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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

4.75 Seconds (4.27)How long does it take to kill a marriage. Loving Wives 07/09/09
58 Going On 16 (4.30)Jim finds a way to handle Carol's rejection. Loving Wives 06/20/09
A Bet That Went Bad: 2 Part Series
A Bet That Went Bad Ch. 01 (4.42)Jim finds he both won and lost the bet with Luke. Loving Wives 08/03/09
A Bet That Went Bad Ch. 02 (4.01)Jim get's his revenge and solves all his problems. Loving Wives 08/04/09
A Birthday Surprise: 2 Part Series
A Birthday Surprise Ch. 01 (4.41)It was a birthday surprise, just not for him. Loving Wives 07/23/09
A Birthday Surprise Ch. 02 (3.98)The ending to his birthday nightmare. Loving Wives 08/03/09
A Husband's Revenge: 2 Part Series
A Husband's Revenge Ch. 01 (4.35)A husband finds out his loving wife is cheating. Loving Wives 07/12/09
A Husband's Revenge Ch. 02 (4.37)A husband gets revenge on his wife and her lover. Loving Wives 07/13/09
A Little Bit of Death (4.78)Reaching your breaking point.  Hot Loving Wives 11/08/11
A Little Religion Can Hurt (4.39)What happens when a Pastor gets too involved. Loving Wives 09/05/09
A Matter of Color (4.09)How far will you go to get a four year degree? Loving Wives 11/24/09
A Matter of Trust (4.43)How one word can cause such pain. Loving Wives 06/23/10
A Paradox of Averageness (4.29)Just what is average? Loving Wives 01/12/12
A Progression of Fantasies (4.14)Making my wife understand why. Erotic Couplings 03/28/10
A Revenge Fuck Gone Bad (4.09)Carol gets back at her husband with unexpected results. Loving Wives 06/12/09
A Sad Story: 2 Part Series
A Sad Story (4.25)A sad story about a cheating wife. Loving Wives 07/16/09
A Sad Story Ch. 02 (4.06)The conclusion to the Ken and Carol story. Loving Wives 07/27/09
A Second Chance (3.92)The only question that remains to be answered. Loving Wives 02/13/10
A Trial Separation (4.61)What happens when a husband goes to the dark side.  Hot Loving Wives 10/31/09
A Work-Related Injury (4.28)Wife takes a friendship too far. Loving Wives 08/03/09
Amnesty (4.42)What happens when one goes over the deep end. Loving Wives 06/08/12
An Empty Feeling (4.56)The title says it all...  Hot Non-Erotic 12/20/10
Big Mouth: 2 Part Series
Big Mouth Ch. 01 (4.47)Open mouth insert foot is what we have here. Loving Wives 07/26/12
Big Mouth Ch. 02 (4.22)Open mouth, insert foot and and deal with the consequences. Loving Wives 07/30/12
Black and White (3.88)Some times you can't get the ghetto out of the girl. Loving Wives 09/15/09
Boots (4.12)What Love is really worth. Loving Wives 11/02/17
Business and Pleasure Don't Mix (4.40)When it comes time to cut your losses. Loving Wives 07/01/10
But Hon It Was Only Sex (4.08)A wife needs someone to compare you to. Loving Wives 09/05/09
Caribbean Cruise (4.04)Some times being trapped on a ship is the best thing. Loving Wives 10/28/09
Chapter: 3 Part Series
Chapter 01: A Good Boy Acting Badly (4.56)I guess it had to start some time.  Hot Non-Erotic 04/03/10
Chapter 02: 21 Days and a Wakeup (4.62)How hard can a person get on the inside?  Hot Non-Erotic 04/05/10
Chapter 03: Dear John (4.61)Steve finally comes home.  Hot Erotic Couplings 04/19/10
Dear John (4.32)When there is more to it than just the letter. Loving Wives 05/28/10
Dream Crusher (4.52)Someone he cares about turns his life upside down.  Hot Loving Wives 11/20/09
Enough was More than Enough (4.25)A job doesn't keep you warm at night. Loving Wives 07/19/17
Esther and Me: 4 Part Series
Esther and Me Ch. 01 (4.52)Temple Gardens and Esther.  Hot Loving Wives 08/27/10
Esther and Me Ch. 02 (4.63)A conversation overheard.  Hot Loving Wives 08/29/10
Esther and Me Ch. 03 (4.66)A new beginning.  Hot Loving Wives 08/31/10
Esther and Me Ch. 04 (4.75)A new union and life without Esther.  Hot Loving Wives 08/31/10
Fantasy Becomes Reality (4.22)When a fantasy girl becomes a normal wife. Loving Wives 11/04/15
Fantasy Not Reality (3.93)A wife discovers her husbands secret stories. Loving Wives 06/12/09
Finding Closure (4.52)It's something we all have to deal with in one way or another.  Hot Loving Wives 11/22/13
Fool Me Once You're Out of Here (4.46)Lies eventually do catch up to you. Loving Wives 08/19/09
Forgiveness, Just Another F Word (4.26)At what point to you stop trying. Loving Wives 05/09/10
