Zash's Passion


Zash pulled him in, her hands gripped tightly around his waist. "Take me" she whispered, the quiver of anticipation obvious. He kissed her, gently at first, then interlocking his tongue with Zash's, in a fierce display of lust. He grabbed her wide, sensual hips, his penis rock hard and pressed up against Zash's vagina. She moaned, ever so softly, pulling at the collar of her robes to expose her heaving breasts. The apprentice

could not contain himself, and he shoved his head between them, shaking his head and kissing where his lips could make purchase. Zash giggled, surprised and excited by her apprentice's eagerness. She gently pushed him away, and removed what remained of her robes. Much to her apprentice's delight, Zash had forgone wearing undergarments, and her full, naked beauty was revealed. Zash immediately fell to her knees, as her apprentice followed suit. She held his chest, gently pushing him until he was lying down, and began to suck his cock. Zash worked slowly, teasing her apprentice with slow, deliberate movements of her tongue. She only used the tip, and made a quick motion when her tongue reached his throbbing head. Unable to control herself, she immediately placed her apprentice's penis in her mouth, and began to move up and down. As she sucked, she ensured that the entire length of her tongue went down her apprentice's cock, wrapping the bottom half of it with her warm spit. She flicked the tip ever so slightly now and again, sending a sensation which her apprentice responded to with sheer pleasure.

When she finished, she stuck out her tongue and took a long, last lick, treating the penis like an ice cream cone. She kissed his tip, grasping her right breast and playing with her vagina, when she ordered her apprentice to stay down. She moved, placing her hips and dripping wet pussy over her apprentice's face, as she prepared to suck her apprentice's cock again. The apprentice, eager to please and quick to understand, began slowly licking the folds of Zash's vagina, using only the tip of his tongue. His movement was agonizingly slow, and Zash moaned and shook as she continued to suck her apprentice's cock. Zash's moans grew louder as her apprentice picked up the pace. He was now teasing Zash's clitoris, using his tongue to flick it back and forth. The apprentice took a moment to enjoy himself, feeling the weight of Zash as she lay upon him. He enjoyed the warmth of her skin, the soft, almost buoyant nature of Zash's breasts as they rested on his stomach. Her lips, wrapped around his incredibly hard cock, and her tongue, expertly dancing around his penis in pursuit of absolute pleasure. He temporarily lost control of himself, and before he realized what he was doing, he grabbed Zash's ass and pulled it towards him, burying his nose and face into Zash's pussy. Zash's body responded, shaking in delight as her apprentice ravaged her pussy with his nose and tongue. He was almost mezmerised, the warmth of her skin upon his face intoxicating.

Eventually, Zash stood up again. She moved to lie down on her apprentice and kiss him, while stroking his cock with her right hand. She gave him a look, and without another word, slowly place her apprentice's cock in her pussy. She went in delicately, ensuring she could savor every centimeter of her apprentice's cock as it slid in. She felt the nerves in her vagina flare with sensation as her apprentice's giant penis penetrated her. She finally got it fully in, and took the briefest moment to enjoy the feeling of her pussy wrapped around her apprentice's cock. Then, she began to move. It was slow at first, as her apprentice rocked her back and forth on his cock, his hand at her hips. He began to increase the pace, and Zash shuddered as he rammed his cock into Zash's pussy.

Soon, he was going full speed, thrusting like an animal, playing with Zash's breasts with his tongue or his head. She shook them in his face, the soft, heavy globes alight with sensation. She grabbed one with her hand and moaned, in the full throes of rapture. Meanwhile, her apprentice grabbed her ass, and began licking her free breast's nipple. Zash shook violently, ready to reach her climax. She kissed her apprentice one last time, and screamed as fuild shot out of her pussy, onto her naked apprentice. Zash's apprentice had pulled out, and his cum had shot out, landing on or in Zash's soaked pussy. As the cum mixed with her own juices, Zash scooped some fluid with her finger and placed it on her tongue. She smiled devilishly, and with an exaggerated gulp, swallowed the sticky mess. She kissed her apprentice passionately, as they let their lust overcome them.

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