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A Riding Reunion (3.80)Male-cousin-on-cousin action abounds at a family reunion. Gay Male 08/07/18
Addicted to Dick (4.50)Ricky discovers difficulty of life after prison.  Hot Gay Male 12/07/17
After the Game (4.34)Perils of attracting a footballer’s locker room attention. Gay Male 08/16/12
An Evening Out (4.43)Getting a push to prepare for moving on in Asheville. Gay Male 01/19/18
Ancient Scandal (4.40)Austrian baron preys on men of ancient Venetian family. Gay Male 10/09/18
Avoiding the Inevitable (4.44)Army sex moves from blackmail to affection to revenge. Gay Male 04/04/18
Back on the Track (4.27)Funeral is catalyst for former gay lovers to reconnect. Gay Male 03/16/18
Big Game Hunter (4.18)Sometimes hunting is a sex game fetish. Gay Male 04/22/12
Bound Rebound (3.83)What happens while running from something. Gay Male 02/02/12
Business Cruise (4.43)Rent-boy gets the business on a mafia business cruise. Gay Male 07/27/17
Cairo Surrender: 6 Part Series
Cairo Surrender Ch. 01 (4.44)American Michael attracts the lust of Egyptian rake Abazar. Gay Male 06/04/19
Cairo Surrender Ch. 02 (4.47)Rawest Cairo: Michael captured. Gay Male 06/06/19
Cairo Surrender Ch. 03-04 (4.53)Michael imprisoned with Abazar; seduction begins.  Hot Gay Male 06/08/19
Cairo Surrender Ch. 05-06 (4.43)Michael opens to Abazar's seduction. Gay Male 06/11/19
Cairo Surrender Ch. 07-08 (4.54)Abazar takes his pleasure towards seduction completion.  Hot Gay Male 06/13/19
Cairo Surrender Ch. 09-10 (4.69)Michael's surrender is complete and he finds release.  Hot Gay Male 06/15/19
Caribbean Christmas Cruise (4.10)Kyle’s not thrilled Jerrod is taking him cruise swinging. Gay Male 12/05/16
Christmas Market Sweets (4.46)Aiden buys at a German Christmas Market. Gay Male 11/28/18
Close-Up (4.42)Wanting father leads novelist and photographer to son. Gay Male 05/02/18
Club Unicorn (4.44)What’s this new GM-genre unicorn sex thing? Gay Male 10/02/18
Coaching Change (4.03)Maneuvering in the cutthroat world of tennis coaching. Gay Male 08/29/12
Code on The Crescent (4.34)Rent-boy plies trade on train in servicing signals. Gay Male 01/04/18
Confirmation Glitch (4.28)Fed judge's not-so-faithful boyfriend becomes a liability. Gay Male 11/03/18
Cover Boy (4.28)The path from model to movie star goes thru rent-boy. Gay Male 12/06/18
Crossing the Stream (4.49)Letting it all hang out in the Rocky Mountains. Gay Male 06/20/18
Dragoon Hall: Curse or Cure? (4.45)Spirits help novelist recover from grief, sex fetish guilt? Gay Male 10/02/18
Eight Seconds (4.36)Vince and Cal’s ties challenged by bull-riding competition. Gay Male 01/26/18
Escaping the Lighthouse (4.33)Unpubbed F. Scott Fitzgerald story raises lighthouse ghost. Gay Male 10/03/18
Fissure (4.30)Countering a cooling relationship in the Caymans. Gay Male 07/04/18
Fool’s Contract (4.32)Magic party launched to free young man from sexual bondage. Gay Male 03/08/18
Forced Layover (4.55)Musician visiting Rome learns to do it to classical music.  Hot Gay Male 08/21/18
Four Friends (4.32)Writer stumbles into a 100-year-old winery mystery. Gay Male 10/03/16
Fridays at Battery Park Books (4.33)Trent experiences gay Asheville's Christmas season. Gay Male 12/08/18
Gaijin Kagema: Male Courtesan (4.42)American cowboy Reno serves gay Tokyo's art world. Gay Male 01/21/19
