tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 32

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 32


Part 32: Epilog continued.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. Due to renewed requests I am continuing to post my emails from Sharon. If interest warrants and I have the time I'll post more, so let me know if that is what you want.

Jul 07/05/09 10:10PM


I can barely keep up with you mentally and emotionally. I don't know how you keep from being overwhelmed. I suppose your relationship with Joe helps keep you grounded. Well, you certainly had a more interesting holiday than I did. You are getting better at anticipating what I want details on and you did a good job in this last email, so I don't have a lot of questions. But I do have a few.

Was it as difficult to give Jeff a blowjob as you thought it would? Do you think it will be easier in the future or more difficult? Do you think that Jeff will get more aggressive in his sexual advances now? Personally I think that he will, and that has me worried. Out of all the people you've had extramarital sex with since this started last year, Jeff worries me the most. I think he has the potential to be another Jay, or worse, and being Joe's brother he may be able to get away with it. Just be careful Sharon. I don't want to see you getting hurt.

Now this sleepover thing is a concern. I have no idea what Bruce and the other kids have planned, but I'm sure it involves lots of sex and drinking. Be careful and remember what I said back when Joe told Tommy "anything, anytime". Those comments are just as pertinent with this situation, and maybe more so. When I read that it was on the same weekend as our 25th celebration I shook my head. What's the odds? So we will both be relaxing away from home, getting lots of sex, drinking more than normal, and are planning on having a memorable weekend. The only differences are that it's going to cost me a grand and I will only be fucking my wife!

Love always,


Jul 07/06/09 3:55PM


You are right about my relationship with Joe keeping me grounded. I'd never be able to keep up this pace without him. I really am lucky to have him. My friends Ann and Marcia help too. And then there's you of course.

Was it as difficult to give Jeff a blowjob as I thought it would be? No, but only because Joe was there distracting me. I don't know what it would have been like if he had not been there. Will it be more difficult in the future? I don't doubt it will be if Joe is not there. Especially because he will be even more sure of his (imagined) superiority over me now. Because of this I agree that he will be aggressive now, but don't worry about me. It's sweet of you really, but you should know by now that I can take care of myself.

Please don't worry about the Bruce's "sleep over". Joe and I talked about it and he promised me that he would talk to Bruce about who else he was planning on inviting. He assured me that he wouldn't let me go unless he was satisfied that it was "safe". I trust him, so I'm not nervous about that. I'm excited though, kind of like I was before the Pittsburgh trip. Not knowing what they have planned for me except that it will involve a lot of nudity and sex.

Your horny slut,


Jul 07/06/09 5:41PM


Thanks for answering my questions. I'm glad you see the potential danger with Jeff and are ready to head it off. I also think it was a good idea to talk to Joe about the "sleep over" to make sure that it does not get out of control. I've been trying to think what I would do if I were in Bruce's place. That's when I get worried. Once you are there by yourself Joe's control over what happens ends. He's putting a lot of trust in Bruce. I just hope it's well placed.

For the first time I'm not jealous of one of your upcoming events. I'm actually looking forward to my weekend more than yours. What a strange world.

Love always,


Jul 07/08/09 1:57PM


In your last email you mentioned the possibility (probability) that there will be a lot of drinking at Bruce's "sleep over". I was worried about that because things can get out of control when people drink. Especially young people that don't know how to handle it. It turns out I didn't need to worry because Joe had already anticipated that and laid down the law with Bruce. Joe told him that a little drinking was OK, but that if it got out of hand he would personally come over and bring me home. He does not want the police getting called by the neighbors and having them find me in a pile of naked ex students.

Somehow I don't think either one of us will be able to come even close to guessing how this "sleep over" will go. This is just one I/we will have to wait for. It sounds like you have a great weekend planned. I'm happy for you. And a little jealous, so our roles are a reversed this time. How fun! Of course, I have my own upcoming vacation in Europe to look forward to.

