A Hard Valentine's Day


Her firm ass invited me to smack it and I did so with the flat of my hand, making her gasp. It obviously made her happy because she bent forward and pushed her ass up towards me, as if to offer it to my hand. After giving her ass a few more solid spanks with my hand I wrapped my hands around her, grabbing her small tits and pushing myself into her hard from behind. I knew that with the thin walls the others might be able to hear us but I didn't care.

I was grunting with each thrust and there was an audible sound of our bodies slapping together. Before long Patti started to cry out with each thrust, and I could tell an orgasm was quickly approaching from the familiar noises she was making. As we both moved faster her cries became longer and she shuddered, giving one last loud squeal as I felt her pussy contract around my cock. Her pussy tightened up around me and then it was my turn to bellow out my release as my cock let go and I gushed hot sperm into the deep recesses of her pussy.

Pulling out of her I collapsed on the bed and Patti snuggled onto my chest, lightly kissing me.

"Wow, lover..." she whispered. "That was pretty hot. I might want to try that again soon. I hope we didn't wake up the others."

"I don't care if we did." I groaned, fighting to not let sleep quickly overtake me. The room was silent and suddenly there was a faint noise from the room next door that Heather was sleeping in.

It was a moan. Low and faint but unmistakable. Then we could hear the bed shifting.

"Oh my God!" Patti whispered in my ear. "I think she's masturbating!" I hushed her and we both lay there listening. After our ears adjusted, the sounds were unmistakable. Heather was letting out quiet moans as the bed betrayed her movements. I could picture her hand buried in between her meaty thighs playing with her pussy while she had one hand kneading one of her large breasts. After a couple of minutes the sounds increased in pace and her moans lengthened out as she obviously reached her climax then stopped suddenly.

"Do you ever think about them when we're together?" Patti whispered in my ear, taking hold of my softened cock and gently stroking it. It betrayed me by stirring and trying to get hard again.

"What?" I said. "Of course not. They treat me like crap. Plus I think Heather would rather punch me than fuck me." We both laughed quietly.

"I think you've come a long way in their eyes. Even Heather in the tub was saying how great you've been so far. It's okay if you think about them. I know that I don't have the big tits and the muscular body like they do." Her hand started to stroke me faster.

"Do you ever think about maybe shooting your load over Heather's big tits or grabbing Beth's ass while you're doing her like you just did me?" Her hand had quickly stroked me back into full hardness. "I think your little friend here would like it."

"Maybe he would, but that would be your call. I'll do anything to make you happy." I told her.

Patti laid her head on my chest and slowly stopped the movement of her hand, caressing my cock but letting it deflate. Within minutes she was fast asleep, snoring gently on my chest. I was mildly disappointed that my cock hadn't been able to get inside her for another round of sex, but the night had already been quite eventful.

I was still aroused from the conversation and my mouth was dry from the alcohol and the sex I had just had so I gently lifted her off of me and left the room, heading for the kitchen. Filling a glass with some water I stood by the island and without warning Beth walked into the kitchen. It was somewhat dark so I couldn't see her right away.

"Is Patti asleep?" she said. The light showed that she had bare skin exposed.

"She's out cold. I'm about to join her. Are you okay?" I said. Just then I saw her step partially into the light and saw that she was only wearing a skimpy bra and panties. They were pink in colour and the bra pushed her breasts together to create a large cleavage effect. The panties just barely covered her mound. Her muscular body shone in the faint light and she looked incredibly sexy.

"I'm fine." She said. "I could hear you two in the bedroom. It was kind of hot listening to you." Her hand moved to one of the cups of her top and I saw her squeeze her own breast. She spread her legs and the other hand quickly moved between them. I was too stunned to move but my cock wasn't, and it started to grow again just like it had earlier when the two of us had embraced in her bedroom.

"I think I need to continue what we started earlier. My pussy has been wet all night." She said with a seductive tone.

"Beth...what are you...?" She quickly moved towards me and without warning dropped to her knees in front of me.

