tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 07

A Gift From His Father Ch. 07


Surfing through numerous websites and downloading data became so much easier after he modified his computer; John thought as contemplated his new life and new abilities.

In the past few days, he was not only able to control people but make physical changes to their bodies and make them do and think what he wanted them to. The only catch was that if his motives were selfish he'd have to make sure that he did more to help people than bad. Maintaining a good balance was important, or he might find himself imprisoned within the ring with other less successful masters. The ring seemed to generate its power from sexual energy, that which he generated and that of his agents, women who worked for him whose job it was to seek out partners and have mind blowing sex, then transfer that energy back to him via the ring. John was now getting more sex than he ever imagined he could, and being a young man of eighteen, he imagined a lot of sex.

However, he had almost lost everything when his body was taken over by a former master of the "Ring of Power" and he worried that the things had done while he wasn't in control, if they would be held against him. He needed to strike a sufficient balance so that he would never come close to abusing the power and suffer the fate of previous masters.

He felt like he was losing himself, being slowly seduced by the power of the ring. He understood that he would have to make some significant changes in his life, he had wealth and power, but how would he know how much to change? He didn't know. Had he already been changed and by his encounter with the imprisoned former masters, were they influencing him now and corrupting his mind? The number of failed masters was astonishing, even his father had failed. How many minds were trapped inside the ring? How old was it? If they couldn't resist abusing its power what made him think he could. He was still just a kid, not yet nineteen. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely", goes the saying. He didn't want to end up back in that void with the others; in that short period of time he was there it terrified him.

Summing his courage, he smiled as he thought of the many new benefits, such as being able to upgrade his existing PC through pure thought taking it beyond the "state of the art" to the next level of computing using holograms as an interface and to display images and information. His searches were find a suitable new home, something just inside Mountain View city limits, yet a little more rural on a few acres of land for him to develop.

"Don't worry, Johnny." The voice of his father interrupted his thoughts. "I am here to help guide you. Simply be true to who you are, and trust yourself. You are a good person."

"Thanks, dad," John replied still not quite accustom to his thoughts being heard. He wondered if everyone imprisoned within the ring could hear his thoughts, too.

"No, Johnny, they can't." His father lied. "Only I can hear them. If it makes you feel better, I can simply remain in the background until you need me, holding my tongue except in the event of imminent peril."

"Okay, dad that may be best, for now."

"By the way Johnny, you are going to need more agents, Mary and Elizabeth are enough. At the rate you are consuming energy, even if you planned on having sex constantly, you will need at least five more agents, if you continue at your current level of consumption. I suggest you begin looking for converts. When you are ready, I will teach you how to transform and train them."

"Okay, I do have one or two in mind, but I hadn't considered needing so many. I guess I will have to expand my list." John began to feel better about things.

It was time Elizabeth and Mary went to work collect sexual energy. John kind of felt like a pimp, but then he reframed the question and realized that his job was to help people. Sexual energy was just how he was able to create his magic. In addition to finding suitable sexual partners he would instruct all his agents would seek out and identify people that were worthy of the special help that he could provide.

Elizabeth needed to find a new place to live, he thought, although there would be plenty of space in his new house, she needed a residence of her own. She should be able to handle any problems that may arise with the disappearance of Ms. Lizzy, by now people would have certainly began to wonder where she was, but without a body, there wouldn't be much of a reason to suspect that she had died. Upon further thought, perhaps Mary should keep the house; it may provide him with an anchor to his old life. She would also have a room in his home and she should continue to see Dr. James, and could work him in around her other activities, he thought.

Mary fascination with Elizabeth was growing, she seemed to know everything; the woman had lived a very long life, had a tremendous wealth of knowledge and was eager to share. Imaging having lived over a hundred years and then instead of dying being able to start again in your thirties and have all that accumulated knowledge intact. She taught Mary how to size up potential partners who would generate the most sexual energy and how to recognize those that weren't worth the time. She also helped her hone her knowledge of the Kama Sutra and which positions were the most exciting. Mary was delighted when John told her to continue to see James; she planned to do just that. And now there would be many new lovers, she didn't want to hurt James, and she certainly wouldn't be able to settle down with one man now. She was happy, happier than she had been in a very long time.

April dialed the number frantically, not getting through the first three times before she remembered that she had programmed the number into her cell phone.

"John, is that you? Thank GOD, are you home? Can I come over; better yet can you come here?" April asked clearly agitated and in a hurry.

John, paused before answering, making certain that it was April on the end of the call. She didn't sound like herself and he was becoming very concerned.

"April, you don't sound good. Are you all right?" He asked remembering that not more than twelve hours ago, his body had been high jacked and he altered her mind in several ways, some which he didn't understand and despite his attempts to correct the damage, she may still be under the influence of those remaining commands.

"Yes, I will be therein ten minutes," he told her as he ended the call and jumped to his feet. He had been sitting in the kitchen in his mother's favorite spot watching the sunrise over the mountains. Still naked; he finished the glass of orange juice he had been nursing, no longer needing the coffee his body once craved and headed for the door. Before he opened it he was casually dressed in tan Dockers, loafers without socks and a red polo shirt, keys in his hands, Aviator Ray-Bans on his face and cellphone in his pocket.

