tagNonHumanA Bad Day in Dream World

A Bad Day in Dream World


Gwendolyn walked slowly through the dream world. Her feet made a slight squishing noise and against the purple, blue and green giant mushroom pads. Fog hung low and the sky was black. She heard a deep, booming laugh and spun around. No one or thing was there. She studied her surroundings. She slowly walked faster, trying to find a clearing in the fog. She knew she shouldn't have come to the dream world. Grayson had told her not to come back, but of course she came back, looking for him.

She hurried on further, trying to find the Steel Tree. The Gold Tree was that of wealth, the Silver Tree one of knowledge, but the Steel Tree was that of love, where she had always met Grayson. The Steel Tree was love because no matter how hard you tried to bend or break it, love was strong as steel. Every night she had met Grayson right here, at this tree, but the tree was gone, and Grayson was nowhere in sight. Gwen turned in circles, looking for a way out of the fog, trying to escape this awful feeling of dread she had acquired ever since she had stepped foot into the misty dream world.

She heard a loud squish behind her, from a mushroom pad being stomped on. She flew forward, running as fast as she could. Whatever it was, it was following her, and fast. She ran, her heart pounding in her chest, her feet flying so fast she was almost soaring, trying to escape whatever hideous being was following her. She heard it coming closer, and closer, and closer. It grabbed a hold of the back of her dress and stopped, while she kept running, tearing her own dress off. It was close behind her again, she could hear, smell, sense it. It grabbed her by her underwear and she was forced to stop. Gwendolyn trembled, waiting. It let go.

Gwen slowly stood up and turned around. It was only a chooka, a mix between plant and animal. A small face, growing out leaves and vines, with two human legs and two human arms, all completely cerulean blue. The chooka squeaked and grabbed Gwen's hands to walk with her. Chookas happened to be very protective of humans. Gwendolyn felt much safe with the chooka leading her, keeping her from harm's way. Gwen heard that noise again though, of something behind her, stomping on the mushroom pads, twigs and branches snapping. Gwen slowly turned around.

There was a giant hideous blob, with sharp, pearly black teeth, its dark as night skin glimmering with beads of slimy moisture. Its eyes were red as it glowered at her, a wet, mold green tongue licking its lips. Its massive form moved sluggishly towards her as she started to run.

Suddenly, she tripped. The chooka that had been helping her realized it could not save her, so since it could not save the human; it tried to save itself by helping the oversized mass. The chooka whipped out its vines and brought them to bind Gwendolyn up in the air, moving her closer and closer towards the overgrown appendage.

Long, slimy tentacles jutted out from the creature, ripping off what was left of Gwendolyn's underwear. She cried, preparing herself to be eaten. She felt a pulsating vibration on her breasts and looked down to find two of the creatures tentacles on her tits, slowly rubbing and massaging her nipples, creating a warm, sticky friction.

Gwen screamed in fright and struggled against the vines binding her in the air. The vines wounds tighter around her wrists, shooting her arms up in the air and spreading her legs out provocatively. She desperately tried to close her legs as she saw another tentacle approaching her, but the vines would not loosen their grip.

The large, oversized appendage latched on to her clit, vibrating and pulsating, making her body tremble and her will flutter. Her mind fought against her willing body, until she could not fight it anymore, and a scream escaped as she gave into a world shattering orgasm, her body shaking uncontrollably.

Even after her orgasm, Gwen still fought the vines, struggling to get away from the slimy blob that was pleasuring her body and torturing her mind. It was no use. Another giant tentacle snaked up to her hot, dripping wet pussy and slowly snaked its way inside. It slowly stretched her out, filling her up, and she cried out in pain as it profusely stuffed itself inside of her small, tight hole. She groaned as it started pulsating, bringing pleasure to her bones. She stopped fighting it and relaxed, letting the monster fuck her franticly.

She was just starting to get accustomed to the large member forcefully fucking her, when she watched in horror as another larger tentacle moved its way towards her virgin ass. She battled the vines violently, viciously attempting to free herself. The limb slowly caressed her never touched hole, fondling it with great care.

It slowly began its journey into her tight, tiny hole, as she screamed and cried to get free. It gently, lazily roamed up her taut ass. She writhed, desperate, clawing to get free, as the monster continued to explore her. Its tentacle started pulsating in her back door, sending pleasing vibrations through her body, loosening up her narrow passageway, relaxing her more and more, until the appendage could ram in and out of her ass, making her scream and screech with pleasure, being double fucked, sending her over the edge over and over and over.

Her mouth hanging open, screaming, a tentacle feels its way in, drawn to the moisture and warmth and starts fucking her face. Gwen thrusts herself down on the tentacles over and over, desperately trying to shove them deeper inside of her, sucking on his tentacle in her mouth passionately until all three explode inside of her at once, making her come again, with hot, sticky monster cum dribbling out of her used holes.

The vine slowly puts Gwen on the ground and she looks up at the hideous blob, which slowly turns away and sluggishly disappears into the fog.

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