A Brother & Sister Ch. 01-06


Steve started to go after her, but Adriana stopped him, "Let her go, she just needs time to sort out what she's feeling."

"Ok," he replied, obviously concerned.

"And anyway, what makes you think you can walk away from here without fucking me?" As she said this, she grabbed his cock and took it into her mouth, bringing him back to full size as her tongue flicked and caressed the head.

"And don't think I'm going to bed without getting off either," Julie added, getting her head down to Adriana's breast and sucking noisily on her erect nipple. Letting Julie take over, Adriana stripped off her top to stand naked before Steve and she kissed him passionately before sitting down on the couch and spreading her legs. "Come over here and fuck me, Steve." She invited him. Julie let him go from her mouth and moved over onto the couch next to her cousin as her brother knelt on the floor between Adriana's legs and started to slide his cock into her wet pussy. Julie kissed Adriana, her hands wandering all over her breasts and tummy, spreading her lips for her brother's cock and even grasping the base of his shaft as he fucked his cousin.

"I think I should show you the rest of what I bought today," Julie said, kneeling up on the couch and pulling up the short denim skirt to expose the tiny thong that she had been getting wet in all night.

"Oh man that is hot!" Steve told her between grunts as he thrust his cock at Adriana's pussy. Julie removed her skirt and sat back down, pulling and tugging on the cloth to the extent that it was barely visible between her pussy lips. Steve was working really hard on Adriana now, who was lying back with her eyes closed, being pummelled by the massive member.

Steve pulled his cock out of Adriana, instructing his sister to suck it clean, to suck all of Adriana's juices from it. He looked on as his sister's wonderful pouty lips engulfed the wet head of his cock, He groaned and Adriana told Julie to get it really clean. Once he was satisfied with Julie's efforts, Steve pushed his cock back into Adriana.

Julie peeled off the thong. Steve reached for it, but she wouldn't let him have it. Instead she pushed it at Adriana's face, telling her, "open your mouth and suck my sticky panties Adie, show Steve what he wants to see." Julie pushed her thong crotch first into her cousin's mouth before sucking on Adriana's breasts again. As she did so, she used her left hand to finger Adriana's clit. It wasn't long at all and Adriana was squealing and screaming, her pussy clutching at Steve's massive cock as she came. It was too much for Steve and he thrust his cock deep into Adriana, deeper than he'd managed before, but still not all the way in and blew his load.

"Oh god that feels amazing," Adriana told him as his cock twitched and spurted deep within her. "You have to feel this Julie, Have you fucked your sister yet, Steve?" she asked, shifting her attention from one to the other. His blush told her everything that she needed to know. "I knew you would, you sly dog!"

"It was only once... and it hurt," Julie added, like there was some way to put some respectability into the equation.

"Only once? Holy shit, if I lived in the same house as this stud I'd fuck him every day!" Adriana said. "Lay down there, I want to see him fuck your bald pussy."

Given that she had planned on being fucked tonight anyway, Julie was only too happy to comply. She laid down on her back and spread her legs. Adriana took Steve's cock in her mouth, cleaning off her own cum, telling Julie that she'd give her a fresh cock to have in her. Julie idly played with her pussy and breasts as her brother's cock disappeared again and again into Adriana's mouth, getting harder and harder all the time.

"Now fuck her," Adriana said, eyeing off his cock and apparently satisfied at her efforts to bring it back to life. Steve made his way between his sister's legs and started to ease his way inside her pussy. She was so tight it was amazing. He checked to make sure she was ok and Julie assured him that this time there was no pain; that it was just a pleasurable total and utter stretching of her pussy. Adriana told him to slide his cock in and out and Steve started to do exactly that.

He continued to fuck his sister for several minutes, working them both towards orgasm.

"Oh fuck, I can't just watch," Adriana announced and told Steve to push himself up on his hands, leaving room for Adriana who squatted over her cousin's face.

"Eat me Jules, eat your brother's cum from my pussy,"

Julie lapped at the pussy that was suddenly thrust in her face, sperm oozing from between its lips and into her mouth, over her cheek, all the time feeling her brother spearing his massive cock into her own pussy.

