tagErotic HorrorA Night in the Morgue

A Night in the Morgue


The head nurse must have thought it amusing to send the latest young trainee female recruit down to the morgue to cover for the creepy guy that normally works there. As if that wasn't bad enough, it happened to be the evening shift until the early hours of the morning.

Well, she had seen dead bodies before whilst in training, ok, it was with a group of others and during the day and this time she was going to be all on her own, still, not as if they can cause her any trouble like the last late night shift she was on in the geriatric ward.

So after being shown the way by 2 other nurses who had just started a few weeks before her, both telling her that this was part of the new nurses initiation rites, to spend a night in the morgue alone.

She heard the male nurse say something to his female colleague as they were leaving her, she couldn't make it out, but it had made them both laugh.

Good job she had her mp3 player and brought a hot book with her, she thought as she cleared a space on the paper strewn desk, choosing an appropriate music selection, she sat down to read, there didn't seem a great deal else to do down here.

Meanwhile, upstairs -

The male nurse was laid out while his female accomplice was using some makeup on him to make him look pale, this was going to scare that stuck up teasing nurse and while he was at it, he was going to try and get a feel of her too, may as well get some reward for all his trouble.

After being assured he looked dead they slipped a porter some money to wheel him away. The porter didn't speak any English, so he was perfect for the job.

Back in the morgue --

Getting more into her book, she let her fingers wander up her nylon clad thigh, feeling safe in the knowledge that nobody ever came down here unless they really had to visit.

Reading a particularly hot explicit description she propped one of her legs up on the side of the desk, so as to get her hand up inside her skirt.

With one foot on the floor and the other leg sprawled on the desk top, she rubbed her fingers over her hosed pussy, just enough pressure to help imagine she was the girl in the book.

The girl in the book had been pinned up against a wall as her assailant was pushing his hand under her tight skirt, roughly ripping her hose apart to get inside. The young trainee nurse had always thought the idea of being taken forcefully was a turn on, well, in fiction at least.

She wasn't going to rip her expensive new hose apart like in the book, but she could certainly lower them enough to get her hand inside, reading how the guy in the book was roughly feeling the held girl's pussy, she rubbed her own firmly up and down.

Closing her eyes so as to imagine herself as the girl being roughly handled, she rubbed her pussy harder, feeling it begin to moisten, inserting a finger and finding the clit, moaning and unaware that if anyone was near they could hear her, the sound of the sensual music in her ears drowning out her own groans of pleasure.

The book was forgotten now as she let her imagination run wild, letting it fall on the floor so as to enable both her hands to work her pussy, one holding the hose down so the other hand had full access to the pussy.

She was now dripping wet, her fingers were covered in juices, with one final hard pull on her enlarged clit she orgasmed so hard she was shaking, that must have been the effect of imagining her being the girl in the book being raped.

Slowly opening her eyes she was shocked to see someone watching her, she quickly stood up and straightened her skirt, hoping he hadn't seen her playing with herself.

She walked awkwardly towards him, her hose still partly down her legs underneath her skirt.

He didn't say anything, just pointed towards a dead body he had just wheeled down and passed his pen across to her to sign for it, as she reached towards the pen she could she her fingers were still wet and glistening in the fluorescent lights, praying he wouldn't notice, she grabbed the pen and signed quickly, he went away with the pen in his mouth, adding to her already huge embarrassment.

Heading back to her chair, red faced, just hoping he was one of the staff without any English, dreading it would get around her colleagues, that she had been caught with her legs spread, hose down and feeling her pussy, in of all places, the morgue.

Trying to regain her composure, she hoisted her skirt up to rearrange her twisted hose, giving up, she decided it was easier just to take them off, not only that, they were soaking wet too, putting them in a top drawer, she reminded herself to take them out at the end of her shift, else the creepy guy that normally works there would have a nice surprise.

Only once she had sat down again did she remember the dead body that had been delivered, if he had still been alive he would have had a lovely view of her lifting her legs high to take her tangled hose off.

