tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Beautiful Day in Elteran Ch. 02

A Beautiful Day in Elteran Ch. 02

byMr. Chuckles©

Well, I am continuing this because of the single response to that effect. Thanks RembrandtEngel. Enjoy.

Lana entered the kitchen, and, taking hold of the candle she had with her. 'Now," thought Rafael, "Now I can finally have her!"

Rafael quickly extinguished the flame, and clamped a hand over Lana's mouth. He pulled her to him, and held her tightly.

"If you make a sound, I will make sure that you will never see your precious Tern again. Nod if you understand." He whispered into her ear.

Lana slowly nodded, tears running down her face, onto Rafael's hand. He pulled her, walking down the hallway, into the room where the maids washed their clothes. He took one hand away from Lana, and shut the heavy door, and bolted it. He pulled on a candleholder, and the secret door opened.

Lana, thinking that her captor had let his guard down, ran into the new room. As soon as she did, she realized that it was a mistake. She saw many restraints and harnesses, and several torture devices. She turned back to the door, but it was shut. Leaving the room pitch black, except for a few small holes in the roof.

She strained her eyes to see who her captor was, but could not see more than a few inches in front of her face. She suddenly felt a hand on her breast. She thought about screaming, but she remembered the threat. The hand removed itself from her breast, and slowly slid down her body. Lana's tears continued to flow, mixed with an occasional sob.

All of a sudden, she felt her self being pulled into one of the harnesses. Her arms were locked in, as were her legs. She felt something cold underneath her dress, and heard a ripping sound. She looked as best she could, but could not see anything. The coldness on her leg moved up, until it was near her breasts.

The cold object suddenly ripped through her dress. It glinted in one of the small patches of light. It was a sword, long and sharp. She began to sob uncontrollably.

"Please, let me go. Whatever you want, my father will give it to you. Just please let me go. I won't tell anyone. Please!" she said, in between sobs.

All that she got, in way of a reply, was a sharp slap across her face. She could feel her dress being pulled away from her body. Her nipples stiffened when they were hit by the cool air. She felt a bare hand on one of her breasts.

Rafael gently kneaded his half-sister's soft flesh. He toyed with her nipple, and gently pulled on it. He leaned over, and planted soft kisses on her milky breasts. His kisses got nearer and nearer her nipple. She started squirming, as she felt his soft lips ensnare her nipple. Gently, he bit it.

She felt the mouth leave her nipple behind, as it moved down her body, stopping to tickle her belly button.

"Stop, please. Why are you doing this? Why?" she cried.

Rafael's tongue continued it's way down her body. He paused, and admired his sister's lovely pussy. There was only a small tuft of hair, and as Rafael discovered when he touched it, it was soft. Rafael placed one of his hands on Lana's slit. She shook her hips, trying to escape from the restraints. Slowly, Rafael rubbed up and down his half-sister's slit. He paused, and attempted to put a finger in her, but she was not aroused enough. He leaned over and licked her sweet pussy.

Lana's body shuddered, and Rafael moved his tongue to Lana's clit. Lana started to sob louder and louder as she felt her assailants tongue on her little love button.

Once Rafael was happy with her lubrication, he slipped a finger into her hole. He wiggled it about, loving the way she twisted her body against the restraints. He pulled his finger out, and tasted it.

"Mmmmm..." he moaned. He leaned near her head, and whispered, "You taste almost as good as you look."

He pushed his finger back in to her, and moved it around some more. He pulled it out, and brought it up to Lana's lips. He pressed it into her lips, but she quickly turned her head away. Rafael grabbed Lana's chin, and forced her mouth open. He reached back down to her slit, and gathered a small puddle of her juices in his hand. He brought his hand up, and dripped the juices into her mouth.

Lana shook her body violently, trying desperately to escape. Rafael forced her mouth shut, forcing her to swallow. As soon as Rafael let go, Lana spit.

