tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Business Function

A Business Function


We are at a business function for my work. A dressy affair, but boring for you since you don't know many of the people there. Actually I don't either since there are lots of employees from out of town.

Anyway, we are nice and dressed up, you in a dark suit and a light gray shirt with matching tie -very sexy - and you smell fantastic! Me in a red silky dress that is short, but not too revealing, and black high-heeled shoes. I am wearing pearl earrings and some new perfume; I can tell you like it because you nuzzled me in the car on the way over. I am also wearing a teddy underneath, black and red, lacy, with a thong back, and it really shows off my ample breasts. My sheer black lacy stockings complete my outfit.

As we mingle a bit, and head for our table, I catch you watching the guys from my work looking at me. They aren't used to seeing me quite this dressed up, and you don't seem to like their appreciative glances. I notice this because you move closer to me, and are always touching me, almost as if to say, she's with me tonight. I lean closer to you, and flirt a little with the bosses and you are getting a bit miffed at me. You excuse yourself to get us a drink, and I remain with the executives as you find your way to the bar. After a few minutes, I glance around for you and notice you talking animatedly to a gorgeous blonde. The pangs of jealousy hit me hard, as she is absolutely stunning. I keep watching you out of the corner of my eye, and I do not realize that you are purposely doing this to make me jealous. You hang around her a little longer, noticing me but acting indifferent.

Finally you return to my side. We decide to take our seats, and I refuse to look at you as we walk. I am burning with jealousy, and I want you to know it. You smile to yourself, as you were feeling the same way watching me flirt and laugh with the guys.

During the dinner, I look away from you, to the guy next to me as we talk, when I feel your hand on my knee. I stop breathing for a second, and don't look at you but you gently slide your hand on my silky stockings up a little on my leg. My breathing quickens but I still keep my head turned to my left. Your fingers fan out and begin to creep toward my upper thighs. Oh my god, I think as your fingers slowly and sensuously start to explore. I clear my throat and shyly look at you. The jealousy is still there, but you are gradually taking my mind off it as you get bolder with your caress.

I unthinkingly part my legs for you, and your fingers find the crotch of my teddy. My clit is so swollen now, and I ache for your touch, but we are sitting at a large table with my co-workers. You know that I am dying to release the moans and screams I am holding back, and you continue to tease me under the table, silently and yet urgently. Oh god, what am I going to do?

Your finger slips inside my pussy, and finds the place I love the best. You explore me harder, in and out, as I squirm and wiggle as gently as I can. Damn you for teasing me like this - but oh don't stop!

No one notices us - amazing since I feel like I am wearing a big sign that says 'fuck me now'. I am extremely horny for you, but it will be another 2 hours or so before we can be alone. You know exactly what to do to make me cum, but I hold back because we are right in the middle of the dinner. Soon the waves of orgasm become too strong for me, and I cover my mouth with my napkin as I moan and buck hard. You are the only one who knows what is happening, and someone asks me "Julie, are you allright?"

You answer for me, because my voice is nowhere to be found. My throat is dry and I am dying to be fucked; but I am afraid to speak; you know what I want and need.

As I ride the wave of my first orgasm, you continue to finger me and softly stroke me. Oh baby, you are the best. I feel you remove your finger and I ache to suck on it. Instead, you carefully lick your wet finger, discreetly, and lick your lips longingly as I watch, unable to share the sweet taste.

What you don't know is that it's my turn to drive you wild. Something very erotic about a public place, but even more so because I have already been fucked - just you wait, I think to myself.

I wait a few minutes to make sure you are not expecting anything. As you start to eat, I slip off one of my heels and begin to slide my stockinged foot up your leg. I see you pause for a second as you realize what I am about to do. There's no escape, you see, because the CFO has been bending your ear for the last half hour and shows no sign of stopping. You are my captive, my sexy slave for the moment. I love the excitement and daringness of this - after all YOU started it!

My foot caresses your hard, muscular legs under the table. I shift a bit in my chair to get comfortable and you sneak a quick glance at me. There is pure devilry in my blue eyes - for you my sweet. I want to drive you absolutely wild with desire. The anticipation of our eventual lovemaking is making me incredibly hot!

I find your hard swollen cock. My caress is light yet firm. I stroke you with my foot and I feel you tense - did I get the right spot, love? I already know I did. We know exactly how to please each other, but this is a first for both of us. Mmmmm, so very sexy, hot, incredible.

My soft hands reach for your zipper. Zzzzzip slowly I undo it, much to your surprise, no one else notices. I expertly remove you from your pants and squeeze you nicely. You gasp a bit and try to keep your composure, but you are so damn hard and horny - as I am - that it is very difficult to keep your mind on eating, and chatting with the CFO. I know this but show no mercy on you; after all, you kept me so very hot and wet and aroused - payback time, my love!

I stroke you harder now, then slow it down, then tease you by lightly swirling my fingers around the head of your cock. I know that you are wild with desire for me, but you can't do anything about it for another hour and a half. Soon I feel the tenseness of your legs as you squeeze your thighs and I know that you will cum for me, soon. I discreetly move my napkin from my lap to yours and I press on. You are desparately trying to hold back but I know you too well, I keep up the magic finger work and soon, you are all mine; ahhhhhh, here comes the sweet hot cum that I wanted.

I hold your cock gently as you release all of the pent-up cum that you had for me. I look into your eyes, lovingly, and we silently remind each other that there is no one else. Just us. We share a silent, visual kiss and hug as I place you back inside your pants.

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