tagMind ControlA Forgotten Memory

A Forgotten Memory


Mara walked into the room in just an Oscar the Grouch t-shirt that stopped above her waist. She rejoined Mike on the couch who did his best impression of not looking at her. Mara noticed him squirming a bit in his seat, smirked to herself as she pulled a mental lever for him to feel comfortable with the situation. Mike wondered to himself about the t-shirt, trying to remember who had left it in his bedroom last week. It smelled so familiar.

Mara took the remote from his lap and heard Mike squeak just a little as she bumped into his erection through his jeans. Mike wanted to ask "Why", but couldn't even figure out how to open his mouth anymore. He decided this was ok and went back to watching the comedy news program. Mara paused the show on the TV. "Why don't you take your pants off?" Mike obliged without hesitation, "joining the party" seemed the proper thing to do.

Unpausing the show to provide a little background noise for the neighbors, Mara used her index finger to gently tap the head of Mike's penis. In his head, Mike started going through a thousand escape plans, but couldn't figure out how to make his legs work fully, "Mike, pay attention to the show." He obliged and stopped struggling. Mara licked her index finger and thumb and pinched his penis just below the head, then wiped up the precum that seeped out to use for lubrication. Slowly she stroked him just using those two fingers and watching his thigh muscles flexing as he tried to push his hips up off the couch to meet the full palm of her hand. This torture lasted for what felt like an hour. Mike closed his eyes to concentrate on not cumming, though he wasn't sure why.


Mara, bending over the side of the couch, had a rabbit vibrator inside her and was using it on her clit. Mike's face was inches away from her pussy and the smell was intoxicating. "How did he get here?" It felt like he was losing time. Did she bring a vibrator with her to the club? But seeing the rabbit coming out of her with a glistening sheen was making his erection almost unmanageable. Not in the sense that it was going to jump off his body and just fuck her for him, no. More along the lines that precum was dripping on the couch and his hand clutching his shaft was giving himself a squeeze every few seconds.

Mara pulled the lever in Mike's head that lowered his inhibitions, but still held his limbs in place. Leaning over the side of the couch but looking behind her she noticed drool was beginning to form at the corner of his mouth. His eyes conveyed wanting nothing more than to bury his face between her cheeks. She wiggled her ass in his face and pushed back to bump her cheeks against his nose. Mike snaked his tongue out for a quick slurp between her folds and was able to lap from her labia to her puckered ring. Mara made him smack her ass with his free hand which made him almost fall over onto her. Lowering his inhibitions the last little bit, Mara released his limbs completely. Mike started furiously jerking on his erection until he finally realized he was back in control of himself, but only momentarily.

Mara made Mike smack her other butt cheek to redden the skin and make it match the first spanking. She smiled as if seeing this through his eyes brought her the greatest pleasure. Why did Mike wanted to bring her pleasure? Hobbling himself up on his knees he pulled the rabbit out of her hand and stroked her lips to get his fingers lubricated. Using those two fingers he rubbed around the entry to her ass and held the tip of the rabbit there. With his other hand gripping his erection he rubbed the head of his penis between the folds of her lips and slowly pushed in savoring every second of the penetration.

Gripping Mara's hips, Mike pushed her body away from his penis just until the tip was still sheathed, and then pulled her back to bury himself to the hilt. He did this three or four times, but after the earlier torture Mike knew he was close to cumming and couldn't risk moving her off his penis without that inevitable conclusion. Why was he stopping? Something was wrong and deep down he felt this was not supposed to happen. This was sex, with a beautiful girl, and yet he felt like he was supposed to be somewhere else. Isn't an orgasm supposed to be the final outcome here? He closed his eyes and concentrated on not shooting his load.


3 Hours earlier...

Sitting at the Xotic Bar Mike was sipping his gin and tonic and waiting for Marcelene to show up for a night of dancing. His girlfriend of 9 months was beginning to get a reputation for showing up late and it was starting to grate on his nerves. His friend Mark was always ragging on him about it, how it was a power play, how she was doing it to prove to him that she was in control. Mike didn't care much about power games and brought it up to Marcelene once. That night ended with her slamming a door in his face and him apologizing through it.

He felt a tap on his left shoulder and turned to look. No one was there close enough to have touched him, so he turned back toward the bar to notice a pretty brunette leaning in from his right side. "The old grade-school tap on the wrong shoulder trick. Gets 'em every time." She introduced herself as Mara and asked if he wanted to dance. She reminded him of someone he used to know, her sly smile, the crook in her nose, someone close to him. As Mike looked down at the bar he noticed his gin and tonic was empty, had he finished that already?

Mara pulled him off the barstool and out onto the dance floor where the flashing lights strobed in time to the music. Mike couldn't keep his eyes off the red ruby that hung around her neck. He closed his eyes and tried to remember where he knew her from.


Mike woke up in a room that resembled a mechanical factory. The room contained a few windows looking out into what seemed to be his living room. The scene he just left, with him fucking Mara on the couch, was continuing on the other side of those windows as if watching from his point of view. There were some old fashioned levers in front of him marked with masking tape and marker. The labels reading "left arm", "right arm", "left leg", and "right leg". There were more, but the writing seemed like gibberish to him, or maybe just too smudged from overuse and age. His girlfriend Marcelene sat at the controls pulling both leg levers in unison not noticing him in the room behind her. "What's going on here?" he wanted to ask but his voice wouldn't produce any sound. Pulling earbuds out of her ears, Marcelene turned around as if she could hear him. "How did you get in here? No, no no, this won't do." She walked over toward him fingering a ruby amulet around her neck. Mike couldn't move, this was like a night terror, waking in bed unable to move your legs or arms, but also unable to stop your mind from racing or slow it down enough to go back to sleep. Panic set in as she kneeled down in front of him. Marcelene smiled and whispered close to his ear, "Who is in control?" Mike closed his eyes.

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