tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Dare Gone TOTALLY Right Ch. 02

A Dare Gone TOTALLY Right Ch. 02


We drove for about an hour and after Marissa attempted to play with my pussy for the millionth time and I finally said: "Where are you fucking taking me, babe?"

"Jeez what's got your panties in a bunch?" she says pinching my clit. "Oh wait your not wearing any," she giggles to herself and continues to play. I moan and shove her hand away.

"C'mon, tell me where you plan on taking me. We have been driving for two hours. I would think you are taking us to the..." Before I could finish we had arrived at the beach.

"Well Hun, we are here!" she says in a very excited voice. She starts to change revealing her full 34DD breasts and her shaved pussy. I feel myself getting wet as I see her shed her clothing. "Isn't this top the cutest?" she says holding it up in front of me.

"Uhhh...it looks great..." I say stammering at how gorgeous my girlfriend is.

"What's wrong? Is my nakedness just too much for a horny little girl like you?" she says with the upmost swagger and confidence. She then shoves her exposed pussy in front of my mouth. "You've been getting all the pleasure. How about you give some to me, baby?" she says with the cutest face.

I pull her hips to my mouth and begin to eat the most wonderful pussy pie ever. The fluid rushes over me and she moans the sweetest pitch. She begs for more and more, and before I know it she releases her love juices into my mouth. "Babe, you taste as sweet as apple pie. How did you do that?"

"That is my secret," she says with a wink. She ties her bikini top on and I have the honor to tie on her bikini bottoms. She giggles as I kiss her pussy before tie it up for safe keeping. "Well let's go!" she says with a very sly grin. Of course I know I can't wear a bathing suit because the suit counts as underwear. I sigh but smile because I know how sexual this going to be.

We pull up to the water and a wave hits up my legs spray mist into my pussy. "Oh!" I say very startled by the sneak attack the beach had attacked me with.

"So baby, how about you get out of your only clothes since this isn't our last stop?" she says knowing that today was far from over. I take my turtleneck off revealing my not-as-full 34D breasts cover up like I am embarrassed of my nudity. "C'mon, I have gone all the way with you before," she says with anticipation of a very cute pussy.

"What if someone sees me?" I say jokingly complaining about my voyeurism.

"Well," Marissa says, "how about I just...do this," as she pulls down my skirt to the sand and pushing me into the water and running off with my clothes storing them in her bag, all-the-while giggling. She sits down in the sand as yells as I stand to my feet, "Hey, put some clothes on, you dirty slut." I decide to bend over and pretend that I didn't hear her, showing my puffy pussy to my horny girlfriend.

She decides to join me in the water. I swim out a bit and float on my back, thinking how even though its winter the water feels great. I suddenly hear the "Jaws" theme. Finally at the climax of Marissa's little parody, she bites into my pussy (very gently of course). I go along with her charade and say, "Oh know it's a pussy shark. They enjoy eating skinny dipping girl's pussies." She drags me under and I latch my legs around her hips. We re-emerge passionately kissing. I wrap my arms around my lover's neck; she places her hands under my plump butt, occasionally slipping a finger into my pussy and butt.

I finally break the silence with, "I love you so much, babe." I feel myself blushing and she kisses me.

She says after the deep passionate kiss, "I will always love you, baby." I got so excited that I accidentally took her top off.

"Oops! My bad, babe," I say with a cute giggle.

"Oh, trying to get me naked I see?" With that she begins her full force strike on me. She picks me up and takes me to the beach, laying my back on the sand. "Your body just doesn't fail to amaze me babe," she says kissing me.

"I know another area that needs that kissing," I say with my signature erotic giggle. I strip off her bottoms and ask for her pussy. We begin a sixty-nine session that could not be interrupted by anyone. "Oh my God! This is the greatest, baby. Naked on the beach, eating each others pussy, nothing can possibly go wrong. We eat pussy for a good ten minutes after cuming five times. She gets her suit on and I attempt to get my clothes back but she starts running for the car. "Baby, I need my clothes!" I scream as I run after her while covering up because people saw me, a naked girl with big jiggling jugs, chasing another girl, who was topless. I felt my pussy getting wet and the horniness returning to me once again.

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