"Shut up. I need this." She said. Her hands pulled down my shorts and my semi hard cock was free. Before I knew it she had my cock in her mouth.

"Beth..." I grabbed her shoulders but she threw my hands away. She was obviously determined to suck my cock and even with my wife and her sister sleeping fifteen feet away it was hard to say no. Before a few seconds had passed, the sensations of her mouth on me and seeing her mostly naked had my cock stiff and ready to go again.

She then proceeded to give me the most incredible blow job I had ever received. Her mouth and tongue danced all over my shaft and the sensitive head of my cock. She knew just how hard to suck in order to keep a good amount of friction on the shaft and then slide her lips down and up as if a warm, wet washcloth had a hold of my member. After getting over my initial shock I leaned back against the island and just let her enjoy working on me. She was massaging her breasts with one hand while the other was busy alternating stroking my cock and between her legs.

After a little while she pulled down her bra and I was able to see the gorgeous outline of her tits and two rock hard nipples. The light also danced across her muscular shoulders and arms. She was defined all over. She would briefly take my cock out of her mouth in order to run the wet tip over her nipples and then cover it with her mouth again. The feeling of her hard nipples against just the tip of me made me twitch. She would moan when my cock slid into her mouth and the vibration of her lips and tongue would resonate against me. Her technique was obviously experienced and incredibly effective.

I knew I had to stay quiet in order to listen for either of the other two women so the only sounds were the suction of her mouth and the gentle noises she made while taking my cock into her throat. I couldn't even cry out when my cock stiffened and simply grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled on it to tell her I was about to come. She didn't slow for an instant and soon my climax hit and my cock pulsed out the second load in the past hour into her mouth. I could hear her swallowing my seed. After it was done pulsing she released my cock with a light sounding pop from her mouth.

She quickly stood and looked intensely into my eyes, pushing herself into me and shoving her mouth against mine. Her tongue quickly penetrated my mouth and I could taste the salty residue of my load in her mouth. Her soft breasts pushed against my naked chest as she ground herself into me. Then she disengaged herself and was gone just as quickly as she appeared.

Still panting I had to calm myself down. My wife's sister who I thought didn't exactly like me had just given me an incredible blow job, likely after listening to my wife and I fuck in the next room. Reeling with the thoughts of what had just happened I finished my water and quietly walked back into the room Patti and I shared, climbing into bed. She wrapped her arms around my chest and I finally gave into sleep while thoughts of Beth's hot mouth around my cock kept swirling in my head.

I awoke alone, and the sounds from outside told me that the women were already up and fixing breakfast. I slipped on a robe and slowly shuffled out to the kitchen, where Patti looked up and greeted me. Heather was obviously hung over and just grunted at me, and Beth just gave me a nod and a wry smile.

The women had all planned to go shopping today while I was planning on hitting the local ski hill. After breakfast Patti came into the bedroom as I was getting ready.

"Happy Valentine's Day, lover. Did you sleep okay?" She asked.

"After that hot sex we had? I was out like a light." I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her ass gently, hoping that she might want a quickie before they left. The encounter with Beth after our sex last night had left me incredibly horny and I was hoping that Patti was feeling that way. She usually wasn't into morning sex though, and today was no exception.

She lowered her voice.

"I think the others heard us going at it last night. Heather made a comment about how loud we were."

"Um, do you not remember that she was obviously enjoying hearing us?" I said referring to hearing Heather masturbating in the next room. Patti's face flushed. "I don't care what those two think, I'm enjoying being with my hot wife for the weekend. It's not our fault neither of them have men here this weekend."

"It's Valentine's Day. I think they are both a bit lonely. You know about Heather's marriage and Beth's isn't much better. Right now I think a guy treating them well is really what they need and it's also a good way to get them to finally accept you." She said. No matter what those two did, she always stuck up for them, but she was right. I felt guilty but at the same time wanted to make her happy.

