tagLoving WivesA Well Laid Plan

A Well Laid Plan

byArt Martin©

We've lived next to each other, raised our kids together, and have been best friends since, what...the better part of sixteen, maybe seventeen years; yeah, closer to seventeen. Janet and I built our house when Denise was still in diapers. Anyway, Bill and Lisa are either always at our house, or Janet and I are over at their house, or we are all together at the lake house we share. There is no one Janet and I would rather spend time with than Bill and Lisa and they feel the same way about Janet and me. Bill's my regular golfing, jogging, workout, fishing and hunting buddy and Janet and Lisa are simply inseparable. We even take family vacations together. The big joke is why Bill and I both had swimming pools built, as we only use one at a time.

Just last month we got all the kids back to their respective colleges, including our youngest kids. For the first time in twenty-something years, we were childless. Well, sort of. Bill and I still have the bills to pay, but we don't have to plan the kids into our every move. It's as if we've been liberated from a long siege, a siege I might add that we would never trade a single moment of, but a siege nonetheless.

Having kids always hanging around, I always conducted myself accordingly. I really didn't anticipate acting any different, but the girls, they seemed to be happiest about the empty nests. Frankly I am a bit surprised with them, but then again, maybe I shouldn't be.

Bill and I had flirted shamelessly with each other's wives for years whenever the kids were out of earshot, and the girls flirted back. Nothing ever went any farther than perhaps a smoldering kiss or the very occasional "accidental" grope. I had fantasies of things going a little farther, but I mostly kept those thoughts to myself.

A few times during the past two years, when the kids were all safely off somewhere else, we'd get snockered in the hot tub and Bill and I would playfully relieve our wives of their bikini tops. Bill and I would gleefully get an eyeful, while the girls would get indignant, then playful, but it was all strictly hands off.

Like I said, we spent a lot a time together, so I thought nothing of coming home late one Friday afternoon, dragging my sorry ass in from a grueling week on the road, to find my neighbor, Lisa, sitting at the kitchen table. She was wearing a swimsuit, a white string bikini actually, and her tits seemed like they were about to burst forth. I did a quick glance around, expecting to find my Janet nearby.

"Oh, hi Lisa," I cheerily greeted, pleased at the display of womanly flesh before me. My eyes wandered brazenly up and down her lithe body and flirting back, she arched her back slightly to make her ample boobs more prominent.

"Hi, Sam. You look beat," she said in her syrupy voice. "Would you like for me to fix you a drink or... would you like to go change into something more comfortable first?"

"A drink sounds great, but I think I'll change first." I made a beeline to the master bedroom half expecting to find Janet. Janet wasn't there, but I really thought nothing of it as I shucked my coat, tie and everything else I had on, and slipped into a loose pair of baggy swim trunks.

When I walked back into the kitchen, Lisa rose from chair. I couldn't help but whistle and stare. Lisa is a tall, leggy woman, 5 foot ten, with short brunette hair, and very nicely endowed in every way. Even after a gaggle of kids and the relentless march of time, she, just like my Janet, was still a ravishing woman. The very skimpy, white string bikini contrasted very nicely with her bronzed skin. To say that she was incredibly sexy would be an understatement.

"Now how about that drink? What'll you have, Sam?"

I didn't answer for a moment as my attention was completely committed to studying generous curves of her body. She smiled, turned and walked towards the bar and as she did, I saw that she had on a thong bottom.

My semi-hard cock sprung to full attention, tenting out my baggy trunks. "Oh my god!" I blurted, her firm bare ass cheeks flexing sexily as she walked away.

"What's the matter?" she coyly asked.

"Damn girl! You're giving me a hard-attack! Did I ever tell you that you have a beautiful ass?"

"I always thought you liked my breasts."

"Oh, I do, I do, but that bathing suit."

"Oh, do you really like it? It's not too baggy, is it?" she asked with a lilting laugh. Then she spun around, hands locked behind her head to make her large breasts even more prominent, modeling the minimalist bikini.

"God damn, Lisa, that's a silly question, of course I like it! Sweet Jesus! Is that thing legal?"

"I'm so glad that you like mine. Janet was worried that you and Bill might not like them."


"Yes, we bought these on sale today, for five bucks each. What do you think?"

"Well, if you paid by the square footage of material, I'd say you got taken. But, hell, considering the whole package, I'd say that you got quite a bargain."

