tagBDSM365 Days of Master Ch. 02

365 Days of Master Ch. 02


i awoke to the sounds of Master moving around in the house. my body was delectably stiff and sore from O/our first night together. i quietly padded to the bathroom and ran the shower. As i glanced at myself in the mirror, i was immediately drawn to the red spot on my shoulder, now turning a slight shade of blue. It wasn't going to be a big bruise. It was more psychological than physical. The soreness was a good feeling. i felt "owned" and "claimed". i felt like this "mark" was my Master's mark. i smiled at myself in the mirror as i thought of a set of teethmarks tattooed at that spot would make a nice insignia for my Master. Maybe i would bring it up to Him later.

The hot water cascaded down on my sore muscles like a massage. i stretched and let the water wash away all soreness. Smelling fresh, like soap and dripping wet, i pulled the shower curtain back and was startled to find my Master sitting on the closed toilet lid, waiting for me, with a towel in His hand. Embarrassed, i dropped my gaze and stepped out of the tub to the floor mat and knelt quickly in front of Him. "Good Morning, Master," i whispered softly.

"Good morning, My slave. Did you sleep well?" He wrapped the towel around me and gently patted it against my skin, drying me off.

"Yes, Master," a deep blush coming over my body as His touch inflamed me.

"Good," He spoke. "I have a list of things I want you to do for me, today. I will be leaving for work in an hour. I have decided to continue My own daily routine and not change anything. Either you will get used to it, or you will be conditioned for it. Either way, it is what I have planned. When you complete your task, after I am gone, you can spend the day as you wish until I get home tonight. Is there anything you need before I leave for work?"

Thinking long and hard, i searched for my mind for anything i might "need". Master had provided everything i needed. i shook my head softly in a side to side motion. "The training of My slave starts today. I will take you slowly. But I will take you with My desires of making you the slave I wish. The first lesson of the day is for you to answer me with words and not with a head shake."

Swallowing hard at making a mistake and being chastised so early, i said meekly, "Yes, Master." It was a minor mistake, i suppose, but it set heavy on my heart. i had this intense feeling that i was failing my Master already. Perfectionism sits heavy on my mind. The least little infraction of my abilities can make me feel like a complete and total failure. What i needed most, was positive enforcements that i was being a "good" slave. Or at least, those were my own thoughts of need. i wanted to do everything in my power to be the perfect slave for my Master to seek His approvals and compliments, only i was unsure what a slave was allowed to do.

Master pulled me up from the floor and wrapped His arms around me in a hug. Over the top of my head, He said, "Now, I have to get a shower. Go make some breakfast and read your task list on the table. If you have any questions or don't understand something, W/we can talk when I am done."

"Yes, Master," i said as i was being excused.

In the kitchen, i prepared a bowl of cereal for Master. He doesn't eat a hearty breakfast every morning because He feels it is so close to lunch time when He goes to work, that He only wishes a little something to ease the hunger until His lunch meal. While i am a very good mothering type woman, my desires were to make Him a meal that would satisfy a King, i squelched that idea and followed His instructions from our phone conversations and made Him cereal and juice. i wanted more so to please Him than to make Him uncomfortable with me taking initiatives i had not earned as of yet. i set the table and then knelt by His chair with the list He had made me.

i stared at the paper, quizzically. It was titled: "slave's To Do List". Under a big bold line, it read simply, "RELAX". Nothing more. i trembled inside, as i had expected a full list of things to occupy my 8 hours without my Master. Thousands of questions flew threw my mind. my heart ached as i thought to myself, 'Oh my God, what is He asking me to do today? How can i please Him if i have no idea what it is that He wants me to do?'

Master came out of the bathroom wearing a towel and sat down at the dinner table. He made no comments to me or questioned me. i sat there on the floor and kept my head bowed. He got up and went to the bedroom and came out completely dressed. When He was ready to leave, He bent down and kissed me on top of my head and left with these words, "Relax, girl."

The house was deafeningly quiet. i stayed in my kneeling position for nearly an hour after Master had left. Because of my little knowledge in how to "be" a slave, i was hesitant to take overtures and do anything that was not asked be my Master. i was unaware that my hesitance was giving a different message to Master. He isn't a mind reader. i was letting my fear push me, instead of my desire to be completely available to Him. This was surfacing as a problem. Never before had i served a Man in this manner so i was completely ignorant as to what i was suppose to do, how i was suppose to act, or even what was expected of me. It was His intentions to draw me out "naturally" and in all honesty, i wasn't sure what was natural. Things that i ached to do "naturally" were steadily being pushed aside in my mind as i focused on waiting for Him to tell me to do things. i was wound tighter than a drum. i felt i was failing miserably.

