tagInterracial LoveZebra Games Ch. 03

Zebra Games Ch. 03


I made the turn at Seaside Ave. like I did every afternoon after work, about a mile into my run. Everyday I tried to put in at least four miles. I left the weightlifting to Lis who ran about 15 to 20 miles herself every week. My wife was more of a morning person and our workouts gave us each a chance to be on our own for an hour or so during the day.

Today I ran into Michele Goslon who was out for a run herself. I waved to her as she cruised by going the other way. Michele smiled and said hello as her dirty blonde ponytail bounced in the air. A full four inches shorter than Lis, she was still easily her equal when it came to soccer. Both women were high school All-Americans. My wife had helped Michele pick her college from the hundred or so that had recruited her. Lis' philosophy was that while many of the state schools had great soccer programs and very good academics, a girl with a gift should parlay it into the best education possible. So Michele chose an Ivy League school and even though her parents had to pay for the education, instead of their daughter taking advantage of a scholarship, they could afford it. As it turned out the choice was fortuitous. Michele suffered a career ending back injury her sophomore year. As a result of her choice of college she was still going to have one of the best educations and a chance at a top notch medical school after graduation. While contact sports were out the well built athlete was competing in triathalons. As I passed Michele I couldn't help but admire her form and take a quick glance at the powerful buttocks that protruded out of her black tights.

I kept going down to the beach and then ran along the cottages that formed a man made wall along the shore. It was a refreshing run and I always felt good at the end. I turned at the end of the road and began my trek back to my house. I waved to a few neighbors as I picked up steam. I made a mental note that I may want to increase my mileage I was feeling so good. I made my way up the hill. I got to the crest of the hill and I could make out the two of them. As I got closer I saw it was Michele with an older black man. He was about the same height as her and very dark complexioned. My stomach jumped when I added two and two. I slowed a bit as I went by and Michele waved to me. She was smiling and seemed to be giving the black man directions or helping with something. I looked back after a few yards and saw that the black man had put his hand on the pretty white girl's shoulder. I couldn't help but think how any black man would go crazy over that young woman's round ass and I got excited.

The thought brought me back to Lis. I had to hand it to her. My wife had been strong for over a month. She hadn't been in touch with Leon once. Meanwhile our own sex life had returned. I was hopeful that the night at Catherine's had jolted Lis into ending this fantasy life. We weren't sure what Catherine's motives were with regards to Lis but whether she wanted to or not the sex therapist seemed to have helped. Yet I could tell that Lis was struggling every day. When we were in public and around a black man or men I would watch my wife. The first few times I could tell she would have given anything to let them ravish her. I knew that this infatuation was more than just in Lis' mind. She was being affected physically when in the presence of a black man. At first we were too scared to even talk about it, like a pitcher throwing a no hitter in a baseball game. This is why I didn't plan to mention the black man and Michele to her. Still as each day passed an interesting thing happened, Lis got stronger and we became more and more confident that my wife could beat this weird perversion.

I finished my run just in time for dinner. Lis had made beef stroganoff. The best thing about having a woman who works out hard for a wife is her magnificent body, running a close second is the food. Lis was an energy burning machine and she cooked and ate like it albeit with healthy foods. Whoever said the Germans couldn't cook was dead wrong. Lis had some German and Pennsylvania Dutch recipes that were incredible.

We made love that night. It felt wonderful to have Lis back again. As far as I was concerned if we were able to get through the next few months I would put Lis' extramarital affairs behind us.

It was Friday and I was felling the first warmth of the year as I pulled into the driveway. It was still early in the year but I couldn't resist keeping the windows open as I drove so I could breathe in the first traces on spring. I was in a good mood. Lis wanted to get a jump on some cleaning around the house which I was dreading but just spending the weekend with my wife was fine with me even if it meant doing chores all weekend.

I climbed the steps to our front landing and walked into the house. Lis was in the kitchen washing some dishes. She was wearing a nice white blouse, jeans and her cowboy boots. I got the impression that she wasn't in the mood for cleaning anymore.

"Hey sweetie." Lis said slowly with a smile.

"How's it going?" I asked as my wife came over and gave me a kiss.

"You know Caroline called and asked if I wanted to go to happy hour with her. I figured we could get started with the garage tomorrow and I already did the kitchen." Lis offered hopefully with her arms still around me.

