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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

4 U 2 B Free (4.32)4U tries to free 2B from her programming. Mind Control 03/07/19
867-5309 (4.45)Jenny's real...and she doesn't like prank callers. Lesbian Sex 04/16/11
A Hard Day's Night (4.33)An insomniac turns to hypnosis for help getting to sleep. Mind Control 11/19/11
A Hazy Shade of Winter (4.38)A lesbian couple meets a strange pale woman at a party. Mind Control 03/26/11
A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody (4.26)The Broot is on a rampage, but music hath charms... Mind Control 11/13/10
A Question of Lust (4.55)Megan becomes a contestant on an adult game show.  Hot Toys & Masturbation 02/05/11
A Question of Time: 4 Part Series
A Question of Time, Ch. 01 (4.08)Maggie is warned of a conspiracy to enslave her. Mind Control 06/14/15
A Question of Time, Ch. 02 (4.31)Maggie heads south with Burke and learns to resist hypnosis. Mind Control 06/21/15
A Question of Time, Ch. 03 (4.31)Burke explains how he became a hypnoslaver. Mind Control 06/27/15
A Question of Time, Ch. 04 (4.37)Maggie makes a desperate choice to escape her captors. Mind Control 07/07/15
Access Babylon (4.67)Mind-controlling malware sends Carbine rogue.  Hot Mind Control 11/11/18
Act Appalled (4.34)Two women discuss the activities of one of their co-workers. Mind Control 05/18/17
Addicted to Love (3.86)Mikal the Genie checks in on Leo's wishes. Mind Control 12/19/10
Afterglow (4.44)Susannah's orgasm is only the beginning of her programming. Mind Control 09/11/16
All She Wants To Do is Dance (4.43)Adventure Girl runs afoul of the Pendant of Persephone! Mind Control 11/13/10
All You Zombies (4.17)A game of "zombie tag" gets out of control. Erotic Horror 12/19/11
Already Gone (4.22)Cat meets a strange, immortal woman in the woods. Mind Control 06/06/11
Already There (3.91)Hal's looking forward to being hypnotized by Ramona. A lot. Mind Control 11/05/16
Always Something There To Remind Me (4.52)Jay breaks free of Mistress. Or does he?  Hot Mind Control 03/05/12
Angel Eyes (4.28)Miles has an anniversary present for Jill. Mind Control 07/29/12
Any Time Now (4.34)Lucinda tries to escape a droning conversation. Mind Control 11/16/17
Applause (4.32)A woman gives a private dance to her patron. Mind Control 11/14/15
Art Appreciation (4.61)Michelle and Penny take a private gallery tour.  Hot Mind Control 01/31/19
Automatic (4.36)Bev can resist her programming...when she notices it. Mind Control 03/27/12
Autopilot (4.50)Ashley is taken on a journey by a self-driving cab.  Hot Mind Control 05/10/18
Baby Got Back (4.68)Lashawnda accidentally hypnotizes a man with her ass.  Hot Mind Control 12/05/15
Back and Forth (4.41)Philip is all alone with Caitlyn...and her necklace. Mind Control 05/31/15
Back in Black (4.41)Merricat gets revenge on the people who hypnotized her. Mind Control 08/13/11
Back Where You Belong (4.48)Felicia goes for a spa treatment...again? Mind Control 07/11/15
Bent 4 U (4.36)Unit 4U plays a dangerous game of betrayal. Mind Control 11/09/17
Black Velvet (4.34)Alma meets a woman in a black velvet dress. Lesbian Sex 09/25/11
Blank Contract (3.97)A lawyer finds his eyes glazing over as he reads a contract. Mind Control 08/16/18
Blank Space (4.54)Mindy wakes up next to a strange man.  Hot Mind Control 08/08/15
Bobblehead (4.35)Nicole hears a very special word and becomes a bobblehead. Mind Control 04/03/17
Body Language (4.61)Lady Whisper challenges a Dom who "can't be hypnotized."  Hot BDSM 04/09/11
Borderline (4.14)A mind-controlled slave's last day of freedom. Mind Control 11/08/10
Brain Freeze (4.23)Quiana is visited by a neighbor bearing ice cream. Mind Control 03/02/19
Brand New Key (4.08)Blake plans the perfect crime, but he needs a little help. Mind Control 01/31/11
Brand New Me (3.93)A hippie chick does the East, and finds enlightenment. Mind Control 03/11/16
Breathe It In (x.xx)A bratty sub is taught a lesson by her hypnotic domme. Mind Control 08/06/16
But I Am a Good Girl (4.35)Tara's Master pushes the limits of her obedience. Mind Control 10/30/15
Can I Trust You? (4.55)Cynthia finally explains to Alice why she avoids men.  Hot Mind Control 04/02/16
Can't Buy Me Love (3.91)Ronald reclaims his wife from five years of sexual slavery. Mind Control 02/12/13
Can't Say No (4.31)Celia forgets a certain concept while in trance. Mind Control 10/26/17
Candy Coated (4.02)A hypnotic induction to satisfy your sweet tooth. Mind Control 05/01/19
Cars (4.08)Katie makes a big mistake while boosting cars. Mind Control 12/05/10
Caught in a Trap (4.39)Joanne tries to rescue her friend from a sinister hypnotist. Mind Control 07/09/16
Caught Up in You (4.55)A man revels in the act of submission.  Hot BDSM 06/18/11
Changes (4.27)You relax among the falling leaves. Mind Control 10/09/11
Choose to Be Me (4.11)Betty is offered the makeover of a lifetime. Mind Control 01/25/18
Closer to the Heart (4.38)He falls under a tantric spell. Mind Control 11/27/11
Come As You Are (4.25)Lila gets a strange phone call in the middle of the night. Mind Control 12/12/10
Come On Eileen (4.14)A televangelist winds up involved in an orgy. Mind Control 02/14/12
Come Together (4.41)Mistress Sasha trains her new pet to feel her pleasure. Lesbian Sex 07/04/11
Common People (4.03)A telepath tries to live a normal life. NonConsent/Reluctance 12/29/13
Complicated (4.43)Diana is stuck listening to a "how we met" story. Mind Control 04/09/17
Counting Stars (4.42)The stars are mesmerizing tonight. Mind Control 09/21/18