Gas Money for Santa (4.35)Santa comes in Havre de Grace. Gay Male 11/12/18
Gittin' It All (4.21)Cute twink snatched and given weekend tutorial in gay BDSM. Gay Male 03/26/14
Good Neighbor (4.22)A college tennis coach seduces a shy gay neighbor. Gay Male 07/24/18
Gorilla (4.34)Race car driver laid out like an animal. Gay Male 09/07/17
Great Smokies Relay Riding System (4.37)Rent-boy handed off one to the next as he hikes the Smokies. Gay Male 11/22/17
Holiday Companion (4.48)New in town, David seeks a holiday companion. Gay Male 11/18/18
Honey Tom (4.38)Franny’s want for bees puts Billy Ray on double sex track. Gay Male 03/01/17
Hunting Dr. Weiss (4.42)NY Writer sent to find famous clinic doctor in Africa. Gay Male 01/09/19
In the Giant's Shadow (4.43)Architecture student vies to be in master's light and bed. Gay Male 02/05/19
In the Laundromat (4.15)Business has picked up since Ryan's staff joined the staff. Erotic Couplings 04/12/19
Is Capricious the Word? (4.34)Everyone is doing everyone in a NZ hedonist artists' colony. Gay Male 10/23/18
It Slipped My Mind (4.24)A very special baseball minor league physical exam. Gay Male 01/19/12
Journey Thru Abilene: 4 Part Series
Journey Thru Abilene Ch. 01-02 (4.39)Beaufort, SC, orphan Gordy trapped in bar rent-boy mode. Gay Male 11/20/18
Journey Thru Abilene Ch. 03-04 (4.29)Gordy breaks from Beaufort, SC, controller and heads west. Gay Male 11/22/18
Journey Thru Abilene Ch. 05-06 (4.29)Gordy becomes Glade; dances in and leaves Abilene. Gay Male 11/24/18
Journey Thru Abilene Ch. 07-09 (4.35)Last stop Billings, Montana. Gay Male 11/28/18
Leaf Raking Plus (4.61)Bisexual Andre, trying for a family, is tested on preference.  Hot Gay Male 11/22/18
Lighthouse in the Desert (4.51)Men-on-men clubbing in "Nowhere" between Vegas and Reno.  Hot Gay Male 03/12/19
Loose End (4.48)Politician's indiscretion trapped in Plymouth Bay lighthouse. Gay Male 04/02/19
Lottery Winner (4.40)Older men find each other on Caribbean gay men's cruise. Gay Male 06/14/18
Made to Fit (3.84)Caught in a wild experiment to adjust to a monster cock. Gay Male 10/01/12
Madison Mills (4.44)Male model scarred in New Year’s Eve car crash. Gay Male 11/09/18
Making It Across the Country (3.88)Teena’s working her way cross country to L.A. Erotic Couplings 02/04/19
Marco Island Summer Lovin’ (4.40)Hank’s plans for summer loving take an unintended turn. Gay Male 08/22/17
Naked, Not Nude (4.30)Brady’s hunky neighbor tries to distance nude from naked. Gay Male 06/24/15
Not the Best Idea (4.36)Big brother tries revenge for brother's gangbang. Gay Male 05/07/19
On a Snowy Afternoon (4.19)Serious secret doings at Swiss scientific conference. Gay Male 12/20/17
One Night in Beirut (4.43)Hell is up and Heaven is down in war-torn Beirut. Gay Male 04/23/19
One Night in San Francisco (4.54)A tale of delayed surrender to intended lover desire.  Hot Gay Male 04/23/19
Pool Party (4.60)Philandering novelist blackmailed into sex with neighbor.  Hot Gay Male 07/13/18
Pull of the Grove Ch: 4 Part Series
Pull of the Grove Ch. 01: Cruising (4.36)Rent-boy Krit cruises for rough sailors in south Philly. Gay Male 05/29/18
Pull of the Grove Ch. 02: Sailor (4.30)Rent-boy Krit gives a hunky sailor his first ride. Gay Male 05/31/18
Pull of the Grove Ch. 03: Subbing (4.33)Krit cross-dresses for older man grieving for boyfriend. Gay Male 06/02/18
