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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

A Good Boy for Kitty [F4M] (4.65)Ridden by your sweet neko girlfriend.  Hot Audio 06/22/23
A Goth Girl's Soft Spot [F4F] (4.45)Opposite aesthetics attract each other.  New Audio 04/16/24
A Kitten's Pet [F4A] (4.27)Eating out a cat-girl in heat Audio 03/02/24
A Moment Alone [F4TM] (4.46)It's hard to get alone time with the captain out on a ship.  New Audio 04/17/24
A Puppy for Mommy [F4A] (4.33)Mommy got you a new collar... Audio 07/12/23
A Warlock and her Beholder (4.11)Indulge in your praise kink. Audio 07/03/23
A Witch Enchants Your Cock [F4M] (4.35)Witch girlfriend enchants your cock to respond only to her Audio 10/25/23
Allow me to Guide You (4.67)Guided pillow humping  Hot Audio 07/03/23
Appreciation [F4TM] (4.00)Body Worship and Praise with your Girlfriend Audio 02/25/24
Are you Busy? [F4TF] (4.22)Your girlfriend got horny reading a book... Audio 01/29/24
Back Against a Wall [F4F] (4.32)Pinned against a wall by an orc woman Audio 03/04/24
Be Good for Mommy [F4A] (4.27)Mommy rides your thigh while lovingly humiliating you. Audio 08/16/23
Bewitching the Sea Witch (4.77)A wish from the sea witch is not given without something...  Hot Audio 06/11/23
Black Lace Panties (4.47)Black lace panties are your girlfriend's weakness... Audio 07/03/23
Brainstorming Ramble Fap (4.25)Brainstorming and Hitachi Riding Audio 02/22/24
Breached Containment [F4M] (4.47)Sex Pollen released on board a spaceship. Audio 02/09/24
Breaking my new Hitachi (4.81)Break in my new hitachi vibrator with me!  Hot Audio 06/19/23
Breeding the Local Bitch Boy [F4M] (4.24)Femdom wolf girl knots your ass. Audio 03/31/24
Christening the New Vibe on You (4.81)F4TM Femdom Puppy Play  Hot Audio 09/20/23
Commander Distraction [F4A] (4.69)Private meeting with your alien commander  Hot Audio 12/09/23
Cum with Me, Babygirl [F4F] (4.65)Face sitting with your girlfriend.  Hot Audio 12/08/23
Cumming inside Mistress [F4M] (4.63)Ridden by your Mistress [gentle femdom] [praise] [good boy]  Hot Audio 10/03/23
Doll's Don't Move (4.41)Mommy degrades, feminizes, and dollifies you. Audio 06/11/23
Don't Ignore Your Demon Maid (4.68)Submissive Succubus needs your cock.  Hot Audio 07/03/23
Drider Eggs [F4TF] (4.50)Bondage and oviposition with a dryad.  Hot Audio 02/28/24
Fantasy of the Week (4.76)A ramblefap where I share my most recent go to fantasy...  Hot Audio 06/29/23
Feels so Good to be Bad [F4A] (4.47)Kidnapped by a villain to be corrupted Audio 08/16/23
First Season at Kitsune Bay [F4A] (4.75)Pathetic alpha begs you to be her omega Audio 03/08/24
Free-Use [Hypno] [F4A] (4.42)Free-Use Hypno. Audio 03/21/24
Good Boys Get Permission [F4TM] (4.47)Dove fucked by your girlfriend Audio 10/09/23
I Want To Watch My Slut Gag On It (4.49)Femdom alpha chokes you with her cock Audio 11/29/23
Intergalactic Breeding Program (4.78)Sci-fi alien fdom erotic audio with tentacles & oviposition.  Hot Audio 06/11/23
Into the Snake's Den [F4A] (4.62)Hypnotized to be a pet for a Lamia.  Hot Audio 08/16/23
Is This Your Favorite Way? [F4TM] (4.30)The knee thing with your domme. Audio 11/29/23
Latex Bunny (4.22)Your girlfriend got a latex bunny suit just for you... Audio 07/03/23
Let Mommy Do It [F4A] (4.30)Opening your asshole w/Mommy Audio 08/16/23
Lift Up Your Skirt [F4TF] (4.35)Are you wearing panties tonight? Audio 10/31/23
Lost Record [F4A] (4.64)Lost tape of the late Dr. Sosa  Hot Audio 08/16/23
Making a Wife Out of You (4.27)Hyper Feminization by Daddy Femdom Audio 06/19/23
Master's Home [F4M] (4.14)Puppy girl is can't control herself around master❤︎‬ Audio 12/22/23
Matching Set [F4TF] (4.40)Ridden by your girlfriend in matching lingerie. Audio 12/02/23
MILF Next Door [F4TM] (4.03)Handjob from your neighbor. Audio 03/06/24