Criminal (4.20)The best thief in the world tries to steal a magic treasure. Mind Control 10/21/12
Cruel to be Kind (3.93)Larissa is kidnapped and tortured by a mysterious stranger. BDSM 07/09/11
Currents (3.59)You are hypnotized by the gentle breeze. Mind Control 09/25/15
Dancing With Myself (4.32)Mary finds herself helpless against the woman in the mirror. Mind Control 10/08/10
Dare to be Stupid (4.33)A CEO watches a life-changing motivational video. Humor & Satire 04/23/11
Daydream Believer (4.15)A college student gets lost in sexy daydreams. Or does she? Lesbian Sex 06/25/11
Deeper and Deeper (3.82)A spiral-themed hypnotic induction. Mind Control 03/05/12
Deeper Than Blood (4.26)Melody's fears test the limits of her Master's control. Mind Control 08/23/18
Delirious (4.10)A woman struggles to escape being infected with obedience. Mind Control 12/31/16
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend (4.55)A detective follows a trail that leads to a Girl(tm).  Hot Mind Control 06/07/15
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (4.30)Sylvia finds out about the mind control auction site oBey. Mind Control 04/01/12
Dirty Laundry (4.53)Will meets a sexy woman while washing his clothes.  Hot BDSM 02/20/11
Divide and Conquer (4.14)A mind controller offers the same choice to two women. Mind Control 06/15/17
Doesn't Really Matter (4.47)Piper's hypnotist has an answer for everything. Mind Control 09/05/15
Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over (4.49)Donna teaches Matt new lessons with mnemonics. Mind Control 01/04/18
Doll (4.32)You are transformed into a blank dolly. Mind Control 07/16/16
Dolly Dagger (4.26)Trace tries to rescue his wife from a modern-day witch. Mind Control 04/17/19
Don't Speak (4.37)Lori gets the drop on an evil mind controller...probably. Mind Control 12/05/10
Don't You Forget About Me (3.88)Beth is taken to the chair again. Mind Control 05/07/12
Don't You Want Me (4.32)The owner of a mind-control ray has lousy aim. Mind Control 03/27/12
Double Vision (4.15)A blow to the head has Jo seeing a new side to her coach. Mind Control 12/27/15
Drain You (4.48)Corey falls under the spell of a demoness. Maybe. Mind Control 05/14/16
Dress You Up (4.42)Sarah models outfits for a horny fashion designer. Lesbian Sex 05/14/11
Dressed for Success (4.34)Eryn takes the phrase "dress to impress" in a whole new way. Fetish 02/05/11
Easily Led (4.52)Jessica learns why she can't go out on her own.  Hot Mind Control 03/27/19
Echo (4.54)WildRose teams up with her parallel self.  Hot Mind Control 09/13/18
Electioneering (4.37)Betsy gets a visit from an unusual political canvasser. Mind Control 10/24/10
Enjoy the Silence (4.32)A hypnotic induction for those wishing to experience BDSM. Mind Control 05/08/11
Entangled (4.51)Ellen has trouble getting out of bed.  Hot Mind Control 01/14/17
Enter Sandman (4.65)Shakespeare's lost erotic play.  Hot Mind Control 07/31/11
Eternal Flame (3.88)A journal of a doomed expedition to Africa. Erotic Horror 05/14/11
Even the Stars Fall 4 U (4.24)Service Unit 4U tries to seduce a rock star. Mind Control 07/20/17
Evergreen (4.56)Joe meets a woman he doesn't remember at a party.  Hot Mind Control 02/01/18
Every Breath You Take (4.25)A hypnotic induction involving breathing. Mind Control 09/25/11
Every Rose Has Its Thorn (4.56)Superhero Wildrose battles sinister hypnotist Mistressmind.  Hot Mind Control 07/17/11
Every Time I Close My Eyes (4.54)Elise tries out a hypnotic drawing on Kaitlyn.  Hot Mind Control 12/18/15
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (4.47)Adventure Girl is beset by a horde of evil mind controllers. Mind Control 06/23/15
Exercise One (4.26)A college student is forced to recite her mantras. Mind Control 09/05/11
Eye for an Eye (4.28)Ivy gets revenge on Serena for her hypnotic seduction. Mind Control 05/28/16
Eyes Wide Open (x.xx)Darcy wants to make sure Lia knows she can be hypnotized. Mind Control 10/08/16
Factory Girl (4.49)An assembly line girl tries to brainwash a reporter. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/19/16
Fadin' In and Fadin' Out (4.24)Marie keeps losing track of her surroundings. Mind Control 06/13/15
Fascination (4.73)Two roommates play with a hypnotic crystal. And each other.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/27/11
Feels Like the First Time (4.32)John finds out what it feels like to be hypnotized. Mind Control 08/11/15
Fever (4.35)She's flushed, hot and it love, or sickness? Lesbian Sex 12/19/11
Five More Minutes (4.41)Bethany can resist hypnosis for five minutes, right? Mind Control 12/13/18
Five-Finger Discount (4.43)Taylor comes to regret her shoplifting. Mind Control 10/05/17
Fix You (4.36)Doctor Bishop has the cure for Jane's mental health issues. Mind Control 08/27/16
Flesh For Fantasy (4.65)Jessica blackmails a hypnotist into sex, and gets burned.  Hot Mind Control 02/20/11
Follow You Down (4.47)One woman watches while another is hypnotized. Lesbian Sex 08/28/11
Footsteps (4.15)It's time to talk to you about the mysterious sounds I hear. Mind Control 10/02/15
Forever Your Girl (4.37)A lost fortress on a dead world holds a powerful secret. Mind Control 01/16/16
Freckles (4.43)Ryan has to count all of Siobhan's freckles. Mind Control 02/26/17
Free Coffee (4.54)A free coffee turns out to have a hidden price for Sonia.  Hot Mind Control 09/21/17
Freeze-Frame (4.31)Diane has a trigger that makes her freeze in place. Mind Control 10/24/10
Front Porch Thing (4.27)Kate visits home to find something on her parents' porch. Mind Control 05/04/18
