tagNonHumanA Dancers Kiss Ch. 03

A Dancers Kiss Ch. 03


Steven helps me into the car and I slide to the far side so he can get in next to me. I feel a little warm so I remove my jacket and set it on the seat. When he gets in I see the appreciation in his eyes. Once the door closes he pulls me on to his lap and nuzzles my neck. "You were to far away", he whispers. I shiver at the contact. "Are you cold?" he asks.

"No just a little nervous. It has been a very long time since I felt like this." I answer him.

"Nothing will happen that you do not want to, I will be happy just to be with you." He says looking into my eyes.

I believe him and lean into his embrace. I want his lips on mine so I kiss him lightly at first but it quickly turns into a raging fire. I need to feel him so I unbutton his shirt and pull it from the waistband of his pants. Crisp dark hair runs down from between his pecs down his well defined abs and below the top of his pants. I turn in his lap so I am straddling him. Now I can grind my clit on his ridge. We are still locked together at the lips. Moaning he releases my breast from the top of my corset and rubs his thumbs over the hard peaks.

Breaking our lips apart he fastens onto my nipple. This causes me to arch my back and push the nipple further into his mouth. He slides his hands up my thighs and onto my ass. Then he starts to rock me against his hard dick, the pace he has set is quickly sending me over the edge. My clit is throbbing and my pussy is tightening down and just before I cum he bites my nipple sending me over the edge. I cry out as wave after wave pleasure roll over me. Floating back to earth I realize that I have to taste him now.

I quickly open his pants and free the monster as I slid to the floor. He is huge, ten inches long and when I wrap my hand around him my fingers have an inch before they touch. Moaning at this beautiful sight I slid my hot mouth down the length of him. There is no way I can go all the way down so I use my hand to hold the skin tight at the base and match the pace my mouth sets. It is not long before his hips move in time with the strokes of my mouth and he has his hands buried in my hair.

I work my way up and down his hard meat sometimes only sucking and licking the head and then dropping all the way down. I keep using my hand so his whole length is getting attention. I stroke his balls with my other hand and feel them tighten as his head swells. He explodes into my mouth I take him even further into my throat and swallow every delicious drop. After we catch our breath and straighten our clothes I notice the car pulling up to the front of a building.

"Are we still in Houston?" I ask Steven.

"We are at Williams Tower near the Water Wall." He tells me.

"It sure took us a long time to get here." I tell him grinning

"I admit it, the driver drove around when he realized we were occupied. That is ok is it not?" He replies with a breath stealing smile.

"A little embarrassing but I am glad he did not interrupt us.

"Come my beauty let me show you my home." He says pulling me from the car. As we approach the door he uses an access card to unlock it and we walk into the lobby. He has his hand on my hip and it feels like my skin is on fire under it. All the tension that was released in the car is back and it is worse than ever. By the time we make it into the elevator and he uses his key to move us to the top floor I can feel my blood rushing thru my veins. I know he can hear it when he moves toward with the look of a predator in his eyes. He pulls me to his body with a growl and attacks my mouth with his.

When we make it out of the elevator we are both out of control. Steven's shirt is unbuttoned again and my corset is unlaced down one side and I am wearing two lightly bleeding scratches on my neck that he is licking. Sweeping me up in his arms he rushes us thru the apartment and into the bedroom. He drops me onto the huge bed and tells me he needs to see all of me. This is all the warning I get before my clothes are shredded. This only increases the juices flowing down my thigh.

Laying me back on the bed he kisses me on the lips then down the jaw to my neck. I feel his fangs scrape over my sensitive skin and it makes me arch up in pleasure. He grins at me as he continues to my breast knowing he is pleasing me. My nipples are rock hard and begging for attention. He swirls his tongue around barely touching the skin causing me to groan in frustration. Then he finally closes his lips over the straining bud but only sucks gently. This is such torture.

Grabbing the back of his head I pull him tighter to me. "Easy my Elissa I am not going anywhere." He whispers in my head. My response is a whimper. Then he moves lower dipping his tongue in my belly button. Reaching my shaved mound he pauses and breathes in my scent and growls. I look into his eyes and see that they are dilated so much that only a slim line of gold can be seen. A shiver of fear runs thru me followed by another of pure desirer as he swiftly clamps his mouth on my swollen clit.

I shatter and the only thing that holds me down is his strong hands on my hips. After he laps all of my nectar he moves back up my body. Somehow he had rid himself of his clothes so as he reaches my lips with his mouth his pulsing cock nudges the entrance of my still clenching pussy. Looking into my eyes he asks "Are you sure because I will not ever let you go after I claim you?"

"There can never be anyone else after you; I knew this from the begging." I tell him. With a cry of triumph he surges forward driving his pole to the hilt. The pain is intense, even worse than the first time. He is so big and it has been a long time so it feels like I am being split in two.

We are both panting for control by the time my stretched pussy adjusts to his size. He starts to move in long strokes leaving only the head in before moving forward again. He moves slowly at first but picks up the pace when my hips lift from the bed to pull him deeper. Shifting his stokes he rubs the head of his dick across my g spot causing my hips to slam into him and causing me groan.

Continuing his stimulation of my pussy he moves his hand to my clit and rubs in light circles bringing closer to my prize. It is overwhelming all the feelings that are running thru me. I feel him swell deep inside my pussy and he speeds up his strokes faster then a normal man could move. He leans in to my neck and I turn my head for him. He sinks his fangs into my skin as he squeezes and pulls my clit. I am drowning and am having problems remembering to breath.

The world goes black for a moment before it explodes in a shower of silver fireworks. My orgasm does not diminish but seems to grow with each pull on my neck. I hear his breath in my ear become shorter and pause as I feel him pulse and fill my hungry pussy with his cum. Pulling his fangs from my neck and kicking the holes closed he looks at me. "You are mine now and I will always take care of you." He whispers. All I can do is nod I have lost the ability to speak for a while. He moves me further up the bed and gets us under the covers before I fall asleep.

I wake up the next day and I know it has not been a dream because his arms are still around me. From the deep orange glow from around the curtains it must be close to sunset. "Hello my love I am glad you are awake." He says with a smile. I stretch feeling tugs from muscles that had been neglected until last night. I smile back at him just as my stomach makes its presence known. This makes him laugh and say "I never did feed you last night did I?"

"No I guess you never did." I tell him laughing to.

"We will go to your place and get some of your things and then I will feed you and we will talk about our future plans.

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