what she said? We didn't alter our postures at all.

"Fine then," the woman said "I'll give you a task right away then: kiss each other."

"But we're naked!" Annie almost screamed to her "We can't do that!"

"If you don't you have failed and will go home naked. Is that a better alternative?"

"You can't do this to us!" Annie continued.

"We can and we are so decide how you want it: do the tasks ordered or else..."

Nothing suggested that we would ever talk ourselves out of that situation, not with our clothes and my money anyway, and Annie realised it too. A sore glare at the woman, another at me, and she moved to stand face to face to me a foot away.

She came closer and got her lips close to mine.

"Just do it!" Annie said curtly "I want my clothes back so let's just get it over with."

Annie and I naked together, kissing. Yeah, I almost came at the realisation. Our lips met briefly.

"That's more like it but it can be a lot better." the woman said "Here's the map with your next destination." she continued, handing it to Annie.

"And here are your car keys." the man said, handing them to me "Stay on the smaller roads and you will be okay. We hope to see you again, later."

Covering ourselves, Annie and I separated and left for the car. Getting inside Annie spoke:

"Please tell me you have some clothes or blankets here! This is humiliating!"

"I'm afraid I don't have anything. I cleaned the car yesterday, inside and out. I removed everything not needed, even empty plastic bags."

"Great... Let's get started then."

"Where to? Back home?"

"Are you crazy?! Do you think I want to come home naked, walking from the car to the house like this with neighbours looking, meet mum and dad and my brothers without clothes on? We do this, get our clothes, then go home. And you sure as hell will do your part to finish all the tasks after getting us into this!"

"You agreed to go, remember, and how would I know this would happen? I thought it was the usual kind of family rally except that it had an age limit."

"Yeah sure, if you say so. Now, start the car and start driving!"

I started the car but then recognised a problem: with hands on the steering wheel and gear shift (manual of course) I was out of hands to cover myself. Annie sat with one arm over her bust and the other in her lap, adequately covered, I would be on full display, at least to her.

I could think of only one thing to do. I pushed my still hard -- and resisting -- dick down between my thighs and in under the left one, then pushed my legs together. Awkward, uncomfortable and not the best position to drive in, but all that was showing was pubic hair at least. When done I looked over at Annie to see if she had noticed, and of course she had: she was staring at my crotch.

"Now we're even for you staring at me when I left the changing-room." she stated, then looked down on the map laying on her lap.

The map yeah: at least it would cover Annie a bit, right? Wrong! Plastic, see-through. To be of any use at all it had to be held against a neutral background, like her thighs. The people arranging this didn't miss much.

- - - - - - - -

A look at the map was all I needed to recognise our first destination, and it didn't calm me one bit. On the contrary since it was also on most tourist maps over the area. A meadow known for some very rare orchids growing there. It was an open landscape without buildings, trees or even bushes to hide behind.

The parking lot was small, positioned at the edge of the meadow with farmland on the other side or the dirt road: we would be clearly visible for any other person within two miles.

Another car was already parked there but no people were in sight. A bit strange in a flat open landscape like that but not a disappointment.

"Well, we're here." I said to Annie "Nothing else to do than get out of the car and have a look around I guess."

"Great idea!" she replied enthusiastically, and I stared at her in disbelief "You do that and come get me when you find something."

She made no move to get out or even unfasten her seatbelt so I sighed, removed mine and opened the door. Taking a deep breath, then another one, I got out with hands covering me and turned full circle. Nothing.

"I don't see anyone. Do you think this could be a joke of some kind?"

"Do you hear me laughing? No? Then I guess it's not a joke!"

"Okay, I'm so fucking sorry about getting us into this despite your loud objections! Happy now when I take full responsibility for us being here?"

I took a step away and closed the door hard with one knee, upset, disappointed and humiliated by her obvious blaming of me. When I turned away from the car there was a man and a woman in the middle of the meadow, waving for me to join them.

Annie opened her door and got out, covering herself.

"Okay, I'm sorry that I take this out on you Stephan, that's not fair and I know it, but this isn't what I have always dreamed about." Annie apologised.

"No? And you think it is for me? The only difference I can detect is that you cover your breasts while I don't! That, and it's easier for you to cover your crotch without a hard dick sticking out in front of you!"

"Alright! I'm sorry! Can we stop quarrelling now? There are two people waving at us over there, do you think they are the ones we are to meet?"

"How should I know? Maybe it's the Senior Citizens Botanical Fan-club. Doesn't matter much since we must find out anyway."

I began to walk in their direction without looking at Annie. I was still pissed at her and needed some time to calm down.

It was like wading through water with thick grass and flowers reaching above my knees. The lowest part was quite moist and slippery, and I was very aware that my feet were bare. The thought of snakes entered my mind and I had to make a mental effort to continue walking.

The couple waving turned out to be kneeling on a blanket laying on the ground and they were naked. When we reached them they sat down with legs spread and leaning back on their arms. Middle-aged, overweight, deeply tanned all over and not making any effort to hide anything from us they smiled.

"Welcome to your first assignment." the man said "Please, sit down and try to relax. I can see you're not comfortable with yourselves but hopefully this day will change that."

I sat straight-legged on the blanket, well away from them, and adjusted my dick to get it under my thighs but holding both hands on top as a precaution. Annie sat down on her knees beside me, crouching as good as she could.

"Let me give you some advice," the woman said "you can take it or leave it as it suits you but it is the truth either way. You won't be able to succeed if you continue to try to cover up, so the best thing you can do is to stop trying at once. If you don't it will be harder to change later because you set a pattern. You are both young and beautiful, we're not. You cover up, we don't. There's no logic in that."

I didn't move a muscle, and neither did Annie.

"Okay, your choice." the man said "Here's your task then; make a wraith each from the flowers we have gathered. You have to use all the flowers and you have to stand facing us. When done you put them on your heads and kiss and hug, then you're done and get a map to the next location."

Not that hard to accomplish, right? If trying to hide your nakedness it's fucking impossible! We stood up awkwardly and I put my dick away behind a thigh as before. Standing up instead of sitting down makes a lot of difference in angle though, and I was quite certain I had broken a bone in the dick even though I knew it was impossible.

I could at least pick up the flowers and work them together though it must have looked hilarious, it was worse for Annie. She stood almost straight with thighs tightly pressed together, but to do anything at all she had to choose between revealing her breasts or her bush, and to use both hands... You get it I'm sure.

She tried to work close to her body, in front of her boobs and leaning forward but gave that up after dropping the flowers a couple of times. Obviously trying to figure out another way she got an idea: standing behind me!

I admit it was smart and of course I stole that idea, not least since she could see my erection then, so I moved backwards to get behind her. She wouldn't have it and moved back too, and that way we continued until the woman intervened.

"Stop! New rule: you can't stand more than six feet from us, and must be in clear view. No leaning forward and no hiding body-parts behind thighs. Grow up and just do what you are told now!"

Annie glared at me, obviously blaming me for ruining her clever way of cheating, and I honestly couldn't blame her. I mimicked 'Sorry' but only got a continued glare in return. We finished our wraiths on full display, blushing furiously, put them on our heads and hugged and kissed without any display of warmer feelings for each other.

It was clear that it didn't impress our audience one bit:

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