tagGroup SexA Very Sexy Night In

A Very Sexy Night In


"Wow that must have been one of the worst nights out ever," groaned Jack as he stepped back through the front door of his house.

"I know I can't believe that no club would let us in," replied his girlfriend Lauren as she followed him through to the living room and took a seat next to him on the couch. "Next time we'll have to make better plans to make a real night of it." The two of them had been out celebrating their friend Kirsty's 23rd birthday with friends. However, with the centre of town so busy they had been forced to head home before it was even 9 o clock.

"Yep I suppose there's always next time," Jack said as he eyed up his other half. Secretly he was not too disappointed that their night on the town had been cut short. Although her waistline may be deemed slightly rounder than what was considered flawless, the short, purple cocktail dress Lauren had adorned for the evening capped off her succulent D cup breasts and stunning long legs perfectly. With her shoulder length brunette hair she looked practically edible to Jack. Now with their evening's entertainment curtailed he hoped they could start a party of their own. As he gazed into her dark eyes, he gently moved his lips towards hers and they met in a delicate, sensual kiss. As their tongues collided Jack slowly began to move his left hand up her thigh, gradually easing it towards her breast. Just as he was beginning to mechanically knead her voluptuous chest they were suddenly interrupted.


"Shit who's that?" Yelled Lauren as she awoke from her trance and reaching for her handbag to retrieve her phone. "What does she want at this time?" She said quizzically studying the screen of her phone before answering. "Hiya what's up? Really that's terrible!? Sure you can stay here I guess see you in a little while."

At those final words Jack's heart sank, it appeared that the evenings activities would be adjourned once again. Now he slumped down on the sofa and ran his fingers through his short, dirty blonde hair whilst adjusting the way his blue shirt fell on his slender shoulders.

"That was Kirsty," Lauren commented putting her phone down. "She's with the rest of the gang and apparently they don't have enough money for a cab home, so I've said they can crash here for the night." A look of frustration bestowed Jack's face at this point. Once the night's festivities had been cut short, Jack and Lauren had walked home to their house close by in the town centre whilst the others had made different plans. Now he knew for sure that any intimacy with his girlfriend would have to be postponed.

"How are we going to fit five extra people in here?" Jack grumbled. "It's cramped enough as it is."

"I'm not sure but I'm sure we'll manage," replied Lauren. "We've got the spare room for starters."

A few minutes later a knock on the door was heard which signalled the arrival of their friends.

"Sorry to take advantage of you like this at such short notice," apologised Kirsty as she led the group through the front door. Jack had always been impressed with Kirsty's fantastic figure and having been recently made single she was clearly not afraid to show it off. Her tightly fitting white top and skin tight jeans accentuated her firm C cup breasts and round butt perfectly. Her look was finished off by a pair of ankle high brown heeled boots whilst her shoulder length platinum blonde hair made her look like she belonged on a beach in California. Jack had always been impressed with the sexy confidence Kirsty displayed and secretly wondered whether she continued it into the bedroom.

"It's no trouble at all," Lauren replied as everyone filed into the living room. Even after Jack had brought through some extra chairs from the kitchen it still looked extremely cramped with seven people now huddled around. As well as Kirsty their friends Anna, Flo, Mark and Steve were now all tightly packed into the room.

"Well I may as well get us some drinks," said Jack wandering off into the kitchen in an attempt to play the good host. He returned shortly clutching a case of beers as well as a bottle of wine. As the drink started to flow, the conversation also began running freely amongst the group as they reminisced about past times. Just as the chatter was beginning to dry up and discussions began on sleeping arrangements, Anna spotted something in the corner of her eye.

"What's that?" She queried pointing a delicate finger towards the top of a cupboard in the corner of the room. Shit Jack thought as he immediately saw what she was pointing at. Anna was the pettiest of the group standing at only about 5'4". Her black dress hugged her slender figure made her look incredibly sexy and was capped off by her short brown hair. Now Jack sat staring into her intoxicating dark eyes desperately searching for an easy explanation to the situation.

"Oh that," he replied tentatively. "That's just a board game a friend from college designed and brought round to show me. He must have left it here by accident." Technically this was not a lie as Jack had been given the game by a friend. However he still did not want to divulge the nature of the game. He had received the game from a friend who had suggested he try and play it with Lauren as it had done wonders for him and his partners sex life. However, Jack had not yet had the courage to approach Lauren and suggest trying it out.