"Tell you what. Tonight I'll cook a great Valentine's feast and you guys can all enjoy it. I'll be the servant again for the night, as long as I'm guaranteed a reward." I squeezed her ass again. The events so far this weekend had warmed me a bit to the other two. Beth and Heather were obviously just lonely and horny. Plus, if it made my wife happy who knew how the night might progress? The sex we had last night was the hottest we had in a while and I wanted some more of that. In the back of my mind I also had visions of her and Beth both taking turns riding me together, but knew that probably wasn't on her menu card either.

She kissed me, sliding her tongue gently into my mouth and causing my cock to stir.

"You're the best." She said. "I think a reward can definitely be arranged. I'll talk to the others and make sure that you're well taken care of." That left a thought in my mind that maybe the three of them had talked about something a bit more than dinner and got me excited.

I quickly gathered my things and spent the morning and a bit of the afternoon on the slopes, which was fantastic. The girls had planned to spend most of the day shopping and I wanted to surprise them all for when they got back so I also drove into the little shopping area they had nearby and bought three large bunches of flowers and some chocolate and candy with a big balloon attached. It would be a nice surprise for all of them. To top it all off I bought a large bag of rose petals for the bedroom that Patti and I were staying in.

Heading back to the chalet I put the flowers and candy on display so they would see them when they walked in and scattered all of the rose petals around our bed. Starting to prepare dinner after a little while I heard the car pull up and laughter as the three women opened the door. Then there was a loud squeal as they saw my surprise in the living room.

"Babe!" Patti cried out. I walked out of the kitchen in my apron and she ran to me, throwing her arms around me. "You're the best."

"Happy Valentine's Day." I said, giving her a strong kiss. I nodded at the other two, who were standing there with strange expressions on their faces. "Happy Valentine's Day to you too, ladies."

"Jesus." Heather said with a sour tone to her voice. "My own fucking husband didn't even call me and is probably fucking his other woman right now and a guy I treat like shit got me flowers and candy." Beth remained quiet but she looked at me and I could see a grateful look in her eyes.

"I guess...you're welcome?" I said with a smile. Heather smiled back at me.

"Sorry. I guess maybe we were wrong about you." It was the closest thing she had ever said to an apology so I took that as a good thing.

"How was shopping?" I quickly asked to diffuse the situation. They each had a couple of bags in their hands, and one of them was labelled Victoria's Secret, which was definitely promising.

"It was great!" Patti exclaimed. "We'll put on a fashion show for you later if you're good." She winked at me.

"Geez, flowers, candy and dinner and I get a maybe? I'm entitled to lap dances for that!" I said laughing. Beth giggled at that point and even Heather broke a smile.

"What, you didn't get enough last night?" Heather said with a grin. "The whole house could hear you two going at it."

"Well, we definitely know you could hear us, little miss masturbator!" Patti said. All three women broke out in laughter and I realized they had probably discussed the events of last night. But had Beth talked about what had happened between us? I doubted it because the reception probably would have been a lot different.

"Wine is cold and dinner will be ready in thirty, so let's all relax and enjoy ourselves for another night. Sound good?" I said. All three women gathered their bags and headed to their respective rooms.

I popped open a bottle of wine. Beth was the first of them to join me in the kitchen, and what she was wearing almost made me drop my wine glass. Her tight body was encased in yoga pants that looked like they were painted on and a simple spaghetti strap workout top that showed off her rippling stomach. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath because her nipples were quite hard.

"I hope you don't mind my casual clothing?" She said, turning her ass to me as she opened the fridge to get the wine.

"Absolutely not." I whispered, suddenly losing my voice. Was she determined to seduce me in front of her sister?

Heather walked in next and was wearing a dress, which was odd considering it was winter. And it wasn't just any dress, but short, loose and flowing around her large legs. It was also obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra because her breasts swung freely through the large crack in the top of it. My head started to wonder what was going on with the two of them dressed so sexy.

Then my wife walked in and I knew something was definitely up. She was dressed in a small kilt skirt and a white blouse with a black bra underneath that showed off her thin frame but was also incredibly sexy. She had long sheer stockings on that just showed the tops. It was like a schoolgirl fantasy come to life.

"Did you pick up that outfit shopping?" I asked.