Yesterday I spent the day with Marcia. It was a lot of fun. We went shopping, had lunch, and saw a movie. It was so good to see her healthy again. We have known each other since we both worked at the cement company. She has always been there for me and helped me get though the dark days after I quit working for Lee and divorced Joey.

Today Dick stopped by over his lunch hour. The sex was fast and intense and I enjoyed it very much. This "nooner" thing is starting to become a habit with Dick. I'm OK with that.

The sex has been pretty light this week and I'm getting pretty horny. I'm guessing that the kids are saving themselves for the weekend. I hope they are ready for a super horny slut because that's what I'm going to be by Saturday.

Your horny slut,


Jul 07/08/09 6:04PM


I'm relieved to hear that Joe has "laid down the law" with Bruce. The thing with Joe is that you never know what HE may have put them up to. Hopefully whatever he has helped them plan will keep them occupied and prevent things from getting too out of control. Keep your cell phone handy just in case though.

I'm really getting jazzed about the coming weekend. I'm going to follow my above advice to you and just forget about home and work responsibilities starting Friday morning. I am so ready to just let go and totally enjoy myself.



Jul 07/09/09 9:11PM


It sounds like we are both going to enjoy the coming weekend. I really wish you would stop worrying about me. It is sweet of you, but I'll be fine. Joe wouldn't let me get into any really dangerous situations. In fact he told me he hopes I really let go for the entire time. He wants to hear about some real debauchery when I get back. You once said that he had no idea what I was capable of. Maybe he'll get a taste of that this weekend.

Here's my advice to you: spend every minute of your time with your wife. Do everything together and don't plan or schedule the entire time out. Just make it up as you go and have fun.

Today I got a call from Dave. He said that Jamal's brother Terry (or something like that) has been talking about me since the GB. It sounded like I was the first white woman he'd ever had sex with and he has been asking about a repeat. Dave told me that he said I was the sexiest woman he'd ever seen and had a body that "wouldn't quit". Then Dave says, "He's over here right now and he's driving me fucking crazy. Can you come over here and fuck him so he'll shut up?"

I was flattered by what Terry had said about me. I was also horny so I agreed. When I arrived Terry was all over me before the door even closed. Dave was watching TV and told us to take it into the bedroom and that he'd join us later. Terry took my hand and said, "Come on bitch."

He led me into the bedroom and pulled off my tank top (no bra). Then he says, "Shit woman, you have the greatest titties. Jamal thinks they are too small, but I think they are the perfect."

After licking and sucking on them for a while he pulled down my shorts (no underwear), and put his hand between my legs. He said, "Fuck, you're already wet. What a cock whore."

Next he pulled down his shorts and told me, "Suck my cock, bitch, and diddle that hot cunt of yours too."

I squatted down with my legs open so I could reach my pussy. I had to maintain my balance by holding onto his cock with my other hand as I sucked him off. By the time he came I was almost there myself. I kept sucking him and he stayed soft. Just as I was trembling at the verge of my orgasm he pulled me up and threw me on the bed. Yes, he literally lifted me off the ground and tossed me lightly on the bed.

Then Terry climbed on top of me and sunk his cock into me with one quick stroke. That's really amazing if you think about it since he's only a little smaller than Jamal. I almost came right there. I was so close it only took a couple more strokes and I had a full body shaking moaning climax. For his part Terry just kept going. I think I had an orgasm every few minutes after that. Terry just kept fucking me though all of them and never even slowed down. I'm sure he came again, but he just stayed hard and kept going.

I've decided that he has the perfect cock for me. It's about as big as I can comfortably handle and it seems like he can stay hard for as long as he wants to. Sometime after Terry's second orgasm while he was fucking me from behind Dave came into the room. He watched for a minute or so and then he put his cock in my face. I started sucking it of course.

After Dave dumped his load into my mouth he announced he had to go to work and that we should let ourselves out. Terry fucked me for quite a while after that before he just plain wore himself out. As we were laying on the unmade bed he told me that I was "the best fuck" he'd ever had. He also said, "I could never get enough of your hot body. Your pussy is made for fucking. You know that, don't you?"