"Scotch? Glen Levet with a splash?" she asked holding out my drink. She knew me almost as well as my wife did. As I took the drink from her, I noticed she made no effort to divert her eyes away from my jutting boner.

"Uh, where's Bill?"

"He's home," she replied without concern.

"Coming over soon?"

"I hope not."

"Uh, where's Janet?"

"She's with Bill. Showing off her new bikini. Hers is yellow, and does she look fantastic!" I imagined my petite Janet in a yellow thong bikini, her blonde hair reaching her shoulders. I knew damned good and well that she looked fantastic. Then I thought of Bill, drooling, brain-dead and with an aching hard-on. Poor bastard!

"Oh, I get it... You two want to play games tonight," I said with a wry grin.

Lisa smiled sweetly, "You don't mind...do you?"

"No... So far I like the game very much," I replied sipping my scotch and ogling my best friend's nearly naked wife. "Besides, I learned long ago not to make any unnecessary waves."

As I eyeballed Lisa, I was definitely intrigued with the game the girls had come up with. In the past, on several occasions, they had 'switched' for a few hours, for dinner and drinks, and nothing else, certainly nothing as risqué as tonight's little display. As I wondered what they had in store for this evening, my mind had randy thoughts; thoughts that I knew had absolutely no chance of ever happening.

"Good. I'll bet your beat. Now, how about a swim to relax and rinse away the day's grime?" She turned and headed for the patio. I followed, my eyes transfixed on her firm swaying buns, enjoying every rippling movement of her bare flesh.

The water felt great. I churned the pool into a froth relieving my pent up tensions. Lisa sat on the steps in the shallow end careful not to get her hair wet. After fifteen minutes of furious swimming I stood and waded towards her and my now tepid drink.

She rose from stairs and the water, sitting up on the coping, leaning back, resting on her hands, beads of water dripping off her skin. The thin wet fabric had practically disappeared, the outline of her wide dark aureoles were now clearly visible. But what really got my attention was the blatant camel-toe as the thin crotch of her bottoms disappeared into her slit, accentuating the puffy flesh of her smooth hairless pudenda.

I took a long slip as I studied her camel-toed pussy. During my swim my organ that had resumed an unexcited state, but now began to harden once again. Stiffening, my cock got caught in a leg of my trunks. The harder it got, the more uncomfortable it became.

Grinning impishly, Lisa reached up, tugged at my trunks and freed my obstructed penis. "There, I bet that's better," she said with a sparkle in her eyes.

It was fleeting, but that was the first time she had ever deliberately touched my cock. I wanted to grab her hand and place it back on my dick, no better yet, shove her face into my crotch and grind into her. I did neither. I just stood dumbly, my dick throbbing, wondering what it'd be like to have a randy toss with her. There had been so many times over the past decade when I felt a nearly uncontrollable urge to take her, but I never did, never pressed it for fear that she was just teasing, fear that Janet would divorce me and fear that Bill would castrate me after working me over with an aluminum softball bat. Like my wife with Bill, Lisa was a first class prick tease, was always so near, so alluring, yet so unattainable. How those two women loved to torture us!

I stood looking down at her, not knowing what to do next, wishing that I could somehow get my cock tangled up again so that she could fix it. Wishing that something more would happen other than just another delightful tease designed to make me so horny that I would then ravish my wife. Wishing that I had the courage just to drop my trunks and... see what happens.

She smiled coyly up at me, reading my mind like Janet always did. She reached up, placing her hand on my thigh and moved it upwards a few inches. She wasn't touching my cock or my balls, just running her fingertips barely inside the baggy leg of my trunks.

"Uh, Lisa... better stop."

"Why? We're two adults."

I swallowed half of my drink. "Yes, but Bill, Janet, they're..."

"Busy. Unless of course you want to interrupt them."

"Busy? Interrupt them?"

"Well, maybe interrupt isn't the right word. At least not until seven."

"What are you talking about?"

"Seven PM. Janet and I decided to give ourlves until seven to call it off."

"Call what off?"

"Oh," she said with a mischievous grin, "let's just call it games."

"What's seven gotta do with it?"

"Well, we decided that we, any of us, could chicken out before seven. You know, if anyone, you, Bill, Janet or me, have second thoughts."

"Second thoughts?"

"Oh, come now, Sam! You and Bill are such little boys sometimes. I've seen the way you look at me, so has Janet and I've seen the way Bill looks at her. Other than his sometimes crude comments, he's never said anything to me about his attraction to Janet, but I know exactly what's going on in his fevered male brain. You're no better! Janet tells me that you've never mentioned to her your attraction to me either."

