tagNonHumanA Dancers Kiss

A Dancers Kiss


It is Friday night and one of the girls in the office is having a bachelorette party at the local male strip club. Before leaving home this morning I packed a bag and this cute little white dress I had been saving for a special night out. All the ladies are meeting at a downtown hotel where we will be staying the night. By the time I reach the room the drinks are already flowing. Grabbing a shot of cold vodka and downing it I start to get ready. When everyone is ready we go down to our limo and head to the club.

When we reached the club they move us to the head of the line. We get the real V.I.P. treatment. They sit us in the corner with our own stage. All the dancers will move to us after the main act. It is very loud and smoky in here and the bass throbs thru me to places that have not had attention in quite a while.

Why had I agreed to come out tonight?

It had been two months since my last date and I have lost count on how long it has been since anything else. Oh well I am here now. Snapping out of my mood I look up to see the maid of honor giving a toast. We all down our shots as the lights dim and the first dancer comes on stage.

He is very large in all the best places and all the ladies go wild. After his time on the main stage he moves to ours and the saying hung like a horse does not do him justice. His banana has to be a good twelve inches. The next act is dressed as an army officer. He is tall, slim, and average size. A man in uniform has always been a turn on to me and his routine gets my juices flowing.

After a few minutes I have to leave the table and go to the bar for something cool to drink. I get the bartenders attention and order a beer. When he brings it over he asks me if I am having a good time and I say that I am. Then he ask if I want to have more later and winks, thinking that he probably ask all the girls this so I say maybe as I walk away.

The next performance had already started and I glanced up as I pass the stage and stop in my tracks. He is beyond hot, dressed in all black with a long trench coat. His hair hangs below his shoulders and he has it tied back with a leather strip. Then my gaze reaches his eyes and they are this amazing yellow gold. And they are staring right back at me. I feel my face heat and my pussy swell with blood. I can not move or breath for what seems like forever.

Someone bumps into me and breaks the spell. This is silly I tell myself as I go back to where everyone is sitting. But I can not stop myself from sneaking glance over at the main stage and every time it feels like he is zeroed in on me. I keep getting hotter and hotter under his gaze. He is now down to just a very brief thong. His skin is a deep bronze and it gleams under the stage lights.

More women are rushing to the edge of the stage to get a mini lap dance from him. Then I notice the fangs in his mouth, they were very real looking as they raked across one of the woman's neck as he retrieved the money she had place between her breasts. She shuddered and slumped as her friends helped her down from stage. Other women are trying to get his attention but he is staring at me again.

Then he lifts up his hand and beckons me to him. It even seems like a voice is calling me to come. All my friends have noticed what is going on and are urging me to go up. Some how I made it across the floor to the stage stairs and his hand is there to help me up to him. Sitting me in the chair he takes the dollars I am holding and places one between my thighs and one between my breasts.

He moved away from me as the music starts and begins his routine but he is not gone long. He moves in front of me and drops to all fours and crawls to my legs. Slowly he touches my lower leg and my skin feels like it is on fire. He runs his hands up the outsides of my legs and under the edge of my dress to cup the sides of my luscious ass.

Then he lowers his head down to take the money from between my thighs and I feel his hot breath on my skin and my juices flow and moisten my panties. I could swear he just took a deep breath and can smell my arousal. Looking up at me he licks his lips and works his way up my body. I have never felt like this before, at this rate I am going to cum just from looking in his eyes.

Moving behind me he leans over to take the dollar from my now heaving chest. As he passes my ear he whispers that he wants to drink all that lovely nectar and show me pleasure that I never have imagined. I whimper at the vision that invades my mind. Yellow eyes staring at me as his tongue teases my outer lips and barely caresses my clit. Then he opens me and plunges his tongue in and strokes over my g-spot until I was on the edge of a massive orgasm.

The next thing I know I am back at the table and the evening is coming to a close. The other girls are plastered and can barley walk to the door. I am confused but head out with everybody else. When we get back to the hotel the others pair off or head to the guys rooms for some release after getting so worked up at the club. I am the odd person out and I get a bed to myself. Stripping out of my clothes I slid under the sheet and try to remember the missing blocks of this evening.

It does not work I keep seeing him every time I close my eyes. My pussy is throbbing with the need for some sort of release. Knowing there is no one else to help I slid my hand over my full breast and feel the nipple tighten, giving it a little pinch to bring it to a rock hard pebble I moan a little as I move to the other breast. My other hand slides down between my legs and rubs my clit slowly to build the pleasure up. The walls of my pussy clamp down needing a hard cock to fill it.

Suddenly I feel hands sliding up my legs and light nips on my inner thighs. Letting my legs spread further apart. The hands move under my ass and pull me to meet a mouth waiting to devoir. Opening my eyes I see him, my dancer, but before I can say anything he spears me with his tongue and I arch up from the bed. Just a quickly he replaces his tongue with two of his long fingers and caresses my sensivetive skin. With his tongue he continues the torture of my clit. I can not stop twisting on the bed the sensations are roaring thru me so fast.

Then it happens he clamps down on my button with his teeth and send me over the edge, my cum pours from me and he drinks every drop. I scream with the force of the orgasm and every thing goes dark.

The next morning I resurface to sunlight filtering thru the curtains. Stretching I feel the pillow next to me looking for my new lover and find nothing. Looking up I realize I am alone. That could not have been a dream could it? It felt so real.

To be continued....

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