Pull of the Grove Ch. 04: Push Back (4.08)Doubled by sailors, tempted with sounding, finding love. Gay Male 06/05/18
Pumpkin Patch Snatch (4.32)Who is offing young migrant workers at a NC farm? Gay Male 10/22/14
Rainy Day in Tokyo (4.46)NYU drama prof pursues theory that Japanese do it better. Gay Male 01/23/19
Reaching for Gold (4.22)Sex-starved Olympians go for the gold. Gay Male 03/01/12
Ridden West Ch: 4 Part Series
Ridden West Ch. 01: Kansas (4.55)Aged out as an orphan in Kansas, Billy is sold West.  Hot Gay Male 03/19/19
Ridden West Ch. 02: Westward (4.45)Billy is trained to male prostitution on way to Denver. Gay Male 03/21/19
Ridden West Ch. 03: Colorado (4.58)Billy pauses at male brothel in a copper mining town.  Hot Gay Male 03/23/19
Ridden West Ch. 04: Utah (4.57)Will Billy ever reach California?  Hot Gay Male 03/27/19
Ripe for It (4.09)Danny taken to snowy Colorado hills to escape family fetish. Gay Male 02/20/18
Role Playing into Reality (4.36)Young movie star finds cyber play isn’t that private Gay Male 05/01/14
Say Nothing (4.57)Zimbabwe colonist farmers offer foster son to avoid ouster.  Hot Gay Male 05/22/19
Separate Tables (4.46)Rent-boy in mid 1900s UK schooled in class distinctions. Gay Male 05/31/19
Shell Game (4.33)Las Vegas cat and mouse “who’s the fool?” game. Gay Male 03/01/18
Shipwrecked (4.53)Student shipwrecked on African coast captured by ape man.  Hot Gay Male 09/18/18
Snow Drifting (4.51)Soldier drifts through holidays with former lovers.  Hot Gay Male 11/09/18
Stranger at the Door (4.42)A knock at the door on a snowy New Year’s Eve. Gay Male 11/10/17
Strangers Off the Street (4.28)High-class UK rent-boy takes busman's holiday in Barcelona. Gay Male 02/28/18
Summer Deceptions (4.34)Rock band lies, deception, and longing on the Outer Banks. Gay Male 08/23/18
Sunset Save (4.40)Is there still a sex life for an old tennis pro? Gay Male 01/22/19
Swift Sword of Justice (4.09)A judge has it his way in Mississippi. Gay Male 07/19/12
Swinger Christmas (4.34)Male model swinger sub fights outing attempt. Gay Male 11/30/15
That's Why (4.28)Think tanker matches ambition wits with his coworkers. Gay Male 02/19/19
The Capitol Limited (4.25)Senator's aide provides full service on train to Chicago. Gay Male 02/07/18
The L from Oak Park (4.30)Class competition for gay sex on a Chicago train. Gay Male 05/15/18
The Mural (4.26)Night riding in old Albuquerque. Gay Male 01/18/12
The Nude on the Balcony (4.49)Painter obsessed with nude youth seen on a Santorini balcony.  New Gay Male 06/20/19
The Personal Manager (4.62)His wife handled everything; she’s gone; he needs a manager.  Hot Gay Male 08/27/18
The Summer After (4.00)College-bound athlete takes a last bike run up the mountain. Gay Male 06/16/19
Thrice Fooled (4.67)All is not as it seems in Santa Fe.  Hot Gay Male 03/01/19
Train Drain Team (4.20)Actor wannabe finds train trip to Florida draining. Gay Male 10/02/17
Train Escape (4.31)Small town train station gay café attendant offered an out. Gay Male 04/17/18
Uh-Oh (4.29)Two men walk into a shop to buy candy for their lovers. Gay Male 01/20/12
Unlikely Obsession (4.06)Gay NYC musician caught between obsessive fetishers. Gay Male 12/18/18
When in Niamey (4.42)Coming to Niger to find extreme GM fetish service. Gay Male 09/05/18
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