I checked out the kitchen and saw that it was spotless. Still the cleanliness of our house was the least of my worries. Lis was going out for drinks with Joe's girlfriend, a woman that had fallen for a black man. I knew full well that Caroline loved both Lis and I and would never consciously do anything to hurt us. Yet she knew nothing of our recent marital problems. What if the conversation turned to interracial relationships and how happy Caroline was to be entwined in one. What if a handsome black man walked by? Would Lis follow him? Offer herself to him?

"How are you feeling?" I asked as if Lis was recovering from some sort of life threatening disease.

"Fine. I'm fine." Lis looked at me and then realized what I was talking about. "Denny I'll be okay. I'm going to be with Caroline. If she ever thought I'd stray she'd kill me, even though she doesn't know about my problem. Besides, I'll be back by 9 or so."

"Okay. You know I believe you don't you?" I tried to comfort her.

"Of course, we're going to get through this." Lis kissed me again.

"Well then if you want to trade the kitchen for the garage I'll clean while you're out getting hammered." I offered with a smile.

"Sounds good to me. I love you." Lis said and kissed me one more time.

"Love you too." I watched Lis walk out the door. He ass looked perfect molded into the faded jeans. It was going to be a anxious night until my wife got home.

I started to clean the garage if only to maintain my sanity. In between the sweeping and the garbage bags I couldn't help thinking about them dancing together. Maarq and Lis holding each other as the black man's snake slithered in and out of her. The horror of the thoughts wasn't my wife giving into her desire for black men but that she might not. I was excited day dreaming of her having sex with Maarq.

I hauled a couple of boxes out to the garbage bin in the back yard. It had gotten dark and the chill had returned letting me know that the New England winter was still hanging on. I noticed the lights over at Pat Herney's house. She was standing at the picture window looking out into her backyard which abutted ours. It was then that I saw someone come up behind the statuesque widow and hug her.

I thought it was a strange sight because my neighbor had not dated anyone since her husband Jack had passed away. I was happy for Pat. It was about time she got on with her life. I was also curious. I went to her side of my yard. From behind the bushes I had a good view through the picture window and what I saw was troubling. Pat was naked and the man caressing Pat's breasts and kissing her neck was a shorter black man. First it was Lis then I had seen Michele Goslon talking with one and now this discovery. This was beyond any coincidence and there was sure to be one common thread, a certain blonde therapist named Catherine.

Despite my misgivings Lis returned after a couple of hours without incident. The next day we got up and started working. We started with the interior of the house and then started the spring clean up in the yard, we had done it together laughing and joking through it all. We were having a the kind of day that made you so glad you were with someone. At one point we took a break to introduce ourselves to a couple moving in down the street. Ed and Tonya had been married a couple of years and were a bit younger than us. They were buying their first house. He was a bookish looking guy, a bit thin but good looking just the same. Tonya was a very pretty blonde with a lithe build. The warm weather had her in shorts which allowed me a good view of her long toned legs as she helped move some of the lighter things out of the rented moving van. I saw that Ed had no help with the heavier furniture so I took pity on him and started to help. We worked for about an hour while Lis helped Tonya unpack the boxes The four of us got along real well and after a couple of beers the Cooleys invited us to dinner later in the week as a payback for our help.

"Thank God we've finally got a normal couple in the neighborhood. I hope we've got a trend going here." Lis commented as we walked down the street back to our house.

"I hope that's the only trend that continues." I was thinking about Michele Goslon's and Pat Herney's new boyfriends.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Lis had an amused look on her face.

"Nothing, we've had enough excitement around here is all." I put my arm around my wife and kept my recent observations to myself.

A couple of weeks passed by and there were no more sightings of black men chatting with or feeling up any of the neighborhood women. Yet this didn't stop me from thinking about it. I was fantasizing all day long and couldn't get the sexual scenarios out of my mind. There was young Michele on her knees topless and wearing only her jogging tights. She was giving the older black man a blow job. She was smiling up at him as she playfully kissed and licked his ebony prong. He was smiling back and running his hands through her hair. "Oh my child what wonderful little children we shall make together." He would say over and over. It always culminated with the black man hosing the pretty coed down with blast after blast of cum. It would cover her face and breasts.