Steve looked up from observing his cock as it plunged in and out of his sister's pussy and let his eyes travel up over her tight stomach to her breasts, half hidden by his cousin's arse. Damn that was a cute arse. He admired the curve of Adriana's hip up to her waist and leaned forward to kiss her in the hollow above the hip. He nibbled at her skin.

"Oh yeah, Steve, suck and bite me," Adriana encouraged him as he continued to fuck his sister who in turn ate out her cousin's pussy. Steve bit down and pulled on the skin of his cousin's waist with his teeth and she squealed before tumbling to one side as she came for the second time. He looked down at his sister's face, smeared with the combination of Adriana's and his juices that had been leaking from her pussy.

The sight was enough to bring him to the brink again and he told Julie that he was going to cum.

"In my mouth Steve, fill my mouth," Julie told him as he pulled his ready-to-explode cock from her bald pussy. He stuffed his cock into her mouth just as he came yet again for the night. Julie held his cum in her mouth and as Steve collapsed to one side, used her finger to tell Adriana to come over to her.

As Adriana approached, Julie sat up and dribbled Steve's cum from her mouth so that it dropped on to her bare mound and pussy lips.

"Clean me up, Adie, you little slut," she said, smiling a cummy smile at her cousin. Adriana grinned back and kissed her mouth first, licking and lapping at her cheeks and tongue, sucking cum from her cousin's face before travelling her way down the delightful plate that was Julie's body as Julie slowly reclined.

She reached her bald mound and slurped and sucked the cum from it before moving down to lick all over her pussy. Soon there was no evidence of sperm to be seen and Adriana suggested that she was finished.

"No way honey, make me cum," Julie insisted. Laughing, Adriana ran her tongue between Julie's lips until she could work happily on her clit, drawing squeals and moans of pleasure until pinching and pulling at her own nipples, Julie exploded in orgasm.

They made their way up to bed after that, Steve sharing Adriana's bed for the night as it was a queen size, Julie sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

The next morning, Steve woke up horny and considered playing with Adriana who lay naked next to him. But as he thought back over the pleasures of the night before, he became concerned about Alexis and what her reaction might be. He quietly slipped out of the bed and dragged on his boxers, making his way to her room.

Knocking tentatively on the door, he slipped inside. Alexis was awake, lying in bed and she smiled at him as he entered.

"Hey Lexi, how are you feeling?" he asked.

"A bit tender in the head actually, but that's just the alcohol," she laughed.

"I meant about what happened last night."

"I know I was just avoiding it. I've been lying here for about half an hour trying to come to terms with it.

I've always fancied you, you know, right back from when we were both 13 and I was just realising what boys were about. You've always been a hottie." Steve blushed.

"Yeah well I haven't exactly failed to notice how gorgeous you are," Steve told her; gratified that she blushed in return.

"Yeah, well despite all that, last night was... a lot more than I would have expected all at once I guess." Alexis added. "If it wasn't bad enough that I discovered my spunky cousin was hung like a rogue elephant, I suddenly had my sister sucking your cum from my tits and your sister tongue kissing me! It was too much."

"Yeah I guess the three of us were used to each other and kinda forgot that it was all new to you."

"So this wasn't the first time, was it?" Steve shook his head. "No, it all started to happen at your party really." Steve gave a quick explanation of how Julie and he had become intimate and then how Julie had dragged Adriana into the act. "I feel bad about it sometimes, but in the end I decided that they're both great girls that I love and they are making their own choices. If anyone says no, that will be it."

"That's what I've been telling myself all morning," Alexis said, eyeing off the growing bulge in Steve's boxers, "because I had fun. It felt so right to kiss Julie and by God if your cock isn't the biggest thing I'll see in my life, I'm scared of what will be! I guess what Adie said is true... when you find something this big, you're prepared to make allowances for whose it is and who you have to share it with."

