tagBDSMA Binding Experience

A Binding Experience


I could hardly keep myself still; my heart was racing a mile a minute. I knew he'd be at my door at any minute, and I jumped at every tiny sound thinking it might be his key in the lock. I bit my lower lip nervously as I sat on the couch, the fabric feeling chilly against my bare skin.

I played with the D shaped wrings on my wrist restraints absently. They, a pair of ankle restraints and his collar were all I wore. It was a rule he'd set down in stone, that while I was home by myself I wasn't to wear anything but these things. I followed that rule carefully, so when he called and told me to be sure I was dressed properly I laughed softly.

I couldn't help it. It was part nervousness. It was also because his words were unexpected. He was silent for a moment, and I could hear his breath before he spoke softly, "Do you think that's funny?"

I blinked and stiffened a little, "No.. I just.. No, its not funny."

His voice came softly again, a hint of reprimand to it, "Its not funny what?"

"Its.. Its not funny, Master," I shivered a little, feeling instantly even more nervous. I hated it when I did something to bring that tone to his voice.

Disappointment and reprimand always made my insides ache. I tried so hard, but sometimes I just made foolish mistakes. "Good.. I'll be there shortly," before he hung up.

I frowned a little. He hadn't called me any of those sweet names I loved so much. No "pet" not even "slave" or my name. He'd only hung up. That was what had me so nervous. I hated things like that. I hated displeasing him. My hands closed around each other tightly, and I waited more. I wondered what would happen when he finally arrived, and I was so deep in my thoughts that I jumped when the door swung open. I hadn't even heard the lock.

There he stood in my doorway, eyes locked to me. I swallowed compulsively and squirmed a little under his even gaze. He stepped in and closed the door slowly, locking it behind him. I stood slowly and smiled softly to him. He only nodded silently, walked to me and kissed my cheek before passing me by.

I watched his back as he went into my bedroom, my hand against my cheek. Biting my lower lip again I followed him, knowing for sure I was in trouble. He would always kiss my lips when he first saw me. I'd grown to expect and look forward to it. Then to have him simply walk past me wordlessly unsettled me too.

I watched him silently from the doorway as he slipped out of his jacket then turned to me. "Come here," waving me to him. I walked to him, trying to keep from clasping my hands nervously together again. I watched his face silently as he rested his hands on my shoulders. He kept me at arms length from him a moment before he pressed down on them, forcing me to my knees. I fell to them easily, offering no resistance, my head leaning back to look up to his face.

He watched me silently for a moment then moved to sit on the edge of my bed. He regarded me quietly, looking me over, before speaking, "You laughed earlier. Do you think that was an appropriate response to my directions?"

I shook my head a little, "No, Master," my voice quavering a little. "I didn't mean to, I'm so.."

He cut me off, "I know that already, but I think that you might need a reminder. What are you?"

I started at him a moment, wondering what exact answer he wanted. He watched me expectantly before I finally responded, "Yours, Master.. Your slave."

"Exactly. My property. Come here," he gestured me to him, and I began to rise to my feet before a hand movement stalled me. Shaking his head, "No.. Its a short space between us. You're my slave. Do you think that you should walk to me after being so disrespectful?"

I shook my head and blinked back tears, swallowing deeply, "No, Master." He only nodded to me silently. I licked at my lower lip gently. My mouth felt so dry just then. I leaned forward, my hands meeting the carpet, and I crawled the short space between us to his feet. I hated to crawl. It had always been something I despised, but at the same time I knew he found it sensual in its own way. That intrigued me and made it feel somehow easier, so I crawled to him. Feeling my muscles lengthen and relax as my hands and knees carried me to him.

I settled back on my heels in front of him, looking to his face again. He reached out a hand and gently stroked down my hair and to my cheek where it rested gently. He spoke softly, "Now.. How do you feel?"

I watched him thoughtfully, thinking hard about how it had felt to crawl. My face leaned into his touch a little, and I spoke softly. "Like I'm yours.. Very much yours, Master."

He nodded and lifted his hand from my face as he stood. "Climb up, pet." I smiled softly to myself at the word, and complied, settling onto my bed cross-legged. He reached into the drawer beside my bed and lifted out a length of coiled rope. "You are mine, completely mine. This means that you belong to me body, mind and even soul. You know that don't you?"

"Yes, Master," I answered breathlessly.

"Good, lay back now," as he moved to the left of my bed. I did as he told, letting my arms rest at my sides. He cut a length of rope and grasped my left wrist, drawing it toward the headboard. He drew the rope thru the D ring and bound my wrist to one of the metal columns before repeating that on my other wrist. He moved to the foot of the bed and did the same with my ankles, binding them to the footboard.

I lay there, my limbs spread tautly so that I could hardly even bend my elbows and knees. I squirmed a little, straining against my binds gently, but they held firmly. I relaxed then, not really wanting to free myself anyway. My Master sat on the edge of the bed and reached to brush his finger tips gently up the slit of shaved and completely vulnerable sex. My hips shuddered gently and lifted against his touch. He removed his hand quickly and smirked down at me, "No, not yet. Remember. You are mine completely. Even your pleasure belongs to me. Your pleasure is mine, and it will only be given if I deem it so." His finger tips pressed against my lips, slipping into my mouth, and I cleared my taste from his skin.