Funeral of a Good Girl (4.35)Megan is hypnotized by Tyrone's cock. Mind Control 05/30/15
Georgia on My Mind (4.55)Thoughts of Georgia distract Leigh from her daydreams.  Hot Mind Control 09/11/15
Girl Crush (4.49)Fern's husband buys a Girl, and Fern isn't happy. Mind Control 07/01/16
Girl Next Door (4.28)Jeremy has a new next door neighbor. And she has a Girl(tm). Mind Control 01/11/18
Girls are Always Right (4.48)Noah's therapist has an unconventional new technique. Mind Control 02/07/19
Girls Girls Girls (4.46)A religious group investigates the Girls' factory. Mind Control 11/28/15
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (4.47)Peter's new sexbot learns how to please him. Or control him? Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/14/10
Girls on Film (4.46)Two film stars talk about their latest project. Mind Control 07/19/15
Girls with Guns (4.32)Ethan uses his 'zine to warn the world about the Girls. Mind Control 07/28/17
Give Yourself To Me (4.46)A singer wants to be a movie star. Can hypnosis help? Mind Control 06/14/11
Glory Days (4.33)Hanna has a sorority reunion. Lesbian Sex 10/15/11
Glycerine (4.34)She is transformed into a slave by a make-up artist. Mind Control 05/01/11
God Save the Queen (4.46)A group of noble knights rides to rescue a beautiful Queen. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/14/12
Golden Slumbers (4.32)A Victorian libertine demonstrates hypnosis. Mind Control 01/21/17
Good Morning Little School Girl (4.40)It's Freshman Orientation Day at Mind Control University! Mind Control 05/21/11
Goody Two-Shoes (4.14)Nicole tricks Paula into a girls' night out. Mind Control 04/23/12
Graded on a Curve (4.74)Sandi's professor teaches her to resist hypnosis.  Hot Mind Control 07/26/18
Habit (3.87)A hypnotist helps you break the habit of thinking. Mind Control 12/06/18
Hands and Knees (4.37)Zane's patriarchy porn changes Tasha for the better. Mind Control 04/19/18
Head Games (4.40)Ian goes to game night, and gets played. Mind Control 08/03/17
Headwires (4.41)Wildrose and Sharpe are lured into the Technophile's trap. Mind Control 07/17/11
Heart Shaped Box (4.39)Emily visits a peep show and sees a heart-shaped box. Lesbian Sex 08/13/11
Heat of the Moment (4.59)Tom proposes to Margo on a magical night.  Hot Mind Control 12/19/11
Heavy Breathing (4.53)Holly can't get rid of an obscene caller.  Hot Mind Control 04/29/16
Help Me Rhonda (4.41)A victim of brainwashing goes to her friend for help. Lesbian Sex 05/28/11
Here Comes the Bride (4.20)Geneva shares a moment with the bride before the wedding. Lesbian Sex 02/06/12
Here Comes the Rain Again (4.37)A hypnotic induction themed around spring rain. Mind Control 04/23/12
High on You (4.21)A woman discovers she's not alone in her house. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/29/11
Hip To Be Square (4.40)Sorority girls get brainwashed into being...smarter? Mind Control 03/26/11
His Eyes, Her Eyes (4.35)Two hypnotists duel to see who's going to top tonight. Mind Control 02/04/17
Hit Me with Your Best Shot (4.50)Two telepaths duel over a pretty young college student.  Hot Mind Control 04/16/11
Hot Blooded (4.49)One of Diane's triggers is broken...or is it? Mind Control 11/03/10
How Far We've Come (4.67)Martine conducts spring-cleaning in her harem.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/29/11
Hungry Like the Wolf (4.53)A Victorian supernatural werewolf murder mystery.  Hot Mind Control 01/08/13
Hysteria (4.02)Alice goes to Dr. Faschen for her nervous condition. Mind Control 03/12/11
I Alone (3.75)A story by I, about the soft places. Erotic Horror 02/12/13
I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (4.08)Mikal the Genie deals with an emergency "wish conflict". Mind Control 12/19/10
I Dream of Wires (4.07)A woman describes her strange dreams to her therapist. Mind Control 03/18/17
I Just want to See His Face (3.78)A patronizing co-worker gets what's coming to him. Mind Control 11/02/17
I Melt With You (4.27)Jack visits a massage parlor & falls under Yashiko's spell. Mind Control 06/05/11
I Need To Wake Up (4.11)She struggles to escape a hypnotic spell. Mind Control 11/27/11
I Ran So Far Away (3.88)A woman dreams about her last night of partying. Erotic Horror 01/25/12
I Touch Myself (4.04)Leigh has dinner with an old friend. Mind Control 02/06/12
I Was Made for Loving You (4.41)PHOEBE is a sexbot so real she's almost human. Mind Control 11/07/15
I Would Die 4 U (4.54)Unit 4 U foils an assassination attempt.  Hot Mind Control 10/04/18
I'd Do Anything For Love (But...) (4.52)Jack's wife wants a threesome with another man.  Hot Gay Male 03/05/11
I'm a Believer (4.39)An IRS agent investigates a cult and finds a Goddess. Mind Control 01/31/11
I'm a Slave 4 U (4.40)Unit 4U is activated, and goes on a service call. Mind Control 10/28/16
If I Only Had A Brain (4.34)Mona tries to think...about why she can't think. Humor & Satire 02/05/11
If You Leave (4.49)Charlotte tries to escape a sinister hypnotist. Mind Control 11/20/10
Imagine (3.82)A hypnotic monologue to a subject. Mind Control 07/04/11
In and Out (4.60)Bethany explores hypnosis and D/s with Miranda.  Hot Mind Control 06/21/18
In Your Eyes (4.34)Jada is helpless against the power in a stranger's eyes. Mind Control 02/27/11
In Your Memory (4.58)Jessica learns all the ways she's misremembered events.  Hot Mind Control 05/22/19
Invisible Touch (4.60)Jack and Diane visit the opera.  Hot Mind Control 11/03/10
It's All Coming Back To Me Now (4.62)Shaun recalls a magical night at a kink con.  Hot BDSM 03/12/11
