tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day At The Beach

A Day At The Beach


Now that summer is half gone, Brenda decided to work on her tan. She is not partial to using tanning beds, and prefers the look and smells associated with wallowing in the sun all day. Brenda bought a very tiny string bikini, orange with ties around the neck and back. The bottoms attach by strings at the hips. It has the dual purpose of being equally attractive on fair skin, as well as tanned skin.

Brenda is average in height, average in build. She has curly brown hair, and mischievous brown eyes. Brenda has what most would consider a very nice body. She is considered thin, but not overly so. She possessed soft, rounded hips, with legs that go on for days. Most would say that she has an ample bust, with a waist that dips in, leaning towards a pleasing hourglass effect. She had always been aware of her body, and the effect of it on those around her. One of her favorite things was to play the part of the minx, and tease any eyes focused on her with and “accidental” flash of skin here and there.

She had been going to the beach off and on for the past month. It is a small, enclosed section that was man made, but very reminiscent of the real thing. When one lives in the mid-west, there aren’t many natural beaches to be found. She would take a towel, even though she never really planned on getting into the water, and a lawn chair to lie out on. She enjoyed spending the day under the blistering rays of the sun, but more than anything she enjoyed people watching. There were the obligatory beach bums, who were always there, and whose skin resembled leather. There were the guys whose sole purpose was to see how many games of volleyball they could squeeze into one day. There were parents, and kids screaming and laughing.

One man in particular had peaked her interest. He was always there on the weekends. He would bring a cooler, a towel, and a chair. He never brought a partner, or children. He was an older man, as per the gray sprinkled throughout his dark hair. When she first saw him, it was from a distance, and her eyes kept going back to check out what a nice body he had. She didn’t believe he noticed her scrutiny, and she felt safe, as he was several feet away. It wasn’t until he walked across the beach, and towards the snack bar that she noticed that he was quite a bit older than she had anticipated.

As Brenda would spend several hours in the sun, turning now and again to get an even tan, she had plenty of time to contemplate who he was and what he was doing there. Perhaps it was because he was always there alone that she was so curious about him. Mostly, she wanted to know whom he was checking out. Was it the men or was it the women? She would watch him under her eyelashes, and could never quite discern if he spent more time checking out one over the other.

It became the normal thing to fantasize about who he was, and what he was doing. She would drift off in the sun, thinking about that hard and taunt body against her own. He seemed friendly to all those around him, always with a ready smile. She would imagine those lips grazing over her body, and his hands exploring every crease and crevice that her body had to offer. She also enjoyed the thought of getting her hands on his body. Tickling her fingers along his smooth, hard skin.

One day, he sat just a few feet away from her. He was behind her, so the only way that she could check him out was to lie on her stomach. She made a big production of putting on sunscreen. Twisting and turning, so that every angle was available to be looked at. She then laid on her stomach, undoing the strings around her neck and back. No sense in getting tan lines. She looked at him under her sunglasses. Drat, he didn’t even glance her way. She lay there for a while, again wondering who he was. Enjoying the view from behind the safety of her sunglasses. She imagined licking her way up his calves, to his rock hard thighs. She concentrated a bit on his swim trunks. She really wondered at what was underneath them. She leaned up on her elbows, and noticed him glance her way. She smiled to herself, because she knew that in the position she was in, her breasts were available to be looked upon. She noticed his gaze drift towards her cleavage, so she leaned up a bit more, so that just her nipples were touching the chair. She was becoming highly aroused thinking about him looking at her. She could feel the moisture building between her legs. She bit her lower lip, as she slowly and deliberately slid her oil-slicked skin on the chair, rubbing her nipples along the rough chair.

She knew she had his full attention, so she wiggled a bit in the chair. Brenda really wished that this were a nude beach. Oh the fun she could have then. She lie back down on the chair, moving one hand underneath her stomach. She had her head turned a bit, so she could continue watching him gaze at her. Her pussy was on fire with the suns sensual rays beating down on her, the object of her fantasies looking at her, and the idea that she would have to be as discreet as possible or be caught being truly wicked. She spread her legs slightly, and moved so that her fingers were right beneath her clit. She started to slowly rub her clit in small circles, keeping an eye out to make sure no one but her fantasy man was paying attention to her. She noticed that there was a slight bulge in the front of his swim trunks, and that only fueled the fire more. She pushed her hips down, so that she could rub her clit harder and faster. She used small, concentric circles, never really touching her clit dead on. When she saw him adjust his swim trunks, she felt a small pop, and felt a delicious thrill of cumming right there.

She ran her fingers along her slit before slowly moving her hand out from beneath her. She then took her fingers and licked them, enjoying the musky scent and the tangy flavor. She smiled to herself as she reached behind her to tie her bikini strings. She got up, and gathered her things. She made sure to bend over as much as possible, again giving him a view of her body. Once she had gathered all of her things, she reached up to lower her glasses and look at him. She was very pleased to still have his attention. His gaze slid up her body, to finally reach her eyes. She smiled a wicked smile at him, and sauntered off to leave. She felt confident that his eyes followed her to her car, and couldn’t wait until the experience could be repeated.

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