tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 02

A New Way of Life Ch. 02


This is part 2 of a multiple part story explaining how a husband succumbed to the inducements of his American employer to become a man who not only fucked other women, but also introduced his wife to the same lifestyle.

The months went by rapidly. Even the bad news that Azizah could not join him immediately didn't overcome the good, that he was a father of two young male children. Azman was no longer the "stranger" who had found a place in Earl and Ting's home and became a fixture at the parties which were frequently held in the neighborhood. Azman felt totally immersed in the culture of this American couple who seemed to have no modesty when in their home or in the yard where a high fence provided privacy. He remembered the night when he had received the news that he was a father, an event celebrated by his host and their friends. He knew he had had too much to drink that night, but he still remembered the events that followed.

When the rest of the party had left, Earl and Ting invited him to join them in the hot tub. It was something that Azman had avoided up until then. The temptation was just too much. Both Earl and Ting insisted on using the tub without suits. Before that night, even the sight of Ting's luscious tits through the patio door had sent Azman's cock into a spasm of delight. His lust increased with each such event. His need for sex was overcoming him. Even so, he had resisted it until that night. He blamed the excess alcohol for what followed. The day had been cool. Summer was over, fading rapidly into a pleasant fall. That night he had watched the plumes of steam from the warm water curling about his host and his wife. It had proved too much and he found himself in that hot tub modestly wearing his bathing suit until Ting, with a laugh had insisted that he must remove it. Dutch courage overcame Azman's natural modesty and he found himself pulling his trunks down, then tossing them onto the wooden deck surrounding the tub.

"Oh, look, he's really becoming bold. Maybe in a few more months we can entice him into some of our parties in the party room," Ting had said with a chuckle.

Azman had wondered about those parties. At least once a week and sometimes more often, couples of Earl and Ting's friends had gone into that room adjacent to his own. Even through walls that had been soundproofed, he could hear things which made him blush. He had fought down his inclination to join them as Ting and Earl had so often insisted he do. He had heard of such parties, even in his home in Kuala Lumpur, but had never been invited to one. Here it seemed to go on and on well into the night and sometimes even overnight until smiling couples kissed and hugged their host and hostess and gave him an amused smile as they left.

So, on the first night that Azman had joined his new family in the warm, neck-deep water he was comforted by the fact that little could be seen through the rapidly bubbling water - that is until Earl had turned off the high speed jets. The now slowly moving water had left Ting's full breasts on display. Earl had seen the direction of his rapt attention and laughed.

"Ting, I think Azman had found something he really enjoys watching. How about it Az (the couples shortened name for their guest), like the view, or do you want Ting to cover them?" Azman swallowed hard, then nodded, "yes, yes... I mean no, don't cover them, please. They are beautiful!" That comment earned him a brief kiss on the cheek from Ting. Earl laughed as he watched his friend's face flush without ever taking his eyes off Ting's marvelous attributes. "Ting has been telling me for weeks about her plan to put you in this position," Earl admitted, still smiling. "I've told her she didn't have a ghost of a chance, but it looks like I was wrong. Show him, honey."

With that, Ting had taken both of Azman's hands and placed them on her breasts. "There, isn't that better? I know you've been watching me, and I've encouraged it shamelessly. You've held out for much longer than some of our other friends. It must be your love for Azizah, but she isn't here and I am, so enjoy! I won't tell." With that, Ting covered both of Azman's hands with her own, grinding them into her tits, as she sighed in pleasure.

"It's been months since you came, Az," Ting said softly. "I don't know how you've managed to go so long without sex. Earl could never go that long without some pussy, so why should you. Remember, we told you that you have to help yourself around here, and I fully intend to do just that." With that remark, Ting dropped one hand deep into the water and curled it around Azman's cock. It had already reached full arousal and Ting's touch seemed to bring it to an even more aroused state.

"Oh," she said as her fingers closed over Azman's throbbing erection. "He's got a good one, honey," she said with a smile to her husband. "Can I use it?"

"I certainly wouldn't have any objection," Earl nodded with a smile of his own. "After all you know how I feel about things like that." He watched his wife stand in the tub, still holding Azman with one hand. Turning away from the furiously blushing Azman, she slowly lowered herself onto his lap. Azman did nothing until he felt the head of his cock push through the tight ring of muscle guarding Ting's vagina then, with a lurch of his hips, he drove the first couple of inches into her. Earl smiled.