Jacob's Word (4.62)Cheryl tries to describe the effects of Jacob's word.  Hot Mind Control 11/01/18
Jessie's Girl (4.24)Jessie's got himself a girl, and Lars wants to make her his. Mind Control 08/31/15
Joyride (4.43)Odetta's body gets taken for a ride. Mind Control 12/24/16
Judas Kiss (3.94)Amanda is betrayed and enslaved with a kiss. Mind Control 04/23/16
Juicy Jungle (4.35)Emily grooms her pubic mound for her Mistress. Mind Control 12/28/17
Jukebox Hero (4.33)Kay tries out a new rhythm game for her boss. Mind Control 07/25/15
Just a Girl (4.46)Two cat burglars try to steal a Girl(tm). Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/11/12
Just Another Story (4.54)Kyra's story is hypnotically fascinating to Jessica.  Hot Mind Control 05/24/18
Just Can't Get Enough (4.33)A woman at a hypnosis demo refuses to wake up. Mind Control 04/01/12
Just Dumb (4.63)Eden experiments with bimbification play at a kink con.  Hot Mind Control 07/14/17
Just Like Christmas (4.59)Duchess and Tiana meet a young woman interested in hypnosis.  Hot Mind Control 04/24/19
Keep an Eye on Summer (4.30)Summer may have fallen victim to alien mind control. Mind Control 10/25/18
Keep Looking... (4.57)Leah practices erotic hypnosis with Sam.  Hot Mind Control 03/14/19
Keep Myself Awake (4.47)A psychiatrist discusses a patient who was afraid to sleep. Erotic Horror 01/12/12
Keeper of the Flame (4.36)Tomas learns about his destiny with Isra. Mind Control 08/20/16
Kill 4 U (4.34)Service Unit 4U must evade equally perfect assassins. Mind Control 05/17/18
Killing Me Softly (4.20)A cop investigates a case of brainwashing. Mind Control 06/18/11
King Pleasure Time (4.44)Caitlin is shocked by an ad campaign for sex toys. Mind Control 07/06/17
Kiss: 2 Part Series
Kiss (4.57)An old enemy of Wildrose enthralls an army of heroes.  Hot Mind Control 07/17/11
Kiss Me Deadly (4.21)A journalist is trapped in a cell with an unusual prisoner. Erotic Horror 04/16/11
Kissing Disease (4.17)A new strain of mono threatens to become a pandemic. Mind Control 02/06/16
Ladybug Waltz (4.04)A waking dream of submission and desire. Lesbian Sex 07/31/11
Lazy Boy (4.54)After hard work, good boys get to be lazy.  Hot Mind Control 01/25/19
Learn to Fly (4.05)Gary's will is as irresistible as gravity to Samantha. Mind Control 03/25/16
Left in the Dark (4.26)Professor Psyche is kidnapped by a sinister robot. Mind Control 10/09/11
Life in the Fast Lane (4.42)Shanna tries a new drug called "Yes". Mind Control 07/09/11
Linger (4.61)Vanessa tries to get out of bed before Jana returns.  Hot Mind Control 10/23/15
Lips of an Angel (4.57)A reformed supervillain may be backsliding.  Hot Mind Control 11/26/16
Listen to the Music (3.96)Bea finds an MP3 player with a playlist made just for her. Mind Control 08/15/15
Look What the Cat Dragged In (4.53)An erotic, hypnotic retelling of 'Puss in Boots'.  Hot Mind Control 05/30/12
Looking Out My Window (4.26)Sorority girls are taken by a mysterious presence at night. Mind Control 06/14/18
Loose Ends (4.35)A mind controller tidies up after her enslavement. Mind Control 05/01/17
Losing My Religion (4.32)A high priestess loses her faith as a new recruit joins. Erotic Horror 03/20/11
Lost in the Echo (4.63)An echo in her mind entices Dian into slavery.  Hot Mind Control 11/23/17
Love Bites (4.41)A vampire LARPer runs into more than she bargained for. Lesbian Sex 02/12/11
Love in an Elevator (4.49)Dan and Naomi get stuck in an elevator together. Mind Control 07/09/11
Love Like Winter (4.52)The final battle between Carly and Dalila for Abby's soul.  Hot Mind Control 04/10/11
Love Stinks (4.39)The perfect aphrodisiac has just one problem. Humor & Satire 08/28/11
Magic Works (4.60)A maker of fan videos bumps into one of her fans.  Hot Mind Control 03/04/17
Messy (4.62)Madeira inspects her good girl's cunt.  Hot Mind Control 01/16/19
Mickey (4.38)Mickey explains how she became Mistress Michelle's slave. Mind Control 04/23/11
Miles Away (4.37)Debbie keeps getting distracted... Mind Control 07/29/12
Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed (4.39)Alien pollen endangers a group of scientists. Mind Control 09/19/15
Miss You (3.73)Fujiko's friends are sure she's back with Roger. Is she? Mind Control 04/17/12
Moment of Weakness (4.57)A hypnotherapist takes advantage of her patient...again.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/13/11
More Than a Feeling (4.53)Superhero Epiphany has a cosmic revelation about an old foe.  Hot Mind Control 09/02/17
Mother's Milk (4.34)Kylie goes to the doctor again. Mind Control 05/07/12
My Best Friend's Girl (4.42)Sam's roommate bought a sexbot, and wants her to try it out. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/15/10
My Happy Ending (4.43)Nick's "massage with a happy ending" isn't what he expected. Mind Control 03/29/18
My Mind is Gone (4.44)Vicki is too tired to think about Cammie's suggestions. Mind Control 09/03/16
My Name Is (3.69)She is subjected to brainwashing, and tries to resist. Mind Control 08/22/11
My Sharona (4.29)A predatory hypnotist chooses the wrong target. Mind Control 12/04/11
My Trance Girl (4.65)Rachel starts chatting to a regular poster on a kink site.  Hot Mind Control 05/20/16
Narrow Escape (4.64)Julieta rescues Martina from a sinister hypnotist.  Hot Mind Control 10/11/18
Naturally (4.49)Leah naturally does what she's told. Mind Control 06/28/15
Necrophobic (4.16)Lori has a chat with her new boss about discrimination. Mind Control 10/15/16