Rafael put his leg on the harness's frame, and climbed on top. He freed his hard cock from his codpiece, and placed it at Lana's entrance.

"Please, don't." she sobbed.

Rafael slapped her hard, and pushed his rod into his half-sister, until he felt a resistance. He braced himself, and thrust his cock all the way in.

Lana let out a small scream as she felt her hymen tear. Rafael stopped, and waited until he was sure that he wouldn't hurt Lana. He began to thrust in and out, slowly at first, then increasing in speed. He pounded away at Lana's helpless body, until he felt a tightness in his loins. Rafael pulled his rod out of his half-sister. He smashed his mouth against hers as he came, blasting his cum all over Lana's body.

He quickly dismounted from her body, and put his codpiece back in place. He straightened his clothes, and unlocked on of Lana's hand restraints.

He went over to her head an whispered, "Don't move until I leave." He gave her the key, and quickly opened the door and ducked out, so as not to be seen.

Lana waited for the sound of the washing room's heavy bolt to be removed, before she unlocked her other hand, and then her feet. She gathered her torn dress, and covered herself as best she could. She left the dark room, and found one of her dirty dresses in the washing room. She put it on, and left the washing room.

Lana reached the stairs, still sobbing. She climbed up them, and noticed a light in her brother's room. She walked over to it, and gently knocked on the door. Rafael opened the door, and saw his distraught sister.

"Lana, what's wrong?" He asked, grabbing her, and helping her into his room.

"Rafael, I'm so scared, someone attacked me. They made me...they made me..." she broke into heavy sobs.

"Lana, what did they do?" Asked Rafael, in an anxious voice.

"He made ... he made me have ...have sex with him..." She managed to say, between sobs.

"By the gods, Lana, who did"? Said Rafael, standing up, and reaching for his sword. "Tell me who did, and I will cut his throat!"

"I...I don't...know..."

"Stay here, I'll go wake Father," Rafael said, leaving his room.

He made his way to his father's room. He banged on the heavy oak door, waking their father. The king rose from his bed, and asked his son what was wrong.

"Someone has attacked Princess Lana. She is in my room at the moment. Go to her, I shall raise the alarm." Said Prince Rafael.

Rafael watched as his father went to check on Lana. He then quickly went down stairs, and opened one of the courtyard doors. Rafael went to the main entrance, and turning, ran as fast as he could to the guardhouse, and rang the bell. Soon all of the royal guards were in the courtyard. "Guards, " he shouted, "Someone has just attacked Princess Lana. Search the castle for any clues, and anyway someone could have gotten in. Report to me as soon as you find anything! Now go!"

Upstairs, Lana was explaining to her father what had happened.

"A secret door? Are you sure? I don't know of any secret doors in the castle." Said the king.

"I'll show you where it is Daddy." She said, just as Rafael entered his room.

"I have the entire force of guards looking for anything. How could this happen?" exclaimed Rafael, pacing the floor.

"Prince Rafael," said the king, "Lana said something of a secret door. Do you know of any secret doors in the castle?"

"Only the one that leads from the kitchen to your room, Father." Said Rafael.

"Then take Lana, and let her show you where she was attacked, She said that there was a secret door in the washing room."

"As you wish, Father." Said the prince, taking his half-sister's hand.

Rafael escorted her brother to the washing room, where he called on a nearby guard.

"You, there! Open this door, and search the room!" Commanded Rafael.

The guard opened the door to the washing room, and searched everything. He found nothing, which caused Lana to sob. She told the guard, between sobs, to pull on the candleholders. The guard pulled them one after another, but to no avail. He pulled the last one, and a door opened on the wall behind him.

Just then, the chief guard, Dorn, came up to Rafael, and said, "Sir, we found one of the side doors to the courtyard open. Right near it, the wall is covered in vines, so that any vagabond could have climbed up them, and entered through the door."

"Thank you, Dorn. Now, help me and this guard search this room. This secret room is where Lana said the attack took place." Ordered Rafael.