He drove his Z in what he liked to think of as "phantom mode" so that traffic and signals wouldn't be an issue and arrived at April's home in eight minutes. It was impressive to get there so quickly, but he couldn't help wonder with his powers could he do better. He wondered about flying or transportation for a second but there was something wrong with April and that took priority.

April had been pacing back and forth in the living room ever since she hung up the phone, she was like an addict going through withdrawal, and she needed John's cum. In her mind she could see John's impressive hard penis, she caressed it and kissed it and pulled it into her mouth licking it and pulling it down into her throat, and when he climaxed she would also. She was very wet in anticipation and her large breast bounced and swayed every time she turned to repeat the short walk. Back and forth, she imagined him squirting down her throat and her taking him from her mouth and letting him squirt on her face and around her mouth as she licked at it and tried to catch each spurt with her tongue.

"Where it he," she thought, looking at the grandfather clock and realizing that it had only been five minutes since she hung up the phone. She had never craved anything this much in her life, she didn't know what it was, but if she didn't get his cock in her mouth in the next 30 minutes she would die.

On an impulse, John looked at the front door of April's home; concentrated and visualized himself standing there, and astonishingly he found himself there. Immediately he had a strong sense of April anxious pacing back and forth waiting for him. He rang the doorbell and looking into her mind sensing the pressure she was feeling. She opened the door and pulling him inside and began clawing at his pants in an effort to get them off. She finally undid his belt and to pull his pants and boxers down in one motion.

John's growing manhood popped forward and April quickly pulled it into her waiting mouth. Normally it would have taken John several minutes to become excited enough to come, but April was like a junky needing her next fix, so having the ability to control his body released a massive load, which April eagerly swallowed, not missing a drop triggering her climax. She released his flaccid member and fell backwards on the floor to ride out the rest of her orgasm. Laying there naked in the foyer she cuddled and fondled herself shuddering in her post orgasmic euphoria. John looked down at her and wondering what he had done and how he could it her so that it wouldn't happen again.

Kneeling he took her right hand and joined her on the floor and stroked the hair from her face.

"Hey Ape's," he said, "How are you doing?"

"Mmmm, really good, Johnny" she moaned while her free hand roamed around the nipple of her left breast and then made a beeline to her nether lips. "So glad you came by."

John chuckled at the double meaning and then got serious, "So Apes, what's going on with you? I sense that things aren't quite right, you want to tell me about it?"

April sat upright, the marble floor was a welcomed coolness on her naked sweaty flesh but now it was becoming uncomfortable cold. She had gotten fix and was beginning to return to normal. She told him about the argument she had with her mother over a little nudity around the house and being alarmed about her new piercing, she was so old fashion, she told John. He had forgotten the gold ring piercing her labia and taking a peak he gave it a gentle tug causing April to shudder. When he asked her why she felt so desperate to have his cum, she shrugged it off as simply being a little horny again after the sex they had the previous night.

There was something that John missed, he began to take inventory, he figured that he had to remove her addiction for his cum or any cum, and give her a normal level of modesty. He decided that after what she had been through she deserved a boost of intelligence, maybe ten points or so and improved memory. He also wanted her to feel comfortable telling him how she felt.

He watched closely as April's face reflected the changes, going from a dopey grin to a more serious and confident smile. Her eyes sharpened and seemed to be more focused; he could see the intelligence behind her eyes. Rising to her feet she suggested that they go to her room, not wanting to shock her mother further by risking getting caught having sex, again.

Her last patience's needs satisfied, Candice Martin was finally able to think about going home. She was in no hurry as she thought about how she would face her daughter. April had always been a sensible girl. She did well in all her classes and had her pick of colleges to attend this fall. Despite the ugly divorce from her father, April showed no signs of emotional trauma that sometimes affect children when a home breaks up. Perhaps this was the delayed result of the break up. Theirs was particularly messy divorce; she had caught her husband with another woman in their bed. He had been cheating on her for months, she returned early from a conference. He tried to shift blame to their changing values and that they had simply just grown apart. They were both bent on inflicting as much pain and suffering on each other as was possible and poor April had been caught in the middle. When and how did she get a breast augmentation without her being aware of it? She was under age. Candice knew it takes 7-12 days to recover from the surgery, and the swelling may take 3-5 weeks to disappear. So when did this all happen? What kind of mother was she not to have noticed?

As soon as completed her paperwork, (funny that they still referred to it as paperwork, it was all done on PCs now), she left and went straight home. She hoped to find April home and they could discuss the whole thing. She forgot that she needed to stop at the market until she was pulling into the driveway, and decided to leave the car out and go to the market afterwards. She used the front door, since it was closer, instead of the garage entrance.