Neuromancer (4.53)Bev meets a stranger on a plane trip and learns about magic.  Hot Mind Control 06/04/16
Never Ending (4.34)Sandra searches for the very center of the spiral. Mind Control 03/15/18
Never Surrender (4.18)A group of slaves resist the only way they know how. Mind Control 03/20/11
New Sensation (4.15)The new girl at the Cinnamon Ranch has amazing technique. Lesbian Sex 11/05/11
No More Words (4.18)An ex-cop investigates the sudden retirement of her partner. Mind Control 06/19/11
No Time for Boys (4.44)Kayla's sister buys her a sex bot as a gag gift. Mind Control 03/21/19
Nobody Does It Better (4.21)A woman tries to convince her friends she's a hypnotist. Humor & Satire 12/29/11
Not Listening (4.48)A woman tries to block out a sinister hypnotist. Mind Control 03/25/17
Notepad (4.49)Sandy goes over her notes from last night's hypnosis. Mind Control 09/07/17
Nothing Else Matters (4.30)A woman is enthralled by a spinning crystal. Mind Control 10/03/11
Nothing Too Serious (4.39)A doctor prescribes drugs, brainwashing and submission. Lesbian Sex 12/12/11
Obsession (4.49)Erica can't stop thinking about Miranda's sculpture. Lesbian Sex 03/20/11
Of Course We've All Seen the Sun (4.11)A slave tries to describe her strange dream. Mind Control 02/22/19
Once Bitten, Twice Shy (4.58)Darla tries to dominate Jane again, without success.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/12/11
One of These Nights (3.87)Donna has another one of those nights. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/26/11
One Thing Leads to Another (4.68)Sophie gets a remarkably ineffective chastity lecture.  Hot Mind Control 07/08/15
One Way or Another (4.13)Stacy tries to resist a hypnotic fortune-teller. Mind Control 05/21/11
Only Happy When It Rains (4.14)Spring comes to the planet Lilac, bringing mindless bliss. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/20/12
Only In My Dreams (4.48)Lori must resist temptation at summer camp. Lesbian Sex 06/24/12
Only Just Begun (4.54)Nancy's surrender is just beginning.  Hot Mind Control 09/06/18
Opal Mantra (4.54)An endless descent into shimmering opal surrender.  Hot Mind Control 08/17/17
Open Wide (4.41)Candace talks about her relationship with her Master. Mind Control 06/18/16
Our House (4.25)A homeless girl is helped by strange women. Erotic Horror 02/20/11
Out of Sight, Out of Mind (4.43)Paul tells Daphne she's already seen his new invention. Mind Control 02/22/18
Out of the Black (4.19)Miranda meets her inner demons through guided meditation. Erotic Horror 02/11/17
P.T.A. (4.12)Melissa goes to the wrong PTA's meeting. Mind Control 08/10/17
Paint It Black (4.44)Rachel gets her face painted by a Goth girl. Lesbian Sex 10/25/11
Panties in Your Purse (4.72)Ella tries to keep her panties on.  Hot Mind Control 11/15/18
Paperback Writer (4.43)A lesbian sorceress tattoo artist practices her skills. Lesbian Sex 12/12/11
Paradise by the Dashboard Light (4.22)Trevor learns how to avoid fatigue on long trips. Mind Control 03/05/12
Paralyzer (4.25)Kyra has a few too many cocktails. Lesbian Sex 01/25/12
Passenger (3.37)A woman riding the bus listens to a hypnotic file. Mind Control 01/29/17
Personal Jesus (4.29)A computer hacker tells his side of the story. Humor & Satire 06/24/12
Play the Game (4.29)Barbara joins her new co-workers in a game they play. Mind Control 06/11/11
Play With Me (4.73)Skye commands her slave to tie her up and tease her.  Hot Mind Control 06/13/19
Policy of Truth (3.92)Peggy is called in for an office meeting. Mind Control 02/01/12
Pop Music (4.20)A mad scientist comes up with a foolproof delivery method. Mind Control 08/13/12
Pressure (4.41)Acacia must face a warlock in his lair. Mind Control 10/22/16
Pretty Vacant (4.31)Valerie knows she isn't hypnotized. She's just... Lesbian Sex 03/18/12
Promises In the Dark (4.51)Priscilla meets the bad girl of her dreams in a storm.  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/24/11
Push (4.27)The story of a man with special powers, and his problems. Mind Control 05/30/12
Pussy Control (4.60)Mallory reads a letter intended for her pussy.  Hot Mind Control 08/12/16
Pussy Liquor (4.23)A superhero's friend is bait in a mind control trap. Mind Control 04/12/18
Quality Control (4.43)A sinister mind control conspiracy ensnares a new victim. Mind Control 05/14/12
Queen of Hearts (4.60)Jo attends a hypnosis show. It's a command performance.  Hot Mind Control 12/20/18
Queen of the Silver Dollar (4.31)A sexy woman shows a coin collector something special. Mind Control 03/08/18
Quick Like a Flash (4.69)Lora interviews an unusual politician.  Hot Mind Control 05/30/19
Quicksand (4.08)Two girls lost in the jungle find a strange plant. Mind Control 10/15/11
Quiet Time (4.37)Kirsten finds a way to relieve her a price. Mind Control 11/19/16
Quiet Your Mind (4.22)A hypnotic induction distracts you from itself. Mind Control 07/12/18
Quill Pen Feather (4.18)A hypnotic induction that writes words into your head. Mind Control 09/28/17
Quiver and Quake (4.45)A hypnotic induction using seismographic imagery. Mind Control 05/08/17
Radio Daze (4.10)Ginny follows a strange signal in the middle of the night. Mind Control 09/24/16
Re: Your Brains (4.04)A memo about a new corporate initiative. Humor & Satire 08/07/11
Red Head vs. the Pretty Red Bracelet (4.00)Chelle tries to resist a hypnotic bangle. Mind Control 01/08/17
Relax (3.89)A soothing hypnotic induction. Mind Control 08/07/11
Relief is Just a Swallow Away (4.40)Brandi needs Manny's medicine to cure what ails her. Mind Control 08/22/15