Lana sat against the wall, as her half-brother and the two guards searched the secret room. She sat crying, until her father came and found her. He took her up to her room, and called in a nurse.

Rafael and the guards' search of the room yielded no clues, except for the cheaply made sword on the floor. Rafael picked up the sword, and searched it for any distinguishing marks. There were none. Rafael ordered the guards to seal up the hidden room, knowing full well that there were many more entrances to the room.

Rafael went to Lana's room, and said, "All we found in that room is a cheap sword. From the craftsmanship, it could have been made by any good blacksmith, but it is not of the quality one would fond from a swordsmith."

Lana broke into tears, and Rafael left her with her nurse. He went to his room, and laid on his bed. Suddenly, his father came into the room.

"Lana said that you were up when she came upstairs after the attack." He said.

"Yes Father, I was," replied Rafael, "I was studying one of my new books of magic I received from Grand Wizard Kandris."

"So, you heard nothing, then?"

"No, Father, I was busy trying to understand some of these magical equations. They are beyond my skill, so it was taking all of my concentration to decipher the text. If only I had not been trying so hard, I might have heard something, and prevented this."

"Rafael, I hope that this will not dampen the spirits for your birthday celebration, for to-morrow. "

"I have a dark feeling that it will, Father." Replied Rafael.

The king left Rafael's room, and Rafael promptly fell asleep.


Rafael awoke the next morning, bright and early. He dressed himself in his brightest colors, and went to see how Lana was doing. He went to her room, and gently knocked. Lana's nurse opened the door softly, and, seeing that it was the prince, allowed him to enter.

"Lana, how are you this day?" he asked his sister.

"I feel terrible. I want to die! Why did this have to happen! Why, why, why!" she cried.

Rafael turned to the nurse, and said, "I will take my leave. I shall return, once Tern arrives."

Having said that, he left his sister's room, and went to the dining room, where he found his father, along with Kandris.

"Kandris, what brings you down here? I thought you were leaving for the Asias, which was why you gave me those books so early." "I wish I was not needed here. Your father sent word to me that I was needed here. I have heard what happened to your sister. I am deeply sorry."

"Thank you Kandris." Said Rafael, grabbing a handful of fruit. "I believe that I shall break my fast outside, awaiting Prince Tern's arrival." He said, walking to the main doors.

Rafael entered the court yard, and was immediately seen by Deliah. She went up to Rafael, and spoke to him, "I know that you had something to do with what happened to your sister. You were the only one who knew of that damned room."

"Deliah, correct me if I am wrong, but were you not seen in the presence of Josef Malay, who has a nasty habit of breaking into peoples homes?"

"How do you know about that?" asked Deliah, fearfully.

"Why do you think that Josef is not in jail?"

Deliah just shrugged, dumbfounded.

"I'll tell you why. I have let him escape. Now," Rafael began raising his voice, "I would say that you discovered that door, while doing the wash one day, and told Josef of it's whereabouts. I think, that you may have left that courtyard door open, in order for Josef to enter, and take anything he wanted."

"No, you're wrong." Said Deliah, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Princess Lana said that it was late, and that she had been up, making sure that the decorations for my party were up. My guess is, that Josef saw her fixing the decorations, and grabbed her, taking her to the room, which only you knew the whereabouts of, and had his way with my sister." By this time, several guards had gathered near to Rafael, and listened to his theory. "Is that what happened?" he demanded of Deliah.

"No...no...noooo..." she cried.

"Guards, take here to the dungeon. When tern gets here, I will allow him to accompany me to find Josef Malay." He said.

Rafael waited in the courtyard, until he saw the flag of Nodlin. He knew it was tern, and went out to greet him.

"Prince Tern, How noble of you to visit, on this grand, yet sad day."

"Sad, Prince Rafael? Why, I do not recall any of my birthdays being sad occasions."

"Come, Tern, and I shall tell you why this is a sad day." Said Rafael, motioning for Tern to follow him.