"Well, if you want me, you know where to find me, " Steve said, bending to give her a peck on the cheek, pleased that she seemed ok with it all. As he moved to stand again, he felt Alexis' hand at the back of his neck, pulling him back to her face, her lips parting and her tongue darting into his mouth to kiss him. He let his hand caress her breast and Alexis broke the kiss.

"Steve, I don't know if I want it or not," she said, moving his hand from her breast. "But I'd kick myself if I didn't get that kiss I've wanted for so many years, especially since I've already sucked your cock. I... I hope you understand."

"Sure, like I said, if you want me, you know where to find me," he told her, his cock sticking out in his shorts, erect from the tenderness of the kiss they had shared. He was almost out of the room when Alexis asked him, "Steve, have you had sex with Julie?" He nodded and quietly slipped from the room, leaving Alexis to her thoughts. She lay in bed and soon her fingers were entwined in her pubes and teasing at her clit as she relished the kiss that she'd managed after longing for it for all these years. The sight of the tent in Steve's boxers didn't leave her mind either and soon she was cumming in her bed, thinking back to the pulsing of his cock in her mouth, the feel of her cousin's lips on hers as she experienced her first lesbian kiss with Julie.

Steve and Julie said farewell to their cousins late Sunday afternoon, scandalising Alexis with a bout of tongue kissing at the front door. When they got there, their mother told them that she had been called away for work again and would be gone Monday and Tuesday night. Steve followed Julie to her room and told her what he had set up and asked her if she'd go through with it with him. When he told her how much money they were likely to get out of it, she agreed happily, talking about all the clothes she could buy with it.

Steve raced off to his room, signed on as younghornybigirl and set the wheels in motion.

Monday night, Julie and Steve sat in Steve's bedroom, dressed in their underwear and ready to go.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Steve asked her.

"Hell yeah, don't you?"

"Oh yes, but I just wanted to be sure." He hit the button that signed them in. They had told everyone what time to log in to see the show and had then started it 5 minutes early. It took only a minute before people started to appear to see them. The compliments quickly flowed for Julie who was sitting in a solid hot pink bra and matching thong that she'd bought after school that day. As they waited until the scheduled start time, they chatted with the people that appeared. They were all guys and Steve wondered whether hornylady would actually appear to watch.

Julie snuggled close to her brother and stroked his cock as the time ticked over to the scheduled start and the guys didn't hold back from encouraging her, telling her how much they were looking forwards to seeing her shaved pussy split apart by her brother's cock. To start the show, Julie and Steve showed their driver's licenses so that everyone could tell that they were indeed brother and sister and then Steve asked them what they would like to see. The predominant answer was to see Julie's hot body naked and so she did a lap dance on Steve, slowly and teasingly removing her bra and thong as she wiggled her body all over him, rubbing her butt on his crotch until finally she was naked and standing in front of the camera. Steve reached between her legs from behind and slipped two fingers into her pussy. That drew a round of appreciative responses from the audience.

There were calls for blow job action and Julie dropped to her hands and knees and removed Steve's boxers as Steve adjusted the camera to make sure that she was in shot. The predominant reaction to that being general disbelief that a girl as hot as Julie could have a brother which such a big cock as well! Consensus being that it was small wonder the two of them were into incest.

Julie took Steve's cock into her mouth and began sucking and Steve zoomed in on her hot pink lips as they caressed the flesh of his cock.

Olivia cursed the motel connection as she finally managed to get connected. She wondered how much she had missed, being ten minutes past the scheduled start time. Finally an image appeared on the screen. There was her son's cock and wrapped around it was an obviously female hand, stroking it up and down. From the comments that were scrolling down the screen, the rest of the audience was all guys and they were plenty horny.

The back of a head appeared in shot, obviously sucking on the massive cock and Olivia considered how far her son had obviously come in a short space of time now that he'd realised what he had and had found someone to share it with. She desperately wanted to know who it was that was enjoying her son's monster, but the camera was travelling down the girls body to her butt which was now stuck up in the air as she stood with her legs straight and bent over to suck the cock.