Remember the Time (4.44)Jasmine remembers a special app on her smartwatch. Mind Control 06/22/17
Remember to Remember (3.74)Lin explains to Judy why she has so many memory problems. Mind Control 12/21/17
Remind Me to Forget (4.47)Elaine programs her smart speaker to program her. Mind Control 05/16/19
Repetition (4.41)Ximena practices being a good girl for her Lady. Mind Control 11/29/18
Rescue Me (4.11)A woman imprisoned in a brothel meets a telepath. Mind Control 11/19/11
Resistance (4.55)Sparks fly when Savannah winds up in Loralee's lab again.  Hot Mind Control 06/07/18
Rosewater (4.41)Courtney is visited and hypnotized by her girlfriend. Mind Control 05/06/16
Running On Empty (4.30)Kay runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Lesbian Sex 09/25/11
S.O.S. (3.88)WildRose and Sharpe help an aphasic superhero. Mind Control 04/11/19
Say It (4.00)Two couples get to know each other better on a cruise. Mind Control 08/21/11
Secret Journey (4.45)Diane decides to try hypnosis at a Halloween party. Mind Control 11/04/10
Sex as a Weapon (4.21)An unusual military program gets audited. Mind Control 04/17/12
Shameless (4.54)Hanna is visited by three ghosts.  Hot Humor & Satire 10/15/11
Sharp Dressed Man (4.26)A mind-control invention has a small problem... Mind Control 06/11/12
She Blinded Me With Science (4.06)A pretty coed accidentally brainwashes a professor. Mind Control 01/25/12
She Came In ... (4.53)A tale of the sexpocalypse.  Hot Erotic Horror 07/29/12
She Drives Me Crazy (3.96)A secretary stumbles onto a mind control conspiracy. Mind Control 02/12/13
Shiny Happy People (4.57)The end of the world comes dressed in silver.  Hot Erotic Horror 03/12/11
Show Don't Tell (4.41)Venus Ascendant demonstrates her powers to Adventure Girl. Lesbian Sex 11/14/10
Silent Lucidity (4.20)Lucy can finally think freely! But she's bound and gagged. Mind Control 10/18/15
Simply Irresistible (4.37)Mikal the Genie checks up on Susan's wishes. Mind Control 12/19/10
Since U Been Gone (3.69)I can't figre ot what's wrong with me...can yo? Humor & Satire 02/06/12
Situation (3.95)Heather gets in trouble with the TSA. Lesbian Sex 03/05/11
Skeleton Key (4.58)Paula hands over a priceless key to an unethical appraiser.  Hot Mind Control 02/12/16
Small Town (4.54)Willow visits Pasture Rose and meets the town dominatrix.  Hot BDSM 04/10/11
Smells Like Teen Spirit (4.23)Ophelia tries a seductive new perfume. Mind Control 06/02/18
Smoke from a Distant Fire (4.62)Amy and Dawn have phone sex over Skype.  Hot Mind Control 08/28/15
Smoke from an Old Flame (4.71)Amy and Dawn have a reunion, and sparks fly.  Hot Mind Control 07/18/15
So What (4.04)A famous musician pleads for freedom. Mind Control 05/30/12
Soft and Wet (4.30)A hypnotic, erotic encounter in a hotel room. Mind Control 10/21/12
Soft Kitty Warm Kitty (4.60)Two college girls indulge in hypnotic petplay.  Hot Mind Control 05/11/17
Sometimes a Fantasy (4.00)Two women await the return of their hypnotic Master. Mind Control 05/08/11
Spellbound (4.20)A tribute to the classic Infocom games. Mind Control 12/29/11
Spiderwebs (4.37)Cynthia screens her phone calls, but it doesn't help. Mind Control 06/28/18
Step By Step (4.48)Brenda attends a hypnosis addiction support group. Mind Control 12/05/10
Stranger in My Own House (4.47)A superhero finds a deadly surprise waiting at home. Mind Control 08/16/15
Stronger (3.91)Weightlifter Sasha receives a visit from an admirer. Mind Control 01/18/18
Submission (4.12)An editor at a porn mag responds to a persistent author. Mind Control 06/11/11
Suddenly I See (4.28)A woman is lost in fantasies of lesbian sex. Lesbian Sex 09/05/11
Suicide Blonde (4.65)Hannah explains to Natalie why she's about to jump.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/20/12
Surrender (4.42)A hypnotic induction with strong D/s themes. Mind Control 05/21/11
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This (4.22)She is turned into a lesbian by feng shui. Lesbian Sex 10/09/11
Sweet Surrender (4.48)Martha tests out a weight-loss candy, one with side effects. Mind Control 11/08/10
Sweetest Perfection (4.00)A Domme takes her sub to dinner. Mind Control 09/05/11
Sympathy (4.37)Wendy tries to help a fellow student with their hypnosis project. Mind Control 02/18/17
Tainted Love (4.21)A love potion doesn't work as advertised. Mind Control 08/07/11
Take a Bow (4.00)What's the mystery behind Mister Mystery? Mind Control 11/12/11
Take Me Home Tonight (4.33)Janice finds a demonic statue in a second hand store. Mind Control 01/09/16
Take My Breath Away (3.98)Tara experiments with a former co-worker and hypnosis. Mind Control 07/12/15
Talk Dirty to Me (4.13)A teacher runs afoul of a high school hypnotist. Mind Control 01/31/12
Talking in Your Sleep (4.20)Alicia's new roommate sleep-talks. And sleep-masturbates. Lesbian Sex 06/25/11
Temptation Dice (4.48)Josie shoots craps, with orgasms as the prize. Mind Control 04/15/17
Tempted (4.63)Karyn doesn't make a deal with the devil. Does she?  Hot Mind Control 06/24/12
The Beginning Is the End Is... (4.45)A deeper level of surrender begins. Mind Control 11/12/16
The Bigger They Are, the Harder... (4.46)Large-breasted Sheryl makes flat-chested Meghan jealous. Mind Control 02/20/16
The Bitch is Back (3.89)Mistress Eva returns to claim what's hers. Erotic Horror 03/18/12
The Boys of Summer (4.62)Cara decides to buy a brand new Boy(tm).  Hot Mind Control 07/19/18
The End Is the Beginning Is the End (4.35)She is surprised by a stranger at a coffee house. Mind Control 02/27/11