I said, "Yes, I know."

He also informed me that I was the only woman that could go the distance with him and that didn't wear out before he did. I took that as a weird compliment. As we were leaving he said, "If you were my woman I'd make sure you were fucked like that at least once a day."

In my dreams, I thought.

Some news about the "sleep over". Joe told me that Bruce had informed him that all I didn't need to pack any clothes. I am to wear one of my teacher's outfits that I wore when Tommy and Scott were in my class. Under that I'm to wear my micro bikini. I'm not sure what they have planned, but it sounds like I'm going to be naked most of the time. Joe says he doesn't know what Bruce has planned. As usual I think he knows more than he's willing to admit, but I think he likes surprising me. I have to say that I usually enjoy his surprises, so I didn't push it.

Enjoy your weekend and write me when you get back. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Your grateful slut,


Jul 07/09/09 10:16PM


It sounds to me like you really enjoyed getting fucked by Terry. So tell me, if you had to just choose one guy (in addition to Joe) to have sex with for the next month, who would it be, Terry or Eric?

I've finished packing everything for our trip except person items we'll need in the morning. So all we have to do is pack that stuff and throw it all in the car tomorrow. Then we have a five hour drive ahead of us. No problem, I've driven much further in a single day before.

Thank you for your advise, I will definitely follow it. I'm glad you are considering following mine. Enjoy your "sleep over", I'm sure it's going to be a wild ride and I can't wait to hear about it next week.



Jul 07/12/09 10:44PM


I know you won't read this email for a couple of days, but I wanted to write you while I had the time and everything is still fresh in my mind. Not that I'll ever forget a single minute.

I had a fantastic weekend. The five hour drive to our destination was without incident. Since we arrived before check-in at the Inn, we visited a hiking trail at a nearby state park. It was a beautiful day and we worked up a good sweat. The views of the lake were breathtaking. After that we checked out the little lakeside town. There were lots of little shops to explore and a pub to visit for some liquid refreshment.

By the time we did check-in and unpack it was an hour before supper (we had reservations at the Inn), so I took a little nap while my wife read a book. I was hot so I had stripped down to my underwear. After a half hour snooze I awoke to find my wife naked. I took the opportunity to engage in a little oral sex before we had to get ready to leave. After her orgasm we just had time to get dressed before our six o'clock reservation. Since all we had to do was walk about ten feet out of our room to get to the dining room, we were still on time.

We enjoyed a wonderful five course meal. All of the food, including the dinner rolls and deserts were made on-site. My wife the pastry chef was impressed with the quality of all the food. After dinner we sat out on the veranda on a large swing. There was a good view of much of the town and the lake from there. When it became too dark to see much anymore we retired to our room and filled the large Jacuzzi tub.

We soaked and fooled around in the tub for an hour before we decided to get out. A very satisfying round of sex ensued in the king sized bed. We both slept quite well that night.

The next day it was so nice to get up late (8:00) and walk out into the dining room for a nice breakfast. Once again the food was great. We spent more time checking out the town and surrounding attractions. In the afternoon we went on a 4 hour cruise on a 34 foot sailboat. That was more fun than I'd imagined it would be. When the wind surges, the boat keels over, and the water spays, it is pure joy. Next time I'll spring for a whole day cruise and try to learn more about sailing. The captain of the boat was a retired coast guardsman and an experienced sailor. His name was also Paul and we got along great.

That night we ate at a local place that Paul had recommended. It was a colorful bar/restaurant that was gaudily decorated and packed with people. The food was pedestrian and excellent. Once again we retired to the veranda swing at the Inn after supper. And once again when it was dark we made use of the Jacuzzi followed by very rewarding sex. I found myself wishing that I could stay for a couple more days. I was really getting used to doing nothing but enjoying my wife's company and bumming around on a whim.

This morning we had another nice breakfast and then had to pack to return home. The trip back was mostly uneventful except for the deer and black bear that we almost hit while they were crossing the road (in separate incidents).