Mommy's Little Bimbo (4.68)Becoming a Bimbo w/the help of your mommy domme  Hot Audio 06/19/23
Monster Bait [F4A] (4.61)You love your job  Hot Audio 03/16/24
Monster Girl of the Month-Imp [F4A] (3.93)Tail fucked by an imp Audio 03/26/24
My Dollification Fantasy (4.66)Masturbate while I talk about my doll kink.  Hot Audio 08/22/23
Needy Brat (4.45)Brat Listener x Femdom Speaker. Audio 06/19/23
Needy Pup [F4TM] (4.18)After being left alone all day your owner finally comes home.  New Audio 04/15/24
Needy Puppy [F4TF] [Requested] (3.67)Mistress has a present for her puppy!  New Audio 04/15/24
No More Waiting [F4TF] (4.29)First time post bottom surgery. Audio 02/20/24
Omega 101 [F4A] (4.33)Alpha teacher needs an omega living model... Audio 10/14/23
Playing Prey [F4F] (3.75)Date night with your werewolf girlfriend. Audio 04/05/24
Pretty Little Whore (4.66)Prepping for a new large toy is more fun with help.  Hot Audio 06/11/23
Pretty Please with Honey on Top (4.62)A ditzy bee girl needs your help!  Hot Audio 07/03/23
Puppy Play Time (4.58)Trying out puppy play with your girlfriend!  Hot Audio 06/11/23
Puppy Playtime [F4TM] (4.44)Good puppies get to cum on their hitachis... Audio 01/25/24
Rescheduling Plans [F4A] (4.43)A little distraction goes a long way... Audio 07/11/23
Ride my Thigh, Princess [F4F] (4.84)Ride your girlfriend's thigh while she praises you  Hot Audio 10/27/23
Ride the Bull [F4A] (4.78)You caught the attention of a minotaur in the local tavern.  Hot Audio 07/18/23
Showing You What I See (4.50)Body Worship GFE  Hot Audio 06/19/23
Something Borrowed [F4A] (4.44)Taken by a gentle dragon as revenge Audio 10/25/23
Something so Sweet (4.62)Breastfeed with Mommy  Hot Audio 07/03/23
Special Human [F4A] (4.58)Double penetration from tentacles.  Hot Audio 08/28/23
Spoiled in Pleasure [F4A] (4.75)Gentle Femdom Body Worship and Oral.  Hot Audio 09/06/23
Stop Staring at MY Tentacles [F4F] (4.13)Friend offers to let you touch her tentacles... Audio 10/03/23
Study 371 [F4A] (4.62)Sexual study with a hot nurse  Hot Audio 10/10/23
Succubus Girlfriend Breeding Ritual (4.49)Succubus girlfriend needs your cum Audio 11/07/23
Sunday Audio - 4 Feb 2024 (4.38)Brat listener rides their dragon girlfriend Audio 02/07/24
The Best Gift Mommy Could Ask For (4.53)Mommy's favorite gift is her little one in lingerie...  Hot Audio 06/11/23
The Dress Incident [F4F] (4.33)Changing outfits at the ball Audio 02/17/24
The Dryad Incident [F4A] (4.63)Bondage and oviposition with a dryad  Hot Audio 01/01/24
The Monthly Agreement (4.69)The ship's captain needs you right away...  Hot Audio 06/28/23
The Orc Queen [F4F] [F4TF] (4.84)Ride the orc queen's cock as funishment.  Hot Audio 09/04/23
The Rose [Ramblefap] (4.62)Just a ramblefap of me playing with my rose toy  Hot Audio 04/02/24
The Secret Ingredient [F4A] (4.83)Getting your bee girlfriend off. Audio 03/31/24
The Tentacled Masseuse [F4A] (4.47)Sensual Tentacle Message. Audio 09/19/23
The Vampire's Pet [F4A] (4.63)Vampire mistress says your blood is sweeter when in pleasure Audio 01/20/24
Traditional Etovian Welcome (4.55)Welcome to the planet of Etov!  Hot Audio 07/03/23
Useful [F4A] (4.38)Suck some of your boss' tentacles under her desk Audio 08/16/23
Usurper (4.56)Accidentally summoning a femdom succubus  Hot Audio 06/19/23
Yandere Breeds Herself on You [F4M] (4.63)Yandere ex rides your cock and begs you to breed her.  Hot Audio 01/22/24
You're a Good Boy [F4M] [F4TM] (4.13)Loopable Good Boy Hypno. Audio 02/21/24
You're a Good Girl: Femininization (4.62)Positive feminization with panner and binaural beats!  Hot Audio 02/10/24
You're my Special Girl [F4F] (4.30)Described as "pillow princess simulator 2024". Audio 01/24/24
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