This daydream played over and over along with the sexual dance between Maarq and Lis. Needless to say I was horny all the time. I constantly wanted my wife. The only good by product of this infatuation was the incredible sex.

Inevitably these daydreams began invading my sleep. One night I went to bed early after a rough day. It was about 9:30. Lis was still up watching TV as my dream began. This time Jane Peterson was starring in my sexual fantasy. It was a painfully easy seduction. The short haired brunette was in one of the simple dresses she always wore when teaching her eighth and ninth grade English classes. Her dresses were regularly short and I had always wondered what sort of torture she put her horny male students through with those gorgeous shapely legs.

The black man approached her in a shirt and tie. He began talking to her. I couldn't hear what they were saying but they were smiling and Jane didn't seem put off at all. The scene in my mind shifted with a flash.

It was her face I saw next and it was up close. It was contorted as if she was in pain. I wasn't sure what was going on until there was this glimmer. It flashed out of her eyes and then there was Jane's mouth which had been hanging wide open, now flexed into a smile and then those blue eyes rolled up into her head.

"Oh just keep doing it to me!" She screamed.

Then I saw the whole picture. The sexy school teacher was laying on the dining room table in her house. She was wearing only a pair of high heel pumps which were flailing about helplessly in the air and the upper half of her naked body was draped all over the smooth dark finish of the wooden table top. Her hands were gripping the edges of each side of the table as if she was hanging off a cliff. The black man was on top attached to her with his hard penis at the apex of her legs. He was pumping his dark manhood in and out of her and had grabbed onto her thighs to further anchor her in place.

My body arched upwards as I watched the black man top Mrs. Peterson. How did he get her? Jane was as sexy as any woman I had ever met but true to her husband. She was in love with him. Why would she do this? It was so real, as vivid as any dream I had ever experienced. It was only in my mind that Jane Peterson was being righteously fucked by this dark skinned black man but I also knew somehow that it was really happening. Then I saw her. She was standing in the corner watching them along with me. It was our therapist Catherine. Her arms were folded and she seemed to be observing with the demeanor of a professional. Then she saw me or at least turned to me. She smiled and said, "We got her just in time."

I was jerked awake. In the dark I saw that Lis was lying next to me fast asleep. The clock glowed 3:12am. I lay back down and immediately fell back asleep. When I awoke in the morning I was sure that it had happened. That I had watched my neighbor, Jane Peterson, get the fucking of her life from a strange black man. Yet here I was, laying in bed about to get ready for work. It couldn't have happened.

I struggled through the next few days like a zombie. I was fantasizing about Lis, Michele, Jane and even Patty and then back to Lis again. It was a extravagance of gorgeous white women taking black dick in various scenarios. I couldn't figure out why but the fact was I found it exciting thinking about these women laying down with black men, especially Lis.

I was busting at the seams. I was trying to get my life back to normal with Lis and we seemed to be succeeding. Yet this powerful current running through me wanted to sabotage everything just so I could watch my wife perform again.

I got together infrequently with my buddy Joe. We were only a few miles apart but it wasn't the same as living a few doors down from the guy. Besides things had changed, I was married now and I had so much less time to hang with Joe. We got together at Johnson's, a big barn of a building that had evolved into a huge sports bar. We were munching on chicken wings and sipping our beers as the game entered the fifth inning.

I wasn't sure if it was the alcohol, the fact that Joe had always been the one I confessed my sins too or a combination of both but I opened up to my friend about some of the things that had been going on around Avery Ave. It was a surreal conversation. Not only did I have to admit what had happened between Maarq and Lis but I was telling a black man my thoughts on how destructive these interracial relationships were to me and my wife. I left out my participation in what had transpired. I told Joe about Catherine whom I was positive was an enemy. I described her participation in everything since she had moved down the street and how it was obvious who was behind the emergence of the black men in our neighborhood. I tried to be as sensitive as possible regarding the race of the men. I didn't want Joe to think that it was just the fact that these men were black that I didn't want them dating white women. I half jokingly told him that it could have been a herd of Swedes that had infiltrated the neighborhood I didn't want my wife sleeping with other men. Another item I left out of my description was my excitement at watching Lis with a black man. How I couldn't help jerking off every time I had seen her with her legs spread and then when I just thought about an encounter. One thing was for sure, I would be nowhere as excited watching Lis with some Swedish guy. The fact that she was being topped by a black man made things such a sexual turn on.