"Your friend designed a board game!? Let's take a look!" Exclaimed Flo who sounded far more excited at this news than she should have been. The brunette was a similar height to Kirsty with both standing at around 5'6", however her stomach was not quite as flat as the blonde's. Her ample C cup bosom was well displayed by a tight fitting navy vest top and a short white pencil skirt exemplified her fine ass. Reluctantly Jack got up and reached to grab the box from the top of the cupboard, having to make use of the whole of his six foot frame in order to reach it.

"Oooh open it up so we take a look," Flo continued noting the title 'Daredevils' emblazoned across the lid in bright red lettering.

"The game is similar in style to monopoly I think," Jack explained nervously. "There a various different properties around the board which players can buy." At this point he unfolded the board which had various different squares around the outside of it. However instead of being titled with different landmarks they had things like 'nightclub', 'gym', 'bus stop', 'bar' and 'sauna' scrawled across them. "How the game differs slightly though is that players also have to complete certain tasks when landing on squares that gradually increase in difficulty." At this point Jack got up and motioned to put the box back on the cupboard.

"Sounds interesting," said Mark looking around the room. "Perhaps we should give it a quick spin before we hit the hay." There was a general murmuring of agreement around the room. Bollocks thought Jack. He knew that Mark had always been the athletic type and Jack bet that it was the prospect of showing off to the girls during the games challenges that appealed him. Today he was wearing a short blue polo shot which exemplified his bear like arms, matched up with a pair of dark jeans whilst he had spiked up his short brown hair. Now Jack faced the prospect of having to explain why he had such an unusual board game to some of his close friends.

"I suppose I better get another round of drinks then," he said walking nervously back to the kitchen.

When Jack returned, the rest of the group had setup the game with all the cards next to the relevant square.

"There seems to be three different levels of cards," Flo, who seemed to have taken charge, explained to Jack as he handed out drinks. "They're labelled 'tame', 'moderate' and 'wild'".

With the 'tame' cards in play to begin with, it was decided that Anna would throw the dice first. She landed on a square labelled 'Q & A'.

"Well take a card and see what it says," Steve said encouragingly, motioning her towards the correct pile. Butterflies began to tingle in Jack's stomach, knowing what could be potentially on the cards.

"Who is your favourite musician?" Anna read slowly from the small card. "Well that's easy," she quickly continued. "I'm a massive Usher fan." A wave of relief shook through Jack's body. He decided that with the intensity of the early cards being so low, there was a good chance that the rest of the group may grow bored of the game before it became too intense.

Next to throw was Mark, who landed on the square marked 'gym'.

"Do ten sit ups," he read from the card. "With a player of the opposite sex holding your feet. Well Kirsty if you wouldn't mind doing the honours!" He finished, grinning devilishly as he moved to the centre of the room.

"I bet you loved the view of my boobs," Kirsty muttered as she got off his feet as he finished.

"Yep wasn't bad!" Mark replied with a wry smile across his face.

The group continued to take turns rolling the dice and buying properties, as well as completing the relatively mundane tasks requested by the game. These included Lauren having to give a light shoulder massage to Kirsty and Jack having to take a swig of everyone else's drink. That was until Steve landed on the square marked 'sauna'.

"Hmmm well I wasn't expecting this" he said stroking his short dark hair.

"What does it say?" Anna enquired looking confused as to what could be troubling him.

"Remove one article of clothing. Well if socks count I suppose there's no problem with it?" Steve said, who sounded as if he was determined not to be the first person to back out of a dare.

Steve was the person in the group who Jack knew the least well. He was a little bit shorter than Jack and Mark at around 5'10" with short dark hair. Tonight he was wearing a yellow t-shirt as well as a pair of dark jeans.

"Yea sounds fine to me," Lauren replied. "I wonder what these challenges are like as they get harder." Little did she know what might be to come thought Jack as Steve quickly removed his smart brown shoes followed by his sock's.

Next to throw was Flo who had to pick up a card marked 'Q&A'.

