tagNonHumanA Blaze of Crimson Ch. 02

A Blaze of Crimson Ch. 02


She stood outside of the restaurant, blue letters "Teal Station". Valerie adjusted her black dress, she had driven past this place a hundred times. It was once the main rail station in Pearton before the Old Northwesteren decided to shut down the passenger line, it was bought from the railroad and turned into several different businesses now a restaurant. The huge windows were now covered with teal colored drapes. It must have cost a fortune just for the drapes. Valerie thought, and studied the old almost gothic architecture. Almost like a medieval castle, she giggled nervously. Valerie dug through her purse for the letter and the business card.

"This is the place," Valerie spoke to herself and then swallowed, "crap." Her watch said ten minutes after eight. Summoning up her courage she walked up to the red painted double doors, she braced herself to open them. They opened for her, a black haired young man wearing an old porter outfit smiled as he held it open for her.

"Good evening ma'am." She nodded, as she walked past him. The smell of tulips and wine greeted her nose. Another man almost a clone of the porter stood behind a small podium.

"Ms. Ashley?" Valerie blinked, how did he know. "Your party is waiting for you, if you wish I will take you to them." She nodded again afraid to speak, her mind trying to puzzle out how the maitre' de knew her last name. Yuri couldn't have known, she didn't even know his last name. She walked behind him. Her eyes drank in the main dining room. "Shoes, ma'am?" Valerie blinked. The maitre

De smiled almost patronizingly. "The Teal Station requires all of their guests to remove their shoes, to protect the grass." Valerie looked down; the entire floor of the dining room was covered in a field in dark green grass. She removed her black Mary Janes and holding them, followed him. Her feet padding quietly across the grass, the smell of crushed grass mixed with those of the flowers and wine. She passed some diners sitting on a blanket with an open picnic basket; he led her past several hedges grown to surround tables for those wanting a more private dining experience. The maitre' De stood outside one of the curtained private dining "rooms". He cleared his throat, loudly before drawing the curtains. He bowed and held the teal colored curtains open for her. Valerie walked through the parted curtains. Her breath caught in her throat, there he was. Yuri glanced over at her. Her throat throbbed, a delicious ache coursed through her. An incredible urge to crawl over to him filled her, a blush filled her cheeks, and she studied the grass at her feet very carefully.

"Fashionable" Yuri's voice seemed to caress and chide her at the same time. "Please sit down, My valerie." A blonde haired man held a chair out for him. She murmured a hushed thank you. She sat down across the table from Yuri, next to a dark haired man. "I think we are through here Tom, it is a shame about Stephanie and as my Oprichnka, and I want you to find out who did this." The dark haired man, Tom leaned forward, for half a second she thought she could hear a heartbeat. Then it was gone.

"What about Kathy?" Tom's voice, cold almost reptilian, caused her to shudder. Yuri's smile grew larger and whiter.

"She is yours kill her, I would or not." Tom nodded, and stood up. He left the hedge surrounded room. Yuri's smile disappeared as soon as Tom was gone. Valerie looked up confused, what was happening here. Yuri's hand reached across the table, and stroked the back of hers. "I want to talk with Ms. Ashley, Andrew."

"Of course, Yuri, Ms. Ashley," the blonde haired man nodded to her and stepped out through the curtained entrance. Her eyes flickered down briefly to Yuri's hand on hers' a nervous shudder passed through her.

"You are here Valerie. I did not expect you to come here tonight." Valerie forced a smile to her own lips and looked up at him.

"Normally, I want dinner and a movie, first." Yuri chuckled. The ground left her feet; the bite on her throat tingled and caused her to shudder. Again the urge to fall, and crawl to him possessed her. She looked deep into his black eyes. So deep. She blinked, and glanced back down at Yuri's left hand on hers. "Will he kill her?"

"Tom?" Valerie nodded. "Probably not, but why do you care?"

"Was she yours?" Yuri's right hand reached out and cupped her chin and tilted her head back. His black eyes drew hers in. A slight, "oh", escaped her lips. Yuri's lips smooth pressed against hers , her eyes closed but still she could see his eyes, dark deep drinking her in. A sigh escaped her mouth, his tongue slipped between her parted lips. A warm taste of wine and copper filled her mouth. How had she missed him standing up moving next to her? She pulled her mouth way from his, her eyes flickered open; she had to force them to stay open. Almost every inch of her body, her mind, and her soul wanted to keep them shut. Just let him have his way, to feel his lips on her neck again. "Will you give me to Tom too?" The room spun, the lights over head seemed to suddenly grow brighter. Yuri was seated again across from her. What happened? Yuri cocked his head and looked at her, as if seeing her for the first time. Did she imagine all of that?

"Valerie, why did you come here tonight?" Her head swam, conflicting thoughts, one was to throw herself at him to get back to that moment before she had asked about Kathy. Another part of her screamed to get up and run out, if she could.

"I came because of you." Yuri chuckled again. "Kathy, wasn't mine she belonged to a friend of mine, who is no longer with us."

"Oh. Did Kathy" Valerie didn't finish the question.

"No, she loved Stephanie, but let in those who did. Now..what do you want Valerie?" Her mind, spun.

"What did you do to me?" Yuri smiled at her question. A smile touched his lips.

"Come here Valerie." She felt herself stand up and start to walk around the table, to him. "How do you want to come to me?" Her knees trembled, slowly she sank to the grass. On her hands and knees she crawled to him. She stopped her eyes staring at the grass under her hands red rushing to her cheeks. Yuri, stood up and walked around her. "What did I do to you?" Another chuckle. She felt, Yuri kneel next to her. His hand stroked her back. She fought the urge to lean against him. Her neck tingled. "I fed off of you, Valerie." His hand found the hem of her black dress, and started dragging it up exposing her. "You said anything , and I took everything, your blood," his fingers stroked her panty covered ass, "your sadness." A deep guttural moan escaped her mouth, Yuri's fingers slipped under the elastic band of her panties. "And I can take away your loneness ." Another moan, Valerie pressed her face down against the grass, her legs opening, pressing her body, her pussy against his fingers. "There is a price Valerie." He was behind her, and then inside of her. His cock hard inside of her, in and out. Valerie's teeth bit into her lower lip trying to keep the screams, all the sounds he was forcing out of her from being heard. Suddenly without warning, his cock jerked inside of her. Her body was his, it ached and begged then it came as Yuri pulled out. Suddenly, waves of pleasure almost brutal in their intensity, she collapsed on her side. Unable to speak. Yuri's foot nudged her. "You have a lot to think about Valerie. " He knelt by her body, unable to move barely awake her mind falling under waves of pleasure. "Good girls get rewarded." Yuri, pressed a card into her left hand.

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