The girl's pussy was shaved and she was fingering herself, slipping two digits into her hole, much to the delight of the audience. She kept sucking him off and the guys got restless and started calling for him to fuck the girl. Steve asked them how he should do it and there were suddenly a screen full of suggestions. In the end Steve said that he'd get Julie to face the camera and sit down on her cock. The camera zoomed in on his penis and the girl turned around and readied herself over the tip of his cock.

Olivia fingered herself just as much of any of the male audience must have been wanking as she watched the tight bald pussy work its way down her son's massive member. She couldn't take it all in and soon started sliding up and down, the camera focussed in tight, showing how her naked lips clung to the sides of her son's engorged penis. The guys were now calling for Steve to zoom out so that they could see the girls wonderful breasts again as he fucked her.

Olivia watched the girl's body appearing, a bit jealous of just how tight and hot it all was. Her breasts were truly wonderful she thought, reflecting that her own had once been as lovely, if perhaps a little smaller. The camera continued to zoom out and Olivia stopped dead in as her daughter's face came into view. She checked three times, but sure enough, that was Julie. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her own kids, brother and sister were having sex and showing it on the Internet for money. And she had left home so that they could do it! She had given them the house for two nights!

Olivia didn't know what to do. She just kept staring at the screen, watching Steve's cock disappearing and appearing as Julie moved up and down on him. They were obviously both enjoying it and Olivia had to admit to herself that it was a fucking hot sight.

As she watched, Julie got off of the cock and turned to take it in her mouth again. Steve stood and Julie knelt before him and the camera focused on his cock going in and out of her mouth.

As she had found when she'd looked at her son's cock before, once the faces were out of the picture, it just became incredibly arousing again. As the Julie's mouth was filled again and again with the cock that had just come from her pussy, Olivia realised she was stroking her clit again.

Steve pulled his cock out of Julie's mouth and exploded all over her face, much to the delight of the audience. And when Julie started working the cum back into her mouth and swallowing it, the comments were redoubled.

Steve and Julie wished everyone well and then signed off.

Olivia was left looking at the blank screen, stunned. What the hell would she do about this?

The next day Olivia wondered what she should do. She didn't know whether she should call up and cut the trip short or just face the fact that her kids were obviously having an incestuous relationship that she would be able to do little to change. Most likely they would simply continue with the fun where they could and not do it at home. She may even drive them away from home and that was something that she didn't want to do.

There was of course, also that small part of her that admitted that she had never seen anything as exciting as watching her two kids have sex. She could still see in her mind the image of her son's enormous cock sliding in and out of her daughter's bald pussy.

As she thought about it, she found herself getting wet again and finally decided that she'd stay away the second night and see what the two of them got up to and whether they'd take it any further or not.

Steve and Julie spent the day about the house, talking about their experience the night before and how much it had turned them on to perform for everyone.

"Do you want to do it again tonight?" Steve asked Julie. "Mum doesn't get back until tomorrow and Dad's away until the end of the week, so we don't know when we might get another chance."

"Of course I want to. I'd fuck you anyway, but since we can make money from it as well ... it's a definite," laughed Julie. Steve kissed her, his tongue tangling with hers as they shared their passion. Then he went and turned the computer on and sent out emails letting all of last night's participants know that there was going to be a repeat performance that night.

When the time came around, they turned the computer on, sitting in chairs, one beside the other, fully dressed. There were people waiting and many appreciative comments before they even started about just how much their previous performance had turned everyone on.

Steve noted that hornylady was logged in as well; ready to watch and found that knowing this made his cock swell in anticipation of receiving his sister's attentions in front of the crowd.

Steve and Julie started off by kissing each other, letting their tongues enjoy a duel whilst their hands began to explore each other's bodies. On screen there were calls for them to get their gear off, but they took their time, enjoying themselves almost oblivious to the fact that they even had an audience. Steve's fingers began the enjoyable task of releasing the buttons that were holding the front of Julie's blouse closed so that he could caress her bra-clad breasts. In return, Julie began rubbing Steve's cock through his jeans, causing it to swell further.

From the messages on the screen, it appeared that there were a few extra women enjoying the show tonight, some of the guys must have spread the word a little about what they'd seen the night before.

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