He rose and crossed the room, untying a scarf I had tied to my doorknob. He brought it back and used it to cover my eyes. I shivered gently, feeling my breasts rise and fall more quickly as my breaths grew faster. His hand fell to rest atop my chest, and he caressed the swell of one breast past the nipple as his other hand traced the line of his collar around my throat. He spoke to me all the while, reminding me that I was his and only he could decide whether or not I'd feel pleasure or want. He pinched my nipples gently, twisting them a little, and I cried out softly, my back arching a little. "There.. That came because I wished it to. I thought perhaps you should be reminded of this fact. Maybe you won't laugh the next time I give you direction."

"No, I won't laugh next time, Master," my voice sounded odd in my ears. My breath clipped it, made it sound almost shrill. I could hear a tone of beseeching in the words even though no question was asked.

He chuckled softly, "Apparently this is the effective lesson I'd hoped it would be. Good, I'm glad, slave." He caressed my sex then patted it gently before rising from my bed. I strained to listen, and I heard him leave my room. I was panicked suddenly. He was gone; he'd left me bound here completely exposed! I couldn't move. I couldn't free myself, and I had to suck down deep breaths to try and calm myself.

I listened intently for him, trying to hear where he was or what he was doing, but I couldn't hear a thing. It felt like forever had passed before I thought I heard him return. He didn't come near me, so I almost thought my ears had deceived me. I listened for him and strained against the rope that held me so tightly. I finally relaxed again, feeling my lower lip tremble as I realized he wasn't there at all.

A moment later, or perhaps even hours, I couldn't tell, I felt his hand brush over the skin of my thigh. I moaned softly, relief flooding me as I felt his weight settle to the bed beside me. He caressed my skin, all of it except the skin I most wanted him to touch. He let his hands still against my shoulders, and I felt him shift a little before his lips were suddenly against mine. He kissed me deeply, roughly, reminding me exactly whose I was. I moaned softly into his kiss, straining toward his warmth. He felt so close, but I couldn't even touch him.

He remained silent, breaking his lips from mine and returning to silently caressing my body, teasing my mind and my skin. Every touch of his flesh reminded me that only he could do this to me. Only he could bring and permit me the pleasure that, at the moment, I craved so desperately. I groaned softly, trying to bring my thighs together. He noticed that motion and finally spoke. "My slave is soaked, isn't she? You crave your Master don't you, pet?"

I nodded, barely able to breath, "Yes, Master.. Please. I want you so badly, Master!" My voice begged. I didn't even need to be prompted by him for that. I wanted his touch as badly as I could want anything at that moment.

He chuckled softly, and I felt my cheeks blush brightly. "Yes, I can tell that you do. Do you remember what I think you forgot before? That you're mine. That when I tell you that you are to do something the proper response is 'Yes, Master' not laughter?"

"Yes, Master. I remember," my voice shook violently.

"And that your pleasure is mine as much as your body is?"

"Yes, Master," I felt my body tense and a throb grow slowly inside me. He rose slowly from the bed, and I whimpered softly. "Please don't go again, Master." My voice trembled, and I tried to hold back a tiny sob. I wanted him so badly. Craved and needed him, and to feel him prepare to go made my chest ache.

He bent to kiss me gently on my lips before lifting them again. "I'm not going any where, pet." I could hear the rustle of his clothing leaving his body, and I felt a smile break my lips. My anticipation had grown and grown, and to hear what I wanted so truly so close only made it that much worse. But at the same time I was elated. I felt how badly I craved him, and that made him simply being near feel that much better.

I felt him settle to the bed again, his lips pressing gently to my breasts, teasing my skin and torturing me that much higher. I whimpered so softly, arching into his touch. "Please, Master.. I need you so badly. I want you so badly. Please, Master, let me feel you?" I begged him. I begged because I truly wanted him not because he told me to. I begged as hard as I could, and I was rewarded with his hand between my legs.

His fingers teased into me, pressing into my dripping sex. I cried out softly, hips rising to meet his hand, my body shivering gently. "There, pet.. You like that. I can tell, but I know you want more. Don't you, hm?"

I nodded, moaning out softly, "Yes, Master. SO badly, Master.. Please?"

His hand left me, And I felt him move again, this time settling to the space between my widely spread thighs. I felt him move a little more, leaning down, his hands resting beside my shoulders. He kissed me again, harshly almost before lifting his lips to whisper softly, "Tell me that you want your Master's cock inside your dripping slave pussy."

I moaned softly, breathing shallowly, "I want my Master's cock inside my dripping slave, pussy, Master.. Please, Master?" I trembled and tried to lift my body to his, but my bindings held me back. I groaned softly, and I felt him move again, lifting from me. He reached and undid my ankle bindings easily, bringing my knees to bend more deeply. I licked my lips, moistening them gently, and wriggled a little. His hands caressed my outer thighs gently before I suddenly felt him pressing into me with one, easy thrust.

I cried out loudly, hips rising to meet his. He rested there a moment before continuing to stroke into and out of me slowly. Reminding me with every thrust that I was his and the pleasure he gave me was only at his whim. He moved faster and faster and I moaned and cried out more and more, feeling pleasure wash over me in higher and stronger waves with every thrust.

My wrists were still bound, and I strained against them a little, still unable to see or touch him with my hands. He thrust into me harder and harder and eventually I cried out so loudly, feeling little bursts of pure ecstasy dance thru my body and flare behind my eyelids. I felt him join me in my orgasm, pressing deeply into me again and holding it tightly as he groaned softly.

I could hardly move. I could hardly breath as he shifted from atop me to lay beside me, reaching to undo my wrists and gently slide the blindfold from my eyes. I looked into his face and smiled softly, curling up against his warm body and clinging to him tightly, trembling gently as my body calmed slowly.

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