"Describe in detail the craziest place you have had sex," Flo read. With the steady flow of booze, her inhibitions clearly seemed to have dropped as she quickly continued. "Oh well that's easy it was a few years ago now." She took a long slug of her drink before continuing her tale. "Well I met this guy at a party and we were on our way back to his place to get in on. Anyway we couldn't wait that long and we began making out in this bus shelter. One thing led to another and eventually I pulled his cock out of his trousers and began stroking it hard. Soon I had hiked up my skirt and we fucked right there in the bus shelter, him sitting down with me on top of him. Even though he didn't last long the rush was incredible. I'm still not sure why I did it but I don't think I've ever felt that horny before. It's all I think about now when I'm playing with myself at night."

The rest of the group sat there open mouthed and Jack could even feel a slight bulge starting to emerge in his jeans. He had heard some rumour's about Flo's sexual past that were pretty racy and hearing this story did nothing to dispel them.

"Wow," Anna gasped. "I knew you were a crazy chick but that is another level."

"I know," Flo replied. "The weird thing was after that we didn't even go home together and we never saw each other again."

After that startling story, the rest of the group began to grow in confidence. Mark confidently removed his polo shirt when asked to remove an article of clothing, revealing a ripped chest and flat stomach to the rest of the group. Meanwhile as a forfeit for landing on a square own by Jack, Lauren had to reward her boyfriend with a passionate kiss, merely heightening the sexual tension in the room. Flo also became the first female player to show some skin as she drunkenly removed her top to reveal a very sexy red lace bra.

Eventually almost all the tame cards had been used up.

"Shall we add in the next level of cards?" Queried Anna to which there was a general murmur of agreement. The general consensus was that the game had been fun to play so far so they may as well see what else it had in store. After a short break where drinks were refilled it was Steve's turn to roll.

"What the fuck!?" He exclaimed reading the card he had been required to pick up. "You will be handcuffed by the group until it's your turn to roll again."

"Can we even do that one?" Kirsty questioned. "Surely you guys don't have any handcuffs lying around the house?"

"Actually that's where you're wrong," Lauren replied with an impish grin on her face. She quickly wondered upstairs and returned with a pair of handcuffs coated in pink fur. "Let's get these on you big boy," she whispered sexily in Steve's ear as she ran her soft hands up his firm torso to his shoulders, before quickly putting the cuffs in place securing his wrists behind his back.

"Wow I didn't realise you guys were this kinky!" Kirsty exclaimed looking impressed at her friends openness. "Well I suppose it's always the quiet ones!"

"Well we do like to play around from time to time," Lauren responded blushing deeply. Her and Jack both had an adventurous side in the bedroom and both had a number of role playing fantasies they had experimented with. However they were both extremely shy when talking about sex with their friends and neither of them had ever expressed their desires publicly.

Kirsty was the next player to roll the dice. After landing on a square marked 'challenge' she read the card she picked up.

"Kiss each player in the group for ten seconds." Without any hesitation she turned to the immobilized Steve and jumped on top of him, straddling his lap and planting her hands on his shoulders. She then powerfully clamped her lips to Steve's, driving her tongue into his mouth. As the two of them aggressively made out, timed seemed to stand still. Eventually Kirsty broke away from the kiss, leaving Steve looking unfulfilled.

Next up in the group for Kirsty was Anna. At this point Jack assumed that the game would be toned down a level, with the girls exchanging a simple peck on the cheek. However he was in for a pleasant surprise. The kiss began slowly enough, with the two girls lip's gently meeting initially before their tongues began to slowly entwine. Gradually their kiss intensified, and Jack swore he saw Kirsty make a grab for Anna's breast as they broke away from each other.

Next up for Kirsty was Jack, which was a problem for him due to the throbbing erection he was sporting as a result of what he had just witnessed. He was also fairly certain that Lauren wouldn't approve of him kissing her best friend in front of her. However he had no choice but to go ahead as Kirsty quickly scooted up to him on the sofa before arranging herself sideways on his lap. She then put her arms around his neck drawing his face towards hers. Their lips soon collided, causing a surge of adrenaline throughout Jack's body. As their tongues wrestled and exchanged saliva, Jack was taken in by the intoxicating scent of Kirsty's perfume which only caused the hardness in his groin to intensify further. Quickly though she broke away from the kiss, leaving Jack wondering how much longer he would have survived without making a mess of his jeans.