We are already planning a return trip next year. I can't wait.



Jul 07/14/09 11:05PM


I don't have time to write much now, but I wanted to let you know I'm back home and doing fine. Actually I've been home for a while, but Joe wanted to know everything and just wouldn't stop asking questions. I'll start telling you everything that I can remember starting tomorrow, but please be patient as it may take several days.

I read your email and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I actually have a few questions for you this time, but they will have to wait. Right now I'm so tired I can hardly type. I'm off to bed. To sleep.


Jul 07/15/09 11:11PM


I look forward to reading about your "sleep over" and answering your questions about my trip. Thanks for taking the time to write me tonight. I know you were tempted to wait until tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

Waiting patiently,


Jul 07/16/09 2:27PM


I don't know how much of this I'm going to get done. I would have started this morning but Joe stayed home to talk more about it. We ended up in bed by the end of it. The sex was great, but I finally sent him off to work telling him I needed a little down time. (true)

As you can imagine I have a lot to tell you about the "sleep over". Actually I don't think even you can imagine. Frankly I don't remember everything. Some parts are just a blur and others, well, you'll see. I'll try to hit all the important details I can remember, or at least the ones I know you want to hear about.

On Saturday morning I dressed as requested. Actually I wore the same outfit I did for Tommy that first time that he came over to my house. I know it's a favorite of his and Scott mentioned it once too. Underneath that I had on the micro bikini as instructed. I packed up some makeup and a few other personal items in my teacher's bag. I figured if someone saw me going into Bruce's house like that it would be easy to explain away. That would be harder to do carrying an overnight bag.

When I arrived Bruce was dressed only in a pair of athletic shorts. The way his erection tented the front of them I guessed he didn't have any underwear on. He had me put my car in their garage so that nobody would notice it parked out front for 4 days. That was a good idea. I found out there's more to Bruce than the jock front he puts on.

When I was done with that he wanted a blowjob right away. "To take the edge off," he said.

I understood that and sucked him off. With that completed he told me that he had a little party planned for that night (no surprise) and that I needed to prepare. Before I could ask what he meant Bruce started up a DVD. The title revealed that it was an instructional video on striptease! He said, "I want you to watch this video and practice the rest of the morning."

I was a little stunned, and I asked, "Who am I going to be stripping for?"

His answer, "Don't worry about that. Just practice so that you can put on a good show. I'm going to play some video games. I'll check on your progress later."

That's when I thought about what Joe told me and I decided to just let go. Now keep in mind that I know how to dance with another person, but not as a performance. Believe it or not that's a very different thing and striptease is it's own specialty. It was harder work than I thought it would be. But by lunch time I had completely stripped and redressed numerous times and felt like I had made good progress. The last time I practiced Bruce watched me. It was a little distracting with an audience, but I did get to practice lap dancing with a real person.

He said I was a "natural" and moved almost like a "pro". I took that as a compliment. Then Bruce said it was lunch time and told me to make something for us. I reached for my clothes, but he slapped my butt and said, "I didn't tell you to get dressed bitch."

So I rummaged around the unfamiliar kitchen nude and made us some sandwiches and soup. When we were done eating Bruce said he was hungry for "desert". This turned out to be me. He had me sit on the table and then he gave me oral. Just before I came he stopped and announced, "Not yet slut. I want to keep you horny for tonight."

I wanted to tell him that I would still be plenty horny even if I had an orgasm now, but I didn't. I was sure he enjoyed teasing me and just used that as an excuse, so nothing I could say would change that.

Next he had me get dressed again and we went shopping. We, or really, I bought chips, peanuts, and pretzels at the grocery store. After that we went next door and bought some beer and Mike's Hard Lemonade. I guessed the Mike's was for me because I don't like beer. Joe must have told him that I like it. I reminded him that we can't have any loud drunken parties and he assured me he had it under control.

After we got back and put everything away I noticed a fancy chess set, complete with timers sitting in a small den. I asked Bruce about it. He told me that his father played. I asked, "Do you ever play with him?"

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