In fact, looking across, he was staring directly at her, even though those eyes couldn't see anymore, it still made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

If it hadn't have been for his deathly white shade of skin, he would have still looked alive, if his eyes were anything to go by.

Trying to recapture her mood before the interruption, she lifted one leg back onto the desk top and picked up her book, wanting to see if the ending of the scene was anything like she had imagined. Turning up the volume of her mp3 player, she forgot the dead eyes that were staring directly between her spread legs.

Finding out at the end of the chapter that the girl had cum against her will, the pumping of the big cock inside her too much too resist, she decided it was time for her to cum again, this time able to enjoy it with no cutting off short, closing her eyes; she stroked her already wet pussy.

Whilst in her own sensual dream, she didn't notice the laid out body beginning to stir, as if the erotically charged air had awakened it, even from death.

Stumbling towards the unaware girl, blissfully rubbing her pussy, her face showing her enjoyment, the dead guy fell to his knees and edged nearer, right in between her spread legs, only a foot or so away from the fingers working inside her pussy, close enough to hear the squelching noises as her fingers went in and out.

The dead guy, to all appearances a Zombie, had his tongue out, like a dog, watching the young girl in front of him, so close, so that if he could, he could have felt the heat coming from her body.

Her moans indicating that she was approaching another orgasm, his head moved in even closer, with her body arching in orgasm he moved in, forcing her hands away from the unprotected pussy, his head burying itself in between her legs, his long tongue forcing its way deep inside her soaking wet pussy, lapping away, his face covered in her juices.

With the onset of her orgasm, she couldn't stop herself, the long tongue inside her intensifying it, once the initial wave of pleasure had subsided, she tried to extricate herself, only to find her thighs gripped firmly by whatever was eating her pussy.

Seeing the empty place where the dead body had been previously, her mind tried to comprehend what was happening, whilst her mind was recoiling in horror, her pussy was getting even more excited from the fast tonguing it was receiving, the tongue going in so deep and not having any need to slow down.

The zombie between her legs seeming to need the hot juices from a young living girl's body to energise it, the more it drank down the more alive it became.

With the onset of her third orgasm, she just went limp, the zombie took the opportunity to pick her up and push her onto the desk, her upper body laid on the paper strewn table top, her skirt up above her waist.

Forcing her legs apart, he felt in between, feeling how soaked she was, grasping his huge cock he worked it a few times to get it to maximum size and hardness, with no gentleness, he lodged it inside her pussy lips and once satisfied it was at the entrance to her hole, he pushed in hard.

Grasping her hips he pulled her to him, getting in as deep as her pussy allowed, once in all the way he began to grind his engorged cock against her, all she was capable of after the initial gasp as he entered, was a groan, her mind unable to accept what was happening to her.

Pulling back he now began to pump her hot tight hole fast and deep, pushing her hard against the desk, so hard it moved forward on each stroke.

The zombie was groaning, enjoying the last pussy it would ever have, even in death its cock couldn't last long inside such a tight young pussy, with one final push it began to cum deep inside her, she could feel it spurt, her pussy taking it as a signal to cum again, so excited from its earlier attention that it couldn't discriminate anymore.

The dead guy pulled back and collapsed in exhaustion, if such a thing was possible, taking the opportunity to escape, she twisted away from him and ran, pulling her skirt down.

Back upstairs ...

The doors were flung open and the young trainee nurse went flying by her female colleague, the one that had shown her the way to the morgue earlier, the other nurse thought, damn, that make up must have worked well, I wonder what he did to her.

Turning the corner with a smile on her face, she saw her male colleague being wheeled towards her, he was sat up trying to talk to the uncooperative man pushing him along, as he saw her, he shouted, "This damn stupid guy has been wheeling me all over the hospital, he can't understand that I want to go down to the morgue!"

The female nurse turned back and faced towards the exit where the fraught trainee had fled a few minutes before, wondering what had made her run off like the devil was behind her.

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