"Well, it's not something I could tell my wife," I said defensively as finished my scotch.

"Why not?"

"Jesus, Lisa. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize my marriage or our friendship."

"Bet you never even talked to Bill about it either."

"Well, no. Of course I haven't."

"You two never discussed your attractions to the other's wife."

"No! Well, I did say that you had a great body, nice tits and, uh, a great mind too, but we ..."

"And Bill never said anything to you about Janet?"

"Uh, no," I lied again. Actually we had talked about our wives quite a bit. Bill definitely had the hots for Janet, just as I had the hots for his wife. We talked about it, mostly when we were drunk, but figured the girls would never go for any serious extramarital play, not that either of us would actually tolerate our wife with another man.

"That's just what we figured. You know, a few times in the hot tub, we thought that things might get very interesting, but nothing ever did."

"You wanted..."

"I adore you Sam. I find you very attractive. Not as a husband. I have one of those," she laughed, "but as a special friend."

"Special friend? Sounds like I'm retarded or something."

"No silly!" she laughed. "A SPECIAL friend, a very special friend. You know, someone to, shall we say, play with."

"You're putting me on."

"Tonight's the night, if none of us chickens out. Hey, if you have a problem with any of this, all you have to do is call Janet before seven and let her know. Do that and it stops. Otherwise..."

"Otherwise what?"

"Do I have to draw a picture?"

"You mean, Bill and Janet? Me and you?"

"Tonight, yes. Tomorrow? Games over. You want to play?"

I was stunned. Never in my wildest imaginations did I honestly think that the girls would ever suggest such a thing. I couldn't help but think that if Bill and I had concocted such a plan, we'd both be sleeping in the back of our cars or in the tool shed for a long, long time. I glanced at the clock, ten past six.

"Hungry?" she asked. "I have a nice, light dinner all prepared for us. C'mon, let's eat and give ourselves a little time to consider the matter." She stood and headed back into the house, her smoothly rounded buttocks suggestively flexing as she walked. I followed a few paces behind taking in the exquisite view.

Lisa went straight to the bar and fixed us another round of drinks. Handing me my scotch, she said ruefully, "Don't be disappointed if someone calls before seven. Bill is soooo conservative."

I sat on a towel at the elegantly set dining room table so not to get Janet's chair wet. Lisa lit the candles and disappeared into the kitchen, leaving me to my thoughts and reflections. I downed the scotch in one gulp and got up to fix another.

Placing a huge salad topped with chilled grilled salmon at my place before me she asked, "Nervous?"

"Uh, yeah. How about you?"

"Butterflies," she said as she sat next to me.

I conjured up an image of Bill and Lisa's dining room. Bill was sitting at the table, lecherously ogling my near naked wife, with one eye on the clock, ready to fuck the hell out her in forty minutes. I saw in my mind's eye the clock striking seven, my darling wife, kneeling between his muscular legs, his big hand gilding her head to perform fellatio on him. Fuck! I wasn't so sure about all this, but I had time. All I had to do to put a stop to it was make a call and Janet wouldn't have sex with Bill.

With a twinge of horror, I visualized Bill, dispensing with the rules, ripping his telephone from the wall and brutally taking what I knew he had coveted for so long. I looked over at Lisa and her boobs-a-bulging and thought, 'Hmmmm, that's not such a bad idea.'

I'm sure that the salad was delicious, but I don't remember tasting it, only putting my fork on the empty plate and looking up at the clock. I never even touched the fresh cibata bread and extra virgin olive oil. Twenty-five minutes.

"Would you like some lemon meringue pie?"

"Uh, yeah, sure," I stammered. The adrenaline was flowing now as I was torn between my desire to fuck Lisa and my reluctance to let Bill fuck Janet.

Five more minutes ticked off and my gut was churning. "Holy shit," I muttered as the moment of no-return approached.

"What was that?" Lisa asked as she placed a slice of the cold pie topped with at least five inches of meringue in front of me, the scent of lemon filling my nostrils.

"Nothing, I was just thinking."

"About you and me or about Bill and Janet?"


"I know. Look, if you want stop this, all you have to do is call. We'll all have a good laugh about it tomorrow." She was still standing there next to me, the scent of lemon was replaced by the unmistakable scent of feminine arousal.

"Lisa, do you want to stop this?"