"So you've seen three other women in the neighborhood with black guys? Besides Lis?" Joe confirmed.

Although I had not actually seen her I included Jane Peterson as one of the women. The dream was just too realistic and I knew that things were just too weird for it not to be true. "Yea. All since this therapist moved in. If that's what she really is. Believe me Joe she's behind all this."

"You know Denny the fact that a black man may be seeing a white woman can't be some sort of conspiracy. I mean look at me bro." Joe put his hand on his chest and leaned back in his chair.

"Look, I know how this sounds but I'm not being paranoid and I'm not begrudging a man being with any woman regardless of whom they are, you've got to know that about me." I replied.

"Yea I know." Joe said real slow with a smile. "Are you sure this thing between Lis and Maarq isn't getting into your head? I mean you don't know for sure that the Goslon girl slept with that guy."

"No, I mean yes, it fucked me up pretty good but not with regards to what's happening now." I shook my head. Joe had made some good sense but he didn't know the half of it.

"Well you're not the only one who went through some weird shit with his woman and Maarq." Joe offered.

"I know Joe. Maarq was an all around motherfucker." I answered.

"I never really told you about that did I?" He looked at me and I shook my head. "The day I caught Maarq with Karen, I had talked to him about the two of us. I told him that Karen was moving out. I told him that I couldn't be sure but I thought she may have started seeing a guy at work. I had met him, nice guy and I knew that they were getting friendlier. You see Karen was having a tough time living with a black man. There was a lot of pressure from her family." Joe confessed.

"What do you mean a tough time." I asked patiently.

"Denny, everything's nice and cozy in our neighborhood but the rest of that suburb can be pretty racist. The stares we would get and the behind your back comments that are just loud enough for you to hear were getting to her." Joe explained.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I never knew." I felt bad at being so naive.

"Well so was Maarq. He kept telling me he could get Karen to stay. All I had to do was trust him." We both started to laugh together at the thought of trusting our old neighbor. "Yea, that's all I had to do, trust Maarq. I decided against it. I told him in a nice way that I appreciated the offer but that I could handle my own life. He just gave me that one that tells he's up to no good."

I nodded. "So what did he tell you? That he just wanted to talk to Karen and one thing led to another?"

"Oh he came up with a beauty. When I came into the house he was just finishing off Karen. When he saw me the asshole actually smiled at me. He said. "It's okay Joe. Karen's going to stay with you now. This is the twelfth time." I didn't give him a chance to say much more than that. I kicked his naked ass around the house and then booted him out. He kept calling me to try and explain but I wouldn't listen to him. Meanwhile Karen told me all she wanted was to be with me. She seemed obsessed. Yet when I told her she had to move out she went right over to Maarq and tried to jump in his bed. He had said something insane about fucking Karen only to get her to stay with me. I had to give him some credit. He turned her down when she tried to get with him. After that I heard she was cruising bars all over town picking up black guys. At that point I was glad to be rid of her." Joe concluded.

Meanwhile something had clicked. I hated to do it but I didn't even stay until the end of the game. I told Joe I was tired and headed home. I got back around 11pm and Lis was already in bed. I headed to the computer and typed Maarq Watson and Catherine Crainer into Google. It took awhile but I found what I was looking for. After a few articles on Catherine's prowess in the field of couples therapy I found a picture. It was one of about a dozen taken at a cocktail party during a symposium where Catherine had been a speaker. It was from several years ago but there they were. The internet was like a private detective on steroids. This time it found Catherine and Maarq with their arms around each other smiling at the camera. The caption read "Catherine Crainer and her date, Maarq Watson enjoy each other at the closing night dinner. I printed the page and went to bed. I lay down next to Lis and looked at the ceiling for the rest of the night. I couldn't sleep. I was too worked up about what I had seen on my computer. How could that heartless bitch impose herself into someone else's life to such a degree and why? What did she get out of turning me and especially Lis into her sexual plaything? It didn't matter because tomorrow I was going to face down the she devil and tell her to leave us alone.

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