Ting cooed with pleasure. Wriggling her hips, she forced the swollen member deeper into her. She knew that the water would inhibit the flow of juices which would make it easier for Azman to enter her, but she was determined to take his substantial length into her, before he spewed his cum, as the delight of a new cunt sent him to paradise. "Ah,' she sighed as she felt her ass come into contact with Azman's pubic bone. "That feels so very, very nice. Please cum in me, Az. I want to feel your cum filling me up before we get out of here and really get to enjoy each other."

Azman couldn't have prevented that even if a gun had been pointed at his head. He felt the swelling sensation in his nut bag just before that first hot jet was fired into Ting's smoldering cunt followed by at least three more. The semen that had leaked from her cunt in thick threadlike streams when the water washed their juices away soon coated his hands, wrapped tightly around Ting's tits.

"Mmm, we need to go inside and get this cleaned up," Ting suggested, looking down at the mess the water had brought to the surface. "But you'll have to carry me. I'm not about to let this hard cock out of my pussy. It feels too good!" By some means Azman never understood, Ting turned in his lap until she could wrap her long legs around his waist. As he stood up, Ting sighed with pleasure. "Ah, that's even deeper. I love the feeling of your cock inside me. Earl, lead us into the playpen. I have the distinct feeling that Az isn't through with me by a long shot!" Azman realized the same thing as he felt his own still swollen cock eke out another string of cum into his friend's wife.

Earl opened the door to the patio and led them down the hall to the playpen. He watched Azman lay his wife in the middle of the four-inch thick foam rubber pad covered with a cotton sheeting, underlain with soft plastic that prevented any semen from seeping through the covering and into the foam. Azman never lost his connection with her, laying her gently down, then covering her with his body, a near match in height. To his surprise however, Ting used one foot as leverage to turn their two bodies over until she was atop him.

"Just relax a moment, honey," she purred. "You've been so fascinated by these that I want to give you a chance to really taste them." With that remark, Ting slid higher on Azman's chest to place one nipple in his mouth. "Ah," she sighed, feeling his lips tighten around that swollen flesh and the suction of his mouth pulling it deeper. His teeth scraped her nipple with each inward pull, sending a tremor of pleasure through Ting's body. "That's it," she said as she used her fingers to comb Azman's hair and pressed her breast harder against his welcoming mouth. "I knew you were a tit man from the first day I saw you. Now we're really going to have some fun!" With that said, Ting slid lower on Azman's body, pressing her swollen clit against the underside of his cock. She shuddered with pleasure, then slid upward again until she could feel the head of his swollen organ pressed tightly to her equally swollen pussy lips, then enter her.

Ting sat bolt upright on Azman's cock, driving it completely inside her with one shuddering thrust. Both hands held her breasts as she rose slightly, then let herself fall once more on the thick cock filling her. She gasped as the pleasure overtook her, reaching down once more for Azman's hands and holding them over her breasts as she began slowly posting up and down on his growing length.

Earl, lying beside the two lovers, watched with pleasure. He never tired of seeing Ting fucking other men. He knew from his own experience that his wife's tight cunt could massage a man's cock to the point he could no longer withhold the cum that would fill her to her delight. She loved having her lovers cum fill her pussy, then having him eat it from that wonderful cup of lust. He wondered if his friend was one who found it as delightful as he, but he knew that question would not, if Ting had her way, be answered soon. Ting loved to fuck and to be fucked. Earl had learned this early in their marriage and found, ever since that day the first had filled her pussy with their cum, that the more men who fucked his wife, the more he loved her. Ting had grown accustomed to his needs within short order and allowed their friends to fuck her as soon as Earl gave his approval. She too became so enthralled by the art of recreational sex that any act was acceptable, although she never enjoyed anything more than feeling a strange cock fill her cunt as she watched her husband being screwed by another woman. It was a match made in the halls of lust.