Although she couldn't hear them, she saw April and John's having sex in the foyer. Was April really that out of control that she couldn't have waited to have sex with the boy in her bedroom? Candice was amazed at John's size, having only seen its equal in medical books. She was appalled at the whole scene and yet drawn to it and while she watched her daughter take its entire length into her mouth and throat, she began to image that it was her. She imagined the fullness and the warm hardness of his cock; it had been so long since she'd handled one she was becoming very damp just thinking about it. It took all her will power not to put her hands on her own steamy sex to satisfy that urge. She was beginning to wonder how long she would have to wait on her porch before they finally got up and left for what she hoped was April's bedroom.

Candice waited another minute then put her key in the door and crept inside. She wasn't sure how to proceed. Perhaps she'd simply wait for them to finish and deal with it all afterwards. That made sense, although after watching them together, she was tempted to see more.

John was aware of another presence in the house; reaching out with his mind he recognized it was indeed Mrs. Martin. He did a gentle probe and learned that she had watched them from the front porch and had been excited by what she observed. She wanted to watch, but was frightened by the urges. John increased her curiosity as well as her desire. He put into her mind that she should watch some more, but not interfere; she would want to join in but be unable. Then he returned his attention to April. They had just completed another breathless kiss; April was a very skilled kisser. Both allowed their hand to roam each other's body and they were more than ready to continue what they had begun in the foyer. John wasted no time and pushed his rejuvenate penis into April, much to her delight. She was tight but more than ready. This was becoming John's second favorite part of the entire sexual process second only to climaxing. As he moved in and out, April responded with little moans and clenched her muscles gripping him on the out stroke, which he truly enjoyed.

He watched the door to April's room open slightly and knew that Mrs. Martin had a good view. As he continued pumping, he increased April's enjoyment and her moans became louder until they were almost screams.

Candice Martin was mesmerized and couldn't pull her eyes away from the two teenage lovers. Watching was making her so wet, she couldn't believe what she was doing. It was such naught fun and she was so turned on that she soon had her hands in her clothes helping her feel what she was watching. She had one hand under her bra pulling on her nipple and the other in her pants fingering her pussy. John increased her arousal and heightened her sensitivity. Candice was finding it difficult to keep silent but somehow knew that suppressing her screams would magnify her pleasure.

John and April changed positions, John entered her from behind and continued to pound her as she bent over her bed allowing him to easily play with her incredible breast.

Candice could help but feel envious of those lovely tits; she couldn't understand how April pulled that off without her knowledge. She longed to have breast as lovely. Since the divorce she had let herself go. It wasn't intentionally, it just happened. She ate all the wrong foods and got out of the routine of exercising and soon she didn't have the time or desire. She had grown fat in all the wrong places and felt bad that she was no longer the desirable woman she once was.

By now April was coming again and Candice feel gentle to the floor as her own orgasm engulfed her, too. John continued to hold back until Candice was watching again and he pulled out and as April positioned herself to catch the large amount of his juices she was becoming to expect from him. Candice watched in awe as he continued to pump pulse after pulse onto April waiting mouth and face, what missed her open mouth her eager tongue seemed to be able to find. Candice realized that they were done and she needed to leave before she got caught, her pants were around her ankles and she almost fell over as she tried to pull them up while stepping away, but feeling naughty pulled them off instead and headed for her bedroom.

John gave her mental instructions to go to her room and prepare herself for his visit. She had ten minutes.

Candice thought, "John wants me, too. I need clean myself up. I have only ten minutes, I'll have to hurry.

John and April cuddled enjoying the warmth of each other's company. April couldn't believe how good she felt, after having sex with John; he never failed to leave her breathless, what a good lover he was. She needed to make him a big lunch; he must be hungry after all the work. She would shower and then go to the market. She kissed him and told him her plans and rushed off to shower. John told her that she would be so focused on accomplishing her task that she wouldn't worry about his whereabouts.

John pulled on his pants and strolled to Candice Martin's bedroom as he heard the water from April's bathroom begin.

John opened the door and entered the large master bedroom. Candice Martin was lying in her bed, under the covers, leaning on one arm waiting for John.

"Hello, Johnny," she said in her sensual voice which she reserved for her few lovers, "I've been waiting for you."

"I've been waiting for you too," John said, looking at her full figure lying beneath the bed sheet. "Why don't you come over here and show me how eager you are to see me?"

Candice graceful slid out from under the covers and sauntered into John's arms. She was completely naked. She was short about 5'4" and heavy about 50 lbs. overweight. John remembered how beautiful he found her when he was a young boy. Then she had an athletic body which she kept trim by running and doing all sorts of aerobic exercises. John had a crush on her and was very obedient to any request she made of him whenever he was in their home playing with April or doing their homework assignments together. Their lips met and Candice initiated one of the most erotic kiss he'd ever experienced. The kiss was tender and lasted a minute or more as their tongues inter-twined.

"What do you think," Candice asked as she broke the kiss, and looked lovingly into his eyes waiting for him to tell her what to do next.

"Candice, you are a very beautiful and desirable woman," he told her as he pulled away from her embrace, "Let me look at you," taking her by the hand and turning her so that he could look upon her full naked body.

She was a little reluctant and blushed turning completely pink all over, she knew she wasn't' as pretty as she'd been, but he pushed on her mind allowing her to relax and do as he asked.

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