The Final Countdown (4.30)A woman tries one last time to escape her Master. Mind Control 11/12/11
The Future's So Bright, I Gotta... (4.62)The Mad Scientist's Convention is in town.  Hot Humor & Satire 09/11/11
The Joker (4.35)Two women make a bet about a stage hypnotist. Mind Control 05/14/11
The Kidnap Show (4.57)Lexi finds a bizarre late-night public access show.  Hot Mind Control 12/14/17
The Kind of Girl I Could Love (4.27)A replacement Girl tries to figure out what went wrong. Mind Control 12/03/16
The Long and Winding Road (3.07)The path to hypnosis can be quite pleasant. Mind Control 08/13/12
The Pendulum's Promise (4.09)Olivia's only escape is in surrender. Mind Control 12/12/15
The Quiet Type (4.25)No matter how naked Brandy gets, Emily still seems shy. Mind Control 08/01/15
The Reflex (4.02)Keila Li discovers a secret that could threaten the galaxy. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/23/11
The Stranger (4.06)A wife finds out her husband has been making amateur porn. Mind Control 05/08/11
The Tide Is High (4.55)It’s the morning after, and Cindi has to explain to Janet.  Hot Mind Control 05/07/12
The Waiting (3.85)Kevin is obsessed with a woman he's slowly brainwashing. Mind Control 06/05/11
The Way You Make Me Feel (4.25)A space cadet fights a hidden telepath at the Academy. Lesbian Sex 10/03/11
The Weakness In Me (4.25)Everyone has a weakness...and Mistress finds them all. Lesbian Sex 02/20/12
Then the Morning Comes (4.35)There's a perfectly innocent explanation for everything. Mind Control 10/20/12
This Is Just 4 U (4.50)Service Unit 4 U's Master goes missing.  Hot Mind Control 05/08/19
This is You Throwing in the Towel (4.40)Janet is given visions of obedience and freedom. Mind Control 08/30/18
Time After Time (4.01)A woman is visited by her future self with a warning. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/01/11
Too Late for Love (4.23)Simon's too tired for sex...but hypnosis can fix that. Mind Control 07/24/11
Too Shy (4.43)She conquers shyness through hypnosis. Group Sex 05/01/11
Transylvanian Concubine (3.86)Cassandra tells how she became Count Dorin’s slave. Erotic Horror 10/10/10
Trigger Happy (4.35)An expedition finds a storehouse of alien weaponry. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/25/11
True: 3 Part Series
True (4.39)Julie is hypnotized to believe everything Dave says. Mind Control 03/05/11
True Colors (4.62)A psychiatrist is drawn into a war among rival slave rings.  Hot Mind Control 08/28/11
True to Life (4.07)A porno screenwriter discusses her work. Humor & Satire 02/14/12
Trust and Obey (4.51)Louise is visited by a magical girl and her special friends.  Hot Mind Control 01/22/16
Trust In Me (4.43)Diana uses an old catchphrase to hypnotize Malik. Mind Control 07/23/16
Tunnel Vision (4.46)Jessica learns to shut out distractions while gaming. Mind Control 12/07/17
Turn the Page (4.58)A snoopy houseguest finds out what's on Olivia's bookshelf.  Hot Mind Control 12/29/13
Turning Japanese (4.01)Paul tries to get Josie into anime. Mind Control 12/04/11
Two Tickets To Paradise (3.70)Two women win a free trip, and receive fringe benefits. Erotic Horror 12/12/11
Uh Huh (4.24)Buddy uses hypnosis to guide Keith through his first time. Mind Control 01/09/19
Um... (4.14)An induction about a thought-stopping word. Mind Control 02/15/18
Umbrella (4.22)Ryan gets caught up in an argument over an umbrella. Mind Control 08/02/18
Unbelievable (3.82)A teacher gets caught falsifying her job application. Mind Control 04/17/12
Under Control (4.58)Delfina tries to help out a friend's daughter.  Hot Mind Control 03/12/17
Under My Thumb Ch. 01 (4.42)Molly finds her owner's manual. Mind Control 11/05/11
Under the Influence (4.26)Fiona attends a home wine tasting, and gets tipsy. Mind Control 11/21/15
Unforgettable (4.59)Ursula is haunted by erotic dreams she can't remember.  Hot Lesbian Sex 03/27/12
Uniform (3.65)Marceline is in a hurry to put on her work uniform. Mind Control 07/30/16
Uninvited (4.43)He wakes up in bed next to a strange woman. Very strange. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/14/12
Unraveling (3.86)A mad scientist explains what's going to happen next.  New Mind Control 06/19/19
Unsent (4.53)A copy of a letter written by a woman fighting mind control.  Hot Mind Control 05/28/11
Unwritten (4.37)Felicity learns about the "unwritten rules" at a new school. Lesbian Sex 12/12/10
Up All Night (4.65)Jasmine uses trance to get her through an all-nighter.  Hot Mind Control 08/24/17
Urgent (4.43)A woman is compelled to have lesbian sex in a nightclub. Lesbian Sex 05/28/11
Vacancy (4.16)A roadside motel owner gets a late night visitor. Mind Control 06/05/19
Vacant Moan (4.49)Rose watches as Nani is hypnotized over the phone. Mind Control 09/14/17
Valentine's Treatment (3.69)Michael Valentine is brought in for another treatment. Mind Control 07/05/18
Vampire (4.15)An encyclopedia entry about the vampire. Humor & Satire 11/19/11
Vanishing Act (4.35)Kara finds out why Vanessa is so unreliable. Mind Control 03/04/16
Vapour (4.21)A woman walking home in London encounters a strange fog. Mind Control 02/08/18
Vertigo (4.45)An endless, dizzying descent into trance. Mind Control 01/03/19
Vicious Circles (4.20)A woman tries to escape an endless loop of brainwashing. Mind Control 04/15/16
Video Killed the Radio Star (4.33)A reporter interviews a reclusive radio star. Mind Control 11/12/11
Virus (3.42)A memetic virus goes through its cycle of infection. Mind Control 04/24/17
Voices Carry (4.34)She overhears two lovers talking...about hypnosis. Mind Control 08/21/11