"Yes. I thought you might like it later, but it's a reward for all of your hard work." She said, twirling. "Beth and Heather thought you might like their outfits too."

"You're all right." I said, still stammering. I fired back a quick gulp of wine and tried to compose myself. All three women looked incredibly sexy in their own different ways and the night was going to be hard with all those bodies on display, just like my cock.

We stood there idly chatting and I was getting a definite eyeful of breast meat and some incredible legs. Beth's ass was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen in those pants, and Heather's breasts were basically falling out of her top. Even my wife standing there in her stockings slightly bent over showed just the crack of her bottom with black panties clearly visible.

"So, what positions did you guys use last night when you were going at it?" Heather suddenly asked. Patti smiled.

"Doggie. He likes to take me from behind but we don't do it very often because he gets so deep it hurts me." She responded.

"Like that should ever be considered a problem." Heather sneered. "The only way Jack could get that deep is if he was wearing a strap on. I love getting fucked really hard and deep." The conversation had turned more than personal quite quickly and I was enjoying it.

"What about your personal trainer?" I threw in, letting them know I had overheard the conversation last night. Her face blushed briefly but she didn't let it show.

"Well, I'm paying him for his time so I get to be on top. That's of course after he eats my pussy for a good long time. His tongue is magnificent. He can eat my pussy for hours." She stuck hers out at me.

Deciding to take the lead on this conversation just to see where it would lead, I turned to Beth.

"So Beth, what's your favourite position?"

"I like it in my ass." I almost choked all of a sudden. Those words coming out of her mouth and combined with what she was wearing just made my cock twitch even more. She continued. "There's nothing like a big hard cock just sliding in and filling me up completely. It's even better when I can fill up my pussy while he's fucking me there." She even subconsciously ran her hands down her ass cheeks as she spoke and her nipples were rock hard through her shirt. It was incredibly sexy.

Both other women laughed, but it was suddenly the nervous kind. I knew that Patti never wanted me to touch her back there and likely Heather, for all her bravado hadn't either. Obviously there was another side to Beth that neither of them knew either. The room almost glowed with an anticipatory air of what we were all talking about and wearing. I was very happy to be the only male in the house.

"Well, on that note dinner is ready!" I said to diffuse the situation briefly. I had to make sure that Patti was fine with everything the way it was progressing. I busied myself with serving and motioned to the women to sit down at the table. As we ate and continued to drink there were again several times where Heather and Patti let their respective tops slide mostly open and flash me. I was sitting across from my wife and her foot was busy in my lap almost as soon as we sat down, keeping my erection hard throughout dinner.

After the main course I headed to the bathroom, and it was all that I could do not to just jerk myself off there to get some relief, but I wanted to see where this night was heading. I had to spend a few minutes coaxing my hard on down in order to pee, and when I returned all three women were standing in the kitchen. The chocolate I bought for them was melting in a pot on the stove.

"So we all had an idea." Patti said, looking at me with a glint in her eye. "For being such a good husband today I thought you deserved a reward and this melted chocolate is just the trick." She pointed to the preparation they had made on the stove. This was promising. "Have a seat". Heather pulled out my chair and I hesitantly sat down. She held a scarf in her hand and quickly it was around my eyes, blocking my vision.

"You get to guess which one of us it is touching you each time. Does that sound like fun?" Heather said, with a low tone to her voice. I realized that this night was going to get out of hand and was really looking forward to it.

"Sounds good, but only if Patti is okay with it." I said. My cock had already regrown wondering what they had in mind. Patti didn't say a word so I assumed she was okay with this.

I heard a bit of movement in the room and suddenly felt a finger brush something sticky across my lips. It was the chocolate from the stove and it was warm and sugary tasting. Then just as suddenly I felt a pair of soft lips that could only be my wife's caress me in the same place. Her soft tongue licked at my lips and face until most of the chocolate was cleared off, and she took the opportunity to slide her sugary tongue into my mouth several times. I reached my hands up to feel her body just to make sure but she swatted them away, giggling. Hearing her laughter it was obviously her.

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