"I felt that!" Kirsty whispered mischievously in Jack's ear as she got off his lap.

As Kirsty continued to take her challenge, exchanging kisses with Lauren, Mark and Flo Jack could barely pay any attention, finding it hard to believe how turned on he was from the evenings activities. The high level of arousal in the rest of the group was also undeniable. The game continued with challenges and forfeits being completed keenly. There was even a certain amount of competiveness within the group as well after Kirsty's impressive performance. One particularly exciting challenge occurred when Anna and Mark were required to demonstrate an absurd sex position of their choice. This involved Anna sitting on the arm of the sofa whilst placing her ankles on each of Mark's shoulders. The accompanying pelvic thrusts and soundtrack from the pair gave the rest of the group a show they wouldn't forget in a hurry.

Plenty more clothing was also shed as excitement in the room continued to build. Jack lost his shoes and his shirt leaving him sitting nervously in just his jeans and boxers. Flo had now also removed her skirt leaving her wearing very hot matching red bra and panties, as well as a pair of extremely seductive cream coloured heals. Despite her state the alcohol flowing through her veins meant she retained a sexy confidence that had Mark and Steve gawking at her like hungry dogs eyeing up a piece of meat. Kirsty had also taken off her top revealing a very sexy low cut black bra which certainly accentuated her gorgeous tits, as well as a very cute belly button piercing. Meanwhile Anna had also removed her dark heels.

A few rounds later it was Lauren's turn to roll the dice. She landed on a square marked 'bus stop'.

"Oooh now this is naughty!" She said whilst scanning the card. "Stand in front of a street facing window whilst another player gropes you passionately for one minute. Make sure the curtains are open!"

"Now that is crazy!" Exclaimed Kirsty excitedly. "But how do we decide who the other player is?"

"How about we roll the dice?" Suggested Mark. "If each one of us is represented by a number on the dice then it will be easy to decide." There was a general nodding of agreement around the room as a number was assigned to each player. At this point Jack started to feel quite uneasy. Up to now whilst the challenges had been getting more daring, the limited interaction between the group and the fact that Jack and Lauren were the only couple present meant there had been no problems. However now he wasn't sure if he was comfortable with Mark or Steve feeling up his girlfriend in front of him.

"That's a four. Jack You're up!" Cried Steve, causing a wave of relief to sweep through Jack's body. Slowly he and Lauren stuttered towards the living room window where they drew the curtains. It was getting very late now and the only light that could be seen was coming from nearby streetlights.

"Ok your time starts now!" Yelled Mark as he took a close look at his watch. After taking up a position standing behind her, slowly Jack began to run his slender hands over the curves of his girlfriend's body. Standing so close behind her he could fully take in her sweet scent and he was sure she could feel his erection grinding into the crack of her ass as he gradually raised his hands towards her huge breasts. Lauren's D-Cup boobs had always been one of Jack's favourite parts of her body, and he took great pleasure in playing with them at every opportunity. Now here he was gently pinching her large, soft nipples through the fabric of her bra and dress.

Suddenly there was a loud banging on the window next to where Jack and Lauren were stood. What the fuck was that? Jack thought suddenly snapping out of the trance that had overcome him. He looked round to see Steve standing there with huge drunken grin scrawled across his face.

"Sorry to interrupt guys, just wanted to try and spice things up a bit," he said with no hint of apology in his voice. Suddenly a light flickered in an upstairs window on the other side of street and the curtains were pulled back. Steve's plan had obviously come to fruition.

"Keep going guys you've still got thirty seconds to go," called Mark as he continued to keep a keen eye on the timings. Jack continued to fondle Lauren's ample tits as suddenly a middle aged couple emerged at an upstairs window across the street. Jack Froze. For a split second he stared directly at the couple watching across the street, a look of deep confusion on their faces. However this is when the alcohol in Jack's bloodstream seemed to take over. He decided to continue to grope Lauren's chest causing her to illicit a small moan. As he squeezed her nipples and ran his hands across her body, he could feel Lauren's heart racing at a hundred miles an hour. A fine layer of sweat also seemed to be emerging on her forehead as her breathing deepened. All the time he was aware of the couple staring intently at what they were witnessing.

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