Despite the fact he had shot his wad into Ting's welcoming pussy while in the hot tub, Azman felt that boiling hot sensation again crowding his balls. It was pure bliss to be deep in Ting's hot cunt, his hands caressing her firm, tight tits. He used his handhold on each to pull her down to him once again and sent his tongue into her open mouth as she too gasped at the pleasure filling her. Ting readily accepted his admiration, expressed so perfectly in his tongue searching her mouth. She knew Earl would be watching her and admiring her use of her beautiful body to bring Azman to the peak of arousal again and again as he fucked her. It wasn't until moments later though that she felt Earl's hands on her hips as she lay atop Azman. He was behind her, the tip of his cock pressing with Azman into her tight cunt. She relaxed the muscles guarding her core and felt the bulging head slide into her lubricated by Azman's cum-slick cock. It was unusual for him to add his own lust to that of her partner during the first meeting of her and her lovers, but she also knew that the sensations would be exquisite for Azman as well as her husband. The lips of her pussy were so stretched by the combined girth of the two men's male muscles that it was almost painful, but it was a very sensual pain that added to her pleasure as she felt both men now began filling her at the same time.

Azman was surprised and somewhat taken aback at Earl's entry into his wife's pussy, but realized that it had only tightened Ting's cunt beyond anything he had ever experienced before and he soon found himself pumping in unison with Earl as Ting's passion groaned into his mouth. He could hold it no longer, and felt the first blast of cum shoot deep into his lover's tight channel. He held his cock still, buried so deeply in her that he knew the sperm must be filling her cervix, exactly as it had Azizah's months before when he had impregnated her.

Ting felt the hot sauce filling her to overflowing and reveled in the sensation of her own body responding in an orgasm that sent spirals of light and pleasure through her. She pulled her lover closer as she almost fainted from the delightful filling of her channel. She was kissing him passionately as she felt a second blast of hot cum mix with her and her lover's juices when Earl too let a blast of baby making sperm join with theirs. Soon all three were jerking and shuddering as the sensations of lust shook their bodies as well as their minds. It took almost a full five minutes for Ting to realize that both men had emptied their balls deep inside her in what would no doubt have resulted in a baby had not she had her tubes tied before beginning her own experimentation with recreational sex. She lay atop Azman, reveling in the feeling of fullness for long after the following spurts of their hot juices had ended until she realized that their mixed juices were now overflowing onto Azman's empty scrotum.

Earl got off of her first. She heard the sound of his cock being pulled from her and felt a sadness that it could not remain inside her. The sucking sound followed again when she raised herself from Azman's body and let the rich seed flow from her vagina over her lover.

"Not yet," she said as Azman began to raise himself from beneath her. "The two of you have given me so much, now you need to clean me." Azman started to protest as she knee-walked higher on his body until her pussy was directly over his mouth. Holding it open with two fingers, she let the soupy white mix flow over his mouth until he explored it with his tongue, then opened wide to accept her gift that he and Earl had generated.

Azman was shocked at first, when he perceived what was expected of him. Azizah had never insisted he swallow the seeds of life from her when they fucked. Curious although he might have been, he had never insisted she let him clean the accumulated juices from her fully open channel. This was a first, and the first tentative laps of his tongue told him he had been missing one of life's great treasures. He pulled his arms free and held Ting's thighs wide as his tongue slid inside her. She was smiling widely as she felt that warm lingual digit free her from the sticky, pudding-like spending of Azman and her husband. For his part, suddenly Azman could not get enough. He buried his face tightly into Ting's crotch, seeking all of the juices that were so delightful to his taste. Tonguing the slightly salty clumps of cum into his mouth, he began to relish the taste of a woman, something he had never known before.

"He's good," Ting purred, "very, very good. The others will love him," she told her husband who sat, cross-legged, watching his wife feed the life forming seed to her lover. Only when there was nothing left did Ting rise slightly, then slip downward until her face was even with her lover's cock. Taking it in her mouth, she cleaned it until it was left as spotless as her own labia. "And he tastes good too," she managed to murmur around the thick member filling her mouth. Azman's hands were clasped tightly behind her head, begging wordlessly for her to continue sucking his throbbing rod.

In Part 3, we see Earl pressing Azman to fuck the other ladies in their group while his wife is shared by the other men and he enjoys the pleasures of the other ladies.

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