Master came home at the exact time He said He would return for His "lunch" break. He takes His lunch break an hour and a half before He returns home for the night. At the designated time, i was kneeling by the front door in wait for Him to come home. He smiled at me when He came in. Quietly, i stood and kissed Him and W/we went to sit in the living room.

"What did you do all day," He asked.

"i did some laundry, washed and put away the dishes, and listened to some music, Master." He nodded softly, and i noticed slight disappointment in His expression. Another noted failure, i felt, so i added it to my list of mental failures.

"Master, You did not say to do anything but relax and that is what i am trying to do. i do not understand Your directive."

He smiled softly at me. "In time, you will." He stood and held His hand out to me. Taking it, i stood and He led me back to the bedroom. He ordered me to lay on the bed on my back. i heard some rustling in dresser drawers and when He returned to me, He whispered in my ear with such direction and strength, "Do you trust Me?"

i swallowed dryly, wondering what i was getting myself into, but whispered obediently, "Yes, Master." i felt His hands gently take mine as He placed cuffs around both my wrist and ankles.

"Bondage," He sternly said, "is not only physical, My girl, but it is also mental. What one does to oneself, a Master cannot do unless the slave allows. I want this from you. My directive was to relax. you failed to do it. Now I will make you do it."

Master secured the shackles to rope that He tied to the foot and head of the bed, spreading me completely in spread eagle fashion on His bed. When He was done making sure i was securely tethered to His bed, He came and sat down beside me.

"you cannot give to Me what you keep hidden from Me as you hide it from yourself. you cannot take care of Me if you do not take care of yourself. you cannot love Me if you do not love yourself," He paused and watched my face for any sign of understanding of what He was telling me. "My only objective for you is to relax. My reasons are, for you to find yourself under all of this uncertainty. I want to see you become the slave you are telling me you are. All I have seen, so far, is empty words saying you desire one thing, but your actions say you are holding something back from Me. It is simple,really, girl. But then, nothing is ever simple with you, is it?" He did not wait for my reply. A gag was securely placed into my mouth and a blindfold was thrown over my eyes. To make matters even more uncomfortable for me, i felt ear plugs stuffed into my ears.

i lay there, bound and tied in that bed, for what seemed, an eternity. my mind raced around in efforts to understand what my Master was asking of me to do. Relax? No one had ever given me permission to relax before. No one had never commanded it of me. In all honesty, i did not know how to relax. Quite the opposite was, in fact, true. i had a family at home to care for, i had obligations to attend. My last relationship was full of these ridiculous riddles and rhymes to achieve this desired state of perfection to do, act, and behave in a certain meticulous way that a slave is suppose to behave. Orders to kneel properly, speak properly, and dictations on how to be the perfect slave were all i knew. What was taught to me is to not make any decisions to behave or act outside of what i was specifically 'told' to do. So i was laying, tied to a bed, because i was too scared to 'do' anything outside of what Master said do. Giving me a command to "Relax, girl," was giving me the task of figuring out how to achieve this without step by step instructions. So, anger set in.

Tears streamed down my face as i created a story of alleged abuse in my mind at my Master's treatment of me. i wondered what on earth possessed Him to think that ignoring me and tying me down to the bed could achieve relaxation. my mind raced like a freight train in search of the reasons behind His actions. i came up with the thought that He was just trying to exert His authority over me so i would be more subservient to Him. Then i rationalized it to knowing i had failed miserably in getting Him ready for work this morning. i should have gotten His clothes ready for Him, gotten Him showered and ready for work and breakfast made without having to be told. i beat myself up, mentally, while laying in that bed. Even with the ear plugs and the blindfold, the movie i played in my head more than kept me occupied until i felt Master's hands on me upon His arrival back home.

i cowered when He touched me. Master did not flinch when i shied away, but it did not go unnoticed by Him. i got up from the bed and went straight to the kitchen to make Him a decent supper. Not many words passed between U/us. i asked Him about His day, but mostly it was small talk. i was scared of what i had initiated myself into. The story my mind had written was so fresh and painful. Master could not have beaten me with a belt and made me feel more punished this day.

It is no secret i still loved and adored Him. Confusion was spinning haphazardly in my mind. How could i be so loved and yet feel so abused? The confusion kept me keyed up. When i was near Him, unless He was touching me sexually, it was as if i was in another dimension. So, i resolved to do what i was told and remember the things He had told me over the telephone to do that which would please Him. Everything else would have to wait. First, i had to prove to Him that i wanted to be with Him. While His objective had been to "relax"... mine had surfaced to stay on target to be the best of the best.