Voyeur (4.41)Mae plans to surprise her husband, but is surprised herself. Mind Control 10/01/16
Wage Slaves (4.32)Francine explains the upsides of being mind controlled. Mind Control 01/31/11
Wake Up: 2 Part Series
Wake Up (4.16)Joyce receives an unusual hypnotic trigger. Mind Control 11/22/18
Wake Up Call (4.02)A hypnodomme's pet tries to wake her up from a nap. Lesbian Sex 10/25/11
Waking Up in Vegas (4.36)Jennie finds out what she did last night. Lesbian Sex 04/01/12
Watch the Tapes (4.53)Erika receives a package with clues to an evil conspiracy.  Hot Mind Control 10/10/15
We R Who We R (4.07)One of Master’s Q’s helps him R a new FQ for his harem. Mind Control 08/13/12
Weak (4.50)Dirty talk with a married woman betrays Jack's secret.  Hot Fetish 12/17/16
Weird: 2 Part Series
Weird (4.14)Tanisha meets a weird (or wyrd) woman on the subway. Mind Control 06/25/16
Weird Science (4.04)A transcript of the "Women In Science" lecture at MIT. Humor & Satire 09/11/11
What a Girl Wants (4.47)Anita and Stephanie find out what the Girls are really after. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/16/10
What's On Your Mind (4.33)Utopia Lass' telepathy manifests one afternoon. Mind Control 10/21/12
When I Come Around (4.36)The Devil's Daughter fights an old enemy with new tricks. Mind Control 09/17/16
Whip It (4.09)Erik is haunted by the display at a fetish shop. Mind Control 04/02/11
Whiter Shade of Pale (4.40)Abby falls deeper into Dalila's control. Mind Control 04/02/11
Who Can It Be Now? (4.48)Danielle goes back to confront her controller. Mind Control 06/08/15
Wide Awake (4.50)Lita doesn't get hypnotized. She's sure of it.  Hot Mind Control 01/02/16
Windfall (4.18)A biologist finds unusual puffballs in the forest. Mind Control 03/01/18
Winter Wonderland (3.82)A winter-themed hypnotic induction. Mind Control 02/27/11
Wish You Were Here (4.22)On vacation, Tiffany sends letters to her best friend. Lesbian Sex 04/02/11
Won't Get Fooled Again (3.95)Grace is determined to avoid being brainwashed again. Mind Control 11/05/11
Worst Case Scenario (4.29)Chloe's trigger falls into the wrong hands. Mind Control 06/01/17
Wrapped Around Your Finger (4.26)Mistress Andrea shows off her perfectly-trained slave. BDSM 10/03/11
X Marks the Spot (4.40)Will tries to find the touch trigger that will entrance Jen. Mind Control 06/11/16
X'ed Out (4.49)A brainwashed sub tries to explain why she loves it. Mind Control 08/09/18
X, Y and Zee (4.29)A psychiatrist studies obedience to authority. Through sex. Mind Control 01/30/16
X-Ray Eyes (4.00)Ward knows a secret about Ryan. But Ryan doesn't. Mind Control 12/28/18
X-Ray Specs (4.17)Ruth surprises Jon with a little present. Mind Control 04/23/12
Xanadu (4.10)Miriam buys immortality with 500 years of service in Xanadu. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/24/11
Xanax and Wine (4.37)Pauline's anxiety meds make drinking a whole new experience. Mind Control 03/22/18
Xenophilia (4.59)An alien warlord finds a perfect subject for conquest.  Hot Humor & Satire 10/14/17
Xenophobia (3.95)Jill confesses her alien abduction dreams to a therapist. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/31/11
XOXOX (4.50)The Prime Minister is missing, and only Azure can help.  Hot Mind Control 05/25/17
Yes: 2 Part Series
Yes (Means It's Hard to Say No) (4.24)A permission-based hypnotic induction. Mind Control 12/10/16
Yes, I'm Ready (4.53)Hope finds her body moving on its own one morning.  Hot Mind Control 06/29/17
Yesterday (4.14)Joy describes the crazy day she had yesterday. Lesbian Sex 09/11/11
You Broke Like Glass (4.18)Jerry insists he's hypnotized Wayne before. Mind Control 04/03/19
You Can't Deny It (4.59)Emily uncovers sinister chemical experiments at work.  Hot Mind Control 02/12/11
You Go to My Head (4.55)Jake meets a girl who smells intoxicating.  Hot Mind Control 04/10/16
You May Be Right (4.46)Clarice thinks Mandy's brainwashed. Mandy disagrees. Mind Control 11/22/10
You're Not an Ordinary Girl (4.53)Charity needs a custom model of Girl(tm) to make her happy.  Hot Mind Control 12/01/17
You're So Vain (4.23)Is Violet vain, or simply honest? Group Sex 01/12/12
You're the Inspiration (3.42)The victim of a hypnotic meme passes it on. Mind Control 06/11/12
Young Gods (4.71)Mindy's masturbation creates a new god of pleasure.  Hot Mind Control 10/17/18
Your Horoscope for Today (3.59)An unusual town has hypnotic horoscopes. Mind Control 04/28/18
Z-Word (4.46)Amber tries to remember just what a stranger said to her. Mind Control 04/05/18
Zap (4.38)Ethan discovers what his captive really wants. Mind Control 10/22/12
Zero: 3 Part Series
Zero (4.23)A hypnotic monologue about the number zero. Mind Control 12/19/10
Zero Dumb Game (4.21)Shanna's twin picks a bad time to use their psychic bond. Mind Control 10/19/17
Zero Signal (4.49)Zachary uses a special signal to blank Nathan's mind. Mind Control 09/27/18
Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (4.07)A man explains how a DVD helped him get the girl. Any girl. Mind Control 06/25/11
Zombie: 2 Part Series
Zombie (3.51)A scientist displays his latest curiosity in Haiti. Erotic Horror 07/04/11
Zombie Blood Nightmare (4.39)Dahlia decides to get over her fear of scary movies. Mind Control 06/11/17
Zone Out (4.42)An attention-optional hypnotic induction. Mind Control 02/26/16
Zzzonked (4.36)Silas the Somnomancer escapes his magical book. Mind Control 02/14/19
Silly Love Songs (4.71) Erotic Poetry 02/18/12
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