tagErotic HorrorA Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 03

A Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 03


As Minara once again kissed Juliet, the Latin girl found herself being pushed back towards the bed, her rapidly growing arousal quickly overwhelming an unnerving sense of fear in the back of her mind. Razor sharp nails tore Juliete's blouse to shreds without harming her delicate skin, revealing the black bra which contained her C-cup breasts. As she fell backwards onto the bed, she saw John, breathing heavily and his manhood quickly becoming engorged again, propping himself up where he lie to watch the festivities.

Minara dropped to her knees on the floor between Juliet's outspread legs, and her tongue shot forth under the skirt to get a grip on the matching black panties so they could be removed. As she pulled the panties from Julie's legs, Minara tossed them to John.

"Something for you to play with until I'm ready for you again." Minara's tongue snaked back under Julie's skirt and proceeded to probe her inner thighs, making its way up towards her entrance. Julie panted uncontrollably, grabbing her breasts through her bra and twisting at the nipples as the invader probed at her outer lips.

"What's... happening... to me... ouahhh!" Julie's inquiry was cut short as the tounguesnake decided to make it's dive into her soaked love tunnel, exploring around inside and feeling for the hard nub that resided on her front wall inside the cavity. Finding what it seeked, the tongue then began to press hard on the bump, causing Julie to buck wildly and scream in animal lust, ripping the cups of her bra down off her breasts, snapping a shoulder strap in the process and causing the other to slide down her right arm.

John just pressed the soaked panties to his face, inhaling deeply of the musky juices of his roommate's girlfriend as he watched the demon have her way with Juliet. He stroked his cock as he watched a bend in the tongue reach forward to massage her clit, causing Julie to spasm frantically and cry out with guttural, inhuman sounds of lust. One of Minara's hands roughly pinched and twisted at a nipple, while the other shoved a finger into the girl's rectum, now lubed by the copious juices dripping down from her vagina. Julie tensed up and let loose one last, throaty scream as her pussy squirted its juices forcefully out into Minara's face.

Minara removed her tongue and finger from Juliet's cavities and sat back on her haunches to watch her handiwork as the girl lie their twitching uncontrollably, a string of spittle and drool making its way from the corner of her open mouth to form a wet spot on the bed. Minara signaled for John to come take her place between Juliet's legs.

"Now you are going to get to fuck Juliet while she lies here helpless. That's been a fantasy of yours for a while now, hasn't it? Having your way with this girl while she is powerless to resist? Her boyfriend out running errands and totally unsuspecting of what you are doing to his love? Go on, take your staff and impale her with it, give her the dicking you know you want to give her."

Needing no more encouragement, he put his head at the opening to Juliet's twat and pushed himself inside. The narrow passage, filled with juices released during Minara's work, continued it's uncontrolled twitching, causing the passage to unexpectedly clamp and release on John's dick repeatedly while he sank into her until their pelvises met. He slowly withdrew his shaft from her tunnel until only the head remained.

"Well? What are you waiting for, her permission? Fuck the bitch now." John, obeying his mistress, slammed his cock as hard as he could into Julie's hot box. She grunted in response, though her staring eyes still showed no sign of conscious thought while her head rolled back and forth with the force of his repeated thrusts. John grunted as he took both of her full breasts in his hands, kneading them and pinching the nipples harshly while his cruise missile busted her bunker again and again.

As this continued, Juliet returned to consciousness, finding, to her horror, her boyfriend's roommate hunched over her, groping her breasts and hammering his shaft into her again and again. She tried to raise her hands to push him off, but found Minara pinning her arms over her head, leaving her totally defenseless. She cried out in panic.

"NOO!! GET OFF ME! STOP!! PLEASE GET OFF OF ME! GET AWAY!" In response to her pleas, John leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth, biting and sucking on it as he began to thrust harder, his grunts and moans the only other voice in the room. She thrashed desperately to get away, but to no avail. Her cries were muffled as Minara straddled her face, pushing her pussy up against Julie's nose and pressing her firm ass over Juliet's mouth. Julie's nose was flooded with the musky scent of Minara's demon love box, an uncontrollable tsunami wave of arousal overriding control of Julie's body. Her legs wrapped themselves around John's waist, her pelvis thrusting up into his, even as she sobbed uncontrollably with fear at what was happening. Her climax came with John's as he thrust his invader up into her love box and shot his load deep into her womb.

John pulled his still hard shaft out of Juliet's vagina and rested on his laurels, catching his breath as he watched Minara lewdly humping Julie's face and moaning. Juliet could still be heard to be sobbing into Minara's snatch as her body lie limply. Minara looked at John with a devilish look on her face.

"How bout you put that weapon to good use and give her ass a good fucking? You know she needs it. Don't you, young lady?" Juliet's desperate negative response was muffled by the succubus's crotch and ass being pressed against her face. Minara sighed as the vibrations from Julie's scream went straight to her crotch.

"Oooh... that felt nice, do that again for me, girl."

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