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Your Fantasy


You walk towards the building – it is smaller than you have anticipated. Your hand reaches for the railing as you approach the stairs, you pause a moment looking up towards the door.

Your mind wonders for a moment wondering what will happen tonight behind this heavy wooden door. You are excited with anticipation at what you are hoping to encounter.

Will she be here, what will she be wearing tonight?? You hope it will be something very sexy. Perhaps stockings, you glance down at your watch – it is time she should be in there now sitting alone watching for you.

You look up and begin to climb the stairs reaching your hand out to grab the handle and pull it open. You step inside and stand in the doorway given your eyes time to adjust to the darkness of the room.

Your eyes scan the room hoping to see her. It only takes you a moment to find her. She is standing at the bar leaning across it as she reaches for her drink – she turns around now facing you. Your eyes lock – you notice a slight hint of a smile as she glances at you and then turns away.

You move across the room to an empty booth. You watch as her hand softly brushes against the man next to her. He turns to face her, smiling enjoying that fact that she touched him. His smile is charming and instantly draws her into conversation with him. She returns is smile and they laugh.

You cannot hear their conversation but can tell she is flirting with him slowly drawing him in. Your eyes follow her hand as she gently touches his forearm softly running her hand along it barely touching - just hinting of thinks to come. She reaches for her drink and brings it up to her mouth running her tongue along the rim of the glass.

Her eyes lock with you for only a moment – so short your almost not sure it happened, but you know it did.

Your body tenses with excitement knowing this will be another incredible night. They are laughing now enjoying each others company. She steps back a little and lifts herself onto the tall stool behind her, letting her short skirt now slide up her thighs revealing just a hint of the stockings she is wearing underneath.

You watch as you see his eyes scanning over her body running along her long legs up to her firm thighs, and then her bare skin where her stockings end and her skirt begins.

Your cock hardens as you wonder if she is wearing anything underneath tonight. He steps forward moving closer to her, his hand slides across her thighs and then just stops there.

He now moves forward to whisper in her ear, she leans her head back and you hear her soft laughter. His hand slowly moves up her inner thighs as he kisses the curves of her neck.

You watch has his hand disappears beneath her skirt. She moves her hips forward on the chair so he can access her pussy easier.

You can’t see all but you know his fingers are in her tight wet pussy, moving back and forth teasing her.

You look at her face and she now looks straight at you – you both look deeply into each other eyes instantly knowing what the other is thinking.

You get up now knowing the time as come. You walk towards the door knowing she will follow shortly. You walk across the street to the hotel you had arranged earlier today.

You enter the room and choose a large sofa chair to sit in, thinking this will be the best place to see all that is about to happen.

You feel your cock growing hard again wanting to get out, but you know your time will come.

She enters the room and he follows behind her eager to continue what they had started. He grabs her around the waist and turns her towards him so she is facing him.

You watch as he begins to kiss the curves of her neck moving along her shoulders and down to her breasts – slowly sucking on her erect nipples – gently biting them and sucking them in again. She begins to purr with pleasure as his mouth moves softly from one breast to the next.

He then pushes her down onto her knees so her face his at his crotch. He tells her to suck his cock. She teases him at first – rubbing his cock through the material of his pants but not taking it out. She gently bites at it as you watch her hands move to his zipper and undo his pants. She pulls them down exposing his cock – you can see he is already hard with excitement.

She grips his cock and strokes it a few times flicking her tongue at the head of his cock teasing him. She wraps her wet lips around his erection sucking on it taking it all into her mouth as she caresses his balls with her soft hands.

She grips his cock in her hand again and strokes it now as her mouth moves along the shaft of his cock until she reaches his balls and gently inserts them in her mouth sucking on them. He moans with pleasure knowing he won’t be able to take much more of this.

He pulls her up to him grabbing her by the waist and lifting her onto the bed lying her on her back. He spreads her legs and slides between them moving his mouth across her stomach and down until he comes to her wet pussy. He begins to flick at her pussy with the tip of his tongue teasing her.

She whispers for him to suck her clit. He happily moves his mouth to her clit sucking on it making her moan for more. He slides his fingers in her pussy as he continues to suck on her.

She arches her back as her legs tighten around his head and she grabs for him screaming with pleasure as she cums.

He now climbs on top of her pushing his hard cock inside he slippery pussy.

You walk towards her and bend down so your face is next to hers. You gently kiss her neck and then her mouth. She moans with the touch of your soft lips on hers.

You know this is what she wants. Your hand caresses her face and you begin to stroke her hair whispering to her softly. She whisper to you how much she wants you – wants to feel you inside her. You make her wait refusing to give in to her demands for you.

Your eyes now turn to him watching him thrusting his hard cock inside her. His hands on her waist pulling her closer to him so he can enter her deeper now fucking her harder.

You again kiss her mouth and look deep into her eyes watching her every move. Your cock is so hard now and you can no longer deny your need to feel her soft pussy wrapped around your cock.

Her hands move up above her head reaching for you – pulling you closer to her. She reaches up to your zipper and quickly undoes it pulling your cock out of confinement. You move your crotch close to her face.

You feel her hands gripping your cock as she now begins to tease you. She turns her head and runs her tongue over the tip of your cock while she strokes your cock with her hand. Her wet mouth moves over the shaft of your cock until she reaches the tip and then wraps her lips around your cock and begins to suck on it.

You feel her warm moist mouth slowly taking in all of your hard cock. She is moaning with desire for you. She quietly tells you she wants you now – her mouth moves to your balls as she licks them and gently caresses them with her mouth.

You look up to see he is now fucking her harder moving his cock in and out of her wet pussy his body it now tense and you know it won’t be long until he can no longer hold it.

You look down at her smiling and then softly kiss her mouth one more time.

You move away from her now and walk around to where he is standing between her legs pushing him out of your way - knowing it is you she wants. To feel your hard cock inside her fucking her.

You move between her legs and slide your cock into her wet pussy. Teasing her, inserting only the head of your cock and moving so slowly – knowing how bad she wants to feel all of you inside her.

Your hand travels across her stomach and you reach her wet pussy. You play with her clit as you move your cock inside her. Her back arches and she moans loudly with pleasure as she cums all over your cock.

You lean over her and your mouth reaches her breasts. You gently suck them into your mouth and she purrs at the touch of your mouth on her breast.

She whispers to you that you are the only man she wants and she softly kisses the curves of your neck – running her tongue over you neck and ears. You look deeply into her eyes and then lean back onto your knees now and grab her firmly by the waist and thrust your hips forward pushing your cock deeply into her pussy, you leave her breathless as she cums again and again.

You lean your body across her now moving slowly calming her down while you slowly continue to slide your cock in and out of her wet pussy.

Your hands caress her face and stroke her hair as you look deep into her eyes. Watching her, she tells you how much she loves to feel you inside her. You instinctively know there is no one else she desires.

You feel her lifting her hips up towards you trying to get more of your hard cock inside her. You clutch her hands over her head holding her down not allowing her to move as your cock now moves harder and deeper into her pussy.

The feeling of her tight wet pussy wrapped around your cock moving along the shaft of it now becomes to much to control – you feel your body tingle all over and your balls tighten as you explode in her.

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