Getting The Facts Straight (3.93)How one little lie can effect a good marriage. Loving Wives 12/24/09
Grains of Sand (4.21)I guess he knew her better than she thought. Loving Wives 11/03/09
Growing Another Set of Gonads (4.43)When enough is truly enough. Loving Wives 12/14/09
Head in the Clouds (4.62)How far would you go to provide for your family?  Hot Romance 05/01/14
Her Secret (4.15)Secrets can damage even the best marriages. Loving Wives 04/24/14
High School Reunion Payback (4.47)Payback isn't always sweet but this one was. Erotic Couplings 11/30/09
How High a Price (4.28)How far would you go? Loving Wives 04/11/10
I Didn't Have a Choice (4.48)How a husband handles a sexless marriage. Loving Wives 11/26/09
I Do Only Means Maybe If Your Lucky (4.45)Will the second time around be any better? Loving Wives 07/20/09
I Just Didn't Want To Hear It (4.35)Should you have to give up something you love? Loving Wives 04/28/10
I Lost My Best Friend (4.18)A little flash story about life. Loving Wives 09/11/14
I Never Saw It Coming (4.37)Crime, punishment, and redemption. Loving Wives 01/25/11
I Want To Live (4.21)What happens when you don't... Loving Wives 09/16/15
I'm Not Dead Yet (4.47)What happens when you realize there's more to life. Loving Wives 10/02/09
I'm Not That Stupid (4.42)I guess the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. Loving Wives 07/18/09
Ignorance wasn't Bliss (3.78)When your daughter isn't. Loving Wives 11/02/17
Ira's Bride (4.60)Love lasts FOREVER...  Hot Loving Wives 07/17/17
Is It Still Worth Fighting For? (4.54)How far will you go to save a marriage?  Hot Loving Wives 02/26/10
January 17th (4.34)When love comes around the second time. Loving Wives 10/23/09
Just Beth (4.69)Love at first sight...can it last forever?  Hot Loving Wives 11/19/10
Just What Does Constitute Cheating (4.24)When lines get blurred. Loving Wives 06/10/10
Last Call (4.42)The title says it all... Loving Wives 09/12/11
Life After Death: 3 Part Series
Life After Death Ch. 01 (4.56)How a man deals with an incident in his marriage.  Hot Loving Wives 09/05/09
Life After Death Ch. 02 (4.60)The continuing story as Steve rebuilds his life  Hot Loving Wives 09/13/09
Life After Death Ch. 03 (4.59)Steve moves on with his life after closing the last door.  Hot Loving Wives 09/18/09
Love and Trust (4.63)Something I thought I'd never see.  Hot Loving Wives 03/05/12
Love Wasn't Enough For Her (4.22)What happens when she wants more than you can give? Loving Wives 09/27/10
Megan: 3 Part Series
Megan Ch. 01 (4.46)How far is too far for forgiveness. Loving Wives 01/07/16
Megan Ch. 02 (3.90)Life goes on, or does it? Loving Wives 03/19/16
Megan Ch. 03 (4.26)Finally finished. Hope it was worth the wait. Loving Wives 04/29/17
Misplaced Jealousy (4.41)What happens when a plan doesn't go as expected. Loving Wives 10/16/09
My Second Chance (4.57)A flash story about starting over.  Hot Loving Wives 09/14/15
Never Again (4.07)A death by alcohol. Non-Erotic 11/03/17
Never Welcomed Home: 2 Part Series
Never Welcomed Home Pt. 01 (4.73)War and death can change a man.  Hot Loving Wives 06/16/16
Never Welcomed Home Pt. 02 (4.78)The love of someone special helps to bring you back...  Hot Loving Wives 06/18/16
No One Won (4.40)What happens when they're both wrong? Loving Wives 10/17/10
Not Again (4.51)What happens when you jump to conclusions.  Hot Loving Wives 09/22/15
Not Going to Happen (4.17)No you can't screw him! Loving Wives 01/27/14
Now What: 3 Part Series
Now What Ch. 01 (4.19)What do you do if your needs are not being met? Loving Wives 01/12/10
Now What Ch. 02 (4.11)The final events in this strange saga. Loving Wives 01/26/10
Now What Ch. 03 (4.27)Paybacks a bitch, or something like that. Loving Wives 02/13/10
One Hell of a Night (4.61)A fun BTB story of revenge.  Hot Erotic Couplings 04/27/14
Opening Pandora's Box: 2 Part Series
Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 01 (4.22)Husband lets things get out of control. Loving Wives 11/20/09
Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 02 (3.35)Ron shuts the door, so to speak. Loving Wives 12/02/09
Payback (4.14)After catching the husbands on tape, they plan pay back. Loving Wives 07/16/09
Please Tell Me They're Not Real (4.37)Stories I just can't believe. Reviews & Essays 01/29/10
Priceless (4.23)What my marriage used to be. Loving Wives 05/09/11
Pushed Past My Comfort Zone (4.08)Will the second time around be a charm? Loving Wives 07/16/09