Lisa batted her big brown eyes at me. "Oh lord, I so nervous, but this was my idea. No, I don't want to call, but then again..."

I ate the pie, never taking my eye off of her or the way that string rode up into her ppussy until the pie had disappeared completely. I looked back up at the clock, fourteen minutes to go.

Visions of Bill, sucking on Janet's tits, MY JANET'S TITS, filled my tortured brain. I looked back at Lisa's tits and a vision of me greedily suckling those hooters replaced my previous mental image. Mentally I wallowed in those magnificent jugs as my cock found it's mark, spreading her labia around my throbbing girth. Then as if switching TV channels, I saw big ole Bill, effortlessly holding my darling petite Janet off the ground, her dainty feet never touching the ground, fucking her on his dick as he stood like Atlas. I dreamed of lying back with Lisa's lips locked around my grateful cock, giving me one of those deluxe blowjobs that Bill was always talking about. Then I thought of Bill, knowing that Janet liked it in the backdoor, spreading her ass cheeks for sodomy.

For the next ten minutes I wrestled with the competing interests of my conscious and my growing lust.

'What would the kids think? How would they know? Goddamn Lisa's good a looking cunt!... Is Bill a better lover than I am? What if he is, will Janet abandon me for Bill's cock?... Is she as tight as I imagine her to be? Will this destroy our marriage? Destroy our friendships? Oh fuck, I don't know! I don't know!... Do I want Bill screwing Janet? No, not really. Do I want Janet screwing Bill? No, not really. What happens later? Does Bill screw her whenever I'm gone? Do I want to screw Lisa? Damned right I do! Does Lisa really want to screw me? Apparently she does and why not? I'm a good-looking guy.

'Wait! Is this all some sort of a devious trap, perhaps a bet between the girls? A test of my loyalty? Is Bill in on it? No, he wouldn't....oh, yes he would, the bastard! I'll bet he's laughing his balls off right now! In fact, this all probably all his idea just to jack me around...Well, pal, there always payback! The tournament! The tournament last week! Maybe this is payback for that goofy golf ball that I slipped in on him..." A smile spread across my face as I recalled his befuddled look with that crazy 250 yard knuckleball slice! "No, he wouldn't offer up Lisa just for that. Hmmmmm. Or would he?

"If I don't call, do I get punished?... The car. That's it! The car! The frigging car Janet's been after me to buy for her! I'll have to buy the god damned car to buy peace if don't call before seven!... Still, if it's all just a ruse, why would Lisa be here practically naked? Bill wouldn't let her just parade around like that. Shit, maybe she's serious.'

My poor brain was addled by the conflicting thoughts, especially the possibility that it was all a cunning trap or one of Bill's jokes. My poor dick throbbed in anticipation, and I was sweating profusely as the clock ticked down.

One minute to go. Lisa came and stood beside me, raking her fingernails through my thinning hair. I turned my head and nuzzled into her navel while my hand glided over the smooth skin of her buttocks.

BRRRRRRRRING! BRRRRRRRRRRRIG! I nearly came out of my skin when the fucking telephone rang! I was at once bitterly crushed for having lost the opportunity to finally get into Lisa's pants and at the same time immensely relieved that my Janet wouldn't be fucking another man tonight.

Lisa and my eyes met as the phone rang for the third time, disappointment clearly written on her face. "Oh, damn! You better answer it Sam. It must be them."

In a daze I made it to the kitchen phone, the memory of the smell of her breasts and the feel of her rump permanently burned into my brain to torture me until the day I died. In the dining room, the clock chimed seven o'clock.

"Oh fuck," I cursed under my breath as I picked up the receiver fully expecting a berating. "Hello?" I said cautiously.

"May I speak to Mr. or Mrs. Sam Kline?"


"Mr. Kline, this is a courtesy call from American Express. How are you doing this evening?"


"I'm not trying to sell you anything Mr. Kline, but we have some special offers that are available only to valued customers of Ameri..."

"Oh fuck!" I cursed into the telephone. The telemarketer didn't miss a beat and droned on. "Look, I'm not interested."

"But sir, this will not cost you anything!"

I hung up the phone. It was now past seven.

"Who was that?"

"Fucking telemarketer," I said with a grin. "Times up."

A broad smile spread across her face as she stepped up to me, burying her face in my bare chest as she lightly raked her manicured nails across my back. My hands found her hips and deftly untied the strings to her bikini bottoms.

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