Master sent me to bed after i finished making His supper. i was disappointed, somewhat because the only true way i felt at peace was when He was taking me sexually. Something blinded me when He was commanding my orgasms and they only came for Him. i tried to stay awake. But His command had been, "Go to sleep."

So, as i curled into the fetal position, in the same bed i had been strapped to, earlier, i cried myself to sleep at my perceived just rewards for being such a poor slave. i thought to myself, 'Tomorrow must be a better day.'

Late into the night, Master slipped into bed beside me. i awoke to the feeling of His hand between my thighs as He pried my pussy lips apart and stroked me awake. i sighed into Him and felt all of the stress of the whole day ball into my gut. As my body tensed into an orgasmic state, He whispered sternly, "Relax, girl."

It took no coaxing, no explaining, and no more commands to understand what He was asking of me as He pulled at my clit gently and brought the sense of relaxation to the front of my mind. There were no stories to write here. It was only Him and i. There was no confusion about what He wanted. He wanted an orgasm from me. i arched into His hand and butterflied my legs to the bed and opened myself up to my Master. Every nerve in my body was responding to His touch and nothing else mattered. As He played in His new playground, i moved into a rhythm with His hand and perfectly timed, W/we joined. my pussy burned with yearning to feel Him inside of me. He felt it and at the perfect moment, He moved His hand and replaced it with Himself.

As He entered His territory, once again, i felt at complete peace with myself and Him. Master slammed into my pussy hard and needy. i arched up to Him and took Him deep into me as if W/we had been L/lover's all of O/our lives. O/our bodies moved in perfect union and harmony. 'If there is nothing else i can do perfectly, i can love Him and give Him all of me here,' i thought to myself as i gave myself over in wild abandon to cum as many times as He desired of me.

i didn't have to ask for permission to cum. Master felt my need before i begged for it. Through the darkness, His voice cut through the silence as He boomed, "Cum!" and i did. "Again," He ground into me harder, and i did. With every command of His voice, love, pain, pleasure, and sweet agony of release swept over me as my body obeyed Him without question or pause. There was no questions running through my mind, only my burning desire to feel, hear, and see my Master explode in pleasure He was getting from my body.

He flipped me over, once again, and came from behind me. With a lot of force, He fucked me until i was breathless and spent. Still, He had not orgasmed. When i could barely hold myself up on all four of my limbs, He slowed down and gently rotated His cock deep inside me. i burned deep inside. i was filled with a sense of complete bliss. When He did not give the command to cum and i felt my orgasm building, i whimpered softly, "Master..."

His movements increased to go deeper. The need bore on me to push against Him with my muscles in orgasm but i whimpered more urgently, "Master, may i cum?"

"Cum on your Master's cock, slave," He gritted through His teeth. my body relaxed and pushed against Him as my juices flowed around Him. He slammed into me, pushing Himself to the deepest points. i screamed out as i came. When my orgasm was finished, Master slid out of me. He lay down beside me in the bed on His back. i snuggled into Him. Tentatively, i slid my hand down between U/us and found His cock while searching His face for unspoken permission to touch Him. Very lightly i brushed Him and He moaned. i raised up and asked Him, "Master, may i suck Your cock?"

He smiled behind closed eyelids and whispered, "I would be disappointed if you didn't."

As i took Him into my mouth, the mental conversation with myself returned. 'Did i not please Him in anything i did and that is why He didn't cum?' i pondered different reasons around His with holding His orgasm as long as He did. As i moved up and down on Him with my mouth, i finally resolved to stop my train of thought and settle on thinking He wished to let me suck Him so i could taste His cum because i had expressed a joy in doing so. This pacified any voices raging in my mind and i set about my task to bring Him pleasure.

As His groans became louder and His body betrayed Him of His resolves, He shoved His hand between me and His cock and took control of His orgasm. As He pumped His cock to orgasm, i steadied my mouth around Him. When He came, He pulled free of me and shot His cum all over my face. This thrilled me. This wild, unplanned cum bath, showed me how much He loved me. Having my Master cum, whether it was on or in me, was my reward at being such a good girl after all.

With B/both of U/us now satiated and spent, i licked my Master clean and then went to the bathroom for a washcloth. i washed my face and smiled at myself in the mirror. i thought to myself, 'a girl doesn't deserve to feel this loved that is so incapable of other things. Surely i must be doing something right, somewhere, or else why would He put up with me?'

i crawled back into the bed next to Master and washed Him gently with a clean, warm washcloth. A devious thought of throwing a cold washcloth on other lover's in an effort to get them out of my bed, passed through my mind. Here i was, aching to keep my Master in bed. Ironically, something was happening to me. After i finished my Master's sponge bath, i curled back up into His arms until i heard His snores. Then i turned myself over in the bed and fell back asleep.

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