Remembering What It Was Like (4.63)A wedding doesn't a marriage make.  Hot Loving Wives 06/04/10
Revisiting My Past (4.36)Finding out your little brain doesn't know shit. Loving Wives 02/28/11
Rhonda's Two Little Secrets (4.42)How little is little? Loving Wives 05/15/10
Right Women,Wrong Room (4.28)Switch rooms and find out something you didn't know. Loving Wives 09/01/09
Room with a View (4.48)When being right doesn't necessarily solve your problems. Loving Wives 06/07/11
Sometime You Just Need To Scratch That Itch Ch. 01 (4.13)How much sex can you handle? Loving Wives 02/07/10
Sometimes You Just Need To Scratch (3.91)Sometimes compromises don't work. Loving Wives 02/13/10
Sorry (4.38)When there is nothing left to say... Loving Wives 04/22/12
Special (4.39)What happens when someone takes it all? Loving Wives 02/20/10
Stuff (4.54)A husband finds out what is really important.  Hot Loving Wives 11/06/09
The Accident That Wasn't (4.44)A flash story for my fans. Loving Wives 11/12/13
The Price of Forgiveness (4.53)An ex finds out what it'll take for forgiveness.  Hot Loving Wives 11/06/09
The Second Worst Day Of My Life (4.24)Some times it's worse than you thought. Loving Wives 11/15/09
The Sucker Stick (4.30)An amusing bit of fun... Non-Erotic 10/06/15
The Ties That Bind Us (4.46)Forgiveness is not an option. Loving Wives 08/20/10
The True Cost of a Piece of Ass (4.39)Cheating has its consequences. Loving Wives 12/30/09
Think of Laura (4.61)How much pain can a man endure?  Hot Loving Wives 06/01/16
Think Twice Before You Act (3.84)She looked good but was she worth my marriage? Loving Wives 03/09/10
Third Try's a Charm (4.44)How many times does it take to get it right? Loving Wives 09/03/11
Till Death Do Us Part (3.92)Some ideas sound exciting until they hit home, then aren't. Loving Wives 10/04/15
Tim Shuts One Door (4.07)What happens when one wants to swing and the other doesn't. Loving Wives 11/02/09
Trying To Measure Up To Saint Greg: 2 Part Series
Trying To Measure Up To Saint Greg (4.23)Living in someone's shadow never really works. Loving Wives 09/03/14
Trying To Measure Up To Saint Greg Ch. 02 (4.24)How it all shook out in the end. Loving Wives 09/08/14
Trying to Reclaim My Marriage (4.68)Pushed too far and taken advantage of no more.  Hot Loving Wives 07/16/10
Twelve Years and a Wake up (4.28)Pushed well beyond the breaking point. Loving Wives 05/21/11
Unexpected Forgiveness (4.14)Greg cheats, but is there a way back? Loving Wives 07/17/09
Using A Twenty-Seven Year Old Free Card (3.86)I can't believe she did it... Loving Wives 04/25/10
Valentine's Day Eve (4.77)You can't believe everything you see.  Hot Romance 02/13/11
Was It All Worth It? (4.58)To every action there is a reaction, some arn't so nice.  Hot Loving Wives 05/18/10
Way Too Much Information: 2 Part Series
Way Too Much Information Ch. 01 (4.32)Steve finds out that his wife's not satisfied in bed. Loving Wives 07/27/09
Way Too Much Information Ch. 02 (4.23)The Carol and Steve story concludes. Loving Wives 07/28/09
We Made A Really Big Mistake (4.09)Some times you can't even control yourself. Loving Wives 12/06/09
Well I'll Be Damned (4.27)What it takes to get it right the third time. Non-Erotic 01/29/10
What Happened to Until Death Do Us Part? (4.44)What happens when you start to pull away. Loving Wives 03/25/10
What She Didn't Tell me (4.31)Sometimes you should tell the whole truth. Loving Wives 03/20/10
What Wasn't Said (3.99)Communication, or lack of, can cause problems. Loving Wives 05/16/10
What Would You Do To Save A Life (4.67)How far would you go?  Hot Non-Erotic 03/04/10
When Fantasy Becomes Reality: 2 Part Series
When Fantasy Becomes Reality (4.42)What happens when your dreams become become his nightmare. Loving Wives 03/05/10
When Fantasy Becomes Reality Ch. 02 (3.88)It all boils down to what's really important. Loving Wives 03/08/10
Who Ever Said Love was Easy? (4.17)Is she ready to get married? Is he? Loving Wives 02/27/10
Would You (3.93)With his marriage failing, a man asks himself is it time for... Loving Wives 06/19/09
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (4.37)The title says it all... Loving Wives 05/05/10
You Don't Pull On Superman's Cape (4.52)I guess I knew what I was talking about.  Hot Loving Wives 06/14/10
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