*** "So, you believe that someone stole into your castle, and assaulted Princess Lana?"

"Tern, I know everyone of my father's palace staff. I know of no one who would be capable of such a thing. My only guess, is my own hand maiden's love interest."

"Oh, and who might that be?" asked Tern.

"None other than Josef Malay." Replied Rafael.

"I have heard of him. In fact, I have reason to believe that he has stolen from my own people as well."

"Well, Tern, I have reason to believe that we can find him."

"Pray, tell me how, Rafael?"

"We have my hand maiden locked up now. We shall release her, and follow her to Josef."

"And how do you know she will go to him, Rafael?"

"She'll want to protect him."

"Very well, when shall we do this?"

"Well," Rafael replied, "Let me get something from my room, and then we shall."

With that, Rafael entered the castle and Dorn.

"Dorn, give me the sword we found in that damned room last night." He commanded.

Dorn brought the sword to Rafael immediately. Rafael let him in on the plan, and together they went to the dungeon.

"Deliah," called Rafael, "Deliah! I want to leave my sight now. Leave and never return to my sight, or I shall have you executed."

Dorn opened Deliah's shackles, and she began to run. She fled up the stairs, and ran through the courtyard, and out the castle walls. Rafael followed her to the courtyard, and then approached Tern.

"Come," he called to Tern. "Let us follow her."


Rafael and Tern followed Deliah to a small tavern. They entered, and immediately saw Deliah talking with a roughly dressed man.

"Josef Malay! Come with us." Shouted Rafael.

Josef took one look at the two princes, and tried to run out the back door. He had just taken his first step outside, when he was grabbed by an armored soldier. The soldier brought him into the tavern, where he faced the two princes.

"What have I done" he asked.

"Where were you, last night?" Demanded Tern.

"I was at home. Sleeping." He replied.

"Have you ever seen this?" asked Rafael, showing the sword that he himself had used to cut Lana's clothes.

"Yeah, I used to have one just like it."

"Josef Malay," shouted Dorn, who had just entered the tavern, "We have reason to believe that you entered the castle, and attacked the princess last night."

"Never!" replied Josef.

"I have thought of this, and I believe I know how we can make you tell the truth." Said Rafael. "Dorn, bring him and Deliah with us to the castle. Kandris will get the truth from them."

The party left, with Josef and Deliah in tow. They marched through the town, and finally made it to the castle. They entered, and Rafael went to find Kandris. Josef and Deliah were taken to a small room, with no windows. The room was only used when the king needed to uncover information from enemy spies, or war prisoners.

Kandris entered the room, followed by Dorn. After a few minutes, they exited. Kandras looked drained. Dorn carried Josef and Deliah behind him. After a few minutes, Kandris spoke.

"They have confessed. I had to use many spells to force it out of them, but it finally came."

Rafael grabbed his sword, and in one mighty thrust, impaled Josef. He pulled his sword from the newly killed Josef, and prepared to thrust it into Deliah.

"No, wait," said Tern, drawing his sword. "Kneel down wench" he snarled.

Deliah kneeled in front of Tern. Tern picked up his sword, and brought it down swiftly upon her neck, severing her head. "Well done Tern," complimented Rafael, "well done indeed. Now, go and see Lana. I shall aide in the removal of these two... things"

Tern left, and went to the stairs, he briskly walked up them, and made his way to Lana's room.

"Kandris," said Rafael, "may I have a word with you? In private."

"Certainly, my lord," replied Kandris.

They left the castle, and entered the courtyard. They fund a secluded spot, away from everyone, under an apple tree.

"I just wanted to thank you Kandris, for what you did in there."

"It was no problem my lord. I was happy to help."

"You were happy to have those two souls we gave you in there."

"Of course. Now remember, should you ever need my help in any of your, affairs, don't hesitate to ask. Now, tell me how it went with Lana..."

To be continued(if anyone cares for it to)...

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